The Day Tokyo Got Blasted by Fukushima Radiation


On March 15, 2011, the winds shifted …

The Fukushima radiation which had been blowing out to sea suddenly turned and hit Tokyo:

The image is a screenshot we took from a video released by the French government radiation agency, IRSN.

As we’ve reported for over 3 years, Tokyo got nailed by radiation. For example:

We knew what happened.  Now we know when …


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  • windcatcher

    It is a criminal act to not recognize or monitor, in a professional science manner, the Fukushema radiation arriving on the Pacific west coast of our continent.

    Our North American Union dictators are lying to us about the arrival of the radiation and trying to cover it up.
    Being blind stupid is not the method to approach a science problem, it’s an irresponsible, treasonous criminal act.
    The west coast marine die off is real.
    Here is a link to a recent report from a professional diver Dana Darnford that has documented the massive die off on the west coast of British Columbia.
    Jeff Rense & Dana Durnford – Our Legacy…A Dead Pacific Ocean

    There can be no delineation between the fate of the ocean and the fate of mankind.

    • Chance Pemberton

      Radiation has been measured in parts of Texas so you can imagine the levels accumulating further west.

      • ken

        How many bombs did your government set off in your desert?

        • Gary Yantis

          I wasn’t even sperm in 1945. Please tell me what I could have personally done in 1945? Also, only to those who read ALL history and accept ALL of it (yes, USA has a lot of BAD history as do all countries – IMO we are getting MUCH worse – not better!), in 1940 Hitler was just months away from a German nuke planned for London. He stupidly (for him) stopped all work on it being told (incorrectly) “we’ll be in Moscow within weeks” with their recent invasion of Russia diverting ALL funds from the nuke to Russia (Germany by all rights should have won WW2 – Hitler made MANY stupid mistakes with stopping the nuke being #1). By the time he knew he should have built the nuke the plalnt had been discovered and bombed into the Stone Age.

          According to US scientists who inspected the Japanese nuke lab after WW2 said “Japan was 3 to 6 months behind us in their own nuke. Japan had already planned to drop it on Pearl Harbor”. True history is a real pain sometimes when it interferes with an agenda. You can find these FACTS many places on the Internet using Google. By all rights we’d be speaking German in the east and Japanese in the west if not for the sheer dumb luck we experienced in WW2. WW2 for Germany and Japan resembles the Three Stooges. One idiotic mistake after another lead by idiots.

          • ken

            I don’t need a history lesson from you – I was merely pointing out that USA has done a pretty good job of irradiating itself in the past.
            Why do you feel the need to take it personally?

  • Chance Pemberton

    You can bet there is a bigger plan to all of this, a plan that does not bode well for the average citizen of any nation.