US ‘News’ lying sack of spin warmonger: ‘It’s in the Hamas charter they want to kill all Jews’

2-minute interview

FOX News (sic) interviewed Anna Baltzer, an ongoing hero to expose Israeli apartheid and now genocide upon Palestinians. This is the type of “coverage” Americans receive from corporate media, and why every other nation but America have negative polling data of Israel’s government.

I’m sure how Ms. Kelly communicates in this excerpt is typical:

Megyn Kelly: “How is Israel supposed to fight back against an organization whose entire mission is the destruction of Israel? I mean it’s in the Hamas Charter that they want to kill all Jews.”

Anna Baltzer: “Hamas is a red herring. The policies Israel has against the Palestinian people have been going on for decades. The policies Israel is enacting is part of a pattern that goes back decades before Hamas was in existence. And if anyone who is very serious about seeing a lasting peace in the area has to address the root causes of the violence: and that has to do with the suffocating blockade Palestinians have been living under, the brutal occupation Palestinians have lived under for more than 40 years, and the ongoing displacement and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for more than 60 years.

Anyone who really wants to seek peace has to address these underlying issues.”

Anna is correct, of course, that the overwhelmingly obvious and main issue is Israel’s unlawful War of Aggression upon Gaza through their military siege by land and sea. This mirrors US history of unlawful Wars of Aggression that blame the victims, pretend to be “defensive,” and claim to help with “regime change” (and here).

Please be clear that this is unlawful war by Israel, with gutting-effects on Palestinians’ quality of life, now combined with armed attacks to destroy hospitals, schools, water, and electricity. Full documentation:

Confused about Hamas, ‘rockets’, war in Gaza? Those plus: Israeli occupation, lawful versus unlawful war, Israel illegal weapons, targeting hospitals

Israeli Lawyer Doesn’t Deny Nuremberg Crimes on Palestinians (What the Nazis Did to the Jews)

Regarding Ms. Kelly’s assertion that Hamas’ charter states “they want to kill all Jews,” similar to ongoing rhetoric that “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map,” I contacted Anna to provide her with this refutation of both lies:

Game-changing US/Israel lies: Hamas and Iran demand Palestinian justice, not to ‘destroy Israel’

As the Hamas text, context, and comprehensive history with precedents clearly show, Hamas and Palestinians want political freedom from Israel neocolonialism, but US/UK/Israel and other warmongering “developed” nations’ governments with corporate medias demonize the victims.

Conclusion: As I’ve often expressed, US military, government (including law enforcement), and millions of Americans (including all California public employees) have Oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It’s hard to imagine a worse domestic enemy than those who knowingly lie for unlawful attack on foreign countries, resulting in millions of war-deaths.

I recommend demanding immediate arrests because war law is so clear with US/Israel violations so “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Big Lie” obvious, the importance to remove these people from power of literally life-and-death urgency, and because Wars of Aggression is the Orwellian opposite of upholding the US Constitution and the promised peace from all our families’ sacrifices of opposing imperialism, two world wars, and neocolonialism extending to our world of the present.

Additional context of US role in this neocolonialism:

No wonder that people around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.

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  • Robert Barsocchini

    Plus the people on and watching that channel represent, as GW just documented, the evangelical extremist support base for Israel, aka all Israeli terrorists have left aside from US dictators. And this is of course consistent with the finding that people who watch Fox know less about the world than people who watch no news.

    Glad you contacted Anna.

    • juliyahedan

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    • pnyikos

      “US dictators”? Granted, Obama is closer to being a dictator than any of his predecessors, but he is still a long way from being as much of a dictator as Saddam Hussein was, let alone the hereditary line of dictators of North Korea, beginning with Kim Il Sung, who reigned longer than any dictator I can recall.

  • TheTruth

    For all the people on Fox or that stupid shock jock radio host saying that “anti-israel” is “anti-semite” is the biggest cop-out lie ever.

    So what of all the Jewish people and Israeli’s that are beat up or harassed for wanting peace with Palestinians and to openly share land amongst them? Are they “anti-Israeli” too? I think not, they are “Pro-Humanity” and “Anti-Racist.” The U.S. corporate news NEVER shares the story of ex-Israeli soldiers that have openly said what they did was wrong and they never share any of the stories of the Israeli’s marching against their government in protest of their government’s openly, and deeply flawed genocidal policies.

    People with low IQ’s with highly propagandized brains say anti-war or peace activists are “anti-American” in the U.S., even though being “anti-government” is the highest form of “patriotism” there is according to the founders of that country. Its the same kind of rhetoric.

    So I say this – ignore people that constantly refer to “jews controlling everything” and ignore people that openly advocate killing Palestinians. They are of the same breed of people – dumb as fuck and have no compassion whatsoever. What people want is for a peaceful Israeli government party to gain prominence in order to END the years of racist policies. They don’t want an END to the country, but a lasting co-habitation of peaceful existence, an end to Genocide.

    • pnyikos

      Sorry, the founders of the USA did NOT praise being “anti-government”. On the contrary, the Declaration of Independence is against rebellion “for light or transient reasons.” What it does justify is fighting against arbitrary, unrepresentative government and long strings of abuses against which all legal redress is rebuffed. In fact the majority of the Declaration consists of a long list of just such grievances.

      • Michael W.

        “a more perfect union” … very pro-government

    • pnyikos

      “They don’t want an END to the country, but a lasting co-habitation of peaceful existence, an end to Genocide.”

      To me it seems they do want an end to Israel, to be replaced by an Islam-dominated Palestine. Look at the Hamas Covenant, Article Six, where one reads:

      ” It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine,
      for under the wing of Islam followers of all religions can coexist in
      security and safety where their lives, possessions and rights are

      A noble sentiment, that long last clause, but how will it work out in practice? Where is there a statesman with the foresight and wisdom of Nelson Mandela? The last one I know of in the vicinity of Palestine was Anwar Sadat, and he was assassinated and replaced by a much less statesmanlike Egyptian leader. Will the Palestine Hamas brings about be more like South Africa under Mandela, or more like Zimbabwe under Mugabe?

  • Rehmat

    Israel has no proof that Hamas charter calls for the killing of Israeli Jews even though they have occupied Palestinian land by armed terrorism. However, if anyone listen to Israeli leaders and rabbis – they all call for raping, killing and burning alive of all Arabs.

    On July 15, in an Op-Ed at Israel National News, deputy Speaker of Israeli Knesset, Moshe Feiglin called for mass killing of all members of resistance groups including their families and children. He also claimed that the only solution to the “Gaza Problem” would be to populate Gaza Strip with militant Jew settlers.

    On July 21, Israeli professor Mordechai Keider ( Bar Ilan University) in an interview with the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said that only rapping sisters and mothers of the members of Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas and Islamic Jihad by Israeli soldiers will deter them to fight the Zionist entity.

    Chief Rabbi of the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Dov Lior recently posted fatwa that killing of Palestinian civilian and the destruction of Gaza Strip by Jewish soldiers is allowed by Jewish Bible.

    • pnyikos

      The three hateful warmongers you quote are to be condemned, Rehmat, but so is your conclusion about Israeli leaders and rabbis: “they all call for raping, killing and burning alive of all Arabs.” This is the same sort of statement that Carl calls incitement to murder elsewhere on this page.

    • pnyikos

      The three hateful warmongers you quote are to be condemned, Rehmat, but so is your conclusion about Israeli leaders and rabbis: “they all call for raping, killing and burning alive of all Arabs.” This is the same sort of statement that Carl calls incitement to murder elsewhere on this page.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    Was it not Ben Gurion who said that the newly-created State of Israel would have to kill all the Palestinians, especially the Arab Palestinians, because Israel had stolen their land?
    But maybe Ben Gurion too was antisemitic.

    • Carl_Herman

      “We must expel Arabs and take their place.” Ben Gurion wrote this in 1937.

      • pnyikos

        Do you really think you have supported Sooriamoorty’s claim? Why don’t you apply the same standards to him/her that you applied to Michael W.?

      • A Google search reveals this to be a likely false claim not stated anywhere but on this page. If it were credibly sourced and well known it should show up elsewhere than a Palestinian propaganda PDF file. Looks like dishonest revisionism to me.

  • edan

    I’ve read the Hamas Charter. I don’t know where this author gets his information, but the Charter most DEFINITELY calls for the total destruction of Israel, and the MURDER of every Jew. Not just in Israel, all over the World.

    • Michael W.

      I too want to know this writer’s response to Hamas’ Charter – the end of Article Seven.

      • Carl_Herman

        Yeah, read it in light of the goals of the charter for Palestine’s freedom, similar to their work from 1933-’36 going for independence from British rule.

        But go ahead and advocate for fear and war-murder if that’s the world you really want. Israel has created the world’s largest concentration camp; blatant War Crimes.

        • Michael W.

          Please clarify “their work from 1933-’36”. Hamas didn’t exist then unless you are referring to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

          I’m not advocating anything. I’m just recounting what they’ve been telling us. Why should we not take them at their word?

          • Carl_Herman

            Yeah, read the charter and take them at their word that they want removal of Israel’s control just as they wanted removal of British Control (1936-1939, actually).

            Are you recounting? Really? Read this of what oppressed Palestinians are telling us, and then respond:

          • Michael W.

            None of that explains Article Seven.

          • Carl_Herman

            That’s called “denial” among professionals, Michael W, and would be your last comment in a professional conversation on any topic when you refuse to engage with the presented information.

            Thank you for exposing your “comments” as fear and war-mongering. Btw: if you’re being paid to do this, you’re complicit in the crimes of War of Aggression. Choose carefully which side you really want to be on: lying, illegal, and vicious war OR standing for the rule of law after TWO WORLD WARS that makes use of armed attacks illegal.

            The choice you make points to the future you’ll have, and the world you’ll live in.

          • Michael W.

            English isn’t my native language and I do not fully understand what you mean. I don’t understand you statement about professionalism.

            You haven’t spoken directly about Article 7. Article 31 and 7 do conflict but I don’t see how you came to the conclusion stated in the linked article.

            My question is, why have they not removed the part in question? On the one hand, they tell us that they’ll be tolerant of others as long as they rule through Islamist rule (article 31 and others). On the other hand, they tell us that they won’t tolerate Jews (article 7).

          • Carl_Herman

            You lie, Michael, in any language: Article 7 speaks to what Palestinians go through now in response to being invaded and attacked by Israel: having to fight in defense of Palestine.

            It says they tolerate, and will fight if attacked. But I’m not going to reply further and end with a suggestion: shut-up, stop lying, stop not “fully understanding” a War of Aggression killing now over a thousand victims in Israel’s concentration camp.

            Again: here’s the Hamas charter to consider for interested readers the content and context:

          • Michael W.

            Article Seven from your link:

            The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said:

            “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem).

          • Carl_Herman

            Liar, Michael W. This quote is to respond to “Zionist INVADERS” into Palestine. If a hostile military force invades Palestine, then yeah, perhaps we should understand the warning in Article 7 that AFTER Israel invades WITH ARMED ATTACKS upon PALESTINIAN LAND, then gee, Michael, perhaps those inclined to religion might say God would help those who are forced to fight.

            But don’t take my advice, pal. Don’t shut-up, don’t encourage people to read and think for themselves, keep lying in omission to make it seem the Palestinian victims are somehow the aggressors when they’re invaded.

            Go for it, Michael W. Support lying Wars of Aggression fully. Go on every website and advocate. Use your soul for that purpose, reap that harvest, and see how much your life benefits.

            People like you are perhaps 5% of humans. The rest of us will simply expose, isolate, and ultimately arrest you to prevent your incitements to war-murder.

          • Michael W.

            “Liar”? My previous comment didn’t actually say anything other then that the quote was from article 7 (that you linked to).

            “we should understand the warning in Article 7 that AFTER Israel invades”
            Hamas was quoting a 7th century source. That portion of the charter is basically the equivalent of Zionists calling Palestinians Amalekites (except that Jews still exist). It’s religious incitement to genocide.

            Whether someone invaded and killed doesn’t matter. This type of religious incitement to murder should be condemned at all instances. The Amalek analogy and the [Hamas charter] passage in question should be condemned by all. You can’t even criticize Hamas a little bit. If you had their ear, would you not even advise them to publicly remove that passage?

          • Carl_Herman

            “Liar,” yes, that’s you, Michael W., and exactly for what you say: “Whether someone invaded and killed doesn’t matter.”

            The lie is that IT DOES MATTER WHO INVADES AND KILLS. You pretend a charter from victims seeking justice from being removed from their homes and villages is somehow a cause for war. You attempt to steer the conversation to blame the victim WHILE HAVING ZERO WORDS ABOUT THE WAR OF AGGRESSION BY ISRAEL.

            That’s a huge lie of omission, pal.

            For anyone interested, the same case Michael W. makes could have been made against Americans for the Declaration of Independence:

            I think I am done with you now, pal. Good luck blaming Hamas, if that’s your choice.

          • Blister


            I’m 1000% on the side of the Palestinian. Israel is a racist state engaged in an ongoing act of slow-motion ethnic cleansing.

            However, the words in the Hamas charter are very clear and very direct. And by attacking those who’ve said otherwise here in such aggressive terms rather than answering their genuine and valid points, you’re only making yourself look bad.

          • Carl_Herman

            Blister: you’re welcome to your opinion/interpretation of the Hamas charter. I’ve provided the documentation for people to make their own conclusions.

            And I so disagree: I have addressed their points with the content and historical context that make those points, like FOX “news” with their point the Hamas charter says “to kill all Jews,” easily provable lies.

            You’re welcome to any opinion of me that you want as I point out lies that war-murder civilians.

          • pnyikos

            You have not answered my question. Did I or did I not interpret the charter correctly?

          • Actually Palestine and other countries invaded Israel after the United Nations put it there following WWII, look it up. Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan all attacked Israel in the 1940s, and Israel won – the peace agreement resulted in Palestine having less land. Then they tried attacking a second time in 1967, and again Israel won, so Palestine lost even more land. Israel was actually giving the land back until Hamas took over by force from Fatah, killing the opposing party, raping and torturing other Muslims as well as Christians in the area. You don’t seem to know any of the history Carl Herman.

          • Carl_Herman

            Josh: this article will not confuse the simple topic of lying US/UK/Israel media, such as this FOX news usual lie to claim Hamas “wants to kill all Jews.”

            These lies, combined with illegal US/UK/Israel war at the present should be stopped by arrest of the War Criminals and complicit liars.

            Here’s the history you reference that I document, if you’re interested:

          • Ezme Green

            michael there is no point arguing with these people. you are perfectly correct and he is bullying you.

          • Carl_Herman

            Hi pnyikos,

            You’re welcome to your opinion about the content and context of the charter:

            Here’s what I see, given you’re asking for my analysis (different from anyone having the “right” opinion): the “invasion” speaks in context to British rule of Palestine, then their allowance of mass Jewish immigration in the 1930s. Some Palestinians organized revolt to win independence from 1936-1939. The British had promised independence in exchange for alliance during WW1. The British reneged, and took the area as their colony:

            So, moving forward in history we witness more and more land removed from Palestinian political control, now with Israel taking the land.

            Therefore, this is what I see: Hamas is a political group who won the last elections in Palestine. They are religious. They seek political control over the 1967 borders in their official proposals. Therefore, it seems in their literature and policy proposals to Israel and the global community, and in context with history, Hamas seeks political independence from “invaders” inside the 1967 borders. And, this has indeed been a “struggle.”

            I apologize for not recognizing your request for my further analysis; I meant to freely allow your own analysis.

          • pnyikos

            The way I read it, the “invasion” of which the charter speaks was the original settlement of Jews in Palestine up to 1948 and the “struggle” which Article 7 talks about the Israelis “obstructing” is the struggle to simply win back all of Palestine from these “invaders”. Or am I misuderstanding the Charter?

          • 1337learn

            You just are butt hurt about your sellers remorse. Sorry the Jews bought land you guys didn’t want and cultivated it into workable land. Deal with it and move on.

          • Carl_Herman

            1337learn: you distract about US/UK/Israel “news” lies that foment hate and war upon Palestinian children, women, the elderly, and working men and women.

            You use crude language. You associate the author with the victim group. Your response to unlawful war is “deal with it and move on.” You blame the Palestinians as being the ones fighting from “mistaken land sales.”

            Fine. Good luck with that path when it comes time for someone to defend such injustices upon you that the Palestinians receive today.

          • 1337learn

            What injustices? The ones committed by the rich Arab land owners against the ones living on their land? The land owners are the ones to blame not the Jews for purchasing the land and certainly not the UN for giving the Jews the right to rule over their own land.

          • Ezme Green

            I would say that you are the one in denial Carl. Dont bully him just because he is pressing an inconvenient truth.

          • Ezme Green

            I would say that you are the one in denial Carl. Dont bully him just because he is pressing an inconvenient truth.

    • Carl_Herman

      Lying sack of spin, edan! Yeah, everyone please read it:

      It’s about political independence for Palestine.

      Heads-up, edan: you act for incitement to murder, given the slaughter by Israel on Palestinians. That’s conspiracy to murder, a crime that has consequences, if you’re getting paid for this.

    • Ezme Green

      Thank you. Sometimes I wonder if Im living in a different dimension to these people. Hamas charter couldnt be more clear….Would you want to try a peace agreement with these people?? You have to hand t to them for trying. The bombing is horrendous. The whole situation is heartbreaking. But Hamas will not stop at a two state solution. They will use anything they get to keep fighting and drive Israel off the face of the planet. They have reaped enough support with their propaganda to think they can get away with it too.

    • Ezme Green

      Thank you. Sometimes I wonder if Im living in a different dimension to these people. Hamas charter couldnt be more clear….Would you want to try a peace agreement with these people?? You have to hand t to them for trying. The bombing is horrendous. The whole situation is heartbreaking. But Hamas will not stop at a two state solution. They will use anything they get to keep fighting and drive Israel off the face of the planet. They have reaped enough support with their propaganda to think they can get away with it too.

      • pnyikos

        Yes, it’s heartbreaking how Israel isn’t content with military targets but targeted a power plant supplying electricity to a hospital and goodness knows what else.

        But it is also heartbreaking to read about how, after Israel accepted the latest cease-fire, missiles were fired at civilian targets from areas under Hamas.

        And it is no solution to try to replace a Jewish dominance of Palestine by an Islamic dominance, knowing full well that the Israelis will fight to the bitter end rather than accept such a solution. Why should they, with memories of the Holocaust implanted in their psyche? They wanted a state of their own where they could defend themselves against the recurrence of pogroms.

        The world is full of changes in national boundaries. Yesterday I looked up examples of irredentism in Wikipedia and saw how the Palestinians are far from alone in wanting a land back that was taken away from them. It even refers the reader to separate entries on Hungarian and Romanian irredentism. But would justice be best served by giving back everything to the various claimants? I say no–let the peoples involved try to put the (sometimes centuries distant) past behind them and work out some way to live in harmony without the violence.

