America’s Nazi Allies in Israel and Ukraine

Eric Zuesse

The U.S. is now the chief sponsor of two nazi, ethnically cleansing, nations. In one of them (Ukraine), the U.S. President, Barack Obama, himself placed nazis into control there; the nazi control was imposed by him, via his agents. In the other (Israel), nazis have controlled for decades, and Obama merely extends their control by continuing American support.

The difference between nazism and mere fascism is that, as exemplified by Mussolini, fascism is pure “corporationism” (see page 426 there), not necessarily racist; whereas nazism, as exemplified by Hitler, is a profoundly and ineradicably racist, usually religious-based, form of  fascism. It’s “corporationism” plus  ethnic bigotry. Hitler’s version of nazism happened to be focused against Jews, but that’s not necessary to nazism; any racist fascism is nazi. (NOTE: a lower-case “nazi” is any  nazi, but an upper-case one, a “Nazi,” refers to a member of Hitler’s Party, which was Germany’s  nazi party, the first-ever nazi party, the original “Nazi Party.” Similarly, Mussolini’s party was the Italian “Fascist” party, the first fascist party, but other nations have their own fascist and/or nazi parties.)


People of any ethnic group can be nazis, and Jews are no different from other ethnicities in that regard. For example, on July 21st, Jonathan Cook headlined from Nazareth, “Calls for genocide enter Israeli mainstream,” and he documented his headline-claim by quoting Jewish nazis around Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

First, Cook quoted Ayelet Shaked. From 2006 to 2008, she had been the Office Manager for Prime Minister Netanyahu. In January 2012, Netanyahu’s Likud Party appointed her to be their “Coordinator.” A half-year later, in June, she co-founded her own right-wing Party, “My Israel.” In 2013, Israelis elected her to the Knesset, their parliament, as a Jewish Home Party leader.

On 1 July 2014, she posted to facebook an article by Uri Elitzur, who “was also close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, helping him in his 1996 campaign, and took a leave of absence from his journalistic activities to work in the Prime Minister’s Office, which he headed in 1998-99.” So: Elitzur had been Shaked’s mentor. She introduced his article by saying that it was “Relevant today as it was then.” Here are excerpts from it, in the Bing translation at her facebook page:

“The Palestinian people has declared war on us, and we need to fight back. … Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? You ask him, he started [the war]. … All the Palestinian people is the enemy. All war is between two peoples. … All the enemy fighters and bleeding in the head. It’s also the mothers of the martyrs, that send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They need to follow them [to die], there’s nothing in it. They need to go [die], and the physical House [in] which they raised the snake [must be destroyed]. Other small snakes grow more [if that house stands]. … Each bomber should have known he was taking with him both his parents and his home and neighbors. All UM Jihad hero that sends her son to hell needs to know that she’s going with him. Along with the House and all that.”

In short: she was (and he was) saying to exterminate the Palestinian “people,” and to destroy “the House and all that.” Extermination-intent is clear. Shaked and Elitzur clearly are Jewish nazis, and not merely  Jewish fascists. What Hitler was to Jews, Elitzur and Shaked are to Palestinians. Their “war” is against an entire “people,” and victory means exterminating it, killing “the snake,” so that there will be no “small snakes.”

Mr. Cook then quotes a scholar in Israel, who was not censured by his university for saying: “A terrorist, like those who kidnapped the boys [in the West Bank on June 12] and killed them, the only thing that will deter them, is if they know that either their sister or mother will be raped if they are caught. What can we do? This is the culture that we live in [surrounded by Muslims].” That person, Mordechai Kedar, a lecturer on Arabic literature at Bar Ilan University, is also a nazi. Hitler, too, blamed his racism on the ethnicity that he hated, and he cited the Bible as justifying it (both the Old and New Testaments, both of which are racist; and he knew the Bible well, and cited more than a hundred of its passages, as I documented in my WHY the Holocaust Happened).

Finally, Cook quotes Moshe Feiglin, a deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament and a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud: “The IDF [Israeli Defense Force] will conquer the entire Gaza, using all the means necessary to minimize any harm to our soldiers, with no other considerations. … The enemy population that is innocent of wrong-doing and separated itself from the armed terrorists will be treated in accordance with international law and will be allowed to leave. Israel will generously aid those who wish to leave.” Similarly, Hitler had long entertained proposals to expel some Jews instead of to exterminate them all. However, because of his hatred of Jews, he ultimately rejected all such proposals, and just killed them. He called them “snakes,” and even “the international snake”: Hitler was as collectivist a thinker about Jews, as Israel’s nazis are about Palestinians.

Albert Einstein called zionists themselves, “fascists,” but what really galled him about zionists was their racism; he simply didn’t distinguish between mere “fascists” and full-fledged “nazis.” Jews in Palestine/Israel at that time went far beyond their rights in the way that they treated local Arabs. The day after the Deir Yassin massacre — the massacre of the Arab town of Deir Yassin on 9 April 1948 by Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern Gang and Menachem Begin’s Irgun organization — Einstein sent a letter to the American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, declining their offer to meet with him, by saying: “When a real and final catastrophe should befall us in Palestine the first responsible for it would be the British and the second responsible for it the Terrorist organizations build [sic: built] up from our own ranks [referring here to Stern and Irgun]. I am not willing to see anybody associated with those misled and criminal people.” Later, on December 4th of the same year, The New York Times published a letter dated two days earlier and signed by Einstein and other Jewish intellectuals, saying: “The terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre, publicized it widely and invited all the foreign correspondents present in the country to view the heaped corpses and the general havoc at Deir Yassin.” This letter explicitly called Menachem Begin a Jewish “Fascist,” and regretted “that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel.” (The New York Times excluded that letter from its online archives, and so independent opponents of censorship posted it as “To The Editors of The New York Times” “December 2, 1948”.) Einstein would have been shocked that Israelis subsequently elected Mr. Begin Prime Minister. He would be revolted by current America’s fascism represented now no longer merely by the Republican Party but also by a “Democratic” U.S. President, who continues the $3 billion annual military aid to that “fascist” regime, even after the Jonathan Pollard case. Einstein was anti-zionist till the end of his days, and never respected Israel. Alfred Lilienthal’s 1953 What Price Israel? quotes Einstein (p. 130) as having said in 1946 “I have always been against it.” The United States, which has none of the guilt for the Holocaust, especially has no moral obligation to Israel, and merely besmirches America by funding it, a vile thing this country does. The very idea of a “Jewish State,” like that of a “Christian State,” or of an “Islamic State,” is racist-fascist, or nazi, and was repulsive to Einstein, who considered them all, “fascist.” That characterization was correct, but they’re also nazi, which is even worse.

After Christian anti-Semitism nearly exterminated all Jews in World War II, Britain and other Christian-majority nations shoved surviving European Jews off onto a majority-Muslim area, “Palestine,” and racist Jews were eager to take the offer, though decent Jews took it only because majority-Christian nations, which had actually perpetrated and cooperated with the Holocaust, wouldn’t accept more Jews. Those decent Jews, tragically, had no choice.

There is no real “Jewish State.” There is only a nazi police-state that claims to be “the Jewish Home.” It invites decent Jews there in order to add to the population and so help more to crush the non-Jewish natives. But it’s Jewish nazism, or “zionism.” The very basis of nazism is the idea of an ethnic state: a caste system, in which some people, by their birth or ethnicity, possess more rights than do other people. Nazism is the exact opposite of the progressive state, the latter being the state where equality of opportunity is the law, and where inequality of opportunity is despised instead of embodied in the Law. Any form of privilege versus non-privilege, caste system, is abhorent to all decent people; and nazism epitomizes evil everywhere — Israel just as much as Germany. Only a racist would say that Jews (or any other ethnic group) are somehow exempt from the universal ethical rule.

Robert Barsocchini headlined on 12 July 20124, “Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine,” and he accurately summarized the foul history of this “Israel.” The United States was founded by committed democrats, and with a real Constitution (which Israel doesn’t even have, because a constitution would conflict with the Torah; democracy is impossible in Israel for the same reason it’s impossible in Iran or Saudi Arabia: it runs up against “God’s Law”). (The Iranian and Saudi Constitutions impose the Quran as the Supreme Law, and so are merely fake pass-through “constitutions,” actual dictatorships. Israel’s “constitution” — if any — is the Torah; Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s is the Quran. Such states are theocracies, fake “democracies.”) A democracy shouldn’t be allied with a theocracy in any way, especially militarily, because it then puts us on the side of nazis against their victims. A democracy doesn’t want to be at war against theocracies, but certainly cannot be allied  with any. Trade with a theocracy is acceptable, but alliance with it is certainly not. The original sin of the majority-Christian countries regarding Israel is their having caused the problem and then dumped the consequences of it onto the poor people who lived in the area that today is called “Israel.” Any decent Jew wants to leave from there, and any decent majority-Christian country is obliged to welcome those decent “Israelis” in, as refugees from nazism, and to apologize wholeheartedly to them for having participated in causing that gross injustice, “Israel,” via Christian  anti-Semitism, for which today’s Palestinians are bearing the final tragic burden, in the form of Israel’s pass-through to those unfortunates of Germany’s original Nazism against Jews.


Since I have previously written extensively about U.S. President Obama’s installation of the nazi regime in Ukraine via his coup there in February, and his sponsorship of the regime’s ethnic cleansing program to get rid of the ethnic-Russian voters for the man whom Obama had overthrown there, that won’t be repeated. However, it needs to be noted in the present context, simply to indicate that Obama doesn’t merely support Israel’s nazism, but that he has even installed Ukraine’s — and no previous U.S. President ever installed  nazism, anywhere, before. Obama is thus the first full-fledged nazi U.S. President. He desecrates the Party of the anti-fascist and passionately anti-nazi, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Obama has made himself a profound stain upon his nominal Party — a stain that only that Party can remove.


Consequently, the U.S. is the world’s leading state sponsor of nazism in our time. The aristocratically controlled U.S. “news” media don’t report this ugly fact (America’s fascist and even nazi leadership) to the American public, but it’s true nonetheless. Readers here are thus encountering here American “samizdat.” It’s banned truth, but of the U.S. variety, instead of the U.S.S.R. variety. There’s no difference: Like in the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Germany, and other dictatorships, our “news media” are actually propaganda-media.

One might have thought that FDR had won his battle against nazism and fascism, but those ideologies — even nazism — unfortunately survived (due to the constant propaganda from our aristocracy) and have thrived in the U.S. to such an extent that, in a sense, what FDR fought for, which is progressive democracy, has since been destroyed, right here inside the United States itself. It has been destroyed not only by the Republican Party (which at least after Nixon has had an actual fondness for fascism, and even for nazism), but also by the recent “Democratic” Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, rotting the Democratic Party from its very topmost, best-funded pro-aristocratic level, the Party’s financial pinnacle, even if not yet from its middle and lower levels, which still remain rather progressive populist, though that too will soon be gone if no Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives soon brings forth a resolution to impeach Obama, as he must be impeached, if America (and especially the Democratic Party itself) is to retain any honor, and if democracy is not totally to die here. Republicans could not disown George W. Bush because he really was a Republican. If Democrats do not disown Barack Obama, then Democrats display themselves as being equally despicable and unpatriotic, and now is our only remaining chance to separate ourselves from Republicans in a way that’s more than merely rhetorical, more than merely “lesser-of-two-evils” fake “liberalism” (or whatever else Democrats might then emptily claim  to be).

President Obama is not only the very first U.S. President to install an outright nazi government anywhere, but he is going so far as to try to strong-arm European leaders to accept it (his Ukrainian nazi regime) into the EU. In a sense, therefore, he is even out-doing George W. Bush and his murderous, vile, and totally unwarranted, invasion of Iraq, for which Bush should be in prison, if this nation has any honor, or any real hope.

Without accountability, there can only be dictatorship. America must now choose whether to restore its democracy, for we have certainly lost it. Today’s America would have this nation’s great Founders twisting in their graves. We can do better. We must — if we are  Americans, as they  (our Founders) did all they could, hoping that we would  be. It can be done, and it should be done. And the available time-window to do it is fast closing. And only we  can do it. (Republicans, in their own self-interest, refuse to do it.)

[NOTE: This news report and analysis were offered as an exclusive to the following, none of which accepted it for publication, nor responded in any way: The Daily Beast, Salon, Slate, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Progressive, The Nation, Harper’s, The Atlantic, New Yorker, New York Review of Books, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, TIME, McClatchy, Guardian, Bloomberg, AP. It was then submitted in the regular way to all news-outlets.]


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.




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  • Carl_Herman

    Sharp, Eric; thank you.

    Yes, your note at the end speaks powerfully: what you document and conclude that the US/Israel are fascist nazis is far more accurate than corporate media reporting that “Israel defends itself” and US wars are not our choice but because of “9/11.”

    Thank you for continuing to provide choice. That seems to be our role, at the moment.

    • cettel

      Thanks so much, Carl. It’s good to know that someone cares. I know you do, but I am happy anyway that you are the first person who is responding to this piece. Many years of research went into it.

    • jo6pac

      I agree, thanks Eric

  • Walter Sobchak

    Simple blather. It is provocative to compare Israelis to nazis. It is sloppy logic to infer national socialism by quoting from one racist person. It is simply wrong to compare clearing the tunnels to ethnic cleansing. This piece is simple propaganda. Washington you can do better than this.

    • Dr. Truth

      Your western brainwashing is showing for you first of all are completely wrong & secondly you are not understanding this article.

  • BuelahMan

    Eric, as usual, is devoid of an honest, real understanding of what the NSDAP was. He continues to regurgitate the same old rhetoric, showing his total misunderstanding of the subject matter. But boy o boy does that word “Nazi” get his shitty work some views and hits by the ass-kissing sycophants that gobble up this kind of bullshit.

    His continual linkage of Jews to Nazis is probably the stupidest connection that anyone could ever make.

    But then again, he is obviously not very smart.

    Smarten up and realize that Jews and Nazis are polar opposites. The NSDAP tried to take care of the same issue confronting us, but the Jews were able to infiltrate the American government and was able to take us into that war.

    The REAL evil is communism and the Jews that are implementing it here.

    But keep on blaming the Nazis and continue to point people AWAY from the real issue.

    Come to think of it: you may damn well be a shill.

    The owner could do well to get rid of this bullshit. It taints the otherwise good work done here.

  • jadan

    Good point about the varieties of fascism. The murderous gang of Zionist Israelis is giving Jews a bad name. Their collective insanity is a serious threat to global peace. People have been deeply betrayed by the construct known as “Barrack Obama”. Common sense suggested back in 2008 that a black man might have some sympathy for underdogs, some appreciation of suffering due to racism and poverty. Au contraire. The US has created numerous fascist regimes in its bloody history of engineering the political economies of other, smaller, weaker nations. What Obama is doing in Ukraine is recapitulating what he saw the US and his own mother and step father doing as he was growing up in Indonesia, when his name was Barry Soetoro. The US destroyed the leftist Sukarno regime to install the dictator Suharto. His step father, Lt Colonel Soetoro, Stanley Ann Dunham’s second husband, was a stalwart anti-communist doing the work of the imperial US. Barry was a fledgling CIA asset. He imbibed the poison milk of the Agency from his mother’s breast. She and he parents were CIA operatives. The US loves fascist regimes and Barrack is probably quite happy to have the opportunity to install one of his own in Ukraine. Good article, Eric.Keep it up. Watch your back. These Zionist fascists are murderous thugs.

    • cettel

      What evidence can you cite for
      1: She
      2: and her parents were CIA operatives

      • nomadfiles

        Wayne Madsen among others cover this.

        • cettel

          I’ve seen that “evidence.” It’s not. It is speculation; and I avoid specuation as much as possible.

          Furthermore, its sources aren’t identified.

          You could as well be reading Nostradamus.

          • nomadfiles

            Yeah, you’re right. No point in connecting dots.

          • jadan

            Don’t pass judgment until you’ve read the book. Madsen is every bit as scrupulous as you are, if not moreso. The man is a product of the intelligence world. I say you haven’t read his book. He certainly indentifies his sources. Nomadfiles’ observations are to the point. Have you ever heard Obama criticize the CIA? Has there ever been a president who is so blatant and yet graceful in his lying? Read the book.

          • nomadfiles

            Jadan is right. “Madsen is every bit as scrupulous as you are, if not moreso.”

            “I avoid specuation as much as possible.”

            What else is your claim that Obama is a closet Republican but speculation? I guess what you probably mean is that some speculation is more reputable than others. Only notions that fall within certain acceptable parameters are reputable. The only problem with that is the parameters you set restrict freedom of thought and leaves you with blind spots.

            Lawdy! We have certainly taken George Bush’s commandment to heart. “Thou shalt not intertain outrageous conspiracy theories.” You are not allowed (or won’t allow yourself) to think about it. How’s that for effective thought control.

        • sufferingsuccatash

          The US actions are guided by corporate elites. That is true both domestically and internationally. The CIA is a corporate/gov’t. agency doing foreign service, along with the DOS, for US corporations to control markets and secure profits.

        • Dr. Truth

          IMHO the CIA coup first got going when they killed our President in ’63 in our face in Dallas. 911 was just more of their killing & again in our face to globalize their efforts further. We live in one big Nazi/CIA concentration planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • illussions

          Don’t think its mostly the cia that mentored and guided an ape in a suit from kenya , but actually are dangling many bananas and the money spinners and buyers of scum stooges and puppets by the cabal Zionists khazarian banksters..

      • jadan

        “The Manufacturing of a President” by Wayne Madsen. All document based historical investigation. Seems a very credible tale to me. The CIA can’t make all legends truly waterproof, just water resistant to a certain depth of inquiry.

      • Dr. Truth

        There are numerous try either google or youtube, oh the big O’s Mom was also a porn star & his real Father was probably Mr. Communist Davis! What could possibly go wrong here in amerika?

  • Buster_Banter

    A more appropriate moniker for the current regime in Israel and it’s adherents throughout the world would be ‘Bolshevik Jews 2.0’.

    • Nofearorfavor

      Thank you! Genuine Orthodox Jews– of which to this day there are many, were hijacked by Zionism. Crux of the matter is, that real Jews only can and must stand up and throw out the enemy at their door. The whole truth– and not genuine info, interspersed with disinfo (perpetuated lies, that is), must be told to the world. My God, what a sick state of affairs these monsters have wrought and continue to wreak on the USA and the world! At this point, my despair for ordinary America is great– unless she finds herself and becomes herself again– i.e. America for genuine true blue Americans, committed to the United States of America and the Land of the Free, cooperating with and living in peace and harmony with the world– another civil war will come … (IMHO).

  • Buster_Banter

    I’m going to have to take this writer to task on the word Nazi.
    Quote from the article:
    “…any racist fascism is nazi. (NOTE: a lower-case “nazi” is any nazi, but an upper-case one, a “Nazi,” refers to a member of Hitler’s Party, which was Germany’s nazi party, the first-ever nazi party, the original “Nazi Party.” Similarly, Mussolini’s party was the Italian “Fascist” party, the first fascist party, but other nations have their own fascist and/or nazi parties.”

    My reply:

    Today Marxist-Leftest sensationalists that want to insult their political opponents will use (abuse) the word “Nazi”. The Israelis and Jews in various places world wide indoctrinate their young to call anyone that is of European decent that criticizes Israel, Zionism or Jews a Nazi-nazi

    The National Socialist workers party in Germany (NSDAP) never referred to themselves as “Nazis” or “nazi” because it was a derogatory and demeaning label.

    Why Hitler hated being called a Nazi…
    Nazi: an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler’s party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant, being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged. Opponents (their enemies) seized on this and shortened the party’s title Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, to the dismissive “Nazi”

    The origin of the word Nazi:
    The 24th edition of Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (2002) says the word Nazi was favored in southern Germany (supposedly from c.1924) among opponents of National Socialism because the nickname Nazi, Naczi (from the masc. proper name Ignatz, German form of Ignatius) was used colloquially to mean “a foolish person, clumsy or awkward person.
    An older use of Nazi for national-sozial is attested in German from 1903, but EWdS does not think it contributed to the word as applied to Hitler and his followers. The NSDAP for a time attempted to adopt the Nazi designation as what the Germans call a “despite-word,” but they gave this up, and the NSDAP is said to have generally avoided the term. Before 1930, party members had been called in English National Socialists, which dates from 1923. The use of Nazi Germany, Nazi regime, etc., was popularized by German exiles (Jews) abroad.

    From the article:
    “After Christian anti-Semitism nearly exterminated all Jews in World War II, Britain and other Christian-majority nations shoved surviving European Jews off onto a majority-Muslim area, “Palestine,” and racist Jews were eager to take the offer, though decent Jews took it only because majority-Christian nations, which had actually perpetrated and cooperated with the Holocaust, wouldn’t accept more Jews. Those decent Jews, tragically, had no choice.”

    My reply:
    I do question the alleged “holocaust” and to state “Christian antisemtism” nearly exterminated all Jews in WW-2 is WRONG and it’s rubbish. The Jews of Europe were not nearly all “exterminated” as census statistics of European Jews and Jews world wide before WW-2 and after shows. The six million figure is a gross exaggeration and the census statistics proof it.
    You really want to lay the alleged “holocaust” at the feet of Christians? This is shoddy biased “journalism” Zuesse!
    “From the article:
    “…shoved surviving European Jews off onto a majority-Muslim area, Palestine.”
    My reply:
    Wow! This is totally unbelievable to me that you would lay all the blame on the European Christian nations and omit the Zionist movement…wow!
    In case you didn’t know…the Zionist movement wanted educated Jews in Western Europe to migrate to Palestine to help build the infrastructure of Israel and they thought they needed some prodding.

    • cettel

      This article condemns the nazis including the Jewish ones, but Buster_Banter wants to condemn only the Jewish ones, and to defend Hitler for trying to exterminate all Jews (and not merely the nazi ones). I wish that such readers would simply not visit this site, because I don’t like to deal with such filth.

      • Buster_Banter

        You fail to comprehend the point I was making about the origination of the moniker “nazi”. It was Hitler and the NSDAP’s enemies, Marxist-Leninist Jews, that started calling them “Nazis-nazi” because of it’s derogatory meaning. Research the origination of the word “Nazi-nazi and you will discover where it came from and why the enemies of Hitler and NSDAP wanted to call them that. It was a put down for members and adherents to NSADP. This moniker was for a German political party which came to an end with the defeat of Germany in May 1945. It’s continued use is tabloid sensationalism in my opinion.

        With the statement ” I wish that such readers would simply not visit this site, because I don’t like to deal with such filth.” shows that people like you want to frame and CONTROL the information and debate about this subject matter. You have moral superiority issues. You want to dictate to others from your moral high horse what others may or may not read and comment on. You have control freak tendencies.

        If we compare the alleged “Holocaust” of 6 million Jews in Germany assuming it was a real Holocaust and not an Elie Wiesel fantasia, “Some events do take place but are not true; others are, although they never occurred”, even IF, as I say, the “Holocaust” of 6 million Jews actually took place in the real world rather than in the heated imagination of Elie Wiesel and his kind, it would still pale into insignificance if we compare it to the Secret Holocaust of 66 million Russian Christians at the hands of the Jewish Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1953.

        • Dr. Truth

          When the “elite” die that is earth shaking, when the “snakes” of the world die the elites think it is akin to mowing their yard, which of course they don’t even do themselves!

        • Nofearorfavor

          Right you are …

      • Dr. Truth

        So why are you here reading & commenting?

      • BuelahMan

        Hitler tried to exterminate all Jews?

        You are most definitely clueless about real history and a detriment to this blog.

    • Dr. Truth

      Please go live in Israel which by the way is short for worshipping Isis, Egyptian God, Ra, the most popular sun God, & el some other mythical BS in the pantheon of myths stupid civilizations believed & worshipped out of true ignorance of what really actually exists in nature; all to help the powerful elite steal, rape & murder the less fortunate in the world!

    • Nofearorfavor

      Yes … you have done your homework well! Other good sources of information is that of Count Cherep-Spiridovich (he was murdered) — The Secret World Government of The Hidden Hand and also Juri Lina’s, Under the Sign of the Scorpion and the full two hour documentary called In the Shadow of Hermes. Sadly so few people are open minded and ruthlessly honest in pursuing the truth– guess its because brainwashing was done so subtly and with such cunning over countless decades, that they never even considered, they were subjected to the biggest lies ever told, which continue to this day …

  • Dr. Truth

    Great article & I agree100%. To quote Einstein one more time may I add, “My awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resist the idea of a Jewish State with borders, an army and a measure of temporal power no matter how modest!”

  • Johnny Paleswine

    Nobody in israel cares what you say. We all know that this is a left wing Anglo leftist blog scribed by Muslims or Anglo leftists who hate Jooooooooooooos.

    The British settlers were the world`s first NAZIS in the Western Hemisphere. You are nefitting from their extermination.

    Israel just bombarded UNRWA – 15 dead bodies scattered and many wounded

    when Israeli forces shelled a UN-run school in northern Gaza, the Gazan
    Ministry of Health said on Thursday.

    Nobody is paying attention to your Jew hate.

    The director of a local hospital in Gaza said
    various medical centers around Beit Hanoun were receiving the wounded.

    Chris Gunness, spokesman for the main UN agency in
    Gaza UNRWA, confirmed the strike and criticized Israel.

    “Precise co-ordinates of the UNRWA shelter in
    Beit Hanoun had been formally given to the Israeli army … Over the course of
    the day UNRWA tried to coordinate with the Israeli Army a window for civilians
    to leave and it was never granted,” Gunness said on his Twitter page in between jacuzzi visits.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Dr. Truth and Buster Banter I want to thank you for showing that even anti-semites can disagree with each other. Really entertaining. Especially the holocaust denial stuff, it is amazing how b.s. takes on a life of its own.

    And Washington, this just supports my point that this Zuesse article was not worthy of your blog, which is fantastic.

  • FreeOregon

    What if the locus of control has shifted from Washington to Langley? What mechanisms for accountabiity exist in that case?

    Recall that Brennan lied, blatantly, to Congress and the American people. Yet NO ONE in elected office or in the bureaucracy was able to do anything about it.

    Does that suggest where actual decisions are made?

  • Twin Ruler

    This is really interesting to read.

  • Nofearorfavor

    Very good points and more clarity of the complex situation which is the Israel we see today– One can only wonder how ordinary fair and open minded Jews feel about Israel’s Zionist Rothschild bankster puppet Netanyahu. Will a change ever come within Israel? Seems it can only happen when it and the world is free of the greed and thieving of those who posing as genuine Jews, most are not even Semites– but a pretend to be, global nazi/fascist cabal. Btw Eric, communism was exported to and implemented by the Bolshevik Jews by way of a coup de’tat in Russia in 1917 (financed by JP Morgan and Kuhn & Loebe Bank of the USA, supported by Russian Jew insiders Trotsky et al). To this day, these less than 1% bloodsuckers of the world have not let up against Russia– but she’s the one country which will never again come under their morally and spiritually bankrupt heels.