Videos Americans Didn’t Get to See on Our Nightly News

her plea right before dying

While the U.S. media obsess with the Iraq War that we created 11 years ago and can’t stop, and that we aren’t really causing right now, they’re covering up our current invasion (overseen by our CIA and former Blackwater mercenaries), which Obama and more than $5 billion of U.S. taxpayer money started in February, and which has been reported only via amateur videos uploaded to youtube and linked-to by Pravda and other “Russian propaganda”; so, here’s what U.S. “news” media don’t want us to see, because it’s “only Russian propaganda”: it’s what we’re doing (through our own Ukrainian agents, our “heroes of Maidan”), right now:

First, close-ups of victims of our side’s bombing of the city of Luhansk (their side isn’t bombing anywhere):

You see there the “terrorists” that Obama and Poroshenko talk about, or at least their body-parts. And here is video taken right after our side’s bombing of Slavyansk, while the smoke-flares from the flaming bombs are still visible in the sky, and the smoke from the burning buildings is billowing up from the ground:

And, here, “propaganda” from Russian TV shows our firebombs falling from the sky:

The Iraq War is being used as basically a distraction by our “free press,” so that we won’t get to see the mass-murder that’s currently being carried out by our tax dollars and that’s being shown only in “Russian propaganda.”

Unfortunately, “Russian propaganda” is more trustworthy today than American propaganda. And Vladimir Putin isn’t wreaking nearly as much havock as is Barack Obama — the traitor for whom I voted, because he wasn’t as blatant about his evil, as the Republican candidate was.

This is supposed to be American “democracy”? Our side aren’t the terrorists, and their side are? We’re protecting the world against terrorists, rather than terrorizing the entire civilian population in southeastern Ukraine?

Seems more like Orwell’s 1984 to me. Everything now is “Newspeak.”


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.



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  • cettel

    Some readers here call this sort of thing “Russian propaganda.”

    When reporting real news is seen instead as “propaganda,” the era of Big Brother has truly arrived.

    • Jeffery Dahmer

      Nice collection, do you collect and post gruesome videos from all war zones?
      There are some beauties from Iraq these days.

      • cettel

        That’s yesterday’s U.S. policy. Ukraine is today’s, and that’s why you don’t see this on “the evening news.”

        • Alexander Shliapnikov

          On Sunday Zuesse wrote “If you want to stay mentally enslaved to that fictitious “Jesus” and to the hoaxters who created him and who placed into his mouth words, who would have puked at being so violated, that’s your choice,”
          Amazing that Eric has so many deep thoughts on so many subjects, knows everything and is always right. With thought leaders like that America is well on the way to moral, spiritual and economic recovery.

          • not authorized

            A person does not need to be right about everything. They only need to be right about important things. That said, I do not always agree 100% with Eric. His penchant for partisan politics turns me off. But on anti-war? He’s spot on.

            As for his comments on Sunday, I agree that Jesus is fictional. Almost every religion is fictional. Christianity is a religion on par with worshiping the planets. Nothing more, nothing less. Plenty of information on the internet to read.

            It is my opinion, that men, who desired power above all else, ruined and twisted the message that any historical “Jesus” may have once gave.

          • new reader

            Heck, physicists say matter is fictional but revere and study it.
            While much of what you say is indisputable, religion has been part of of human cultural DNA since prehistory. Unlike planet worship, Christianity has shaped European culture for 2000 years and has in turn itself been shaped by each successive generation. At heart religion has always been allegory, except to our weaker brothers.
            Thank you for reaching out to new readers on another level.

        • Thelma Shitthouse
  • FailedEvolution

    End of an era for the West

    support of neo-nazis in Ukraine destroys the last pretexts and wakes
    up nightmares of the past

  • colinjames71

    brilliant move using the der spiegel troll’s link as the example for ttypical western propaganda. Saw it published on global research. Touche!

    And yes, it is gruesome. But it’s reality. Maybe if Americans actually saw the horrors of what we unleash around the world it might just stir people to start opposing our foreign policy, our apathy if not overt support for slaughtering “the other” being key to the continuation of senseless killing and maiming across the globe. Innocent civilians are dying en masse and our tax dollars being used by the people we put in office to do this make us complicit in these crimes. Not directly respinsible or anything like that, but should we NOT see what is done with our help? You can’t get the full picture, without the pictures. This is happening every day. Women and children being killed by the nazi junta (in league with jewish oligarchs ironically) we put in power in Kiev. And this is just the tip of the tip of one iceberg in one location.

  • Corporate news loves warfare.

  • mastermind119

    They are smart, they attack during the games in Brazil to avoid media coverage.

  • Fullblad

    This is what the wealthy and powerful have always done, no matter whether Roman, British, American or Russian. It is long past the time to throw these parasitic bastards of entitlement off the backs of the world’s peoples with their games for fools of divide and conquer.

  • earlyindigo

    You think there is no “Russian Propaganda”????? These poor innocent Russians and these big bad Ukrainians and US agents???? So Russia really didn’t invade and claim Crimea from Ukraine – a sovereign country? …and there are no Russian agents and Russian military in Ukraine?? YOU are the one in “La-La Land” or you are a Russian troll or an idiot.

  • auntiegrav

    The ads that pop up on your story are for cars. The news is primarily selling cars, not distributing information. Call it “propaganda” if you want, but it’s just marketing, as is religion. Going to Sunday meetings to worship God is like going to the Super Bowl to watch the advertisements. The usefulness and effectiveness of religion as a tool is the meeting of a community, not the words of the marketers and middlemen who profit from diverting people away from useful and cooperative work.
    We go to war because people buy the cars that the news advertises. We HAVE to go to war in order to ensure those cars have gasoline and electronics parts (see AFRICOM).
    If you really want Change, just keep it in your pocket.

  • telena helotova

    in his book eric zueese says think of it a world that never had christianity, well paul allways is was a interloper jack wabvbit, but i like to think so goes the false xuanity then judaism should precurse that and never the light of day shine on that thugee organization.which as voltaire once said they will imperil the whole eareth .and they are and dont care and need to be drastically reduced in their self importance handed to them by the demented yahweh, islam would never have been created either so all just carry on as what ever .if you need it.