Was the Shootdown of the Passenger Jet Over Ukraine a False Flag?

Who Benefits?

Everyone agrees that the sniper attack in Ukraine which started the regime change was a false flag attack.

Eric Zuesse claims false flags are continuing to this day in Ukraine:

Writing at professorsblog.com, this great historian, Dr. de Noli, noticed that whereas in “Berlin 27 Feb 1933, Nazis set fire the Reichstag, and Adolf Hitler blames ‘pro-Russian gangsters’,” a chief instigator of the 22 February 2014 Ukrainian coup was a leading Swedish nazi, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, and that a remarkably similar tactic was used by Bildt and the Obama Administration to start the Ukrainian civil war. De Noli notes that this war was sparked and made inevitable when in “Odessa 2 May 2014, nazis set fire [to the Trade] Union building and Carl Bildt blames ‘pro-Russian gangsters’.” In both of the two instances (first, with Hitler, and then with Obama), a “false-flag operation” was employed in order to confuse onlookers regarding which side the perpetrators of these fires and explosions actually were on. For example, in the Odessa event, the thugs wore armbands with anti-nazi insignia but were actually from the two Ukrainian nazi parties, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor. They used those armbands in order to confuse onlookers to think that the people who were setting fire to the anti-nazis were themselves anti-nazis. This was a very carefully planned operation, and you can see here and here, video documentation of the thugs who did it and who are still doing violent false-flag operations inside Ukraine: these people are Ukrainian nazis, not German ones, but they model themselves upon the German original, as you can see from their own insignia, which are shown in those videos, and which insignia vary little from the swastika and the SS symbol. Ukraine’s nazis are rather bold about modeling themselves upon Hitler’s Nazis — the original  nazis.

False flag attacks have been carried out by countries all over the world … including Russia.

Was the murder of 300 innocent passengers when their plane was shot down today a false flag?  If so, who did it?

CBS reports in an article entitled “‘Big Question’ Is Why Plane Was Flying Over War Zone”:

During a phone interview with CBS News Thursday morning, Captain Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was questioned why Malaysia Airlines flight 17 would be flying over Ukraine’s border with Russia despite ongoing political unrest in the area.

Sullenberger, the veteran of the 2009 Miracle on the Hudson landing, is an aviation expert for CBS News….

“That is one of the big questions right now,” said Sully. “The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has barred U.S. Airlines from flying over this area for some time.”


The Danville resident said that, if air traffic control personnel were using both primary and secondary radar, it’s possible that an image of a missile could have been captured on screen, if in fact that is what took down the plane.

The Atlantic -in a report titled, “The FAA’s Notice Prohibiting Airline Flights Over Ukraine” – notes:

Did aviation authorities know that this was a dangerous area?

Yes, they most certainly did. Nearly three months ago, on the “Special Rules” section of its site, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration put out an order prohibiting American pilots, airlines, charter carriers, and everyone else over whom the FAA has direct jurisdiction, from flying over parts of Ukraine.

Zero Hedge asks:

Who benefits?

Tony Cartalucci argues:

Russia’s strongest card thus far has been its restraint and NATO’s inability to implicate it in the chaos NATO itself started by backing armed Neo-Nazis during the “Euromaidan” of late 2013-early 2014. Russia surely would not throw that card away to pass along weapon systems to fighters that were already successfully downing Ukrainian military aircraft with man-portable missiles.

Russia and the fighters operating in eastern Ukraine have nothing to gain by downing a civilian airliner, but absolutely everything to lose – thus pointing the finger in another direction – that of NATO and their proxy regime in Kiev. That the downed aircraft is yet another Malaysian Boeing 777 – the second one this year to be lost under extraordinary circumstances – has serendipitously gained maximum attention for propagandists across the West. They have the world’s full and undivided attention with which to pin the blame on Russia and anti-Kiev fighters in eastern Ukraine.

The impetus necessary to unite Europe and other Western allies behind NATO and the US for a more direct intervention in Ukraine where the West is currently floundering is now consuming headlines around the world. If the downing of MH17 was not a case of tragic misidentification, then answering the first question of any investigation, cui bono – or to whose benefit – is answered resoundingly with, “NATO.”

And Michael Rivero writes:

Look for what should be there and is not. WHY would the separatists shoot down a civilian passenger jet, knowing it would turn world opinion against them? WHO BENEFITS? Who gets what they want? Poroshenko wants the US to come into the war. The US wants to get into the war. Neither Russia nor the separatists want the US to enter the war so why would they roll out the red carpet with such a stunt?

What do you think?

Was it:

(a) Russia;
(b) Ukraine; or
(c) An accident?

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  • mmckinl

    An exploding passenger jet sure steals the headlines from the Israeli bombing and todays invasion of Gaza …

    • Jason Walker

      Surely just a coincidence.

      Coincidentally, those coincidences seem to happen quite often.

    • That’s the first thing I thought of. The answer to the question, “Who benefits?” Ukraine puppet government & Israel. Israel, in that it “happens to” wipe out the Gaza massacre out of the headLIES.

  • paul

    I’m unsure who benefits but notice the difference ? At least this looks like a real commercial jet crash, not like we saw in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon on 911. One question is …was the jet named Lusitania ?

  • ClubToTheHead

    The Kiev regime cares little about killing its own people so a reasonable assumption is that it cares as little or less about killing other nationals as long as it suits their purposes.

    Any more Victoria Nuland type recordings to validate further US complicity with this fascist regime?

    • Charlie Primero

      I would bet the Russian government has a large collection of Victoria Noodleman recordings. Her family left Russia for a reason.

  • paul
  • TruthTime

    Ukraine, or rather (Kiev). Word on the street.

    Kiev moved one of their Divisions, known as the “BUK Division” which have the BUK Missile system under their command, near Donetsk on 7/16/14. The BUK missile system can reach over 10km. Apparently the recruits in this division and others are not very well trained, seeing as Ukraine has been desperately hiring from Right Sector and “green” barely trained individuals. Either this division fired this missile system by accident, or they have been tricked by Kiev and their Commanders that they were firing at a Russian aircraft intruding over restricted airspace.

    The Donetsk’s Peoples Republic leader have stated on record that they only have MANPADS that are capable of taking out low flying jet fighters up to 3-4km. The militias fighting for their independence have no such hardware under their control such as the BUK missile systems.

    Last of all. Russia, nor the Eastern Ukrainians benefit from shooting down a Civilian Airliner, but U.S. Corporate Propaganda media channels have been quick to blame Russia, yet again, in their bloodthirsty quench for war, and massacring innocent people in Eastern Ukraine. Moscow and Russia are not fools. In no way would they fire at that plane, when radar and transponders would show what it is. Also, lets not forget when the U.S. Navy shot down a Civilian airliner going out of Iran all those years ago, ruled as an “accident” and the Commanders on board received medals for killing innocent people. An investigation into that found that there was no way those U.S. ships did not know they were firing at an a civilian airliner. All Anti-Russian rhetoric out there is if the Western world has gone back in time to Napoleon or Hitler’s Germany.

    This reminds me of what happened in Syria. Syria did not benefit from shooting sarin gas on their own people, and we have found out that the U.S./Turkey Nexus were involved in supplying sarin gas to Terrorists.

    The U.S. Administration will also attempt to apply “sanctions” even though European and even American Corporate businesses are signing agreements in a protest/blocking move of these “sanctions” since they need money, and Russia is an important business partner.

    • Sophia

      Most excellent comment. I would side with this theory in a heartbeat, as over 2.2 billion was involved in JUST ONE GAS DEAL ALONE in the region …add the tax revenue and it exponentially escalates from there.

      The problem is with simplifying this theory though, because the global situation is much more complex, not just because oligarchs on BOTH SIDES are financing this war, but they are doing it along with country leaders (and we KNOW who one is for sure, as he has a history of “taking out” his adversaries (and I don’t mean dating them, although, who knows?), without fear of reprimand, specifically because of inherent security connections.

      Wars of corruption are all over the US, Russia, S. Am., M.E., EU, etc, but NO ONE is standing against it in a NORMALIZING manner, as to address policy failures in order to confront corruption by attorneys who are covering for these corrupt, greedy entities, all because of their INHERENT FINANCIAL INTEREST in the big pic.

      NO GOVERNMENT IS ADDRESSING THESE CORRUPT ENTITIES, and most likely, leaders are DIRECTLY ALSO INVOLVED and THEY have substantially a LOT to gain from it!!

      “THEY” are calling these “political and financial agendas” = “TERRORISM”, which COMPLETELY INVOLVES CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST INNOCENT CITIZENS. “TERRORISM”, IS INDEED ORGANIZED CRIME INVOLVING SOME OF THE MOST VIOLENT CRIMINALS IN THE HISTORY OF OUR WORLD, yet they are completely unimpeded as a result of the “political terminology” that is being used in lieu of the word, “CRIMINAL”, which is EXACTLY what these organized criminals are doing to destroy the good people of this earth, whether Christian Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, otherwise, and they USE POLITICS and RELIGION to confuse the general population even more! Criminal rights activists and orgs are facilitating the evil, as well as their evil attorneys who support criminal rights, all for the almighty dollar, yuan, EURO, Ruble, etc, yet there is no social improvement occurring in the process.

