FDA Finally Grants Controversial Cancer Doc Permission to Complete Clinical Trial of Alternative Therapy

We’ve previously written about the cancer doctor whose work has been brutally suppressed by big pharma and the cancer industry, Stanislaw Burzynski.

While we are not medical professionals – and have no opinion as to the efficacy of his approach – we were appalled by the collusion by big drug companies and the government to suppress (and steal) alternative therapies.  After all, cancer is big business.

We are firm believers in the scientific method, and letting treatments rise or fall on their own merits.

So we were happy to hear that the FDA has lifted the ban on Dr. Burzynski’s trials.

A sequel about Dr. Burzynski’s work – here’s part 1 – has just been released:

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II – by Eric Merola from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.

And see this.

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  • vkr_bibin

    Completely off the topic. What you make of the latest job numbers put forward? An addition of a quarter of a million job! What does it show? Is the economy reviving or is it just creative accounting in play?

  • purrsun

    See Paul Craig Robert’s editorial of 7/7 on phantom job gains.

  • Simon S.
    • Alan Carr

      If he doesn’t do trials he’s a quack, if he does do trials he’s a quack. What are you, a duck?

      • Simon S.

        I’m not a duck, it’s Burzynski that quacks like one. Allegedly, he’s been doing badly designed “trials” for years as way to get around the rules against providing his bogus and expensive treatments to desperate cancer patients, making himself very rich in the process. He’s never published the results of these “trials” in respected peer reviewed medical journals.

        Stanislaw Burzynski: Four Decades of an Unproven Cancer Cure


    • Colm Keegan

      Dead men tell no tales. This link is to an article that was adapted from a presentation that the author (now deceased) did 17 years ago. What’s the latest?

    • AMJ

      You are citing an article from a guy who is a wannabe physician who wasn’t smart enough to pass the medical board exams – Stephen Barrett. He is a paid shill for the pharmaceutical industry who pays for all the legitimate lawsuits filed against him for this nonsense. He always posts things only about natural medicine, not about the real quacks in allopathic medicine who are harming people multiple times every day. Read up on him here:

      Why would the cancer industry want the truth to get out and lose their cash cow? Do you really think they want to lose out on the billions of dollars they make every year? Seriously???

      • Simon S.

        “Allopathic medicine” is a phrase made up by homeopaths and and other “natural” fallacy practictioners to distringuish their unscientific nonsense from real medicine. In fact, there is only medicine that is effective, and medicine that isn’t. Doesn’t the fact that average lifespans have increased dramatically since the invention of the germ theory of disease and science based medicine tell you anything. Cancer survival times increase year on year thanks to real science based medicine. Avoid any quack who treats cancer as if it were one single disease requiring their own magic treatment, when in fact cancer is a class of hundreds of different diseases, requiring different treatments.