Russia Prepares for an Expected U.S. Nuclear Attack


Eric Zuesse

In response to the Obama Administration’s Ukrainian coup that replaced the democratically elected pro-Russian President of Russia’s neighboring country by a regime that is seeking to join NATO and become a base for U.S. nuclear missiles, Russia is girding for America’s expected attack.

BurkoNews, an organization of journalists who live in Crimea, headlined on 22 June 2014, “Why Is Russia Preparing for the Nuclear War?” and reported: “From the middle of May to early June 2014, the Russian Federation [i.e., ‘Russia’] undertook two large command-staff exercises testing the realization of a local nuclear attack. According to military experts there were never such dense and extensive testing scenarios of nuclear war even in the Soviet Union. … The 12th General Directory of the Ministry of Defense, which is the most secret department, was involved in the exercises.”

Previously, the present reporter had headlined “Why Ukraine’s Civil War Is of Global Historical Importance” and explained the connection between America’s coup in Ukraine in February 2014 and America’s re-start of the anti-Soviet Cold War. The U.S. coup in Ukraine cannot be understood outside the context of that country’s being able and willing now to allow the U.S. to place nuclear missiles right next door to Russia, close enough for a first-strike against Moscow to prevent any retaliation by Russia. Our missiles would destroy Russia within ten minutes of launch — too short a time-window for Russia to be able to respond.

Another recent report was headlined, “Indications that the U.S. Is Planning a Nuclear Attack Against Russia,” and it described NATO military exercises and anti-Russian propaganda to prepare for a U.S.-led nuclear attack against Russia. In other words: this new “Cold War” is actually preparation for a nuclear war that is being not just planned but now actually being practiced in military exercises. One cannot understand U.S. President Barack Obama’s propaganda campaign against Russia if one does not understand what it is heading towards.

And, another article was headlined “How and Why the U.S. Has Re-Started the Cold War (The Backstory that Precipitated Ukraine’s Civil War).”  It explained in even more depth the reason why Obama has been doing this.

This reporter has also explained why all U.S. news media (with very few exceptions) have refused to publicize these unquestionable realities; U.S. media have refused to publish any of those news-reports that place these current events into historical context. For example, one of my news reports was titled “Videos Americans Didn’t Get to See on Our Nightly News,” and it opened:

“While the U.S. media obsess with the Iraq War that we created 11 years ago and can’t stop, and that we aren’t really causing right now, they’re covering-up our current  invasion (overseen by our CIA and former Blackwater mercenaries), which Obama and more than $5 billion of U.S. taxpayer money started in February, and which has been reported only via amateur videos uploaded to youtube and linked-to by Pravda and other ‘Russian  propaganda’; so, here’s what U.S. ‘news’ media don’t want us to see, because it’s ‘only Russian propaganda’: it’s what we’re doing (through our own Ukrainian agents, our ‘heroes of Maidan’), right now.”

I shall continue trying to get the U.S. media — both its major news-media, and the smaller-circulation “alternative news” media — to report to the American people what Obama is doing to Ukraine, and why; because, if this media-blackout continues, we’ll continue straight into a U.S. nuclear attack against Russia, even though that would destroy human civilization worldwide. Though that doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s true. Unfortunately, the current U.S. President has other priorities than the public (and so do the U.S. press), as I have documented in the articles that I have just cited here, which the U.S. press has refused to publish.

Here are just a few of my articles about


If this matter does not become a major issue during the upcoming Democratic Presidential primaries, which will start next year, then there will be no way to avert nuclear war, because Hillary Clinton shares Obama’s plan 100%, and was part of its operation while she was U.S. Secretary of State; and no Republican U.S. Presidential nominee will oppose an operation to “win a nuclear war.” Any contender in Republican Party Presidential primaries who would oppose it wouldn’t stand a chance to win that Party’s Presidential nomination, because being “strong on defense” is the biggest rallying cry to that Party’s voters: the people who actually vote in Republican Party primaries and so determine its nominee.

Consequently, the available time-window for the U.S. press to change its tack on this and to start informing the American public on this matter that they’ve been hiding from the public, will soon become closed.

If there are only few reader-responses to this news report, as to those previous ones, then one can reasonably expect that there will be a nuclear war. At least until the present time, the public has not responded to the news-stories that have been published concerning it. Thus, news editors could always say, “The public just don’t care about this.” Maybe they’re right. We’ll soon see. But time has become short.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.





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  • jadan

    Thanks for your efforts, and thanks to GW for providing a forum where US machinations can be seen in development and execution. Why the hell do we need institutions that seek conflict and flirt with nuclear war, like the CIA, the global trouble maker without equal? Why do we pay murderers to murder?

  • colinjames71

    While I’m also concerned about the psychopathology of our dear leaders in launching a nuclear attack, a couple of points from Saker’s site- a former Russian military analyst. Daily sitreps on Ukraine and Iraq by the way. Good stuff.

    “My posts dismissing the possibility of a US nuclear attack on Russia are based only on two things:

    a) a certitude that any such attack would result in the complete obliteration of the USA.
    b) the working hypothesis that the US is a “rational actor”.

    If you carefully read the writings of those who are warning about a UN nuclear attack on Russia, they fall into two very different categories:

    Group A: they say that a nuclear war in unwinnable (Paul Craig Robers is one of them) but that the US leaders are deluding themselves.

    Group B: they say that the US has the capability to strike Russia and not be obliterated in a retaliatory strike.

    I do not disagree with Group A. I don’t necessarily agree either. My purely subjective feeling is that the US “deep state” will not risk it all on such a dangerous move and that the top US military comment would not go along with such an insane plan even if ordered. But I am not a psychic, a psychologist, a psychiatrist or somebody with any kind of access to the US leadership. I don’t know what they are thinking today. The closest I have ever been to the US elites was in the late 1980s early 1990s – a very long time ago. So I do not know for a fact that the US is still a “rational actor”. Maybe they have all gone completely insane as a consequence of a massive overdose of imperial hubris. Could be.”

    “A recent article in the LA Times caught my eye yesterday. It’s title was “$40-billion missile defense system proves unreliable”. I urge you to read the full article but the bottom line here is simple: the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, or GMD, is a catastrophic failure. Basically, the system is useless and would not even work against a (totally hypothetical) Iranian or North Korean strike with primitive missiles. And it’s not like there are just a few technological kinks which need fixing here or there – the entire system was mis-designed from day 1, just like the latest tri-service “flying brick” the F-35. Billions of dollars wasted for nothing except making the folks in the US military-industrial complex rich, very rich. I hope to write up one day a full analysis of why a country which in the past has produced absolutely world class military hardware and weapons systems (like the WWII Jeep or the F-16) is now systematically producing hugely expensive crap, but that is not my purpose today. Today I want to remind you all of a few basic facts:

    1) The entire US nuclear arsenal is hopelessly outdated, especially it’s land-based component which is over 30 years old and whose B-1 and B-2 bombers which cannot deliver cruise missiles and whose “stealth” capabilities are no match for Russian air defense systems. The only part of the US nuclear triad which is more or less in good shape are the US Navy boomers.
    2) The US GMD cannot even intercept primitive ballistic missiles.
    3) Russia has recently deployed brand new mobile land-based (SS-27, SS-29) and sea based ballistic missiles (R-29RMU2, RSM-56) which are designed to be able to evade future ABM systems.

    Please keep that in mind when you hear all this talk about a US first strike on Russia. What is happening now is a typical self-feeding rumor which somebody started (dunno who) and who get’s picked up by more and more people who then end up quoting each other as a proof of the thesis. So my advice to you is this: the next time you come across an article suggesting that the US is about to nuke Russia (or some variation thereof), see if the author offers a plausible scenario of how this could be done. This scenario should not just mention some vague “Star Wars” like “secret” technologies (like nukes in space) but mention existing, tested and deployed systems.

    There are enough real reasons to be discouraged, disgusted, worried and outright despondent about the world we live in and there really is no need to add a completely artificial nuclear scare to this.

  • colinjames71

    I forgot to mention I don’t dismiss the possibility as readiiy as the author referred below, just providing some additional info from someone who’s proven to be a worthy source with a different view. The scariest thing is a piece from Paul Craig Roberts’ site which told a story about a concerned individual presenting info to a US military planner, a scientific study showing that even a very minimal use of nuke weapons could cause global catastrophe. The entire US military apparatus was apparently unaware of the research, which was years old at the time and performed by a prestigious university and had been well-publicized to boot.

  • BearishNews

    I think Rand can win. Unless they really do have control of the Diebold machines, that is.

  • Thomas

    Carroll Quigely redux. If one does not include Augustine, Abelard, and Aquinas in any analysis of Ukraine’s interlopers, WB’s argument is on solid liberal ground. On the other hand, the Fatima request for the consecration of Russia has been removed first by the alleged Vatican/Moscow concordat, which had been signed between His Holiness (St) John XXIII and then-Premier Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. Secondly by the cads who occupy the Vatican today canonizing John XXIII having edified and preserved the occupation of Rome by Enemies of the Church.


    Both the US and Russia worship the International Bankers and their total domination of the last 69 years. The only way to avert WWIII’s imminent nuclear exchange is to follow Heaven’s appeal revealed in Fatima to Sr Lucia. Firmly in control of the papal lineage since 1960, our only saving grace is for the resignation of Francis I due to his Ninth Circle trial in the ITCCS and the rise of His authentic chosen representative. However, man as a whole has been left to his own devices, His Grace being withdrawn from us. In her words that July 1917, Mary continued:

    “To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

    Right now, there is no political solution. The stage has been stolen from man by men. 85% probability, unless…just one, just two, just ten follow His Teachings and listen to His messengers…and petition the rise for a new holy Pope.

  • Dee

    I think every military has a plan for every imaginable scenario. And the Iskander-M missile has a variety of uses and warheads.. Primarily knocking out US antimissile batteries in Poland and other high value assets using a variety of conventional warheads… and this is a fairly new system. I know nuclear is a pretty big bug -a-bear and everybody says nuclear war is unthinkable, You do always have to allow for the possibility, it is one of those exceptionally low probability, unbelievably high consequence events that really constrain options for those that want to throw their power around.
    So weapons have moved on, author mentions that our nuclear arsenal is outdated or aging.. and it is getting a bit long in the tooth, not unlike our nuclear power plant fleet. If you want a nuclear holocaust scenario, the odds are the likely one is self inflicted, that a prolonged power outage, anything over a week or so, would exhaust the local resources , fuel for back-up generators for example, to cool the shutdown reactor cores on100 reactors across America and have all of them pull a Fukushima, and reactors can put out about couple hundred times the amount of long half life as a bomb I say long half life to indicated the fact they have rebuilt Hiroshima and Nagasaki .. while Chernobyl, Hanford, and now Fukushima are going to have areas around them that are going to be closed to habitation for generations.
    Fortunately, she says sarcastically, and yet with no small hope for the trend, we have found a way around the road block of unthinkable nuclear war.. precision and exotic weapons.. We have easily achieved the ability to replicate the damage , in significance, if not sheer explosive force, of an Atom Bomb the destructiveness of the Hiroshima Bomb using purely conventional means and delivered by a single aircraft. I don’t want to oversell smart weapons , the Hiroshima Bomb was small, 15 Kilotons give or take.. When you think the USN Corpus Christi ( literally the Body of Christ, weird huh? , they say they named it after the City ) carries 24 missiles, each with 12 warheads, each warhead 8x-10x Hiroshima.. about 3000 times Hiroshima in raw destructive power. That’s nuclear war.. we don’t want to go there ( and if this post saves the world , you owe me a beer) , and we don’t have to, and actually neither really do the Russians, and we can still blow the hell out of the region, efficiently and with much much less collateral damage, and yet with the same level of effective military destruction at a rate of one Hiroshima per Bomber using conventional means. It is that good ol’ ancient contest between offense and defense that started when some smart ass tied a stick handle onto his rock. Such is the State of the Art.
    The Red Flag that launched this story, the use of Iskander-M’s in a exercise was probably primarily about the anti anti missile battery mission. US Anti Missile batteries in Eastern Europe are very controversial, seen as a destabilizing factor.. but they only pose a threat to nuclear missiles and those that would launch them, and I know we have all reduced or nuclear arsenal by a considerable amount ( God Bless everybody that played any part in that) but we still have and they still have thousands, far more than any current anti missile system could ever shoot down.
    At some point you have to admit to the reality of what an enemy can do .. what is left is the enemies intentions. We have the where-with-all for an all out or limited nuclear exchange, I don’t think either sides really believes that they themselves are able to start a nuclear exchange, for non military reasons, that nation would be cursed for all time, but so long as nuclear weapons exist you have to allow for the possibility.

  • GEvans2

    At first I thought he was referring to WW2,
    but when I re read it, IF I am reading this correctly, he is referring
    to the current situation. IF this is accurate, it is a war crime and a
    crime against humanity that is as bad, if not even worse than the
    massacre in the Trade Union Building in Odessa

  • Anonymous

    USA = Babylon the Great/Sodom & Egypt/Great City.. Russia and Allies = Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns. Read Revelation 11, 17 & 18.