Israel, Gaza and Palestine: What Americans Need to Know

The Truth Has Been Hidden from Americans

If my fellow Americans understood the history of Israel and Palestine, their views would change overnight … and they would demand that Israel no longer be given unconditional support and blank checks to do whatever they want …

Apartheid and Occupation


Public Opinion

War Crimes


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  • HardRocker111

    OK, we got the idea. There are about 20 Arab states and 60 Muslim states in the world (and they contribute soooo much for human rights) so Israel should be replaced by yet another one.

    • Carl_Herman

      Nah, you don’t get the idea of the crimes connected to Israel at all, and in no way does this address Israel becoming a state with any particular religion.

      In any serious conversation, you’d have to address the data/claims/info on the table, or be removed to rant someplace else. That said, as the public is hit with such propaganda/distraction continuously, as is the title of the article, we all need practice to identify comments like yours for the distraction it is.

  • Carl_Herman

    Awesome compilation of your game-changing documentation, GW. Thank you!

    • Linda Rupp

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  • Dee

    This is what is wrong with the whole “No Justice, No Peace” thing.. Justice and Peace are almost exclusive from each other. Everybody is still keeping score.. and that keeps all the reasons to settle old scores alive, and everybody that keeps promoting the old scores of either side as valid .. keeps the fight alive.

    Lasting Peace is going to have to mean a fresh start.. and all the existing and generational and historical justifications that have supporters on both sides , all the calls for revenge and justice are going to have to be put behind and into the dustbin of history… you cannot leave even one injustice or transgression viable to justify a single act of revenge, you are going to have to reject justice and settle for Peace and a framework of no further transgressions .. no further transgressions, I don’t care what the history is or what anybody may think about the validity of the complaint.

    You want Peace.. you stop justifying either side attacking the other, you stop excusing war and war like acts, you stop trying to get even, you quit vilifying both sides, you quit focusing of the wrongs that both sides have done to each other. You Forgive.

    So long as either or both sides keep grinding all the old injustices and transgressions into a gruel to feed their children .. you may someday have justice.. but not without committing more injustice yourself and you will never have Peace.

    Washington’s Blog has made a cottage industry out of justifying reasons one side should keep attacking the other and wrapped it is a cloak of seeking Justice… how noble.

    The situation is as it is on the ground now.. Both sides say the want Peace and both sides feel fully justified in attacking the other. Somebody has to say enough, we have to make the existing situation work , put all of history behind us and stop trying to kill each other , or get “ours” back, or even the score , or get justice for every or any transgression .. The wrong is the warring, the wrong is the seeking of justice at the expense of Peace.

    Don’t misunderstand me.. I am not saying people shouldn’t seek Justice.. some feel Justice is at least as high a goal as seeking Peace.. but there comes a point where you can’t have both. So you have to choose. You can get a lot of people killed seeking high and noble goals.. our civilization and culture is based on that fact.

    • You say “both sides”, as if it’s even. I think going ONE WAY is: APARTHEID, GENOCIDE, EXTERMINATION. I think in this most recent “both sides” “war”, the last count was ZERO Israeli civilians killed, and 1,300 Palestinian civilians killed. where does the “both sides” want peace come into play? In South Africa, should blacks have accepted apartheid if it meant PEACE? There actually WAS PEACE when blacks accepted apartheid in South Africa. Is that what you’re saying? Let EVIL reign…if it brings “peace”?

      • Dee

        Peace would not be a continuation of the old evil .. but it might have to let some of the old injustices continue to exist , to be worked out later.
        But yes you nailed it … a lot of people think there are more important things than Peace.. or are willing to fight and die until Peace is achieved …
        It just depends on what you want Peace or Justice .. apparently mutually exclusive.
        I never said that people don’t fight wars for reasons they think are good and justified .. I am just saying fighting for whatever reason isn’t Peace.

    • Carl_Herman

      Dee: I ask you for I believe the 12th time: what does the UN Charter treaty say about just/unjust use of force? That is THE MOST IMPORTANT TREATY IN HISTORY FOR BOTH JUSTICE AND PEACE.

      That is, what is the law for when armed attack is legal or not?

      Because you’ve avoided this simple topic for peace and justice, I conclude your purpose to comment is to obfuscate from how simple peace can/should be, and that humanity already won this part of the fight to make the law crystal-clear in letter and intent.

      But hey, surprise us, Dee and answer the question so central to your point of peace and justice.

      • Dee

        Carl, if the UN Charter actually mattered it would have delivered either Peace or Justice to somebody by now. It is no secret what the UN Charter says .. but I would think , regardless of what it says , or regardless of how you or I read it.. what would matter is how the UN applies it. You got any handy examples of how the UN Charter has been applied that actually brought Peace and justice?
        Well, if “humanity has already won this part of the fight to make the law crystal clear in letter and intent” then all has been solved and everything is fine.
        How’s that working for you?
        And this is my 12th answer to your question. And regardless if I do not accept your basic premise about the greatness and effectiveness of the UN Charter, because it simply cannot be shown to be effectively or even usefully applied to the cause of Peace. This still counts as my answer.

        • Carl_Herman

          Good, Dee! Yes, that’s correct: the rule/law is that the UN Charter says self-defense is the only legitimate use of force. Now, please, define the term “self-defense” as it pertains to this topic so this law makes sense.

          • Dee

            I can’t Carl.. you will have to do that definition… and I will be happy to then show you there has been no consistent definttion or application … Were the Hamas Rockets an attack on Israel or a response to an act of war by Israel blockading Gaza? see how that works … self defense justifies self defense .. makes it hard to define.

            And Carl it is neither a rule or a law , it is a principle.. just saying, you don’t have to enforce principles.. you can stand for them, and watch the whole world not live up to them, and you have done your job without lifting a finger.

          • Carl_Herman

            That’s what I thought you would say, Dee: the UN law means armed attack is unlawful except for self-defense, and then you refuse to define this term. Your comment includes, therefore, that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UNLAWFUL ARMED ATTACK.

            Readers: Dee is a war-apologist, a propagandist spinning that war is lawfully allowed despite whatever crocodile tears she sheds for peace. She also lies by omission all the UN articles requiring resolutions of disputes by peaceful means, and to use the UN Security Council should that fail. Of course, Dee also lies in omission that Israel ignores literally about 100 UN Security Council Resolutions.

            Dee is also wrong, dead-wrong for Palestinians in this case.

            Self-defense means something in the law, otherwise, if Dee’s warlords had their way, war is available at their dictate. Full explanation and documentation:

            The US Army legal handbook explains that Dee is wrong:

            Where Dee is correct is the UN is corrupt, and will never enforce the law while under control of the new imperial powers. That’s why it’s so important to show Dee and her kind that WHAT THE PUBLIC HAS IS CRYSTAL CLEAR LAW THAT MAKES THESE WARS UNLAWFUL. We also have our military with Oaths to uphold those treaties.

  • Der Golem

    OK, Adolph.