The Propaganda War About Ukraine

Eric Zuesse

Recently, Germany’s Der Spiegel featured a lengthy editorial damning Russia regarding Ukraine; it was titled “How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War,” and it made many allegations, none with documentation, and not a single one with a link to assist the magazine’s online readers to reach easily the presumed (but unidentified) sources. It was the type of propaganda for which Fox “News” in the U.S. has become famous, though Spiegel is centrist (not “right wing”).

The 2,500-word Spiegel article ignored Obama’s lies about Ukraine, and ignored the solid and voluminous evidence that the February 22nd overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was engineered in Washington with assistance from rabidly anti-Russian Polish officials, and with the additional assistance of some fundamentalist far-Right Israeli-Ukrainian Jews who were willing to work with Ukrainian neo-Nazis to get this done. The May 2nd massacre in Odessa that started the civil war was masterminded by the person (Ihor Kolomoyski) who was appointed by the person (Yulia Timoshenko) whose ally (Arseni Yatsenyuk) was chosen by Obama’s agent (Victoria Nuland) to lead the post-coup government.

The major media present a very different picture than you see documented in those links. Voltairenet pointed out how blatantly the major media lie. Headlining, “Kiev regime bombs civilians in eastern Ukraine,” they noted that those bombings were shown “only on Russian TV channels” even though “The OSCE mission in Ukraine has confirmed that the incident involving the administrative building in Lugansk was indeed an airstrike.” Moreover, “To this day, the Western media have ‘refrained’ from broadcasting the images of the civilian victims killed at the Lugansk administrative headquarters, despite their being available on Russian television and on the internet.”

The links in the article that you now are reading are mainly to videos, and to articles with links to videos and tapped phone-conversations, which document in remarkable depth a shocking “You Are There” impossible-to-deny reality, which is the exact opposite of the filth that Spiegel editorially dumped upon its readers, and that’s “reported” in the New York Times, TV “news,” etc. That filth basically sides with the Obama-Nuland four-Party Ukrainian coalition, of two neo-Nazi parties and two merely fascist parties: the Ukrainian coalition that Obama placed into power there, and that was extended in the recent election, which was held between candidates of only those far-Right Parties. It’s as if an “election” in America had been held in which the only candidates were a regular Republican, a Tea Party Republican, a Militia activist, and a member of the Hitler-admiring Stormfront White supremacists. Should “democracy,” anywhere in the world, come down to a “choice” like that? If it does, then should the U.S. be threatening war against Russia to support this resulting fascism, in Russia’s own next-door – a security threat to Russia — a rabidly anti-Russian fascist Ukraine? Is this really the consequence of democracy in America? Or is it instead the result of democracy having ended in America?

America’s media, with very few exceptions (all of which have only small audiences, such as this one), are refusing to publish the articles that I have been doing on Ukraine (including the ones I link to here) (for just a few examples, HufPo, Salon and alternet, which publish from me on other subjects, reject with no comment everything I submit to them on Ukraine), and they also refuse to publish anything that exposes the lies about Ukraine in America’s, and some foreign, “news” media. Something’s wrong.

War against Russia, initiated by the United States, is no mere game. It could kill virtually all of the public, even if the aristocracy might just fly off to one of the ten mansions they own elsewhere, and their financial paperwork at Cayman Island, Zurich, etc., will still remain in perfectly functioning order. The aristocracy who own and control those media are mentally robotizing the public via lies, in order for commoners to serve as pawns in their global chess-game.

The public in the West are being played for fools, and it’s now becoming so blatant, even worse than the lies that produced the scandalously vile invasion of Iraq (which our aristocratically controlled media also fooled the masses into supporting), so that the result will be either masses in “democratic” countries who really are fools, and who don’t at all hold the press to account for having raped their minds, or else it will be mass boycotts of the major “news” media, to protest it, and to change it — so as to restore democracy to America.

If boycotts of the press don’t soon start, democracy has already ended here, because, ever since we invaded Iraq in 2003, we’re already way past the time when there should be a mass boycott by Americans of their major “news” media — media that lie to them so brazenly, and so repeatedly, for so long.

We’re already dangerously close to being like Ukraine, where even fewer oligarchs control even more of the government and of the economy.

Ukraine isn’t becoming more like America. America is becoming more like Ukraine. Will the American public finally put their collective “foot” down? And, if not now, then when?


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.




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  • Wyndham Marsden

    The Spiegel article presents investigative journalism on RT (Russia Today) mission, management, location, budgets, etc.

    RT evolved from Pravda and it’s English language subsidiaries like Daily Worker. Like Pravda, RT relies on a network of cheerleaders.

    Yesterday alone E. Zuesse has already provided several RT links on Washington’s Blog.

    Three postings in 24 hours to further the same agenda on the same blog by the same contributor is a frenzy.

    • ian

      And? The western media are knights in shining armour?
      Remember Iraq?

      • Peter Benson

        What E. Zeusse type RT cheerleaders are doing today is no different than what mass media piranhas did to Iraq twelve years ago.

        • cettel

          Peter, not everything that is published by Russia’s aristocracy is false, just as not everything that is published by America’s, nor by Britain’s, nor by Germany’s, nor by any other, is.

          You are not looking at, examining, and rationally evaluating, the sources that I cite, some of which are from Russia, but by no means all of which are.

          You are so heavily duped by American and other Western media so that you are closed-minded, just like the Nazis were in Hitler’s Germany, the communists were in Stalin’s USSR, etc. With an attitude like that, you might as well not read at all, because your mind isn’t just made up, it’s set in stone, like some religious Scripture that has been canonized as “inerrant” or “the word of God.” That’s not the way any scientist is — or even can be and still be a scientist.

          • B. Shcherbak

            Get off your high horse. By titling your book “Christ’s Ventiloquists” you infer Jesus Christ a dummy. Only a vacuous, pompous, smug, cloven hoofed ass would blaspheme and insult the faith of billions of Christians.

            My surname is Ukrainian. As you probably don’t know, it is the same surname as that of Solzhenitsyn’s mother who was also Ukrainian. As you probably also don’t know, some 20 million Ukrainians were killed in the last century alone. Despite this the language survives and thrives.

            For RT marionettes to pose, strut, lecture and claim to be scientists is proof of the fact that a little learning is a dangerous thing. Go stir another pot.

          • cettel

            Go click on the links, and the links within those linked reports, and find out how deluded you are, and why, and by whom.

            And although Jesus was no one’s dummy, “Jesus Christ” was created by Paul and his followers after the year 49, and they placed into that fictitious person’s mouth the words you seem to hold so dear. It’s all documented in my book, using post-1940, or modern, legal-forensic methodology, which has never before been applied to the reconstruction of the history of how and when and by whom and where Christianity — and the entirety of the New Testament — was actually created: the reconstruction of this piece of history, that event, the event that actually created Christianity, from the available evidence, in the way that courts in democracies now do.

            It’s easy for you to talk (or, here, write) without investigating with an open mind: just regurgitating myths and myths that are based upon myths. It’s hard doing an actual legal-forensic analysis of the evidence. You need to do that, before you write more.

            It’s what I have already done, because it’s the only thing that I do.

          • Boris

            You are obviously a legend in your own mind who has much to teach the Pope and all ecumenical leaders about “actual legal-forensic analysis”. Good luck.

          • cettel

            The Pope does not apply modern legal-forensic methodology to anything. You are citing a religious “authority.” You are, moreover, citing him in order to support you belief in the Bible that was created by his Roman Catholic Church, which was started by the followers of Paul, none of whom (and this includes Paul himself) had ever met Jesus. If you want to stay mentally enslaved to that fictitious “Jesus” and to the hoaxters who created him and who placed into his mouth the words that the Gospel-writers (all of whom were followers of Paul) wrote into his mouth, and never to know about the real one, who would have puked at being so violated (except that he was already dead for 20 years before Paul created the mythological one), that’s your choice, but it doesn’t constitute a historical argument for or against anything at all. Citing a myth to “support” a myth does not constitute history. There is a difference between history and myth; and, in this case, that difference is enormous.

          • Joe Public

            you are a moronic jackass who has fell hook line and sinker for the CIA propaganda

            now your own people are being killed by your own people and you are cheering – you are a fucking idiot

    • cettel

      This is Eric Zuesse, responding:

      Horrors! I sometimes even cite as sources the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc.

      However, I do not cite, as a source, anything that I have not verified on my own.

      I recognize that the owners of all news-media have their own agendas. The fact that they do does not automatically discredit everything that they publish. For example, my book CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS very carefully reconstructs from all of the surviving evidence, the event that created the Christian faith. In doing so, it relies very heavily upon statements in the Bible, because modern legal/forensic methodology (which is explained in my book) applies the best-evidence principle (which is something different from the best-evidence “rule”), and the best evidence is always the earliest, the evidence that was created the closest in time and place to the event that is being reconstructed by the court. I do that in everything I write.

      The best evidence concerning the creation of the Christian faith are the seven generally-agreed-by-scholars-to-be authentic letters from Paul. They predate by decades the Gospel accounts, Josephus, and all other relevant (or “material,” to use the jurisprudential term) writings. They are the best evidence. So, I reconstruct history that way, the way a court in a democracy does.

      Modern legal/forensic methodology didn’t even start until 1940, and it raced forward after the Nuremberg Tribunals that ended WWII. So, this is an entirely new way of writing history. I apply it in everything, including my journalism.

  • philbutler

    An excellent rundown – as for comments about RT, counterbalancing media madness requires some like media madness. My own position often seems fanatically pro-Russian but only because modern PR and media has become so loud, only screaming is heard. Keep up your reports, with your permission I will republish this on my own sites.

    • cettel

      This is Eric Zuesse. You have the permission of the author of this article. None of my online writings are copyrighted; all may freely be posted — and are welcomed to be.

  • Bob

    When our Judgments from Yahweh are complete – we have to destroy the IDOLS of BAAL such as the US Constitution and all of our satanic laws. We must become obedient towards Jesus as opposed to humanism.

    There’s GOOOOOOOD news

    I Corinthians 15.24 Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to יהוה, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

    Read Revelations of John – & all the bible – God always wins and those in Him WIN in the END. Amen !!!

  • 125cbj

    Wonder will this Madness stop anytime soon .

  • artguerrilla

    EXCEPT THAT, in terms of iraq, at least, The They ™ are *NOT* ‘fooling’ us, there was still a huge negative reaction to going into iraq, The They ™ just did it anyway… same with ukraine, frankly, not sure what the ‘official’ poll reactions are to these lies, but i bet the overwhelming sentiment is to stay out, BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER…
    it is NOT that The They ™ are successfully propagandizing us sheeple, it is that it provides the thinnest of veneers for the lamestream media (palin’s only useful contribution to our lexicon) to crow for war-like actions to comport with their roles as lapdogs to the 1%…
    my point is: it simply DOES NOT MATTER if 99.99% of us are adamantly and aggressively AGAINST ANY military actions by Empire, they are going to do what they want to do REGARDLESS of the sheeples bleating…

  • Remember Dick Cheney’s response to going into Iraq, the opinion polls:

  • oz

    topkayaomeration by the washington had been analyzed by the pentagone in 2003..So when the CIA coup staryed they already knew that crimea and some other regions will seperate from Ukraine..

    So what was the real target with the Ukraine operation?

    The operation is a part of #PNAC aka the #greatermiddleeastproject…

    Considering ISIS/ISIL is established by the CIA (CHECK the main leaders who had captured by CIA and prisoned in guantanome and in iraq. And following their release all of them engaged with the radical terorists..alSo check libya ans bengazi affair in dept..)

    AS the plan A (starting the regional war to change the MR maps) has failed due to the brave resistance of syrian people and their political and military leaders…the plan B (announcing the Barzani state on the northen iraq) has to be launched..

    Hence the Ukraine operation becomes handy when Barzani announces independence, Russia will be faced withe the will of civilians as that is the exact narrative Russia is using for the eastern parts of ukraine.. In short Russia has to swallow the Iraq seperation..A great strategy by the CIA and Pentagone…had to admire as a strategist..

    Isil has taken the second major city without any major battle as the Iraqi military fleed after the governer fleed.. Magic hands… Since the invation all general are trained and payroll of cia..well inc the local governers and some warlords like Barzani…Check you will find many cross reference between Barzani Cia and Mossad dating back to early 80s.i

    There are major researches and artucles about wahabism salafism its orogins and british intelligence agencies involvement going back to 18th cc . The creation if a islamic sect but not alamic sect.. Weird isnt it…Not a conspiracy if you make your research in dept.. Many books from major academic people proves this connection..

