Dear Fellow American: Do You Remember Iraq? Syria? ANYTHING?

How Can Americans Fall for Pro-War Propaganda So Soon After Learning of the Deceptions In Selling the Iraq and Syria Wars?

Dear fellow American:

Do you remember that our government lied us into a war in Iraq?

Do you remember that that didn’t turn out very well?

Do you remember that the U.S. government came really close to lying us  into a war in Syria?

Or that the mainstream media played a big part in both wars  … and apologized for their horrible coverage?

So why do you now believe – without any investigation or evidence – the American government and media now saying that Putin is guilty for the shootdown of the Malaysian plane?

The mainstream media – and large gatekeeper “alternative” media – are ALWAYS pro-war.

While the Soviet Union was an awful place – where dissenters were routinely murdered, imprisoned, or sent on 1-way trips to the insane asylum –  American politicians and press have exaggerated the dangers coming from the Soviet Union and Russia for decades.

Do you remember that wars are often started by government lies about the enemy … and that blowing up things and falsely blaming it on the enemy is the oldest trick in the book?

Do you remember … anything?

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  • colinjames71

    I reminded people on Facebook of those very things within minutes of the first reports, knowing Russia and the rebels would be blamed. Also the in the incubator babies for good measure. Just the speed with which the press turned to blaming Russia is circumstantial evidence of a false flag. Circumstantial bordering on prima facie.

  • And also remember that the agency supplying the “evidence” lied under oath to congress. They also spy on more people than all the other nations put together.

  • boardshaper1970

    Whenever I read about what our POS elected so called leaders spout out of their pie holes, I am always reminded of “Prison Song” by System of a Down.

  • human

    “where dissenters were routinely murdered, imprisoned, or sent on 1-way trips to the insane asylum” Heh, reads like the current situation in the US.

  • Rafael Frias

    I do remember everything, now that I have time to.
    But, this existential question is very important.
    I remember a time when the people talked in coffee shops, barber shops and at the market with their neighbors about what they read in the newspaper, or heard on the radio, or saw on their TV. They argued and pretended to know the issues from their limited exposure to the facts.
    Just as we do today.

    Today, we get 24/7 news, blogs like Washington’s (thank you), and we can get 2,000 points of view from around the world in as long as it takes to read them all. I enjoy the information overload. I have time to process, to fact check, to make informed conclusions and to retain. And I still adjust with new information. But it still is, information overload.

    Test: Who in your circles of friends, loved ones, or even complete strangers even remember what happened around the world two weeks ago? If they do remember anything, do they understand what happened, what the facts were, and what the context was, or how it might relate to another event?
    I doubt it.

    Go even further back in time. My guess is that is gets worse.
    This ‘media machine’ is designed for overload. Our 24/7 information dump is barely processed, and hardly retained by anyone in this so called, “the informed populace” we call America. The constant information dump (material info mixed with noisy info) requires the reader/viewer to keep up to speed just to process it all. That is, up to their ability and time restraints to process what they can. And then the next day, it starts all over again.

    This processing does not allow time to comprehend, analyze, conclude, or retain information in any intelligent manner. If you do not agree with me, go test it for yourself. It’s a bit frightening.

    The American public is not stupid (mostly). They are simply overwhelmed, shut down and confused as to what is obviously a mass media population control device, that works very well. They do not have the time to process the information dump intelligently, while they carry out the mundane details of their lives. They are frightened of losing even more of their ‘quality of life.’ Taking a stand on anything is seen a perceive threat from their ‘government.’ Take away all of the lies, deceit and government hubris, and what you have left is a nation in social depression, with soon to be followed, economic depression.

    Sorry for the extended rant. It had to be said.

    • JDooz

      Awesome! This is an article onto itself. Great way of putting it.

  • jadan

    A controlled media means opposing points of view are not given and that those who complain about it are not heard. Combined with a broad apathy among voters, this makes the American people a politically impotent mass, obsessed with economic survival and religious clap-trap. A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves, said Edward R Murrow, who saw the worst of the 20th Century. John Whitehead has an excellent book titled “A Government of Wolves” that demonstrates where apathy leads.

  • To answer your question that is the title of this post, the answer is unequivocally NO!

    BTW, stop co-opting the word “American” to refer to Yankees exclusively as such, we in Central and South AMERICA are also “Americans”. If you really would like to make a differentiation, you guys up north are the “AmeriCANTs”!

    • Derelictus

      Stop using American technology then, if you hate the United States so much. Stop using the Internet and a fucking computer. Oh wait, you won’t, because you’re a fucking hypocrite? What a shocker.

    • photinacook

      Our national name is “The United States of America.” So we’re “Americans” for short. You don’t seriously propose that we be called “United Statesans,” do you?

  • ICFubar

    As Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post has so aptly pointed out, what with all the recent revelations over the past few years the greater American public has reviewed the data and spoken and the call for further revelations to spark actions is completely unnecessary.

  • Go long any company that sells weaponry.

  • The government schooled Sheeple’s are very busy grazing on B.S.T.V. as my dad called it the boob-tube!

    Syria Propaganda is Looking allot Like Iraq Propaganda, you be the judge!

  • Venice

    Dear Washington’s Blog,
    Yes, yes, no fear, we DO quite vividly recall all of the bald-face LIES that were propagated to us as K-Y jelly in order to ram war up our collective arse. But no worries, we didn’t really buy into it then, and we most certainly do not buy into it now. But do remember dear Washingtons Blog, that the medias propaganda also includes FAKING our belief and consent.

  • Alec Stevens

    then stop watching corporate media numgnuts. Watch The Young Turks

    • ND52