Eglin Air Force Base Busted Gaming Reddit

Evidence of Web Manipulation By a Specific Military Installation

The Pentagon and spy agencies have been busted manipulating the Internet – including social media – in order to promote false propaganda and to stifle dissenting information.

Earlier today, newly-released Snowden docs showed that British spies manipulate polls, website popularity and pageview counts, censor videos they don’t like and amplify messages they do.

We’ve documented for years that big social media sites like Reddit are censored and manipulated.

A Redditor calling himself “FreedomIntensifies”  just posted a fascinating analysis on military manipulation of Reddit by a specific base:

Check out this blog post with reddit statistics. Notice Eglin Air Force Base as the “most addicted” city. This is about a year ago, so reddit has been getting heavily sh!tp0sted by government employees for at least this long.

Here is a paper funded by Eglin AFB studying how to establish majority views, social control, influence conversations, contain unwanted information. Eglin AFB is a major hub for Pentagon domestic manipulation programs online.

A lot of this got established right when the war on terror started. Then in 2012 the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act legalized Pentagon / other agency domestic propaganda. That’s not to say what we think of as ‘propaganda’ or manipulation wasn’t going on before – just that they no longer have to plausibly believe the narrative they try to trick you into buying.

All this stuff is like 21st century cointelpro and project minaret.

Busted (?)

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  • kimyo

    imagine reading reddit/digg/metafilter with all the propaganda grayed out. civilization-wise, that would be an evolutionary step forward. and fairly simple to implement.

    this war is not between brown people and not brown people, not between christians and muslims. it’s the nsa vs. the rest of the world. the trenches are made of fiber optics. the soldiers are the network engineers. they are our only hope….the minds that devised reddit and bittorrent, tcp-ip and rsa must be brought to focus on taking back the internet.

    ps: so much meat on the table today at washington’s blog that it’s tough to pick what to read first. motion: let every monday be ‘zeusse-free-monday@wb’ from now on. always a good day when you can say ‘there’s the beef’. and then, 2 seconds later ‘wait, there’s some more’.

  • Howard Treesong

    If you want to say ‘shitposted’ say ‘shitposted’, don’t be a pansy ass idiot who’s going to write something that everybody understands but because you used fancy spelling now it sounds not as offensive. If you’re going to be offensive, be offensive. If you get nervous around harsh-sounding words you shouldn’t be posting about Reddit.

    Also, no CIA nincompoop is going to sway my opinion.

    • A Pocalyptic

      I couldn’t agree more. Drives me bonkers when my “nice” friends say “frick” or “fudge”. The word is just a word. You still mean fuck so just say fuck.

      • Lee

        This is what i see
        “You still mean !@#$%^&* so just say !@#$%^&*.”

        As Anthony said it is to bypass filters,

        If you think you need to talk like an uneducated neanderthal people then tend to treat you like one and nothing you say is taken seriously.
        Save the cursing for the teenagers who think its cool. When your an adult talk like you have some form of an education, assuming you even do.

        • my 2 cents

          … Or you could fuck up the abbreviation for “you are” and use the posesive form of you instead. And then you could end your insulting condescension of someone else’s opinion by calling their entire eduction’s quality into question with a straw man argument. And you have no use for proper comma placement, either. You pretentious tw@.

    • Anthony Mirabito

      It’s to avoid filters so more people can read the article.

  • Geronimo

    That’s how obama rolls….bs, lies, cons and scams then throw a crusty old goat like pelosi or some other ahole to distract from the crappy reality


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  • In my experience, the most abused forum, by far… is Disqus. My forensics tools often turn up 80%+ suspect comments on any touchy thread.