Three New Evidences that Obama Is a Fascist

Eric Zuesse


and here is more detail on that:

and here is even more, the draft document itself:

Obama, it turns out, thinks that financial services, and all services, are too regulated by governments in public, and should be regulated only by international corporations in private.


These are the “terrorists” whom we are ethnically cleansing from Ukraine, because they live (or lived) in regions that had voted for Yanukovych.


This last one is a remarkable instance in which the Obama Administration had been to the right of all 9 members of the U.S. Supreme Court in their unanimous decision on June 25th.

After Obama won re-election and he no longer needed to continue the charade of his being a “Democrat,” there was nothing holding him back from going all-out as what he secretly had been all along, a fascist. He had merely used the “Democratic” label to refer to himself, because he knew that no matter how far to the right he would move, the Republican Party would need to move even farther to the right in order to keep their essential voting-base. So: his pretense of being a “Democrat” drove the entire political center to the right. After the 2012 election, he has been free to take off the liberal mask and push for the policies he had come to the White House in order to pass, and the next two years will be the time, in, he probably hopes, a solidly Republican Congress, when it will pass, and he will sign into law, landmark fascist policies.

On those three items of evidence, I shall rest my case that he is a fascist, who is now walking out of the closet and into the light of day.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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  • jo6pac
  • Dr. G

    This is not the first time the author of this article has written nonsensical stuff here. I’m taking this blog off my preference list. This guy is loco.

    • jo6pac

      Sorry to hear that Dr. G but this really happening along with a few other trade agreements like GATT.

    • kimyo

      the character of washington’s blog has changed. i wouldn’t describe mr zeusse as loco, but i fail to see any benefit to having his ‘work’ featured here.

      i believe when his posts were first put up as an ‘experiment’, regular readers came out of the woodwork to post against assigning him any permanent space here.

      perhaps he could limit himself to one post a day? pieces that deserve full examination are being pushed down the stack by empty blather, there’s just no need for that.

      gw – why did you ignore the reader demand to pull the plug? what piece would you describe as mr zuesse’s finest work here? is he really here by your choice or has he been foisted upon us by tptb?

      • The above comments have all the hallmarks of ONE shill talking to himself.

        • truth

          agreed, what did the shill say to the shill? The same thing.

          let the shills quit reading this blog and bury their heads in the sand, or let them go post “obama is a commie” on other blogs like the rest of the masses that “don’t get it”

          It is 100% true that the u.s. has slipped into Fascist tendencies ever since WW2. Fascism today has a different face than what was seen in Germany, Spain, and Italy. At its core it is defined as the marriage of government and corporations = Exactly what we see today (and I wish I could bold this). During the 70s/80s many people warned about this and have continued to do so. Consequently it is exactly why corporations in the U.S. gave money and materials to Hitler, because they SUPPORTED his policies of destroying unions and making a slave class and other policies to maximize profits.

          Anyone can look up work by simply searching, “12 signs that the u.s. is turning Fascist” Obama himself may not see himself as one though, because the political atmosphere in Washington is totally dipped in Status Quo and Corruption. In any case, politicians and power-hungry assholes know the basics of fooling masses, since humans are easily manipulated.

    • ClubToTheHead

      Obamambots can’t remember his fascist coup in Kiev or their heads would explode

  • jadan

    Wayne Madsen describes the development of Barack Obama within the sheltering arms of the Agency. Mother, grand parents, all CIA assets. Is it a fascist institution? Yes. Is the DoD a fascist outfit? Yes. The chain of command defines military culture. The corporation is a fascist structure. Jefferson’s Declaration has no meaning for Obama, nor for most American for that matter.

  • nomadfiles

    A fascist in disguise. That would make him a crypto fascist.

  • colinjames71

    Well, the have of fascism anyway. The figurehead put in charge to quell liberal/left opposition to wars and domestic police disaster tyranny. Never a president whose actions are 180° from his campaign promises, slogans, and propaganda. Our entire government is run by oligarchs, corporations, banks, and the MIC, all basically an interlocking juggernaut whose top positions are filled with the same people revolving in and out of govt, think tanks, boards, etc. He’s a symptom, not the disease.

  • Gotham Knight

    What on earth is this article about? What the hell does number 3 have to do with fascism? Eric Zuesse is joining Swanson in the weirdo category.

    • cettel

      What it has to do with fascism is that fascists cannot accept the 4th Amendment.
      The Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling in Riley v. California
      said “The police generally may not, without a warrant, search digital information on a cell phone seized from an individual who has been arrested.” It upheld the 4th Amendment.
      Obama’s friend-of-the-Court brief had argued to the exact contrary
      and its argument was knocked down in a decision signed by 100% of this predominantly Republican U.S. Supreme Court.
      That’s how far to the right Obama is.
      The 4th Amendment’s prohibition of warrantless searches and seizures was unanimously upheld; Obama’s arguments to the contrary were unanimously rejected.

      • Gotham Knight

        Sorry. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve lately associated the left with authoritarians, so to say Obama is to the right did not make sense as progressives are more and more a bunch of statists who hate the Constitution, unlike a Ron or Rand Paul type. So what you are saying is the left wing is pro-Constitution and the right wing is pro-tyranny or anti-Constitution. Or am I still confused?

        • There IS NO LEFT with any power in the U.S. Obama isn’t “left”. The media FRAMES Obama as “left” and Republicans as right, and IGNORES the REAL LEFT totally. That’s how it works.
          Please! Obama “left”? I might go to the hospital from laughing too hard.
          All mainstream media – mainstream fake left (MSNBC), mainstream fake right (FOX, Limbaugh, Hannity), mainstream fake center fake concerned about the public (PBS), and mainstream fake news networks central ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN – have ALL framed: Democrats are “left” (that’s ridiculous, they are right-of-center), Republicans are “right” (Republicans are batshit-crazy and so far right I don’t think there’s a definition for it), and all those fakesters in all the media I said above TOTALLY IGNORE the REAL LEFT (Cynthia McKinney, Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, etc…).

          • ClubToTheHead

            The left /right paradigm is totally useless without a left presence of consequence.

            The situation we live in can only be described as Upstairs/ Downstairs, with the duopoly occupying the upper floor, and a vacancy on the ground floor.

            And anyone trying to occupy the downstairs vacancy goes under fire from the strategic heights of the duopoly.

            I refuse to use the names these Upstairs parties use to identify themselves because they are neither left nor right nor democratic nor republican.

          • cettel

            I just wish that the deniers of reality, such as Gotham Knight, Dr. G, and kimyo, would deal with facts, instead of ignore them and instead deliver ad-hominem attacks against the person who delivers them. Don’t those people realize that a stupid individual is one who refuses to learn? Just because something contradicts what you happen to believe doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. And just because something confirms what you believe doesn’t mean that it’s right. Whether something fits, or whether it contradicts, shouldn’t affect whether you believe it. In fact, the contrary: if something contradicts what I believe, then I am all the more eager to check it out, because I want my beliefs to fit reality, not to contradict it. I want my beliefs to be true, not to be the result of anybody’s propaganda. I don’t want to be manipulated by anybody’s propaganda. I want to be me, not somebody else’s stupid puppet. I have no respect for manipulated fools; but, above all, I despise people who take advantage of their stupidity and who get a thrill out of fooling masses of such fools. Those are the people I especially loathe: the ones who take advantage of the closed-minded, by feeding their prejudices. That’s what I find despicable.

          • kimyo

            here’s what you’re missing: regular readers of this blog have long ago concluded that obama, like bush, is a war criminal. as a newcomer, you’re posting as if the jury is still out, like some case needs to be made. if you read back through years of posts, you’d see that much of what you present is unnecessary.

            you spend a lot of time talking about what flavor of war criminal obama is. this is a pointless exercise. you should be calling for his arrest, not describing what brand of socks he happens to be wearing today.

            you seek to exonerate the democratic party by painting obama as a fascist wolf in blue clothing. as if the rest are innocent and were just lead astray.

            the democratic brand is riddled throughout with cancer. like its republican brother, it needs to be put down.

            neither party acts on the wishes of the citizens of the u.s.a. only if you’re named monsanto, goldman sachs, or exxon mobil do you have representational government. neither party will stop killing brown children with drones. neither party will act to prevent the nsa from recording every single thing you say and do.

            denying reality in kimyo’s book: thinking that, this time, voting D will stop the war or jail the banksters or end fracking. that’s some serious Denial. kudos, i can’t touch that.

  • David

    Fascist or neo-liberal?

  • tony newbill

    Fascism is a result of this Ideology , and if you broadcast this ideology enough you will see the pace of this movement increase exponentially through Governmental Policies limiting the liberty of mankind !

    First they De-developed our self reliance to
    make us SERFS dependent on them ,

    Then under the Agenda 21 policy they are HERDING us with Oppressive
    tactics into the Holding Communities they are going to force to be built

    And these New Communities will come Complete with an expiration date of
    THEIR Choice is what will evolve after they complete the transformation of the
    Liberty clause of the Constitution , Listen at 8:00 about the Liberal Reporter
    saying Yes Death Panels exist and that they are needed to Bend the cost curve
    on end of life care ,

    Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda

    Read more: