White House Launches Propaganda At TROLL Level

White House Purchases Google Key Words to Slam Putin

Russian writer idaltae tweeted the following:

Because she didn’t say what search term she used to pull up that ad – and because we don’t live in Russia – it took some legwork to verify that this is real.

Specifically, we used Keyword Spy – a highly-regarded and widely-used resource in the SEO industry – to see if the White House had purchased keywords for Google using the domain name WhiteHouse.gov.

Indeed, we did find the ad using Keyword Spy:

Keyword Spy also told us the keywords which the White House purchased:

Telenor is a huge telecommunications company based in Norway, which provides telecom services in Eastern Europe, and has had a series of legal disputes regarding its sizable ownership stake in Russian and Ukrainian telecoms.

In other words, Telenor Russia is probably a popular Google search term in Russia and Ukraine.  And the White House has purchased Google key words to troll Putin.

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  • so desperate…

  • meshy

    Just google the text and youll find it.

  • That’s the lousiest attempt at trolling I’ve seen in a long time.

  • steve button

    They should call it then “RedHouse”…it’s amazing some of the media’s propaganda referimg to Putin’s goverment as “Soviet” and recalling the genocide of that regime…while. of course, leaving out the fact that the Soviet leadership was almost entirely Jewish. . amazingly similar to the situation In America today..

  • Bobbie_Z

    Beats a hashtag for ridiculousness.

  • mark

    another cosy deal – for supplying enessay data feeds

  • Sergey

    “In other words, Telenor Russia is probably a popular Google search term in Russia and Ukraine”

    i have a bad news for you – it’s not a popular Google search and it doesn’t work

  • Tatiana

    Putin still has a lot to learn about this from Clinton, Bush and Obama. And yes terrorists are people who terrorize ordinary people. And in the East only Ukrainian army terrorized people, and killing them every day. who are sponsors of Ukranian army?