What Einstein ACTUALLY Said About Israel and Palestine

Einstein Opposed Creation of Jewish State … Warned Against Mistreatment of Arabs

Albert Einstein is one of the most prominent Jews in modern history.

And there are numerous false rumors about Einstein’s stance on Israel and Palestinians.  For example, there is no evidence that Einstein ever uttered the following statement which has been falsely attributed to him:

It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews.

And while Einstein’s stance towards Israel started – after his death – being described as Zionist and pro-Israel, the facts are different.

On November 25, 1929, Einstein wrote to Chaim Weizmann – the future first President of Israel – stating:

If we do not succeed in finding the path of honest cooperation and coming to terms with the Arabs, we will not have learned anything from our two thousand year old ordeal and will deserve the fate which will beset us.

In addition – while Einstein supported a safe haven for Jews – he opposed the creation of a Jewish state in Israel.

In 1938, Einstein said:

I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. Apart from the practical considerations, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power ….

Einstein passionately condemned the Irgun and other Jewish terrorist groups who committed mass murder during the formation of the Israeli state.

Einstein also condemned Menachem Begin’s and Yitzhak Shamir’s Likud party as “fascist” and espousing “an admixture of ultra-nationalism, religious mysticism and racial superiority.”

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  • Nice.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Thanks for separating the myths from the facts about Einstein’s stance.

    • SharonDPullen

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    • nat redhead

      This article is out of context old school anti-Semitism and nothing else. Anti-Semites have been making fake quotes about since before modern time. These are out of context LIES!

      He was against all states, and wrote this in context against all states such as Britain.

      You evil creeps, take everything he said out of context.

      He said in fact it is the only justified state if there ever were one.

      He ends the letters they are quoting , you people are absolute evil, that he had never considered the idea of a state a good one, he
      said, but now that it existed there was no going back. “One has to fight
      it out,” he said.

      • Carl_Herman

        You’re pretty loud to insult those working for cooperation and rule of law, nat redhead. Do you support Israel’s illegal Wars of Aggression on Gaza?

        • nat redhead

          Article is lies, just a fact. Seriously out of context lies.

          Also anti-Semite has those meaningless big words you used have nothing to do with a former Egytpian terrirtoy at war since the 1730’s. Egypt killed them daily and still does, and has been for 300 years, proves you are an antisemite.

          • Carl_Herman

            Ok, nat, you argue for more and more war. You’ll have that future, as Life is just like that. Enjoy that future with friends and family 🙂

          • Fukmai Naim

            genocide supporter

          • nat redhead

            You are.

          • 5thDrawer

            And Jews are NOT the only Semitic peoples.

      • Fukmai Naim

        said the zionist

        • nat redhead

          The one named Einstein.

      • Wyldon

        spoken like a true propagandizing ziorat there, ‘redhead. it’s only “anti-semitic” when it’s an inconvenient truth that the greatest, most noble jew of all, couldn’t stand the terrorist state of israel. i s’pose his december 1948 letter to the new york times expressing the true FASCIST, TERRORIST state of Israel is anti-semitic, too? Of course, we didn’t listen to this great man and, oh…look! Israel is precisely what he said it was, a fascist, terrorist state.

  • truthtime

    But …but that must mean Einstein was a self-hating Jew! Oh my! But, really, anyone who calls someone that, especially Holocaust survivors, are weak-willed.

    The curtain has been pulled back and time is running out for the racist leaders in power in Israel. Its time for the peaceful Jewish people in Israel to take back their country from the fascist elements. I heard the right-wing elements shout “Death to Leftists” there, as in calling for the death of their fellow people. Israel today is having its North/South, or even the Civil Rights era, like the U.S. went through, a battle of those who seek peace/non-segregation vs. racists.

    I hope to live in this life long enough to see another Berlin Wall moment, to see a Jewish person and a Palestinian together taking a hammer and smashing those walls down. And likewise every racist or fascist rotting in a prison cell, their names will be etched forever next to the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet, in a History book.

    • Jaafar

      They destroyed my house, tortured my uncle, killed my friends, (south-Lebanon), I think that only the jews who were here before the WWII have the right to stay here, which means all the others have to go back to Europe, Marocco, Iran, wherever they come from but you know what, you were able to give me hope, because I would prefer to live another Berlin Wall moment than a global war, but will everyone be able to forgive?

      • nat redhead


    • nat redhead

      No it means this article takes quotes and things way out of context, as the antisemitic groups do.

      • Fukmai Naim


        • nat redhead

          You are the Imperialist, you are also an evil piece of worthless crud.


          Albert Einstein,

          “This is the seventh anniversary of the establishment of the State of
          Israel. The establishment of this State was
          internationally approved and recognised largely for the purpose of
          rescuing the remnant of the Jewish people from unspeakable horrors of
          persecution and oppression.”

          “Thus, the establishment of Israel is an event which actively engages
          the conscience of this generation,” … “It is, therefore, a
          bitter paradox to find that a State which was destined to be a shelter
          for a martyred people is itself threatened by grave dangers to its own

          Einstein had choice words for those who placed disproportionate blame
          on Israel for its tensions with its Arab neighbors. “It is outrageous
          that world opinion should only criticize Israel’s response to hostility
          and should not actively seek to bring an end to the Arab hostility which
          is the root cause of the tension.”

          From this, Einstein segued into a critique of the Soviet Union’s “one-sided military pacts and arms agreements” with Arab states, a Cold War policy through which the United states and the Soviet Union aimed to extend their influence in the Middle East.

          Instead, Einstein argued, “International policies in the Middle East
          should be dominated by efforts to secure peace for Israel. This would conform with the universal ideals of peace and
          brotherhood which have been the most significant contribution of the
          people of Israel in its long history.”

          Einstein’s own relationship to Zionism was complex. He toured the United States to raise money with future Israeli President Chaim Weizmann for the World Zionist Organization. He delivered
          the first lecture at Hebrew University. He sent charity to Israel. He was even offered the Israeli presidency (he declined). But Einstein was also ambivalent about the
          idea of a Jewish nation-state, preferring a binational arrangement with
          Mandatory Palestine’s Arabs. And he was not hesitant to critique
          Israel’s policies and military actions in public forums.

          Because of these nuances, Einstein has often been appropriated by anti-Zionists, who claim
          him as their own. But as his speech shows, among others, Einstein remained
          until the end a passionate defender of Israel and seeker of peace–and a
          strong believer that the two causes were not mutually exclusive, but
          rather mutually reinforcing.

          • truthtime

            Kid, evaluate your life in whatever little Mossad training school you are in.

          • lonecanyonrider

            Mohammad your masters goat pen needs cleaning.

          • Zartan

            Soon there will be nuclear war; because of foolish fools who could not respect others as they would want to be respected. None will survive.

          • canucanoe2

            Sources, sources, sources, sources, sources, sources, sources, sources please.

      • Wyldon

        really, nat? so, you concede the quotes are true. now, what context are we to evaluate them in? through zionist blinders perhaps distilling morality from the context?

      • canucanoe2

        Then show us the context, OR SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • cettel

    This is another terrific posting from George Washington. However, I notice that the anti-Semites who contribute comments to other articles here, which aren’t even articles about Israel or about Jews, are silent thus far about this article that’s about both. I wonder why?

    • 5thDrawer

      And again, Jews are NOT the only Semitic peoples.

  • MCB

    H. L. Mencken held many of the same beliefs and observations that Einstein held. I’m not up digging in “A Mencken Chrestomathy” or a “On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe” for quotes on “Zionism” at this late hour, but I’ve read similar Mencken pontifications as Einstein has been credited with stating.

    This is another great non partisan piece by Washingtons Blog. I consider Mencken to be THE voice for Liberty and Veritas and Einstein wasn’t too far behind. Mencken was a literally genius with an IQ and intellect that have been widely considered to be well above a level of an IQ of 160 right there with Einstein as Mencken too was an autodidact like Einstein.

    All it takes is a simple reading of any number of Mencken’s literally works, especially his book: “The American Language” to convince one that Mencken was easily one of the top 5 or 10 geniuses of The 20th Century.

  • Max Xam

    zionists would post dumb shit like this

    • Max Xam

      fuck filthy israel

  • Greg Burton

    Well, there was that letter, signed by Einstein that compared the methods of Irgun and the “Freedom Party” (LIKUD) to the NaZis.

  • Abdullah AlGahtani

    ‘Einstein on Israel’ reveals essential history of debate over Zionism and a Jewish state
    Israel/PalestineUS Politics Adam Horowitz on May 28, 2009
    – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2009/05/einstein-and-zionism/#sthash.a7Unl63P.dpuf

  • lonecanyonrider


  • Zartan

    Most people do not know this, so google it, but Eichmann was working with the Arabs to relocate Jews to Palestine in 36. They had agreements. However, the war came and all plans changed. The British tried to use the Eichmann deals ( after the war) to place Jews but the Arabs disagreed because they had an agreement with the Germans not the British.