Your Tax Dollars at Work, in a Far-Away Land

This Is What Ethnic Cleansing Looks Like (After the Cleansing)

Eric Zuesse

VIDEO: “03 07 2014 Kramatorsk. Stankostroy district after shelling”

(NOTE: The “terrorists” are all gone. Does that make you feel safer?)

VIDEO: “Lugansk. Ukraine Airstrike Residential Area. 2 July 2014 (LPR)”

(NOTE: These “terrorists” haven’t left yet. Does that frighten you?)

Why aren’t we seeing these “victories,” on our TV nightly news? Let’s celebrate “our” “victories.”

After all, this is the new nazi Amerika, doing our thing. But, who, then, are  “we”? And who are “they”?

JOHN KERRY made it clear (“at the Atlantic Council’s ‘Toward a Europe Whole and Free’ Conference,” 29 April 2014):

“The Russians have a clear choice: Leave Ukraine in peace and work with us together to create a strong Ukraine, a Ukraine that is not a pawn, pulled and tugged at between East and West, but a Ukraine that could be a bridge to both, with the ability to have an open trading mechanism on all degrees, 360 around Ukraine. And whatever path they choose, I can guarantee this: The United States and our allies will stand together in support of Ukraine.”

SO: that’s what this is all about? Really? Well, anyway, that statement by our Secretary of State got covered in the Washington Post, so it must be authentically newsworthy. After all: it made clear who “our” “enemy” is. It’s those “terrorists.”

The rest of these news stories? They’re not newsworthy at all — at least not in this country, according to the aristocrats who make the ultimate editorial decisions on such matters. That’s why we don’t get to see that  end of this war on our TVs.

Just too boring, perhaps. Not like a speech by John Kerry. Or Barack Obama. Or John McCain.

Isn’t propaganda thrilling! It’s so patriotic!

Let’s applaud! And throw more money at destroying the bad guys.

For the ones that survive, we’re planning concentration camps. And so forth.

We’ll win  this thing!


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.



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  • “Why aren’t we seeing these “victories,” on our TV nightly news?” That question has been asked for longer than I have been alive, and I’m getting pretty damn old. You all know why so stop asking and accept it…

    • not authorized

      Silence is Consent. That is why

      I do not consent.

      • Smells more like Fascism than silence.

  • MCB

    The corporate, statist apologist media is blacking this out because if the common plebe knew what was really going on in Ukraine, they’d be an order of magnitude more upset and outraged than the false pretenses our government tried use to strike Syria. The media learned a hard lesson from what little reporting they did in Syria, so that’s why there is a total mainstream media blackout this time around. BTW, Eric Zuesse has been on fire the past several weeks. You’ve been writing some extremely impressive op-ed piece here lately and I’m very thankful for your intellectual prowess Eric. 🙂

    • cettel

      Eric Zuesse here. Thanks so much for encouragement. It’s really appreciated. Doing this type of reporting is a losing proposition for anyone in America. I submit all of my articles everywhere, including all of the places that have published my articles on less incendiary matters, such as Obama’s corruption and Republican corruption in general. But it seems that even the alternative news sites such as alternet, commondreams, truthout, rawstory, mediamatters,, thenation, motherjones, progressive, prospect, rooseveltinstitute, etc. have a blackout on the reality in Ukraine since the Obama coup there in February; even the alt-news sites don’t want their readers to know about that. The only exceptions; the only sites that are publishing these pieces on Ukraine, are washingtonsblog, opednews,, smirkingchimp, informationclearinghouse, and globalresearch. That’s it; that’s all. I can tell you that my communications with some other journalists confirm that at least some of them feel that reporting on these realities could cost them their jobs or otherwise damage their careers. The U.S. aristocracy controls the U.S.”news” media so strictly that we definitely do not live in a democracy. That’s just reality now: the fascists are in virtually total control here. It’s like the Soviet Union was, I suppose. Anyway, we live in a fascist dictatorship now. Gotta face the fact.

      • MCB

        I think if we could get 10 or 12 million people to do a giant Penn State Nittany Lion type tail gate party in and around K Street, The Hill, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and clogged all of the streets within a 1.5 to 2 mile radius, we could bring the system to a grinding halt within a week without spilling a drop of blood. We just have to say ad nauseum that all of the bums must go. We can do it peaceably, but firmly and no one gets hurt. We let the bums have their benefits, but we shame them back into private life where ostensibly they just go away. No need to yell, scream or play their violent games. We just simply run them out of town and re Institute our Constitution. I like the idea of a new Constitutional Convention, but I’m not sure that we would need to go that far. I really and truly believe that it’s as simple as my tail gate party plan. Enough is enough. We cannot go on living like this. It’s not fair or honest for us to allow these crimes against humanity to persist. It breaks my heart to know that the masses in government (primarily high level bureaucrats and politicians) and the masses in the public keep on living where we have little to no regard for humanity. Until we learn to accept and love total strangers as much as we do ourselves, our friends and families, then I don’t think any positive change(s) will happen. Have a good one Eric.:)