President Obama and Pentagon: We DON’T KNOW Who Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 Over Ukraine

World Calls for a Ceasefire

While the U.S. is blaming Russia – and Russia blaming Ukraine – for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 over Ukraine, please remember that no one yet knows who did it.

The New York Times reports:

Mr. Obama resisted blaming Mr. Putin personally, saying that the government does not know exactly who fired the missile.

And Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said:

“We just don’t know” who fired the missile.

Jason Ditz notes:

There is a shocking amount of speculation at this point, and a lot of it is based on incredibly flimsy evidence, with the assorted players in the region all crossing their fingers and hoping the blame eventually falls on someone convenient for them.

While this might have been a false flag attack, it’s also possible that it was just an accident.

The two sides blame each other for creating the conditions in which the plane was shot down … i.e. turning Ukraine into a war zone:

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has implicitly blamed Ukraine’s government, saying it created the conditions for the separatist uprising that has escalated into a major crisis.


Mr. Obama … made clear that he holds the Russians responsible for failing to stop the violence that made the downing possible.

And see this.

As ABC reports, the world is calling for a ceasefire after the loss of the jet.  We agree.

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  • John48235

    Particularly as the location of the plane is not close to current fighting and there are no indications of danger to authorized people getting to the site, I strongly disagree with you regarding the ceasefire — unless the self defense forces of southeast Ukraine readily agree to one.

    Vicious Nazi and other military forces of the illegally installed Kiev junta are now using all means at their disposal — heavy MLRS systems, howitzers, mortars, tanks, and APCs — to deliberately target, throughout southeast Ukraine, homes and apartment buildings, as well as essential civilian infrastructure such as power and water treatment plants. They’ve deliberately destroyed hospitals, schools, and orphanages. They’ve reduced entire towns and villages to rubble, terrifying, starving, and expelling up to 500,000 civilians to date.

    Already today more than three dozen people were murdered, mostly in Lugansk, by deliberate shelling and bombing of residential areas by the Kiev government.

    On the battefields, however, the self-defense forces currently have the momentum, particularly in the “south cauldron”, in driving the Kiev junta forces back — and as the Nazis, mercenaries, and various thugs are driven further from population centers, less civilians are in range of their ethnic cleansing.

    Just as the Kiev/Nazi forces used the ceasefire a month or so ago to re-group and re-arm, and especially considering their current predicament in the south along the Russian border, they will most certainly use any ceasefire now for the same purpose.

    And so, particularly due to the fact that the Kiev regime primarily attacks residential areas, a temporary ceasefire right now likely will result eventually in greater numbers of civilians killed, maimed, and driven from their homes.

    • TLLRS

      You your use of ‘Kiev/Nazi’ makes me shake my head, stop reading what you are saying, and asking myself when morons like you will finally shut up. You think you are swaying anyone remotely intelligent to your absurd pro-Russian point of views? You are just trolling away on the internet, repeating the same jibberish everywhere.

  • Anon1

    Imagine a false flag…. By people who have insider access to malaysia airlines

    Ground crew. Staff.

    Imagine MH370 was a trial run, a test

    Hence nobody claimed responsibility it just vanished

    Now imagine that group or state then deploys that same technique but over Ukraine’s war torn eastern province where Russia has been shooting down Ukrainian planes.

    It would know Russia would get the blame, as Ukraine has shown restraint and not shot down Russian aircraft in its space.

    It would know those lawless idiots would contaminate the scene and implicate themselves further, which is what has happened.

    So just as an imagination…. Who would benefit from setting Nato/ the US against Russia?

    Couple of options: China, the pan-Islamists, ukraine, iran, north korea are there more?

  • Anon1

    Or another imagining… It is a faux false flag,

    Putin doesn’t care, as that ex-KGB thug is now enjoying soaring popularity having censored the media to withhold the reports of the Russian militias proudly reporting they had downed a plane before they realised it was a passenger jet

    So Putin would love it if it gave him an excuse to pick a fight with Nato and at the same time try to claim deniability for the tragedy.

    So who benefits from the crisis? Putin