We Can Stop Listening to Hypocrites and Liars

As reported in The Jewish Chronicle, Obama says: “no country on earth… would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders”.

As historian William Blum documents, Obama has shot rockets and missiles into at least six countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya) killing thousands of citizens of those countries.  This is in contrast to the 29 people who have been killed in the entire history of rocket and mortar attacks from Palestine into Israel, which includes the three killed in retaliation for Israel’s current massacre.

Obama has also illegally sent rockets, in violation of the UN charter, to US proxy terrorists to be used against Syrian citizens.

Obama backs the Ukrainian “government”, which is integrated with junta members and neo-Nazis (as declared by the World Jewish Congress).

Obama gives these people tens of millions of our dollars and full political and strategic support as they kill citizens with unguided rockets:

Human Rights Watch:

“Unguided Grad rockets launched apparently by Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias have killed at least 16 civilians”.  Again, this is in contrast to the 29 people who have been killed in the entire history of rocket and mortar attacks from Palestine into Israel, which includes the three killed in retaliation for Israel’s current massacre.

The Obama-backed Ukrainian “government” is also killing people with thousand pound ballistic missiles.

A question thus arises: Why do people pay heed to such unabashed hypocrites and liars as Obama?

A chief reason is because of a strong psychological tendency for humans to simply believe and obey perceived “authority” figures, as demonstrated by the famous Milgram experiment, wherein subjects electrocuted people (they thought) to death, for no other reason than a man in a white coat said to.

University of Manitoba Associate Professor of Psychology Bob Altemeyer discusses the dangerous psychological shortcoming of blind adherence to perceived “authority” in this book, which he has made available online for free.

Obviously, governments know of and exploit this human weakness to the utmost. This is seen, for example, when the Obama regime makes wild claims but refuses to give any evidence at all for them (since they have none, and the claims are later proven to be lies).  They know that many people will simply believe whatever they say, no matter how many times their lies are exposed.

Our job is to realize that the human freaks, like Obama, who fund massacres like the one Israel is currently carrying out in Gaza (which includes countless US funded Israeli rockets being aggressively fired into Palestine), have no authority over us.

They don’t have our consent to do what they do.  The policies they carry out have no connection to the desires of the citizens they pretend to represent.

Princeton’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern’s Benjamin Page find, in the biggest study of the topic to date:

…the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.

Let’s look squarely at the primitive psychological holdover that causes us to view people in dictatorial regimes as “authority” figures, so we can overcome this weakness, reject criminal opportunists like Obama, Bush, Clinton, and the rest, and think and act for ourselves, based on reality, evidence, and basic moral principles like the Golden Rule.

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  • jadan

    The chief problem is that people have stopped believing in their government because they can see it is non-responsive to the will of the majority. It just doesn’t work anymore. People are hungry for legitimate authority and leadership, but there is none to be had. They withdraw into their own little interest groups and complain, but they don’t do anything together. They are powerless to stop a chief executive who doesn’t care what the majority wants. The electoral system is completely corrupted. Money sends people into congress, not “free and fair” elections, which are impossible with the black box system we have. Polls say this and polls say that, but which are accurate and which are calculated propaganda? This is the breeding ground for authoritarianism. Back in the early 30’s when the system failed the people, FDR could have taken on dictatorial power. Religious factionalism and blind political ideology have created a non-functional political economy. “Christian Zionists” support the slaughter of an Arab people. Imperial fascists sponsor the US global empire. By and large, the American people are not Zionists or globalists and they do not favor authoritarianism. It happens because the failure of the republic threatens chaos. That’s why DHS was created.

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  • Carl_Herman

    Got that right, Robert! Step-by-step until it’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” time to shut-down this tragic-comedy our oligarchs spin us as “leadership.”

    Thank you 🙂