      • pnyikos

        Why are you thanking Edan? Is he not exaggerating what the Hamas Covenant actually says? Look at my interpretation; read the actual words of Article 7. Carl has avoided my question of whether I am interpreting it correctly. Can you, at least, tell us your interpretation, in your own words?

        I agree with the rest of what you write–see my other reply to you below–but “drive Israel off the face of the planet” could be better rephrased the way I said it in my third paragraph in that reply below.

        • Carl_Herman

          My reply is below at your comment. I thought you were offering an opinion rather than asking for my analysis.

      • Carl_Herman

        Yeah, Ezme. pnyikos is right that “edan” and FOX news are lying by making the claim to “murder/kill all Jews.”

        As I document, Hamas asks for a two-state solution at the 1967 borders.

        And Ezme: Israel is “driving Gaza off the face of the planet,” both quickly in armed attack and slowly with hostile military siege.

        Choose carefully if you really want children, as the one in your photo, to live in a world of war and propaganda that you write in these comments.

        • pnyikos

          I can’t find the documentation of which you speak. This blog has gotten rather lengthy, so please put your reply right here.

          If this is what Hamas wants, why don’t they amend the Covenant to reflect it? In particular, the part I quoted from Article 6 below needs to be reworded.

          The 1967 borders would be all right, I think, if enough treaties of peace were signed with the countries neighboring Israel. Otherwise I can understand why Israel would not want to give back the Golan Heights, and would make some adjustments to the West Bank, adding additional land away from Jordan to compensate for a strip of land along the border.

  • edan

    Please read the findings of the San Remo Conference of 1920. You know the one that created Austria, Hungary, Romania, and redrew the lines of Poland after WW1. INTERNATIONAL LAW. never overturned or rescinded. Well it also drew the lines of the current Middle East. And in it, it specifically GIVES ALL LAND WEST OF THE JORDAN RIVER, to the Jewish National Homeland. In effect Putting the Balfour Letter to INTERNATIONAL LAW. It gave 97% of the Middle East to the Arabs, and the 3% West of the Jordan River, to the Jewish National Homeland, because the Jewish Historical Links to this land could neither be denied nor ignored. Now if you want to ignore San Remo. Then redraw the entire Middle East, and most of Eastern Europe. If you don’t then stop with the nonsense about illegal occupation and Palestinian rights. BECAUSE SAN REMO NEVER EVEN RECOGNIZES A PEOPLE CALLED PALESTINIANS..Because THERE IS NO SUCH THING, NEVER WAS!!

    • Carl_Herman

      Gee, then what did the UN act for? And gee, the rule of law from the imperialists dictated down to the victims?

      You stand for Empire, edan, ruled by their dictatorship.

  • Carl, I (and apparently YOU, too) question “ROCKETS FROM GAZA”.

    Well, look at this, caught RED-HANDED lying about “ROCKETS FROM GAZA”:

    UN official busts David Gregory for using Israeli propaganda video: ‘That’s really unfair’

    NBC host David Gregory was forced to issue a correction at the end of his weekly Meet the Press program on Sunday after a United Nations official confronted him for using a unconfirmed Israeli video that allegedly showed Hamas shooting rockets from a UN school.

    • Carl_Herman

      Wow, Big Dan! Awesome find; thank you 🙂

    • pnyikos

      Just WHICH rockets from Gaza are you talking about? Do you deny that rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel, with them hitting civilians in Israel?

      Do you think that, just because there is controversy about WHERE in Gaza rockets have been fired from, they weren’t fired from Gaza at all?

    • pnyikos

      Just WHICH rockets from Gaza are you talking about? Do you deny that rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel, with them hitting civilians in Israel?

      Do you think that, just because there is controversy about WHERE in Gaza rockets have been fired from, they weren’t fired from Gaza at all?

  • GFRF

    Lefties refuse to read the Hamas charter.
    Hamas’ objective is to destroy Israel.
    Do any libtards even care?
    My answer is…NO.
    Their ideology includes genocide if necessary!

    • Carl_Herman

      GFRF: wow, what a powerfully insightful comment. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on Hamas, libtards, and justice.

      May you reap all the rewards of your philosophy!

      • MCB

        He’s just trolling Carl and he’s not worth your time my friend.

  • NBF

    Israel needs to pull out of gaza ASAP and let the Palestinians return to their homes. Then carpet bomb the entire strip and pave over the corpses.

    • Carl_Herman

      Sweet, NBF (who posted just after GFRF, what a coincidence!): you argue for genocide. Go for it, reap the rewards for that use of your soul. But pay attention to your scenery as you travel; you might want to turn back to love and justice.

      • NBF

        Kill ’em all! Raghead terrorist bastards.

  • Looks like the author is the one lying, the U.S. has only been in 13 wars since WW2, and some were clearly not started by the U.S. like the U.S.’ involvement in the Somali Civil War which was only as part of a joint effort with the United Nations to stop bloodshed occurring within Somalia caused by internal strife.

    Only a complete idiot would make that claim though. The source the claim is based on isn’t public for a reason, because it’s not defensible and any serious scrutiny of the facts in question dismantles that sort of garbage statement. Even in the case of the war in Afghanistan, radical Muslims attacked first, per the Twin Towers on 9/11.

    • Carl_Herman

      Josh: you fail to apply high school level engagement with a factual claim, and we all see this. As a teacher of social science, perhaps this review will remind you how to do this. The research of US armed attacks around the world since WW2 is a published paper. If you want to challenge it, you’d have to do the work (including paying the publishers to access a copy; this research is A LOT of work and not free) and then explain how those claims are false.

      What you do, in contrast, is called denial. And providing an encyclopedia article completely fails to meet your burden of proof to address the claim of 201 US-initiated armed attacks, and therefore you simply don’t know what you’re talking about to call anyone a liar. You then resort to name-calling after you stoop to denial.

      Here’s what you’d need to refute:

      A remarkable article appears in the June 2014 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

      The authors, experts in public health, are listed with all their academic credentials: William H. Wiist, DHSc, MPH, MS, Kathy Barker, PhD, Neil Arya, MD, Jon Rohde, MD, Martin Donohoe, MD, Shelley White, PhD, MPH, Pauline Lubens, MPH, Geraldine Gorman, RN, PhD, and Amy Hagopian, PhD.

      Some highlights and commentary:

      “In 2009 the American Public Health Association (APHA) approved the policy statement, ‘The Role of Public Health Practitioners, Academics, and Advocates in Relation to Armed Conflict and War.’ . . . In response to the APHA policy, in 2011, a working group on Teaching the Primary Prevention of War, which included the authors of this article, grew . . . .”

      “Since the end of World War II, there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. The United States launched 201 overseas military operations between the end of World War II and 2001, and since then, others, including Afghanistan and Iraq. During the 20th century, 190 million deaths could be directly and indirectly related to war — more than in the previous 4 centuries.”- See more at:

  • H.S.

    The Egyptians just offered the Palestinians a land mass 5 times the size that Israel could have negotiated with them for. Of course they are not interested in it because the existence of Israel is the most hateful thing imaginable for the Nazi Palestinian Regime.

  • David Harding

    Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake! Awake!

  • Jim

    The guest on the show as well as the author of this piece completely miss that the response is irrelevant to the question Kelly asked. If anything is a red herring “Goes back decades” is a red herring, and over generalization. The issue is now and recently. that’s what is being reported a certain way around the world.

    This piece, and the guest on the show, that purport to show how “around the world” has it right, are wrong, completely deflect the question and the main point and completely ignore the underlying problem in the matter which the question relates to.

    Many other countries have warred over lands, many far more brazenly than this, and yet none others are such an ongoing talisman for a deeper seated prejudice if not hatred as this continues to bizarrely be.