    IF you still believe it is a conspuracy then what a big coincedence as islamic terorism started just afyer the launch of PNAC..
    1. The seperate Iraq the ventral goverment has to collapse and all cia and mossad agents are doing their best by daily bombings..western media annoucing them as suicade bombers whereas all are remote controlled…
    2. Once the central government collapses the local warloards like Barzani will be announced as heros against Isil.. Kirkuk already taken by barzani as the first step..i predict all major oil fields in the north gradually will be captured by the Warlord Barzani under the pretext of saving them from Isil
    3. A corridor for the pipelines from northen iraq to medditeranian sea required..still syria is an option but now there is a big possibility the coridor will be established by dividing turkey into 2 or 3 smaller states…PNAC plans to divide turkeyinto 2 however due to sociopoliticdevelopments in turkeythis will ne will eventually join to Barzani state. One will be wahabi style islamic and one (western inc access to the blacksea) wich will also in long tern join to EU..
    4. Finally Iran..

    ese developments are not a step by step order as these type of operations run simultaneously..sometimes one tiggering the other some
    No doubt this time China will take a bigger role than explained why ukraine operation needed by cia .. China who is normally quite till UNmeetings this time they announced their will and commitment to the iraq central goverment..

    Meanwhile all countries are runnong programmes to deal with social uprisings and civil disobediance..check pentagon russia uk germany recentl china

    Living on important times in the history of mankind

    All the links you want is in my twitter account @topkayaom Sorry for the misspells as i am on my mobule..

  • 6 -16- 2014 Western Gov Creating Terrorism, ISIS IRAQ: Annie Machon Whistleblower

  • Ivan Hecko

    Will European Union survive Ukraine?

    Now that the EP elections are over, and the members of the EP and the EU commissioners are happy about the outcome, I want to warn them, that this time we did not have enough time to react adequately to the latest trends in the EU policy, but that does not mean we are happy about it.

    The behavior of the EU representatives of late towards Ukraine/Russia has really left me gasping, especially if considered in relation with other recent events, e.g. related to what used to be Yugoslavia, or especially Iraq. This is not the direction which was considered when we negotiated our membership in the EU, which means this is not the EU of which we became members. In none of the previous and also these elections to the EP no politicians had anything like this in their political election program. On the basis of what is all this happening? By the general speeches of EU (and also US!) politicians we

    (I) only support humane approach to problems solving
    (II) only recognize governments which are of “democratic” type – meaning also respecting these 5 points
    (III) do not allow use of military force in international relations, especially not in order to gain access to resources, or annex a part of a country
    (IV) respect the international law in general
    (V) request general freedom of speech and information – in general support human rights in their complete scope

    But in the recent past we saw:

    (1) bombing of Yugoslavia
    (2) Kosovo was torn from Serbia
    (3) US and UK attack of Iraq
    (4) US meddling in Libya (North Africa in general) and almost attacking Syria, it has not happened only thanks to Russia
    The four cases above are evidently violations of practically all of the 5 “rules of behavior” which we – Europe – declare. What is worse – all of them meant massive numbers of deaths, and destroyed lives, and “mysterious” births of unusual numbers of deformed children. Where are the human rights of these people? What was the official attitude of the EU – e.g. towards Iraq? My own country representatives at the time (right wing) officially supported the attack – against the opinion of the people.

    Now we have the case of Ukraine. What a change of the attitude and criteria used! The present Ukraine government was set up on the basis of the shooting at their own people – official version presented also by EU is that the former president is to blame for that. But – there exists the Gatehouse report, which definitely shows that is a lie. What does the present Ukrainian government do about the facts disclosed by the Gatehouse report – that the first shooting came from the hotel occupied by the Maidan people and Americans? And that the shots were aimed both at the Maidan own people and at the police – clearly to start a bloody conflict, just like in many other countries (North Africa, Syria)? Has anybody been accused apart from the previous president, who – by the above mentioned report – could hardly be involved? Is any investigation going on? Were any people who were at the hotel at the time put to prison? If not, why? How can EU representatives accept this kind of government? If I am not mistaken, people from many countries consider this government as fascist and anti-Semitic,
    including e.g. Israel.

    Next “terrible and unacceptable” point of the Ukraine case – Crimea, position of the EU representatives. We all know that Crimea was always Russian, including Ukrainians questioned in the streets – Crimea was “given” to Ukraine by the communist dictator like “snapping his finger” without asking anyone in Crimea itself. I do not expect Americans to know this, but I do expect Europeans to know. Why do EU representatives follow US opinions? They recognized Kosovo under US pressure, now US uses a different measure on the same matter – Crimea – and the EU representatives follow. Do we respect the international law or do we respect and follow US interests? How can I respect my EU representatives – they behave as if they are not quite sui iuris. It may certainly affect my behavior in the next EP (and also domestic) elections. We are not the 52nd state of the USA. By the way, the US theory that there was a genocide of Albanians in Kosovo threatening – I found information that in 1912 there were 4% of Albanians living in Kosovo. What is it today – 85%? Whose genocide does that mean? And by whom? Certainly not of Albanians by Serbs.

