Obama Definitely Caused the Malaysian Airliner to Be Downed

Eric Zuesse

A lot of things are questionable about what happened immediately before the Malaysian airliner with nearly 300 passengers was downed on June 17th, but those things concern only the immediate cause, and not the ultimate cause, including the motive that ultimately brought this plane down. The ultimate cause of this event is clear.

In the event’s immediate cause, even the Ukrainian government — which instantly accused the anti-government rebels of having shot this plane down — said that rebels did it because rebels confused the civilian airliner with one of the Ukrainian government’s troop-transport planes or bombers in the government’s civil war against the people in that area. If that statement by the Ukrainian government is true, then here are pictures of the sorts of troops and bombs that these rebels were then trying to protect themselves and their families from:

(The first four photos below were posted by http://matveychev-oleg.livejournal.com/1224806.html while the fifth, the last, is from the youtube that is indicated.)



These people have been enduring lots of those sorts of attacks ever since the Ukrainian Government started an ethnic cleansing against the residents in the southeastern half of Ukraine, ethnic cleansing that began about two months after the February 2014 coup d’etat which U.S. President Barack Obama had arranged to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych, the President that these people, the residents in southeastern Ukraine, had elected as Ukraine’s President in 2010. And, then, Obama’s agent, Victoria Nuland, told America’s Ambassador in Ukraine to appoint the banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk or “Yats” to run the country as the Prime Minister, and Yats promptly became the nation’s Prime Minister. And this ethnic cleansing campaign is the direct result of that.

Yats was dissatisfied with the existing Defense Minsters, the holdovers from the Yanukovych era, who didn’t want to carry out any ethnic-cleansing operation, and so Yats chose Mikhail Koval to design the ethnic cleansing plan for his regime to use, and Koval said that the “subhumans” who voted for Viktor Yanukovych — the man whom Obama (with the CIA) had overthrown — those “subhumans” would “be resettled in other regions” (presumably either concentration camps or else in Russia itself as Ukrainian refugees) and that “There will be a thorough filtration of people” to get rid of them, get rid of the Yanukovych-voters. That’s how Ukraine would become a country in which only an obedient agent of America’s aristocracy can “democratically” win the Presidency ever again — no more ones such as Yanukovych had been.

When the people in the area of the ethnic cleansing managed to shoot down on June 14th one of the Obama regime’s planes and its 49 Ukrainian soldiers who were in the process of perpetrating this bombing-and-shelling-campaign against the southeast, Yatsenyuk himself vowed revenge, by using similar language to Koval’s: He said, “They [Ukraine’s soldiers] lost their lives …  in a situation facing a threat to be killed by invaders [i.e., by the residents, not by those troops from the northwest that they had shot down and who were the actual invaders] and sponsored by subhumans [presumably meaning Russians].” Yats continued: “First, we will commemorate the heroes [the exterminators] by wiping out those who killed them and then by cleaning our land from the evil.” However, of course, that’s what Yats himself was already doing (“cleaning” the land), which is the reason why that troop-plane had been shot down in the first place: those troops were invaders and killers. The rebels had to kill them, or else be killed themselves.

Consequently, even if the current Ukrainian Government, which Obama had installed, is correct when they say that rebels shot down the Malaysian airliner, then Obama himself had caused it to happen, by his overthrowing the President that the residents in that area had overwhelmingly voted for, and by replacing that President (Yanukovych) with a post-coup regime whose goal is to eliminate the voting-base that had made Viktor Yanukovych Ukraine’s President.

Obama gave as his excuse for replacing Yanukovych, that Yanukovych was corrupt; but all of the post-Soviet leaders of Ukraine have been corrupt; so, as usual, Obama is lying. Yats himself wouldn’t have stood even a chance to become Ukraine’s leader if he weren’t corrupt.

Obama has put in place the ethnic-cleansing campaign, which directly caused, as one of its tragic responses, the erroneous shoot-down of the Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner.

Unless, of course, the regime that Obama had put in place is simply lying about this, and they themselves shot down that jet, in order to enrage the world against Russia, which is Obama’s real target to destroy.

Lots is rationally debatable, but this is not — at least not by people who judge by cause and effect and examine all of the relevant evidence in that natural context. Obama is even using this event as a pretext to get the EU to join with him in hiking the economic sanctions against Russia, though there is no evidence that Russia was at all involved in the downing of that plane.

On July 17th, Yahoo News headlined “Obama Warns Russia, Ukrainian Separatists Over Downed Airliner,” but will his con, to win the support of the rest of NATO for a war against Russia, succeed? Lots of “defense” contractors are hoping that it will.

Obama might be even worse than George W. Bush. Americans need to consider that possibility.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Dee

    Wow.. just WOW! unbelievable.. Only you Eric, only you..
    Oh, and by the way, there is a difference between the consequences of armed resistance and a Plane full of innocent Doctors and Scientist going to a Humanitarian Conference. Not that anybody’s life is more or less precious.. but the impact of the loss spreads farther, touches more.
    Eric, don’t commit to too many excuses that you would not freely extend to both sides in any conflict. But yeah, your scree is as predictable as it is badly timed and in poor taste. Obvious Kneejerk Cover-up/ Deflection Response.
    Better you just offer a prayer for all the souls involved in this tragedy, than excuses for a few.

    • ClubToTheHead

      Moo right back at ya.

    • James Whitten

      The most “obvious kneejerk response” would be: “Wow.. just WOW! unbelievable..” I think this has become the mantra of the modern bed-wetting Russophobe.

    • not authorized

      How about making a change? Is this acceptable to you? Are you a sadist or something?

      • Dee

        Not, if I choose to conduct armed resistance against an adversary, then I, and everybody who so chooses places themselves at the mercy of the fortunes of war. Pro Russian Terrorists or Hamas Terrorists or some other cause, doesn’t matter. If I am not part of the armed resistance or don’t believe in a cause, I would leave or surrender. It is pretty simple.
        This is the very thing bloggers on here have suggested for US Soldiers..
        If I felt staying on my land or in my home was worth it .. then I would take my chances .. War is killing people and breaking things, if you choose to fight some invader or government force because you believe you are right and they are wrong, or hang out with those that have so chosen, you put your life and fortunes at risk for what you believe. That is what freedom is about. If you value your life above all else, then you go someplace safe, out of the line of fire. This is the very thing those kids from Central America are doing on the US Border.. and they travel 2000 miles thru countries that don’t like illegals any more than some in the US do.. but they are fleeing gang and drug violence right? They are refuges, not immigrants, right? East Ukraine you just slip over the border, If you want to live in Russia, or where you do live to be in Russia, but not be a combatant or at risk, then move to Russia, you can always move back if you side wins, you’ll want to be moving anyway if they lose.
        Same in Gaza.. take Israeli citizenship or permanent residence status if you haven’t ever had terrorist ties or apply thru the UN as a refuge and leave Gaza, if you believe in what Hamas is doing, stay and fight. It isn’t always easy, both procedurally and emotionally.. but Millions of folks flee war zones every year, or immigrate away from violent living conditions.. many say we should respect that, many countries agree, to one degree or another.. look at all the refuges in Jordan and Iraq from Syria .
        but all that is incredibly different than getting blown out of the Air by a bunch of yahoos that just wanted to shoot something down because Russia gave them a launcher and just enough knowledge to be able to pull the trigger.. shooting down that An-26 didn’t have any major military value outside just showing the world you could do it.. totally wasted a missile that could have saved it and taken down a bomber actually coming to bomb you.
        MH 17 is a war crime.. the rule is, you pull the trigger, you are responsible for what the bullet hits. Intentional or accidental, doesn’t matter, you killed it, you eat it, or own it. MH 17 was a civilian aircraft in a legal fly zone, not part of the dispute on the ground for either side. It was wrong, very very wrong to do that, if it truly was an accident, folks that did it need to man up and take the consequences.. apologies don’t mean squat if you don’t accept your responsibility in something like that. We accidently shot down an airliner , USS Vincennes, sorted things out in a couple of days, owned up to it , US paid restitution to the families who lost loved ones, a few careers got reigned in. Didn’t try and spin all sorts of crazy cover-up and conspiracies or play ” Missile?, what Missile?” and “hide the cannoli” with the launcher.
        Gawd, when the shot down KAL 007 they tried to radio contact, warn off, fired some warning shots from the cannon and KAL 007 didn’t respond, couldn’t, but that is not the point.. at least they tried to warn them or establish their intention.. it is what normal countries do.. Not this time .. nope.. just launched to have something to do and blow something up.. no military purpose, no trespass into closed skies .. had a flight plan, was on schedule , was in contact with ground control and was on an authorized alternate route due to weather. No Warning. nada nilch ninguno
        See the problem? See the difference?
        I never tell you guys you can’t do something.. that would be silly, that I think you shouldn’t, sure, but since when did you need my approval to do something. Probably told you some of your concoctions or conspiracies wouldn’t sell .. and I don’t see you guys tilting the popularity polls for your side much, some of this stuff Putin has come up with and some of the stuff posted on Washington’s blog are the laughing stock of the world tonight. The sooner the Rocket Boys and them what gave them the rocket own up.. I mean, geeze Putin loves to play at being the macho man, to see him whine and lie like a little girl who broke mommy’s vase .. is just too weird for words.

    • cettel

      re. your “to both sides in any conflict”: oh, you mean like to the “side” of the victims of bigotry, and to the “side” of the bigots who are trying to kill them? Like to the “side” of the victims of the Holocaust, and to the “side” of its perpetrators?

      Boy, are you smart. (Like: NO! Hell, no! Of course not! Not even close.)

      • Dee

        Are you saying the same excuses for war crimes and atrocities shouldn’t be used by both sides ? or are equally non applicable to both sides? And both sides should be held accountable? Anybody doing armed resistance is trying to kill the bigots right back? What are you talking about?

    • ClubToTheHead

      The vast majority of deaths in what is today called “war” is highly industrialized weaponry targeted at civilian populations to facilitate political change. Once upon a time that was known as terrorism. Now resistance to war machinery use of this type has become known as terrorism.

      When King Kong fights Godzilla and Rodan joins in, who suffers most? It is the little people scrambling for their lives that will lose most.

      The US is having a hard time adjusting to a world where it is no longer cheaper and easier to steal material resources from their sovereign owners than to buy them.

      The West’s expansion of NATO is provocation that will result in more deaths of civilians and worse in light of the USA’s preemptive nuclear first strike policy.

      I don’t willingly support any State, but I recognize that being right in the clash of these Titans means being dead right for huge numbers of people.

      State is enemy of man.

      • Dee

        That’s nice… but the question was do you personally accept any support from any State.. like carry a passport, or expect their laws to protect you, or their military and police to keep you safe, use their roads and bridges for personal gain…
        if you pay taxes and aren’t happy with a states policy.. maybe you should be more picky about who the state hires to kill and die for you and your safety.

        • ClubToTheHead

          I see an impasse in our communication. You obviously believe the State is the provider of all things good. I’ve had the same reasoning presented to me as justification for belief in the existence of god. Consider the apotheosis of the state.

          If you are old enough to remember, one justification for the invasion of Afghanistan was to bring equal rights to women there. I had a conversation with a women libber who was pro-war on that basis. Nothing could persuade her to consider this propaganda as purely manipulative. Not even the massive deaths and destruction brought to women in this “war for women’s liberation.”

          The “beneficent” war machine then extended to Iraq where women lost the right to drive.

          Good luck with your delusions.

          • Dee

            Don’t overreach.. the State supplies some good things… back when you had to individually subscribe to a Fire Company in advance before they would come and put out your house or business fire they would let adjoining and unsubscribed building burn.. until Fire departments became utilities due to an obvious weakness in the private Fire Company model..
            The women in Afghanistan is a great example.. there are some things, some ideas folks are willing to fight for.. or have others fight for on their behalf .. and it always goes that way.. sounds like a good idea until the reality of war and unintended consequences comes into play.. Rights for Women is much like Peace in that way.. Restoring Peace means killing enough people and breaking enough things until folks can’t fight any more. Outlawing war and enforcing the law against war is going to be one huge bloody mess. Calling for the arrest of America’s leaders and decapitating the Government might cause some civil unrest by people who don’t agree with you.
            There is no beneficent war machine.. I’m not saying fighting for human rights is not worth the death and destruction .. it may be in some situations. the British though oppressing the colonist was worth fighting for as well .. see that is the thing, you need two sides to have a war and both sides sort of have to think all the trouble is worth the outcome.. somebody is going to lose, but it is going to be the other guy, and trust me.. it won’t be that expensive or kill as many people as you think to win, NOT. That includes the delusional ( I have my own delusions, separate from this war and peace issue.. it mostly involves intelligent and cogent people debating meaningfully online) folks who think they can outlaw war and force peace on people who think they are being oppressed and being denied human rights.. that the only legal reason for war is to repel an armed attack.. fighting for such esoteric reasons like living in starvation or extreme depravation, or lack of human rights, or lack of freedom to pursue your own idea of happiness would all be illegal. To me that seems a bit statist.
            You want to stop war?.. stop this one-sided advancement of one sides grievances or political agenda and recognize that both sides have reasons they will kill and die for .. can’t guarantee anything.. but it seems to me , if both sides feel their issues are respected you have a better chance of getting both sides to a conference table.. than just taking one sides point of view and damning the other sides every complaint.
            Anytime one side is seen as more human and more deserving of justice and a fair hearing than the other, you are promoting war. Especially when it is based on lies and distortions of just one side , failing to realize both sides distort and misrepresent the worth and intentions of the other… which is why they are killing each other.. peace makers can’t take sides if they want to make Peace… the so called “Peacemakers” posting on Washington’s Blog always take one side over the other, it is a travesty.
            Making Peace.. even supporting the idea of Peace cannot work if the only thing that is discussed is how one side is so totally justified in anything they do to the other side..
            Shooting down this aircraft and the way folks are fighting over the bodies and trying to shift blame and justify or excuse one side over the other.. and all the time not even honoring they reasons either side are fighting, but rather portraying them as fools and puppets of Obama or America or Putin is about as ineffective, naïve, and useless way to pursue peace as I have ever seen.
            IMHO everybody needs to cease fire to recover the bodies and whatever else the inspectors need .. as a long as everybody is on break , sit down and try to talk out some of the real issues the folks on the battlefield have with each other and everybody else just butt out and quit facilitating their ability to kill each other, and anybody else that happens to wander into range.

  • ClubToTheHead


    Coupster Obama’s efforts to restart the Cold War with Victoria Nuland’s organization of the coup makes for great theater of war, and will have the herd mooing for more.

  • Discerning Reader

    It’s so convenient that the Malaysian aircraft was found just in time for good false flag pretext for war against Russia. I agree…completely unbelievable. I’d like to see a truly independent evaluation of the crash…but the media has already targeted Russia. War is our biggest export after all.

    • Dave Wilbur

      There would be no wars if wars required taxes. It is not possible to pay taxes with credit and the Federal Reserve told us in 1977 and 1979 that their system “works (us) only with credit.”

  • Discerning Reader

    Pity the airline passengers and the inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine being used in a psychopathic war game as a pretext for war with Russia.

    Keep your head down and forget that Russia has nukes, and has fought (and won) the largest battle in human history (Eastern Front- WW2), Napolean’s failed invasion of Russia in 1812, and the basic history of Kievan Rus.

    We are supposed to ignore that our dollar is tanking, and war is the only way to strengthen it without major structural changes that are politically impossible.

  • Scott Bidstrup

    The assertion that Zeusse’s logic is the same as Israel blaming Hamas for the Palestinian beach boys’ death, is a false equivalency fallacy. Israel was the guilty party in that incident, and it is trying to shift the blame to others. It is not the separatists who shot down the plane who are trying to shift the blame, it is Zeusse, who suggests, with justification, that the situation in Ukraine would not exist had the United States not meddled in Ukrainian politics. And if that situation did not exist, MH17 would not have been shot down. So, indirectly at least, the blame really does rest with whoever made the decision to intervene in Ukraine. Presumably, that was Obama. So indirect moral culpability does, indeed, rest with Uncle Barry.

  • Rostale

    One thing I had been wondering about was global warming, despite the oil company agnotology , the elites have to know we are headed for runaway global warming from positive feedback loops. I then remembered the idea of nuclear winter. a google search revealed I’m not the only one to pursue the line of thought http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/02/110223-nuclear-war-winter-global-warming-environment-science-climate-change/

    NASA estimates than deployment of 100 nuclear bombs would throw enough particles into the air to offset global warming. Easy answer for the elites, knock off some useless eaters and deal with the existential threat to humankind at no cost to themselves without ever having to even openly acknowledge it was real.