      Now NO GOOD and DECENT CITIZEN even has a chance at a decent life, as is reflected in the increases of crimes in general in ALL of our societies, but what does seem apparent is financial position maintenance and “containment” by the powers that be, only involving more fighting … I KNOW what I am talking about coming from a multimillion dollar corporate family … I have been privy from the top to the bottom, (i STILL CANT AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE AS A DIRECT CAUSE AND EFFECT OF CORRUPT FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND “PRIVATE FAMILY MATTERS); my own life is A MICRO-ECONOMIC example of what has been happening on the global arena scale. I am just one of the lucky few to be able to research cause/effect and SEE FIRST HAND how corruption of power and money TAKES PEOPLES LIVES right out from under them, including the corrupt attorneys and financiers who STAND TO GAIN MILLIONS … if the FBI ONLY KNEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been threatened and put into a position of ABSOLUTE SILENCE, only to suffer things no one else can see, because most people would rather believe the ILLUSION! So please, no pre-judging!

      IF YOU (meaning ALL good citizens) CARE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, you MUST STAND UP BY LIVING BY EXAMPLE YOURSELF, especially if you want to take a stance and be credible in what you are saying, but I don’t even KNOW enough people willing to even go HALFWAY THERE, and part of that is the rampant use of marijuana, alcohol, video games and other addictive DISTRACTIONS, that actually PREVENT one from being an “ideal citizen.” Most people I have know would rather “lt the other guy do it”, then they sit back and complain about “the Senate/House of Reps, the president (all sides), law enforcement, criminals, corruption at the courts, etc…in EVERY COUNTRY, maintaining the idea, “YOU CANT CHANGE IT.”
      SHAMEFUL that people even COMPLAIN, when they are NOT EVEN WILLING TO LIFT A FINGER TO MAKE A SIMPLE PHONE CALL, “unless they get something out of it.”


      I am sick to death of criminals rights taking precedence over VICTIMS RIGHTS, from top wealth to bottom poverty, this IS AN ONGOING PROBLEM from Wall St TO Main St, but WHO WILL STAND UPI AGAINST THESE WRONGS and ORGANIZE PEOPLE to band against these evils??? I LIVE by example. Do you? And what about the failures of government, law enforcement, courts and ALL OTHER ENTITIES WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD TRUTH JUSTICE AND RIGHT THINKING??? WHAT HAPPENED to our world? How shameful to be labelled “human” these days … being human has become shameful. Becoming something above “normal humanity” is WORTH being hated for the truth. I just wish more people believed that too! DEAR GOD I wished that for ALL of humanity. The ACLU even violated my rights with their own PREJUDISM .. that’s right, THEY DID!!! AND I WILL EVEN TAKE A POLYGRAPH!!! So did corporate attorneys WHO ARE JUST AS GUILTY of the same type of greed and corruption! Shameful word, “humanity” these days!

      WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO CREATE JUSTICE WITHIN OUR LIVES, OUR FAMILIES and in our world, and it is up to each and everyone of us to do the right thing…Throw ALL CRIMINALS in prison and leave them there – murderers SHOULD be hung and/or shot to DETER MORE CRIMES against the innocent, especially when it proves that greed is their motivation, and even more, when it entails COMPLETE lack of considerations for the LIFE and/or welfare of another human life!!

      Those who shot down this airliner and all the other innocent lives that have been taken should be held accountable … but WHO is going to do THAT?! I don’t know of ONE LEADER from ANY COUNTRY that has the balls to stand up to that kind of injustice and be willing to take the hit for it, but we NEED ONE! How sad for the FATE of “humanity” .. I cant even trust those who CLAIM themselves to be “humanitarian”, because MOST would not even pursue the CAUSE UNLESS THEY WERE PAID!!!

  • jonmayon

    Ukraine. Very very unlikely, an accident, but it’s possible, now that the country is a new madhouse Iraq.

  • Todd Millions

    A distraton from gaza,and provocation for nato to be sure. Two Maylasian airlines,makes me wonder-Is this to let them know that war crimes procecutions via peoples court of our war crimminals won’t be tolerated?

  • Francis Flandro

    The Obama regime is all about Chaos, Staged Crisis and one False Flag after the other. How dumbed down do they think we are?

  • Cornelius

    Israel probably did it. It fits the MO – they set up the Russians, distract from Gaza’s humanitarian crisis, and send a warning to Malaysia’s Hitler-loving politicians. No way they could possibly resist killing that many birds with one stone.

  • trig400

    It’s an unfortunate reality that Zionists will be blamed for many things, but this is due to them being caught many times being deviously deceptive & ruthless.
    If they live by deception to benefit their chosen tribe, then they must get used to being blamed for all acts that benefit or distract attention from the crimes of their tribe (and their nest of vipers known as Israel).