Holocaust Survivor and Israeli Minister: Labeling Criticism of Israel “Anti-Semitic” Is a TRICK

“A Terrible Trick of Israeli Propaganda”

Holocaust survivor Hajo Myer – a Jewish boy when Hitler came to power, and survived Auschwitz – says:

Any criticism of the policies of Israel is hampered and made impossible by a terrible trick and crime of Israeli propaganda: that any criticism of the politics of Israel comes out – is induced by – anti-semitic feelings.

And our main purpose is to show to the world that we are Jews – we are conscious Jews – and we want to show that you MUST criticize Israel if you at all want anything good for the Jews in the world.

Because what Israel is doing destroying the Jewish world and the Jewish heritage.

Former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni agrees, explaining:

[Calling people who criticize Israeli policy] anti-semitic. It’s a trick … we always use it.

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    • cettel

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  • ClubToTheHead

    If you see someone walk into a playground and shoot a child in the head, do not be too quick to make any conclusions.

    The shooter may be a Semite and you may be an anti-Semite by finding his actions an abomination.

  • Who Profits?

    The impossible ‘holocaust’ narrative allows racist Israel to get away with slaughtering Palestinians and stealing billions from the US taxpayers every year, and then demand that US soldiers die for their greedy self interests.
    We can live without them, they cannot live without us.

    The laughable ‘holocau$t’ propaganda is an easily debunked, impossible as alleged Jewish supremacist scam.
    discussion here: