PSYOPS – Wars Are Fought On and Off the Battlefield

Psychological Warfare

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  • therealamericro

    The US and UK have built an online, 24/7, 365 days a year Ministry of Truth.

    The main stream media is tied to the beltway, big oil, the money laundering & tax evasion accomplice banksters on Wall Street, pharmaceutical lobbies, and of course, two Middle Eastern states whose lobbies own indirectly both the RNC and DNC.

    All we are fed is misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and empty talking points.

    The Smith-Mundt Act has been effectively abolished, and now we have government has paid online covert agents with up to 15 identities trolling on the web, subverting discourse with misinformation, propaganda, lies, deceit, and manipulation of facts, all for the creation of a parallel new reality that fits special interest and White House talking points.

    Those who debate and or debunk the online covert agents end up on secret lists, and are put under secret surveillance, with the more troublesome ones subject to online false flag operations to discredit and destroy them (

    The United States is a post-Constitutional, soft (for now) Orwellian hyper-surveillance state with a phony democracy – a two sided coin, one ostensibly conservative, one ostensibly liberal, both of whom vote on 95% of all issues the same (especially when it comes to unconstitutional surveillance to keep us safe from “terrorism,” despite 99 out of 100 “terror plots” being initiated, managed and materially assisted by the FBI who swooped in to save the day – because all of the special interest lobby prostitutes in Congress are compromised and can be blackmailed by the out of control intelligence agencies), who have a 95% re-election rate due to money, not ideas, arguments, and debates, deciding elections, with the MSM managing the whole fake circus.

  • Billie

    PSYOPS *is* being used on and off the battlefield. And, it’s not just propaganda in the form of leaflets, and government paid internet sock-puppets or your garden-variety disinformation on radio and TV.

    Just ask the thousands upon thousands of innocent, lawful and taxpaying Americans being surveilled, harassed and tormented by military-style psyops in their own communities across the United States.

    You’d be very surprised to know what’s been going on in your own neighborhood: