Government Stops Glenn Greenwald from Publishing His Big Snowden Revelation … But Others Will Release ALL of the Snowden Documents to Prevent a War

New Snowden Revelations in July

It’s been a dramatic day for whistleblowing news.

A month ago, Glenn Greenwald announced that he was going to publish his biggest story yet: the names of those the NSA has been spying on.

Earlier today, Greenwald tweeted that he would finally publish the story tonight at midnight.

8 hours later, he tweeted:

After 3 months working on our story, USG [the United States government] today suddenly began making new last-minute claims which we intend to investigate before publishing

Many responded that it’s a trap, and that the government is dishonestly and illegally censoring Greewald.

At the same time, Cryptome announced that all of the Snowden documents will be released in July … supposedly in order to avert a war.

As the Register notes:

All the remaining Snowden documents will be released next month, according t‪o‬ whistle-blowing site ‪Cryptome, which said in a tweet that the release of the info by unnamed third parties would be necessary to head off an unnamed “war”.‬

‪Cryptome‬ said it would “aid and abet” the release of “57K to 1.7M” new documents that had been “withheld for national security-public debate [sic]”.

The site clarified that will not be publishing the documents itself.


“July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intel. After war begins not a chance of release,” Cryptome tweeted on its official feed. “Warmongerers are on a rampage. So, yes, citizens holding Snowden docs will do the right thing,” it said.

“For more on Snowden docs release in July watch for Ellsberg, special guest and others at HOPE, July 18-20:,” it added.

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  • overit

    with ample evidence of what a lying bunch of turds the usa and other snoop services are..
    why the hell would a delay be worthwhile?

  • Maybe they’ll pull a “Hastings” on him. Next up, don’t they usually say, “The release of this information will cause the deaths of Americans”???

  • james

    I imagine the “last minute claims” were either “you publish this and you will die” or “you don’t publish this and we will hand you XXX,XXX,XXX dollars”

    Probably both. Which is exactly why publishing is so important.


  • Wally

    I think Glen Greenwald got a large sum of taxpayer money.

    • MeeHow Julius Maydel

      I think u wish u had a job and could pay taxes instead of collecting SSI disability and speculating about what the gov does with our taxes. Do u see how baseless claims are used to distract the sheeple from the content at hand? I didn’t think so, u don’t have the IQ too. Whatever u had got sucked out by NSA Bluetooth.

      • Wally

        So, says the guy who does not compose a sentence properly. I think you can’t accept the fact that it’s possible that he was bought off.

        • quantum que

          Snowjob and Assange and their fellow travelers are more limited hangout psyop fakes. If the CIA was so desparate to squelch these hucksters? the MSM would simply disappear them from the endless interviews, specials, headlines, profiles etc etc that they give them. These fake whistleblowers would be invisible to the public and ignored- like the REAL ones are.

  • Beau Lyle

    Did a private contractor threaten Greenwald the same way that US State Department investigator was threatened by Blackwater?

  • paul

    cryptome source must be laura . I imagine she’s getting tired of all the manipulating – paul

  • This is turning into BS. Release the info or STFU

  • Undecider

    The CIA is regulating the release of the data. Don’t buy into the hype.

  • Jay

    “War?” “The warmongers are on the rampage?” “After war begins?”

    I don’t dispute it, but whut? Where?

    Ukraine? Iraq? Syria? Libya?

    And why the specific deadline of July?

  • Ideas time

    The question is how much death and destruction can we expect if the information does not get out?

  • Tyler Warner

    Most likely the CIA threatened to make Greenwald die in a tragic accident, like Hastings did.

  • Das D

    Glen greenwald is a sensationalist ego mongerer who can’t come through with the big story everyone wanted. His whole “MO” is suspect to say the least because he knows when he reveals those spied on it will outshine his 10 minutes of fame .

  • a nurse

    If one wants to know about COINTELPRO-style stalking activities taking place on U.S. soil, please take a look at Good, law abiding citizens are being targeted. Land of the free? Not even close. (Oh, and, yes — I agree: “Publish.”)

  • Neo

    Reporters have been murdered by the US government for divulging much less.

  • Lovelimess

    you still dont know… sorry, my friend.

    oh no, im not. you earned it. So did she. hahaha