Lancet Medical Journal Denounces Israel’s Aggression, Targeting of Children, and Attempts to Kill Gaza – Seven Quotes

Doctors and scientists, on behalf of 24 signatories, in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet, write:

An Open Letter for the People of Gaza

Seven crucial quotes:

  • Gaza is being killed by one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated modern military machines.
  • This is a “military onslaught on civilians in Gaza”
  • These attacks aim to terrorize
  • We witnessed targeted weaponry used indiscriminately and on children
  • We denounce the myth propagated by Israel that the aggression is done caring about saving civilian lives and children’s well-being.
  • Israel’s behaviour has insulted our humanity, intelligence, and dignity as well as our professional ethics and efforts.
  • [S]hould the use of gas be further confirmed, this is unequivocally a war crime for which, before anything else, high sanctions will have to be taken immediately on Israel with cessation of any trade and collaborative agreements with Europe.

The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal.  It is one of the world’s oldest and best known general medical journals, and has been described as one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world. – Wikipedia

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  • jadan

    When a medical journal denounces the war crimes of Israel, we know it’s bad in Gaza. The bastard nation, Israel, thumbs its nose at civilized standards as it carries out its pogrom against the Palestinians, worse that the Nazi terror against the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto in WWII. The US sponsors this murderous spree and bears large responsibility for the barbarism running rampant in the world.

    • Luther

      @jadan:disqus , please help me understand this. Is Hamas the ruling entity of Gaza? Have rockets been fired from Gaza into Israeli territory for the last several years?

      • jadan

        Help me understand this, Luther. Are you implying that rockets fired into Israel justify the genocidal slaughter of women & children who are not firing them? What is the yield of these rocket war heads, if any, in kilotons? What would you do living under the occupation of the Israeli death machine? How would you respond to the theft of your land and water, the destruction of your olive groves and farm land, and the apartheid policy that circumscribes your life? As an act of suicidal desperation might you not fire some rockets at these fat-assed Israelis living the good life on your land just to say you did, even if they have no military value?

        • Luther

          “Are you implying that rockets fired into Israel justify the genocidal slaughter of women & children who are not firing them?” I don’t accept your premise of genocidal slaughter, but in general, no. If that was Israel’s goal, why not just nuke ’em? If Israel really wanted to do that they could, right?

          “What is the yield of these rocket war heads, if any, in kilotons?” Dunno, don’t care. Are you implying that they are insignificant and therefore don’t matter?

          “What would you do living under the occupation of the Israeli death machine?” Again, I do not accept your premise of an “Israeli death machine”. I think that Israel forcibly removed their own people from Gaza and left governance up to the “Palestinians” in 2005. Is that really occupied?

          “How would you respond to the theft of your land and water, the destruction of your olive groves and farm land, and the apartheid policy that circumscribes your life?” What are you referring to here?

          “As an act of suicidal desperation might you not fire some rockets at these fat-assed Israelis living the good life on your land, in your house, just to say you did,…” How exactly are the Israelis on someone else’s land, in someone else’s house?

          Questions for you @jadan:disqus: has there been a land of Israel settled by the Jewish people since the days of the Old Testament? that is a yes or no question.

          • Pravda01

            …you are proof that Jews or their lovers are mentally ill.

            Old Testament – the book of lies as evidence?

          • Luther

            @pravda01 Name calling is for mental lightweights. Are you able to answer my simple question? has there been a land of Israel settled by the Jewish people since before BCE?

          • Robert Bennett

            You all are welcome to live in your delusional, hate filled world where the earth is flat and Islam is destined to overcome Christians and Jews. I’m sure you have your little jobs (if any), live in your little worlds, and hold onto these beliefs because it is all you have to justify your existence. Rather than build cities, innovate, and spread religious universalism and tolerance, you (especially @Pravda01:disqus) malignantly focus on a small percentage of the population, Jews, who have brought so much in the way of science, literature, music, and philosophy to the world. I wish the Islamists out there would follow their ancestors’ direction and do something good for the world. Medieval Islamic society gave us much in the way of music, math (algebra), agriculture, et al ( but that all seems to have gone away in lieu of terror tunnels, rocket launchers, suicide bombers, and hate filled discourse. Why don’t you all leave the blog and do something truly good for the world, or at least get some education or a real job?

          • robert bennett

            Oh, this was not meant for @disqus_jGzyoFyllV:disqus Luther, but for most of the haters on this blog

          • Luther

            … crickets chirping …

          • InvaderVim

            That was supposedly a reward for the genocide of Canaanites. Though this of course is mythology. Sorry, mate but you’re all over the place with this argument. You’re obviously arguing with certain presuppositions in place. All I can say, based on friends and family who have been in deployed in Gaza is that the American and British press are lying to their people. My family is from Ireland and Sweden, and their take on this nonsense is very different. What Israel is doing is a genocidal act of ethnic cleansing. Call it what it is.

          • robert bennett

            You have such hatred in you. Why? Has life been unkind to you Pravda? Why take out your sadness on innocent people?

          • Luther

            Still not answering a straightforward question?

            has there been a land of Israel settled by the Jewish people since the days of the Old Testament? that is a yes or no question.

          • Melkiades

            ” I don’t accept your premise of genocidal slaughter, but in general, no. If that was Israel’s goal, why not just nuke ’em? If Israel really wanted to do that they could, right?”

            – A very weak and obvious way not to answer the question. The answer is simple: are the rockets fired – that contain NO PAYLOAD – a justification to kill 2,000 civilians and 500 kids with the equivalent of 17 times the TNT of the Hiroshima bomb. HONEST ANSWER: NO, and it’s an obvious crime against humanity. LYING BASTARD ANSWER: see above.

            “What is the yield of these rocket war heads, if any, in kilotons?” Dunno, don’t care. Are you implying that they are insignificant and therefore don’t matter?

            – yes, we are implying exactly that: they contain no payload, they are all blocked (if that’s even true) and they kill NO ONE.

            “Is that really occupied?”

            – wow. Amazing answer from an obvious Zionist assassin. Israhell has killed daily with an embargo preventing the most basic food and medecine, for six years (don’t have the exact date, think it started in2009). Israhell has stolen land and built illegal settlements WEEKLY, killing anyone who resists in the process. Israhell controls the air space, the underground and has reduced from 20 km to 3 km access to the sea.

            “How would you respond to the theft of your land and water, the destruction of your olive groves and farm land, and the apartheid policy that circumscribes your life?” What are you referring to here?

            – On top of being a liar and an accomplice to war crimes, you are an ignorant. Everything described here by @jadan:disqus is documented by Amnesty International and countless organizations.

            “As an act of suicidal desperation might you not fire some rockets at these fat-assed Israelis living the good life on your land, in your house, just to say you did,…” How exactly are the Israelis on someone else’s land, in someone else’s house?

            – At this point you are just showing your dishonesty and wrongwill. It’s very sad to witness such a moral implosion.

      • Carl_Herman

        I’ll help, Luther. Hamas is the elected political organization of Palestine. Israel reports rocket fire. Israel is a known liar with war reasons, including Iraq and Iran in greatest frequency, so this testimony is not reliable. Israel engages in false flag attacks, which means Israel could be launching rockets to blame Gaza. Here’s some documentation to help you, pal:

        Answer us this, Luther: what are the rules for lawful armed attack? Explain how a military occupation/siege by land, sea, and air is an act of war. Explain how Israel took Palestinian lands and villages creating Gaza as the world’s largest concentration camp.

        • Robert Bennett

          Carl, are you a delusional conspiracy theorist? Since it us unlikely anyone will dissuade you from your, well. bizarre views of the situation in Gaza, let’s focus on something beyond war and hatred. Israel left Gaza in 2005, pulling out its own people and leaving greenhouses, infrastructure, and clear borders. Rather than build a society, they shot missiles at Israel. Which group, Jews or Muslims are better to have in the Holy Land. The former exports technology, literature, music, and is comprised of a people who, despite having a very small % of the population, has won 166 Nobel Prizes. Islamists export Jihad, violence, and hatred, and, despite a magnitude more people, have won 2 Nobel Prizes. Maybe they seem to better prioritize their values

          • Carl_Herman

            Nice resort to ad hominem to demonstrate your argument, Robert. Let’s look: Israel has a history of stealing land while lying about it, they pause and then claim they’re attacked by their victim, and escalate the unlawful violence with military siege and open armed attack upon a concentration camp.

            Most people of Jewish religion are awesome, as are most people who are American. Both suffer from psychopathic leaders who lie into unlawful war while paying sock-puppets (taking the name of retired US Senator Bob Bennett?) to propagandize for them.

            Oh, and gee: your overt racism of Muslims is jumping the shark, dude. You need to work on that part of your propaganda, but it was nicely consistent in tone from the opening ad hominem to define your argument style 🙂

          • Robert Bennett

            Carl, I am just telling the facts. Jews have contributed a lot more to the world than Muslims, not because they are inherently superior (as early Muslims developed Algebra for example), but rather because, in modern times, they have prioritized their lives on something beyond religion and self-persecution. I think the prophet Mohammed would be sickened by how his religion has been bastardized by extremists.

          • robert bennett

            And, please, don’t argue obvious falsehoods. Even Hamas admits to shooting rockets at Israel. And there is video footage. It is absorb to think otherwise. Virtually everything you say is just ridiculous
            I am not even sure why i am in this silly dialogue. I must have something better to do

          • Carl_Herman

            Please provide the documentation of Hamas admitting shooting rockets, and video footage of Hamas government admitting this, as you allege.

          • robert bennett

            You must be kidding. Here is an entire wikipedia review of the Palestinian rocket attacks with a myriad of references

            Even diehard anti-Zionists in Al Jazeera discuss these attacks:

            Here Khaled Mashal, Hamas leader, admits to shooting rockets, just not from schools, on video

            Al Jazeera talks about the rocket attacks


            Video of Hamas rocket attack onto Israel


          • So you’re telling me that in this small strip under control of Israel where they can’t even smuggle in food & medicine, they somehow smuggle in THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of rockets? NO WAY, MY FRIEND! And in this age of NSA, satellites, etc…??? NO WAY do I believe it.

            And here is someone caught RED-HANDED in the “new” lying about “ROCKETS FROM GAZA”:

            UN official busts David Gregory for using Israeli propaganda video: ‘That’s really unfair’

            NBC host David Gregory was forced to issue a correction at the end of his weekly Meet the Press program on Sunday after a United Nations official confronted him for using a unconfirmed Israeli video that allegedly showed Hamas shooting rockets from a UN school.


            It doesn’t pass the smell test. You can post all the links in the world, and simple logic tells us it doesn’t pass the smell test that Israel somehow has no handle on “Islamic terrorists” smuggling in THOUSANDS of rockets right under their nose. NO WAY do I believe that.

            And I suppose someone could “post a link” to David Gregory saying he has a “link” to a youtube video as proof. I don’t need any “links”, it doesn’t pass MY smell test.

          • truthtime

            Why argue with these racist and delusional people?

            These are the kind of people back hundreds of years ago that would gleefully agreed to killing Native Americans in the name of their God. The same kind of people that were Pro-Slavery and spreading racial hatred against African Americans.

            And who are these people anyone that seek out these articles with obvious agendas? Intelligence folk looking to stir up a little trouble?

            None of these people address the fact that Israel is divided right now. Peaceful groups that wish to have peace and attempt to provide assistance to Palestinians are beaten up or worse! Jewish people beating up Jewish people? What kind of mad, delusional world do they live in to ignore History altogether. Why does no one bring up the fact that Palestinians are closely related to Hebrews. Palestinians ARE an ancient, semetic people.

            Whoever this person is that cited the 2005 “israeli” army pull-out, which was initiated by Ariel Sharon is ignoring quite a lot. One is that the fact that Ariel Sharon was deeply racist (no one will miss him except fellow racists). The 2005 anecdote is a de-contextualized invention and here is why:

            – A Jewish writer, David Ben-Gurion, describes Ariel Sharon as a consistent liar

            – Human Rights Watch,, also describes him as a serious War Criminal

            – His motives for pulling out the settlers out of Gaza had nothing to do with the future prosperity of the Palestinians, whom he despised and wished ultimately to be killed or expelled, and it certainly did not offer Gaza “sovereignty.”

            – The withdrawal of the settlers signaled two strategies on Sharon’s part: a concentration of Israeli settlement efforts on the West Bank, and creating the conditions for the blockade that now makes Gaza nothing short of a ghetto-like prison camp.

            So I ask, from a Native American perspective, did they not have the right to defend their land against European aggression and hate and genocide?

          • Ah! More SHILLS. Using “racist” and the mental stigma card. Did you get the memo we’re all onto that old strategy?

            SERIOUSLY…try something else.

          • Pravda01

            It becomes even more interesting which group financed the slavery: the Jewish bankers and which group owned more slaves than farmers in the Southern states – the Jews who lived in the big cities like New York. Guess what – those Jews owned slaves even after the slavery was forbidden, of course the had a heart for the poor black people.

            The more I study history, they more I find Jews disgusting and anybody who is proud of being a Jew or Jewish heritage is proud being a criminal.

          • Carl_Herman

            You say you work in biotech and yet quote wikipedia talking about rockets “from Palestine” when the topic is your substantiation that “Hamas admits” to shooting rockets? Where’s that evidence, pal, of Palestine’s Hamas-party government making that admission of that policy?

            Hamas’ policy is truce without Israel’s hostile military siege of its political terriotry. Here’s their offer that’s been on the table for 8 years:

            Then your video also lies: Khaled Mashal and any Palestinian is justified to use self-defense when Israel uses military siege by land, sea, and air, along now with invasive armed attacks. The video is not evidence of Hamas, but of rockets found. The UN fails to stop a War of Aggression anywhere: how can we trust their testimony of what they say they found when they fail in their primary purpose to stop such wars? There are Palestinians engaged in armed resistance from Israel military attacks just as their were resistance groups against Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto.

            And your video of “Hamas rocket attack” is a BBC claim without evidence being from anyone of rocket fire. That is propaganda to demonize Hamas, while lying in omission of Israel’s unlawful war. This would be like having a picture of a Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto firing a rifle in support of Nazi military destroying the ghetto.

          • Melkiades

            Who gives a SHIT about those rockets, seriously? They contain no payload and they’re all blocked by your shield and they don’t kill. On the other side, 2,000 civils amongst with 500 children were massacred. A family of 25 lost 18 people, 14 of them being KIDS. And you defend this? You’re disgusting beyond possible understanding.

          • Luther

            I’ve got a strange feeling @Carl_Herman:disqus that this won’t satisfy you, but here goes anyway:

            “Published on Aug 5, 2014
            FRANCE 24 has exclusive footage of a Hamas rocket launching pad that appears to prove the militant group has been firing from areas heavily populated with civilians.”


          • not authorized


          • Luther

            It appears that when @notauthorized:disqus doesn’t like the facts presented and can’t address the uncomfortable truth, he resorts to yelling a meaningless slogan.


            Care to address the video I posted above that shows rockets being fired at Israel from civilian areas?

            By the way, I never addressed your statement in remarks below

            “For those unfamiliar with our little friend here, he thinks Muslims are a race. Very misinformed and confused if you ask me. He’s got religion and “race” mixed up.”

            which attempts to demean me and confuse the reader with inaccuracies.

            After you or someone else called me a racist, for the umpteenth time, I asked for someone to substantiate the accusation of ‘racist’ by asking sarcastically what race Muslims were… knowing full well they are a creed and aren’t limited to a specific race. So… how can I be racist if there is no race in play? That’s right, I can’t. But that doesn’t stop desperate people from flinging excrement hoping to marginalize a point of view they cannot tolerate.

          • not authorized

            Your xenophobia template is broken.

            Begin the Gnostic Christian template.
            Begin the United Nations template.


            Article 18

            1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience
            and religion. This right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a
            religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in
            community with others and in public or private, to manifest his
            religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.

            2. No one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.

            3. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs may be subject only
            to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary to
            protect public safety, order, health, or morals or the fundamental
            rights and freedoms of others.

            4. The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to have
            respect for the liberty of parents and, when applicable, legal guardians
            to ensure the religious and moral education of their children in
            conformity with their own convictions.

            Article 19

            1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

            2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right
            shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas
            of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in
            print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

            3. The exercise of the rights provided for in paragraph 2 of this
            article carries with it special duties and responsibilities. It may
            therefore be subject to certain restrictions, but these shall only be
            such as are provided by law and are necessary:

            (a) For respect of the rights or reputations of others;

            (b) For the protection of national security or of public order (ordre public), or of public health or morals.

            Article 20

            1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.

            2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that
            constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be
            prohibited by law.

          • Melkiades

            Most rockets fired by Hamas contain *no payload*. They don’t explode, and they don’t kill. Also, most rockets are blocked by the shield. Unfortunately for them, Gaza has no such shield to repel the equivalent of 17 times the TNT of the Hiroshima bomb that was dropped by the army of cowards operating behind their video game screens. As a result, 2,000 civilians died out of which 500 children were slaughtered. And you defend something like that. Disgusting.

          • InvaderVim

            Absolutely–these “rockets” are homemade fertilizer-powered missiles with no explosive payload. About the worst they can do is put a bowling ball-sized hole in drywall. Someone recently said that Israel attacking the people in Gaza is the equivalent of a heavyweight boxer taking on an infant. All of you Israeli sympathizers need to acknowledge the fact that you are supporting a Zionist terrorist agenda of ethnic cleansing. There is no justification for Israel’s actions. None whatsoever.

          • Melkiades

            That Luther Racist-Zionist never replied to my last messages, as I had expected, because he has no valid argument. Every single one of his points were counter-argued and all that he had left to do was leave this thread. It’s very difficult for me to understand how human beings with a heart and feelings can reach that level of barbarism.

            This week was back to school in Gaza. Students, little girls, little boys exploding in tears all the time in schools hanging on pieces of walls and broken beams, wholes big like a volcano crater. Some burst into tears because their dad wasn’t there anymore to bring them to school, killed by Israel’s savagery. Others fell apart crying because there were empty seats in the class – their beloved friends who had not been as “lucky” as them, kids, babies, innocent people who had never asked for this war and who were just born in the wrong place and in the wrong half century, a century where Zionists were able to steal an entire country and manage to get away with killing its citizen on top of it, for the past 66 years, applauded all the while by the bastards running our “civilized countries”.

          • Pravda01

            Muslims in Baghdad preserved old Greek philosophic books. By the way Mohammed was a Prophet in the old Bible versions written by some Khazar Jews and Islam is an invention of it too.

          • Bruce Wayne

            they are not extremists…the same ones killing thousands today in Syria, Libya, and Iraq were called moderates only a couple of years back under the “Arab Spring” and they are closely allied with the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and indirectly to obama himself.

            Walid Shoebat who was raised as a muslim terrorist states that there is no such thing as a moderate muslim……….did you even hear one muslim official condenm the kidnapping of 300 young girls in Nigeria? Nope, nor will you because they are all part of the same violent religion that kills woman and children especially those of people who are not muslims or of a different sect of islam, but they all wind up being part of a very ugly religion

          • beestyng

            Spare us this nonsense.
            First, I reject violence as a means to bringing “peace.” Oxymoron.
            I hate doing this because it solves nothing but since you seem to believe that the problem is religion…. Who do you think armed and helped bring about the monster Al Qaeda and its more lethal offshoots that are involved in so many conflicts in the region? By the way, Israel facilitated the creation of Hamas to undermine the secular Palestinian movements. What is happening in the ME is not due to religion – although extremists are now very visible – but to the fact that the region is rich in resources. Greed… The same is happening in Africa. Check out a map, and wherever there are resources, there are problems/conflicts.
            By the way, How many “Muslims” have been killed in Afghanistan and in Iraq? A lot more than you may think, but this doesn’t seem to bother you.

          • SHILL ALERT: Did you get the memo, Robert, that shills begin with “conspiracy theory” and then pull the mental stigma card (“delusional”)? Please update your tactics.

          • beestyng

            Israel’s occupation of Gaza continues to the present day because (a) Israel continues to exercise “effective control”
            over this area, (b) the conflict that produced the occupation has not
            ended, and (c) an occupying state cannot unilaterally (and without
            international/diplomatic agreement) transform the international status of occupied territory except, perhaps, if that unilateral action terminates all manner of effective control.
            As to Nobel prizes, what does it have to do with the occupation of Palestinian Territory? AND it’s not because others are worse than Israel gets a free pass, sorry. It calls itself a liberal democracy and it is not acting as one. Thereby the criticism.

        • Luther

          @Carl_Herman:disqus, thanks for pitching in here. I agree, there’s just so much disinformation swirling around that it’s really hard to know the truth. As Mohammad said, “War is deceit” Bukhari 52:269.

          “What are the rules for lawful armed attack? Explain how a military occupation/siege by land, sea, and air is an act of war. Explain how Israel took Palestinian lands and villages creating Gaza as the world’s largest concentration camp.”

          My reading of history shows that Israel has been attacked by surrounding Muslim states three times since 1948. Some territory won by the Jews in those conflicts has been given back, and some has been kept. Is that an accurate assessment? I am pretty sure that’s how Israel came to possess “Palestinian” territory – the same way that some 95% of the world’s political boundaries have been set.

          • Carl_Herman

            Luther, let’s answer those questions! Armed attack/war is only lawful in self-defense from a government’s armed attack until the UN steps in. Israel ignores ~100 UN Resolutions of what to do, and then uses military siege since 2006. Hamas denies rocket use from them and proposes peace and an end to the siege since 2006:

            The end result is Israel having Palestinian land after driving them off it in 1947 (about 700,000 people) and now driving Palestinians into the sea in Gaza while ignoring war law and the UN.

            Gee, Luther: you really want to side with how the world’s political boundaries have been set by imperialism, the same we see with Israel, and in abject violation of law?

            If so, go for it. Good luck with that karma.

          • Pravda01

            In 1948 the land of the Palestinians was handed over to a group of settlers by the British.

            Britain had no right to do this.

          • Luther

            @Pravda01, didn’t the UN vote on this and approve it? If that is true, does that make it a legitimate act?

          • beestyng

            (1) The Partition resolution of November 29, 1947 was a UN General Assembly Resolution, Israel has refused to abide by any subsequent UNGA Resolution since then.
            (2) Legally, there should have been a referendum to consult the indigenous population. This was not done.
            (3) On May 15, 1948, the British evacuated Palestine, and Zionist leaders proclaimed the State of Israel. The UN Resolution 273 of May 11 1949 admits Israel as a UN member, the preamble stating: “Noting furthermore the declaration by the State of Israel that it “unreservedly accepts the obligations of the United Nations Charter and undertakes to honour them from the day when it becomes a member of the United Nations.”

            Israel has implemented neither Resolution 212 of Nov. 19,1949 (Assistance to Palestinian refugees) nor Resolution 194 of Dec. 11, 1949 (right of return for refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at
            peace with their neighbours)
            Both resolutions were mentioned in the UN admission resolution.
            In a fair world, Palestine would have been a free state, as the other Mandated states became, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druzes etc.. live as equal citizens.

          • Luther

            @beestyng:disqus Very interesting that you quote very official and detailed UN Resolutions, but on 1) and 2) don’t provide any proof of your assertions. Your position is just your opinion – no facts provided.

            Then, when I research what you put forth as fact I find completely contradictory information such as:

            UN Resolution 194 via Wikipedia:
            “The resolution was adopted by a majority of 35 countries from among the 58 members of the United Nations at that time; however all six Arab countries then represented at the UN voted against it (Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen, all were parties to the conflict in question). Israel had not yet been admitted to the UN”

            ALL SIX ARAB COUNTRIES VOTED AGAINST IT?!? and Israel wasn’t even a part of the UN at that time.

            Is this a joke??

          • beestyng

            That was before they saw the horrors of WW2.
            Since then, “The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols are at the core of international humanitarian law, the body of international law that regulates the conduct of armed conflict and seeks to limit its effects.
            They specifically protect people who are not taking part in the hostilities (civilians, health workers and aid workers) and those who are no longer participating in the hostilities, such as wounded, sick and shipwrecked soldiers and prisoners of war. The Conventions and their Protocols call for measures to be taken to prevent or put an end to all breaches. They contain stringent rules to deal with what are
            known as “grave breaches”. Those responsible for grave breaches must be sought, tried or extradited, whatever nationality they may hold.”
            Moreover, Acquisition of Territory by Military Conquest is Illegal + Occupation (either Legal or Illegal) is Generally Temporary and Must Never Lead To Sovereignty over Occupied or Conquered Lands of the Enemy People or Nation.
            AND – the attacks on Palestinians – and major massacres such as Deir Yassin – by terrorist Zionist groups started BEFORE Israel declared its independence. The ragtag Arab armies – no match to the trained and equipped Israelis – came to rescue the Palestinians, 750 000 of them having been turned into refugees.
            So,your reading of history is not right.

          • Luther

            “Moreover, Acquisition of Territory by Military Conquest is Illegal…”

            I do hope that you are railing against ISIS or IS on all appropriate sites. You are, aren’t you?

          • Luther

            … crickets chirping …

      • beestyng

        The Times of Israel headline: “Hamas fires rockets for first time since 2012, Israeli officials say –Volley
        that hit near southern communities Monday may have been launched by
        terror group to warn Israel against targeting its members ‘ By Avi Issacharoff and Times of Israel staff
        June 30, 2014
        So no, Hamas had not launched rockets since the 2012 ceasefire. it started when Netanyahu invaded homes, arrested Hamas members in the West Bank and killed Palestinians. Check your facts.

        • Luther

          May 2014: Rocket attacks from Gaza to Israel increase.

          June 12: Three Israeli teenagers are kidnapped and killed

          July 2014: The United Nations acknowledges that Hamas fighters are using schools and hospitals as command centers.

          Wait, don’t tell me. This news site is a Zionist conspiracy and nothing they say can be believed…

          • not authorized

            Why hello Enlil! Still at it are you?


            Reading Comprehension 101. The Balfour Declaration established Palestine (Not Israel) as a Homeland for the Jewish people by those same “Zionists”. Israel, was not “declared” until 1948, and was created absent all protections of so called Holocausts for other races. Wherefore, it was not until 1991, that they gave a rats ass about Human Rights, per a certain treaty.

            I am about to push the history eraser button. Keep it up.

            “That’s” already been observed too.

          • beestyng

            I don’t know the site but if you say it is a Zionist site, I believe you.

            However, merely stating that “Rocket attacks from Gaza to Israel increase” doesn’t make it true. What are the sources this website used? Increase from what to what?

            The article in the Times of Israel on the other hand is well known and cites Israeli Officials. Have you read the article?

            “Hamas operatives were behind a large volley of rockets which slammed into
            Israel Monday morning, the first time in years the Islamist group has directly challenged the Jewish state, according to Israeli defense officials.
            A member of Hamas’s militant wing was killed in the attack, Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra said.
            While Israel has maintained it holds Hamas responsible for all rocket attacks, officials have said that smaller groups, such as Islamic Jihad, are usually behind the rocket attacks, while Hamas squads generally attempt to thwart the rocket fire.
            Hamas hasn’t fired rockets into Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense ended in November 2012, and has yet to take responsibility for this latest barrage.
            The group fired hundred of rockets at Israel over eight days during Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, as Israel carried out punishing strikes on the Palestinian enclave.” (

        • Melkiades

          It is well known and an established fact that Israel is the one who broke the cease fire and that triggered the rockets (without payload, may I remind you all) by Hamas. No occupation, no rockets. No bombing, no rockets. No violation of human rights on a daily basis, no rockets. Fuck you Israhell.

    • Pravda01

      I agree, but Israel is not a nation it is a terrorist settler group on someone else’s land. According to the events in the Warsaw Ghetto – the US supported settler group matches old Nazi crime.

      • Luther

        @Pravda01, can you provide me of any documentation dated before 1967 that shows there was a Palestinian state in the Levant area?

        • beestyng

          There was and still isn’t an Israeli nation: the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Israelis should continue to be identified by their religion and ethnicity). There wasn’t an American nation either, or Italian or … take your pick, before their independence. The nation-state is a relatively recent creation. By the way, do you consider Israel a nation-state? a Jewish nation?

          Definition of nation: “a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history,
          culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.” This definition fits Palestinians, as it does Syrians, Egyptians, French, British etc…

          Before the creation of Israel, Jews shared a religion, not a nation, just as the Huguenots.

          Even today, there are Jews that identify themselves as “Arab Jews.” They were culturally Arab – not European/Ashkenazi -, and spoke Arabic. Yemeni, Iraqi etc… were treated as second class when they got to Israel, and had the “Arab” scrubbed out of them, Thanks to the obligatory military service, the differences have diminished but not disappeared. Read what the European founding fathers had to say about them.

  • colinjames71

    As if Hamas + sporadic and ineffectual rocket fire justifies blowing up civilians- children, women, the elderly, the infirm- in their homes, at their hospitals, or playing on the beach. Explain to me how you can possibly justify using white phosphorous and as-yet-unknown chemical weapons causing untreatable wounds are justified under any circumstances. But you’re not hear to listen or to learn, are you Luther? Prove me wrong. I beg you.

    • Luther

      @colinjames71:disqus It sounds as if you deem yourself my teacher; I’m not sure that’s a good place to start from. But, let’s try.
      “…blowing up civilians- children, women, the elderly, the infirm- in their homes, at their hospitals, or playing on the beach.” Can you provide a few specific instances of this from a reputable news source?

      • You’re just being a wiseguy. You KNOW there was just a story of the Israel navy killing 4 Palestinian children playing on a beach, and another of Israel bombing a U.N. school. And more. Are you trying to be funny or a wiseguy?

        • Luther

          Actually Big Dan , I had not seen the story about the beach. Since it seems to be fair game here to assert that Israel deceives and plants false flags, it only seems right to point out that legitimate foreign journalists are saying the same thing about Hamas: “An Italian journalist who until Tuesday was embedded in Gaza has backed the IDF’s account of a rocket strike on a school playground in central Gaza’s Shati refugee camp on Monday.”

          Is it possible, just maybe possible, that Hamas does what you accuse Israel of doing also?

          • FredJ11

            How does this guy know it was an errant rocket from Hamas? What’s his proof? Is he some kind of a ballistics/ordinance expert or something? What/who is his source? Did he investigate the debris himself to try to determine the origin of the missile?

            I’ll give you three to one he’s bought and paid for by Israel. And yeah governments buy journalists. Israel is no different. Kinda convenient for Israel that this guy appears with is story blaming Israel’s boogie man, Hamas, for a massacre. I’ll give you another three to one that if this wasn’t an Israeli missile, it was a rocket fired by Israeli agents/collaborators. You know a false flag to help Israel demonize Hamas and divert blame for the massacre onto Hamas.

            How do you account for all the other sources on the ground saying it was Israel?

          • Luther

            @FredJ11:disqus I simply asked the question “Is it possible, just maybe possible, that Hamas does what you accuse Israel of doing also?”

            And to you and your ilk, the answer is NO! HAMAS IS BENEFICENT AND ISRAEL IS THE DEVIL!

            Fred, how does anyone know anything? How do you know that it’s a false claim, or that Palestinians using human shields is a false claim? Are you there? Do you have incontrovertible proof? No, no, of course not – it’s nothing more than your opinion.

            It’s funny, you swallow everything that goes to Hamas’ favor, and dispute anything that goes to Israel’s favor.

          • FredJ11

            To answer yoor question, yea I guess it is possible that “Hamas does what you accuse Israel of doing” but we know there is no evidence that Hamas is doing that. You can’t prove they did.

            How do we know anything Hmmm, let’s see, idk, maybe EVIDENCE??

            I know Palestinians using human shields is a false claim cuz there is no evidence Palestinians use human shields. You can’t prove they do No one can

            What I can do tho is prove Israel uses human shields In fact their own Supreme Court in 2005 told them to stop doing it. And guess what? The monsters appealed the ruling to try to keep doing it.

            And hey buttplug Do you really think if the Palestinians had such disregard for their own that using them as human shields would be an effective tactic for the IDF?

          • FredJ11

            Just to answer your last effluence there. This idea of framing the brutalities Israel perpetrates against the Palestinians as Hamas vs Israel is a consistent Zionist tactic. It’s part of their hasbara efforts to dehumanize the Palestinian people and distract from the crimes they perpetrate against them. If the Zionists make it out to be simply Israel vs Hamas then they narrow the playing field and distract from Israel’s crimes. No one thinks of the torture, theft, murder injury etc Israel commits against the Palestinians and has been commuting against the Palestinians for 65 years when it’s just Hamas vs Israel. Truth is Israel doesn’t need Hamas to commit its crimes against the Palestinians. The Zionists were brutalizing the Palestinians decades before Hamas and this “Luther” bullshit peddler ought to be ashamed of himself for defending and denying it

          • Guest

            You are the Devil.

          • not authorized

            Seems rather odd to me, whenever Israel runs out of land, Hamas is right there to make a brand new war happen to acquire more.

            That’s “odd!”

        • not authorized

          Recognize his war is Spiritual.

      • Melkiades

        Luther, you are an arrogant bastard whose sole goal here is to disseminate distorted information and deny the facts. We know from many sources, official ones, mainstream ones, independent ones, that Israhell has perpetrated those crimes. Have you left this board a month later, now that your misinformation campaign cannot continue since the whole world saw the crimes on TV and on the Internet? Did you hang yourself in shame?

        • Luther

          Melkiades – why oh why do you start out by calling me ugly names? Should I descend to your level and fling poop like a monkey, or take the high road and keep it civilized? I think civility is in order.

          We aren’t going to convince one another of diametrically opposed viewpoints.

          Do you believe that Israel has a right to exist?

          • Melkiades

            Israhell, note the HELL, has a right to exist, yes. Hamas said it on many occasions by the way. That said, Israhell has no right to pursue its disgusting zionist dream of exterminating, violating, hurting, killing, maiming, stealing from an entire people.

            I am ready not to use sophisms and ad hominem when discussing with someone who has arguments. In your case, you have none. You are a liar and a manipulator. Your stance is *opposed* to more than 100 UN resolutions, to more than 100 human rights organizations, to many Jewish human rights organizations, to Israeli soldiers denouncing the horrors committed by their racist government, etc. You will not address this reply because that’s not how you operate. You ignore facts and valid points and pinpoint precise elements that are easy to attack in a post. You are dishonest as your terrorist government and intellectually weak, not to mention that your moral implosion is obvious and appalling.

            I will discuss with honest people, and I will never insult them. With you, it’s different. There is no point going there, because you distort the rules of discussion from the start by your methods.

  • Robert Bennett

    Why the Lancet would publish such biased trash is beyond me. I do know many are considering ending their advertising support, subscriptions, and submissions of papers unless the editors publish an “open letter of apology to Israel.”

    • Carl_Herman

      Wow, Bob! You must have super-powers to know this! I mean, you access internal conversations of those companies who advertise, command polling of those who subscribe, and the academic community who submit papers??? I mean, wow!

      Or wait, do you just work for the NSA to look, and then fabricate data when you don’t like what you see?

      • robert bennett

        I am in the biotechnology industry. This article has been distributed to many of my colleagues; it has been discussed and you will see mention of a Lancet boycott.

        And, i don’t make things up all day long like you do Carl; I live in the real world, not a paranoid schizophrenic construct of one.

        • Carl_Herman

          Wow, that’s super-power fast work in the week it’s been published! But go ahead and demand the Lancet apologize for stating the medical facts on the ground in light of Israel’s hostile military siege of slow-death now escalated with their military armed attack of confined civilians.

          You stand with Israel on this one, pal. Again, readers, here’s what Bob opposes from the Lancet:

  • pesting

    And congress is still dancing. What on earth has our country turned into. Embarrassing.

  • B. Miles Teg

    Precision strikes from the “only democracy in the Middle East” defending itself against terrorism while occupying and stealing other peoples land… South African Ahmed Kathrada (who served with Mandela) put it best… he is with the oppressed… one need not endorse violence, but some perspective is needed between stone throwers and F16s…

  • Luther

    The Hamas Charter as shown here ( quotes Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” Whoa! That does not sound very peaceful. Makes me wonder who all they have obliterated before.

    Article 13 of the Charter says this: “There is no negotiated settlement possible. Jihad is the only answer”. That’s fairly self explanatory… and doesn’t sound like they really want peace.

    The Koran 5:60 ( says that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs. In additon to that, the Koran 98:6 ( says that Jews and Christians and any non-believer in Allah are the vilest of creatures.

    I think there is a built-in bias against Jews at work.

    • Carl_Herman

      Tell you what, Luther, go ahead and demonize an entire group based on religion. Go for it despite the God of the Old Testament having sooooo many similar available quotes to use.

      Go for it, and without irony of your photo showing that you look Black, and that we have a similar history of demonization of people based on skin color. Think that was just, Luther? How is what you’re doing different when you attack people based on religion?

      Go for it, despite Hassan al-Banna being a contemporary of Gandhi working to remove British colonial rule and explicitly writing that no Muslim should ever use terror to achieve the political end of a free Palestine. Documentation:

      Whoa! You’re the one who isn’t for peace, Luther! You’re the one spinning for war by fear-mongering against Muslims. You’re the one LYING by omitting the parts of Hamas charter saying all they want is political freedom, but will fight when invaded (as Israel has and currently is doing). AGAIN: documentation in the link.

      One more thing, pal: if you’re doing this for pay, you’re committing a crime of incitement to murder. I doubt I’ll have more to say to you. Better rethink pimping for war-murders.

      • Luther

        @Carl_Herman:disqus I am awfully concerned about Islam, that is a fact. I don’t know of any Christians that use the Old Testament as a daily basis for their lives. Can you point to recent killing done in the name of God by Christians for me? I do think that the God of the OT was vengeful and destructive, for certain. His instruction to kill however was limited to a certain people at a certain time – unlike Allah’s instruction to subjugate the unbelievers for all time, and dividing the world into the Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb.

        Speaking of my skin color Carl, are you aware of how many blacks have been enslaved (to this day) by Muslims in Africa? Check it out, you might be surprised:

        How exactly is quoting their words fear mongering Carl? I’m looking forward to seeing you explain this.

        • Carl_Herman

          Uh, Luther, but you defend Israel that does use the Old Testament.

          And yeah, go ahead and continue demonizing about 25% of the world’s population who find sufficient value in Islam for it to be their religion. Please, go for it and say it’s not fear-mongering.

          And I already explained to take Hamas in context:

          But hey, Christian of the same faith as the Inquisition, slavers, imperialists, let’s try this on for size: “I came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword.” Wow! Luther, you follow a religion that says no peace, but death by sword!

          I’m done with you, brother. May the peace of Allah be upon you as you reconcile your position in this world.

          • Luther

            @Carl_Herman According to this Islamic scholar (, who is referencing Islamic jurists considered “accepted” and “authentic”, if you are born to at least one Muslim then you are considered a Muslim. That means that a goodly portion of the 25% of the world you mention does not have a choice in the matter.

            Further, in the same article, speaking of a child who has been born to at least one Muslim parent and then wishes to change religions (apostasy):

            “If he repents all well and good, otherwise he is to be executed and the rulings on one who has reached puberty also apply to him. In the case of one who has not reached the age of discernment, we should wait until he reaches puberty. If he reaches puberty and is still an apostate, he is to be executed after asking him to repent.”

            Islam is the only religion in the world that will kill their own children for leaving the religion.

          • Carl_Herman

            Jesus, Allah, The Force, Luther! You’re feeling the evil to support war-murders! You go play on the dark side, pal, but your LIES are so weak!

            The Old Testament gives specific instruction to stone your own children to death when they’re stubborn.

            Go play with evil, bro. We’re facilitating choice on the playground, and you’re choosing where you want to play when the good kids are separated from kids like you.

            Enjoy playing with evil, ‘cuz what you give is coming back multiplied.

            Unless you want to choose again, that is.

          • Luther

            @Carl_Herman Lies? Refute what I say, and show that I’m lying. Slinging mud and hurling invective isn’t instructive.

            The difference Carl, between my argument and yours, is that you can’t find examples of a Christian using the Old Testament as justification for stoning their stubborn child. I can find multiple examples of apostasy and honor killings in the name of Allah in just the last year.

          • Luther

            @Carl_Herman:disqus?? Are you there? How come you don’t really answer my questions? Funny that.

          • beestyng

            Obsessive compulsive Pentecostal – Christian Zionist so, of course Islam has to be the reason that there is a conflict. Come on. wake up and smell the roses!

          • beestyng

            Come on, no religion wants to lose followers, including yours.
            May I remind you of, amongst others:
            – Deuteronomy 13:6-9 “If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying: Let us go and worship other gods (gods that neither you nor your fathers have known, gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other, or gods of other religions), do not yield to him or listen to him. Show him no pity. Do not spare him or shield him. You must certainly put him to death. Yourhand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people.”
            – Deuteronomy 17:3-5 “And he should go and worship other gods and bow down to them or to the sun or the moon or all the army of the heavens, …..and you must stone such one with stones and such one must die.”
            Islam Judaism, Christianity all share the same vengeful God. None is better than the others.

          • Luther

            I’d be most grateful if you could show examples of people using Judaism or Christianity as an excuse to form in groups of like minded individuals, and kill unbelievers.

            I can find it EVERY DAY with Muslims from around the world.

          • beestyng

            First, this article is not about religion, one of which seems to obsess you. It is about Israeli policies and the killing of Palestinians, hundreds of them children, by Israel. This is THE subject discussed in the article that you do not address.
            You do not address the contents of Deuteronomy 17:3-5 and Deuteronomy 13:6-9 mentioned above.
            To reply to non reply, here are some atrocities/groups that acted in the name of their Christian God:
            The Crusades, the colonization of Africa and the Americas with the help of the Church, the Spanish Inquisition…
            The Christian Anti-balaka in the Central African Republic. Amnesty International reported several massacres committed by anti-balaka against Muslim civilians, forcing thousands of Muslims to flee the country. (The Guardian. 14 February 2014)
            The Christian National Liberation Front of Tripura in India.
            Rwanda – Burundi
            South Sudan – More than 10,000 deaths. 1.5 million civilians displaced. The U.N. warns of famine.
            The Orange Volunteers in Northern Ireland
            The Orthodox Christian movements Iron Guard and Lăncieri in Romania
            The Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda
            The Ku Klux Klan
            The Army of God in the United States.
            Concerned Christians (group was deported from Israel on suspicion of planning to attack holy sites in Jerusalem at the end of 1999)
            Terrorism scholar also list The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, Defensive Action, The Freemen Community, and some “Christian militia” as groups that “can be placed under the category of far-right-wing terrorism” that “has a religious Christian component”.
            The fact that you see a lot of Islamist (not the same as Muslim) groups who kill indiscriminately Muslims and others, is a consequence of the fact that Muslim states have had more of their share of Western attention. That is the main reason these Islamist groups use to recruit naive young people. The Western attention is due to the resources that happen to be in Middle Eastern states. By the way, if you look at the conflicts in Africa, you’ll find that there too it is about resources.
            Your generalization from groups to a whole congregation is highly biased and smacks of Islamophobia – if there is such a term.
            Stay off religion!

        • beestyng

          Pentecostal by any chance? Ulterior motives for sending all Jews to Israel?
          Could you please cite credible sources for your mumbo jumbo assertion that Islam does this or that?
          By the way, “Allah” is the word God in Arabic. If you attend a Christian Arab mass, you’ll hear a lot of Allah. Same word as Elah (אֱלָה) Hebrew for God.
          As to slaves – it is black on black in Africa, irrespective of religion. Check out South Sudan.

    • not authorized
      • Luther

        @notauthorized:disqus, I believe when you bring up other topics in response to a statement it is called a straw man fallacy (mentioning all the faults of the Bible). It’s not an ideal way to debate an issue because you didn’t address my concerns. As an aside, I did check every link you sent and interestingly they all pertain to the Old Testament. My understanding is the Jesus did a 180 on the whole death and destruction thing and didn’t advocate killing.

        But, back to my points. Have you read the Koran, Hadith, or Sira?

        • not authorized

          Hi Luther. I do not need to waste my time reading such hateful literature anymore. See, I was a hard core christian fundamentalist in my bible thumping days. I’ve learned. I can simply Google for it, read, and make a determination.

          It really is not that hard. Oh, have you read the Babylonian Talmud? 😉 It has some choice morsels of hate hiding within it’s pages too.

          Besides, after wasting a good portion of my life on Christianity, I can state quite clearly I believe all 3 religions are harmful for humanity as a whole.

          Lets be clear what I mean and where I stand. It’s bullshit. It is fiction. It’s make believe. That’s not a strawman. That’s my opinion, proven by statements of fact using your own “Holy Book”. You are assuming i accept your heaven/hell/earth reality. I do not anymore.

          I accept Quantum Physics as reality.

          Therefore I did not violate any “fallacy” by bringing up other topics. Instead, I called your religion one big fraudulent lie with evidence. Links were given for facts, so those who are on the “fence” can use critical thinking to determine the truth for themselves.

          Also, are you a liar? I’d consider it a lie when you contest Christianity is any more of a religion of “peace” than Islam. One needs to look no further than the Spanish Inquisition recall the ultimate goal of a world filled with state approved Christianity. It is no different than Islam. I seem to recall reading that liars would not inherit the kingdom of heaven somewhere. Perhaps you too, should work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 😉

          Also, for our readers. You forgot to mention a vital point in your “but but but JESUS is different” reply. Did you forget, that Christianity, and Jesus being legitimate at all, hinge to that same “Old Testament” in so-called “prophecy”, proving he is who he claimed to be? Look no further than your favorite Christian fundamentalist website for “evidence.” Or, even Christmas Carols singing about his alleged virgin birth in Isaiah.

          Fact: No Old Testament? No Jesus.


          • Luther

            @notauthorized:disqus I’d say you haven’t quite escaped your fundamentalist Christian past because you are quite sanctimonious.

            It’s interesting that you think I’m Christian. Weird.

            What exactly is your argument that Jesus can’t exist without the OT? No matter how many times I re read what you’ve written I don’t see an argument for your assertion.

            Regardless of how bad Christianity is, or was, or will be – that doesn’t have one iota of relevance to whether Islam is fundamentally against all non-believers or not.

          • Pravda01

            No you are a demon, because you have to demonize human beings. Your intellect is missing.

            …your argument works only on unsuspecting McDonalds munching crowds like the Americans.

          • Luther

            @Pravda01 “No you are a demon” is demonizing me as a black person.

            Can you show here where I have demonized any person?

          • not authorized

            Hello “Luther”,

            I think you already know the answer to that question. In case you missed it, you may start here:

            And this is a “just in case” for those whom are spiritual. The Age of Pisces is over. Begin the Age of Aquarius.

            Checkmate x2.

            *goes off humming an old Beatles song named “I’m looking through you..”*


            ? 😉

          • Pravda01

            I might add there were much older religions like Judaism, Christianity or Islam. When the dung shepherds of self invented Israelis were cruising to the deserts of Sinai, human beings in Asia lived in real cities and used technologies fare beyond of what the Jewish dung shepherds knew.

            I agree on religion, but that seems to be only a problem in America and some dark Middle East countries. So here we have a victim (Muslim) and perpetrator (USA/UK/Group Israel) fatal relation.

      • Pravda01

        It is not about religion it is about theft and profits.

    • Pravda01

      Can’t get lower? Jews are in fact not part of the human race, because of their acts.

      • Luther

        @Pravda01, why was Israel invaded in 1948? 1967? 1973? I am very interested in your view on this.

        Let’s move the discussion around the world, forgetting the Jews for the moment. Why are there violent conflicts currently in the Phillipines, Nigeria, Yemen, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Kashmir?

        • FredJ11

          Man you are really some kind of moron. Tell me. Are you willfully
          ignorant or just trolling. I mean this information is there for everyone
          on the net. All you got to do is use a frigging search engine

          For starters Israel was never “invaded”. Following on that point Israel
          can’t ever be invaded since it is not a legitimate country. It is built
          on stolen land, stolen from people,the Palestinians, whom Zionist
          terrorists drove from their land via a campaign of murder rape and
          theft. And Israel has never defined its borders so who the F knows what constitutes an invasion ad what doesn’t since crossing borders is the essential prerequisite for defying an invasion or attack on a country.

          Now, for the 1948 war. This idea that Arab armies were sent to destroy the poorly armed and newly founded ‘Jewish State’ is pure Zionist BS
          Briefly, Israel was not invaded rather Arab armies were sent into only to secure those areas that the Palestine were “given” under the partition plan.
          But they only came in only after months of, and in response to, conflict and Zionist terrorism which destroyed Palestinian society, and created a massive wave of refugees and in which Palestinian irregular forces were crushed.
          The Arab armies were a joke, outnumbered, poorly led,
          poorly organized etc They were easily routed by the well equipped well led Zionist armies.

          The 1967 war was a war of choice for Israel. Israel was never attacked was never in danger from Arab countries. The two armies Nasser sent in to the Sinai posed no military threat. They were assembled in a defensive, not offensive, posture. There was no evidence Nasser was going to attack. The Zionists themselves saw
          this and believed Nasser didn’t want war.

          And you need only refer to the principal Zionists admissions to see this simple fact:

          “I do not think Nasser wanted war. The two divisions he sent to The
          Sinai would not have been sufficient to launch an offensive war. He knew it and we knew it.” Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s Chief of Staff in 1967,in Le Monde, 2/28/68

          Prime Minister Begin said in 1982:

          “In June 1967 we had a choice. The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches did not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us, We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”

          In fact in 1989 Israeli General Mattiyahu Peled stated that the 1967 Six Day War was in effect the “private venture” of Moishe Dayan

          Finally, the 1973 war And this really demonstrates your mental deficiencies. Egypt and Syria did not attack “Israel” (wherever/whatever that is) They attacked Israeli positions on land Israel had taken, and were occupying illegally, in the 1967 war

          • Luther

            @FredJ11:disqus Have you signed up to remedy all the deficiencies on the ‘net regarding the written history of Arab Muslim invasions of Israel over the last sixty plus years? You better get busy – you can re write history!

            1948 – ” On 15 May 1948 the ongoing civil war transformed into an inter-state conflict between Israel and the Arab states. A combined invasion by Egypt, Jordan and Syria, together with expeditionary forces from Iraq…”

            1967 – ” Nasser began massing his troops in the Sinai Peninsula on Israel’s border (May 16), expelled the UNEF force from Gaza and Sinai (May 19) and took up UNEF positions… Israel reiterated declarations made in 1957 that any closure of the Straits would be considered an act of war, or justification for war. Nasser declared the Straits closed to Israeli shipping on May 22–23. On May 30, Jordan and Egypt signed a defense pact. The following day, at Jordan’s invitation, the Iraqi army began deploying troops and armored units in Jordan. They were later reinforced by an Egyptian contingent.”

            1973 – ” The war began when the Arab coalition launched a joint surprise attack on Israeli positions in the Israeli-occupied territories on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, which occurred that year during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Egyptian and Syrian forces crossed ceasefire lines to enter the Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights respectively, which had been captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. ”

          • FredJ11

            Dipshit, what the F*ck is your malfunction?? Nothing you said supports your claim that Israel was invaded as you so laughably claim, by Arab countries in 48, 67 or 73. If you’re gonna make a claim at least have the wherewithal to defend it.

            You said “the written history of Arab Muslim invasions of Israel over the last sixty plus years” < You see that? That's your claim. So what yo have to do now is defend it. You have to back it up. You don't get that??

            And you're a dishonest fuck quoting verbatim a source without giving it citing it properly. All three of your quotes come from Wikipedia and you're such a lame ass you can't even give them credit?

            Why you want to make the case the 48 war was a civil war is beyond me. Your claim was and is that the 48 war was an Arab invasion of Israel.

            In any case I'm not going to get in to this Zionist's BS line that 48 war was a civil war.

            Just to rehearse. The 48 wasn't a civil war and anyone that knows how to read can see that. It was a war of theft, ethnic cleansing and terrorism waged by Zionists against the Palestinian people.

            Your war of 67 quote is equally mysterious. It does NOTHING to support your claim that Arab countries invaded Israel in 67. We know for a fact that Israel was not invaded in 1967. Nor was there any intent to to attack Isreal on the part of Egypt or Sinai. You're a fucking moron. I have posted admisions by top Zionists that Israel started that war. That Israel was never in any danger from Egypt or Syria. That Israel was invaded by Arab countries in 67 which is what you claim.

            I'm not going to respond to that quote since nothing in that quote proves Israel was the victim of an aggressive war by Arab countries. Nothing in that quote proves Israel was invaded by Arab countries You haven't shown that Israel was attacked first and that that Israel waged a defensive war against an Arab invasion. The Arabs weren't stupid btw They knew Israel would annihilate them militarily and that's another reason the 67 war was not an Arab invasion of Israel as you so laughably claim smh

            In addition I just gave you sources Zionist sources admitting the 67 war was not defensive by Israel. Admitting that Israel was not in danger. Admitting Israel waged a war of choice, for land. Admitting Israel, not Arab countries, started that war. I got more of these admissions if you need them which I'm sorry to say it looks like you will

            I will add this for you. Michael B. Oren, admitted in his book Six Days of War regarded as the authoritative account of the war that that Nasser didn't want war:

            “By all reports Israel received from the Americans, and according to its own intelligence, Nasser had no interest in bloodshed”.


            Were you looking for a way to fill space without anyone noticing that you got nothing to say?? Your 73 war quote only supports my point and debunks yours. It shows that Israel was not invaded by Arabs, that Arab countries were trying to retake land Israel had taken illegally and occupied illegally from the 67 war

          • Luther

            @FredJ11:disqus I hate to point out the obvious “Fred”, but you routinely cite “proof” and don’t provide a link, or provide a link to a lunatic fringe whackadoo site. First contradictions, now double standards… tsk tsk.

            Oh, and the name calling and cursing in public. Didn’t your mom teach you better than that? If your arguments are strong it’s not necessary.


            “Fred”, here are the links I pulled quotes from above. Better go re-write those articles now…

          • FredJ11

            Nice to see you still haven’t provided any proof at all that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73.

            Is anyone surprised?

            The fact is you can’t provide any proof to support your claim that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73

            None of your links which you only now provide, only after being called on your plagiarism btw, provide any evidence that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73

            You made a false claim and you got caught out on it. Time for you to man up and admit your claim is false.

            Somehow, I don’t think that’ll happen

            And just to let you in on a little secret, as the party making the claim it is up to you, not me, the onus is on you, not me, to provide the necessary sources and links to support your claim.

            You haven’t done that. And you’re not going to You can’t. And you know it

            You knowingly made a false claim, that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73, and hoped you wouldn’t get caught on it.

            Lady Luck’s a bitch sometimes isn’t she?

            And as everyone knows by now there is a reason you haven’t backed your claim and that is your claim that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73 is unsupportable, false, is absolutely fraudulent

            And oh yeah my arguments are strong. Period. There is no relation between my calling you names and the strength of my arguments.
            Your utter inability to rebut anything I have said, let alone provide any support for you bogus claim, proves that

            I only call you names to emphasize your dishonesty, your cowardice and your bad faith. You’re a troll, a Zionist troll. And as such you deserve no respect.

            You come into his thread with your lame Zionist apologia and your paranoid rants about Islam and you expect respect? lol C’mon

            And even in your defeat, your ruin, you’re still at it. Taking the easy way the cowardly dishonest way out. Instead of providing support for your claim that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73, you’re trying a kind of ad-hominem saying I provided a link to a wackadoo site. You haven’t proven it’s a ‘whackadoo’ site You haven’t explained why it’s a “whackadoo” site Nor have you addressed the document it has posted which debunks your claim.

            Of course I see and others will too that you’re being selective in your cowardice. You haven’t addressed any of the other quotes I posted which destroy your lame @ss claim

            That quotation is from PBS’ Days of Rage btw

            That website is devoted to a peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict and you call the whackadoo? Dude that says more about you than it does about anything. Only a Zionist would call people working for peace “whackadoo”

            In any case the main point the only point here is that you haven’t provided anything to support your bogus claim that Arab Muslims invaded Israel in 48 67 and 73

            You haven’t made any attempt to back that claim. Your claim is destroyed. You’re coward, a lying coward. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself

    • beestyng

      1. Hamas dropped that line in 2006 before the election. Your sources must have missed this intentionally?
      2. Your links for the Koran quotes don’t work. I did a quick google search and Lo and Behold… it is MEMRI again – well known for its mistranslations, for picking up the worst quotes from the worst extremists and presenting them as the views of all Muslims. Seriously? You stoop that low? If one follows MEMRI’s lack of integrity one could finds lots of quotes in the Old Testament that would paint it as a promoting violence. One has only to read Israeli media to see what extremist racist Israelis are saying about their fellow Palestinian citizens.
      3. My understanding is in fact that the Koran recognizes all the preceding prophets, including Jesus, and the messages they brought from God (if one believes there is a God) and reveres them. Muslims call Jews and Christians “people of the Book” and treat them differently from pagans.
      So the demonizing of people according to their religion is really the sign of someone desperate to score points when he has nothing to coherent to add to the debate.


  • Bruce Wayne

    strange, SYrian rebels and isis have killed many thousands more and yet you are silent on that one. WHile Israel is merely defending itself from a group of islamics who put there own children right in the line of fire………..they have been firing rockets into israel for years and if you allow them to call ceasefire again, they will simply continue to re-arm and the cycle continues.

    Why is it ok for syrian rebels to slaughter men women and children by the thousands?

    • Luther

      @Bruce Wayne – very very good question Bruce, not to mention what ISIS is doing. Interesting that there are crickets chirping here. Seems there is a double standard here.

    • beestyng

      It’s not because the neighbors are terrible that Israel is good, is it? Childish excuse to deflate criticism of Israeli policies. Grow up!

  • Pravda01

    Again this is murder not killing and all Americans are responsible that this crime happens.

  • Robert Bennett

    @pravda. I remain curious as to the source of your vile Nazi inspired hatred of Jews. Are you such a loser in life that you need to take it out on a small percentage of the world’s population whom you lump into one basket? Have you been hypnotized by other derelicts and demons? Are you so sad, so beaten down in life, so worthless that all you have is fascist ideology as your recuse? Why not do good for the world and spread love and religious tolerance instead?

  • Robert Bennett

    Robert Bennett
    To most of the rest of you:
    You all are welcome to live in your delusional, hate filled world where the earth is flat and Islam is destined to overcome Christians and Jews. I’m sure you have your little jobs (if any), live in your little worlds, and hold onto these beliefs because it is all you have to justify your existence. Rather than build cities, innovate, and spread religious universalism and tolerance, you (especially Pravda01) malignantly focus on a small percentage of the population, Jews, who have brought so much in the way of science, literature, music, and philosophy to the world. I wish the Islamists out there would follow their ancestors’ direction and do something good for the world. Medieval Islamic society gave us much in the way of music, math (algebra), agriculture, et al (… but that all seems to have gone away in lieu of terror tunnels, rocket launchers, suicide bombers, and hate filled discourse. Why don’t you all leave the blog and do something truly good for the world, or at least get some education or a real job?

    • beestyng

      “Why don’t you all leave the blog” – Do you own this blog? Really! You’d love not to have to respond to challenges that you can’t beat, and continue disseminating lies unchallenged. Are you a Hasbara foot soldiers by any chance?

  • Jerry Myers

    … and depends on alot of factors but generally
    water taken from such places is safe for consumption, people consumed it for a
    few hudred thousand years+++++ while people have only been consuming so called
    “safe” water for alot less…..
    I said lake/pond not river, though Actually NOT consuming water from any of
    these is alot more dangerous then consuming it, you got about 48 hours to take
    the risk before you may die……

  • Jerry Myers

    So it is definetly not as dangerous as others would have you believe, but there may be a risk factor in using it….no one should be using naoh anyway since
    the baking soda method is so much better =)…

  • Luther

    Oh no! Looks like the mask, er, kafan, is dropping! Watch the entire 01:54 to see dead Hamas filmed for propaganda come alive.

  • Luther

    To demonstrate how long the war of Islam vs. the rest of the world has been raging, here’s a link to the Wikipedia page of the Battle of Ullais in 633 CE. Keep in mind that Muhammed had just died in 632.

    “Before taking on the Persians Khalid ibn al-Walid wrote to Hormuz, the Persian governor of the frontier district of Dast Meisan saying:
    “Submit to Islam and be safe. Or agree to the payment of the Jizya, and you and your people will be under our protection, else you will have only yourself to blame for the consequences, for I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life.[6]“
    Doesn’t that sound familiar to you? Isn’t that what IS is offering now to the Yazidis and Christians of Iraq? See this Reuters article

    The Islamic State is using THE EXACT SAME LANGUAGE as Muslim war lords did 1,381 years ago. It is Islamic principle through and through.

  • Nice Post

  • Jeff String

    The former exports technology, literature, music, and is comprised of a people who, despite having a very small % of the population, has won 166 Nobel Prizes. Islamists export Jihad, violence, and hatred, and, despite a magnitude more people, have won 2 Nobel Prizes. Maybe they seem to better prioritize their values.

    Jeff String | Greece house for sale

  • Max Quinn

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    likely you will love our compelling safe diets and exercise articles at

  • Samir Halabi

    Hitler would have been so proud of you. Israel doesn’t need you.
    You don’t even know the true meaning of ‘Pogrom’ You are all a bunch of leftist Nazis. You never gave a thought to the one million Jews displaced, made homeless stateless refugees overnight from their Arab homeland, where many of them have lived especially in Iraq for just over 2,600 years, almost 1,200 years before the dawning of Islam. We the Jews of the Arab world outnumbered the Arabs from the former British mandate of Palestine by some 300,000 to 400,000. Today barely 3,000 Jews still remain in Arab lands, mainly in Morocco and to a lesser degree in Tunisia. The Jews never stole the land in Palestine as the Arabs never owned it in the first place. The Arabs only considered themselves Palestinian after 1964, when their now deceased leader Yasser Arafat thought it politically wise to invent a people called the Palestinians. It was the Romans that renamed Judea as Palestina to humble them even further, as Palestina a Latin name after the Phlistines a conquered non-Semitic seafaring people whom originated from the Isle of Crete and made their home on the coastal plain from Gaza and upwards. These people disappeared some 600 years before the Romans came on the scene.