    Why do my representatives follow the aggressive US strategy on this matter? Why are they expanding NATO towards Russia all the time? EU is at a much bigger risk than the US. Have they no responsibility? The last countries added to the EU should either not be pushed into NATO, or at
    least, not be active members – no foreign soldiers/consultants or bases on their ground (or ships in their waters). On our joining the EU we were automatically pushed into NATO – but not all EU members are in NATO – why do the new countries have to enter NATO? Whose interests are pushed here? Weapons producers (mostly US) – whose else? Moreover, there existed an agreement of the “new” EU countries, who used to be Warsaw Pact members, not to become NATO members – this agreement was broken – why? Because the US push us? EU should start behaving like a power, not be ready to jump to US music at the first beat.

    US spying on European citizens, plus the above said – are US our partner or our enemy? This must be cleared. They forced us to create Kosovo and then opened their biggest military base there and then it turned out that they have been spying on everybody – how should we interpret that? I want to be protected against any spying by NSA or GCHQ, or anyone else, and that is the responsibility of the EU
    today. Cancel the US spying center in Wiesbaden immediately, and check the purpose of the base in Kosovo. If there is a contract on Wiesbaden, I suppose that by spying on citizens of EU the conditions of the contract were broken and the contract thus nullified. And if not, then I want to ask whose interests the EU representatives have in mind in this respect – evidently not those of their citizens – then whose? I want my elected representatives to protect me from the spying on me, which is illegal whether by NSA, or the GCHQ. As to GCHQ that is a simple case – they must stop immediately, as they should respect the European laws, or UK must get out of the EU if they do not.

    Discussions on the free trade zone with the US – must be stopped immediately, two years postponement from the date of cease of spying. Two years can be a time span which would make the technical/technological knowledge obtained by US spying obsolete. But the two years start is to count from the day when a qualified technical commission confirms that the spying has stopped. President Obama has ceremonially announced that from now on the spying will only be done after an
    approval by a prosecuting attorney. This does not make me as happy as Mr. President may expect – he only said that this particular institution – NSA – will in this one case respect the US laws. That of course is not enough. They still keep people at Guantánamo, kill people using drones without any lawful process and in general have evidently many institutions which need not respect any laws and if a whistle-blower points this out, he becomes a criminal – just compare: in communist countries they became “dissidents”.

    As to US “nation saving schemes and endeavors”. Before Ukraine we have had one not so long ago – No (3). Before we accept any US role in Ukraine where we could work together, we want an account of Iraq – US and UK have attacked Iraq, causing directly and indirectly about half a million deaths (a few dozen are added each day), destroying the life of practically all citizens, purposefully destroying the infrastructure (and setting up Al Quejda, which was not in Iraq before, and other sectarian forces). The quality of life is still worse than before the attack. How can my representatives of the EU accept the US role at Ukraine? How much have US and UK paid to Iraq in reparations of war? Please do not include money paid to US and UK companies, making wars in order to move up their economies cannot be counted (and the unusable chicken factories are already famous anyway). The present US Minister
    of defense in his inaugural speech admitted that “they have made a mistake in Iraq”. Well – is that all? It cannot be – the attack was preceded by hundreds of fabricated lies – which means the “mistake” was well premeditated. We want to know the real reasons – e.g. getting hold of oil sources, suiting the weapons producers’ book, („they represent an enormous part of our economy”, or maybe “they give employment to so many people”), … How can the EU now collaborate with the US on another “mistake” with an enormous risk for the EU involved? I want my representatives to behave with responsibility. We are no trigger-happy cowboys and do not expect our representatives to be that either. I want my EU representatives to ask US to withdraw their new military presence which they
    brought to the Black Sea and to the Baltics. I want all anti Russia sanctions set up to now ignored by the EU and start from the beginning – but not with Russia – especially with the “government” of Ukraine. They are to blame for the people of Crimea wanting to join Russia and for the present problems in their eastern zone, not Russia. They started by shooting at their own people and by
    declaring Russian language would not be used in Ukraine, and in general behave like gangsters – and – EU representatives accept them! Again – what changes of attitudes and requirements! Here again is a slight similarity to Kosovo where the first government was said to consist of members of a mafia. And I also want the EU to ignore all US sanctions against Iran and Cuba – these countries surely
    do not violate the human rights as much as the US and UK (e.g. (1), (3), Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, raids against civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, …, and also see results of the Sir John Chilcot investigation of the Iraq war).

    Being in one military pact with the US. I want my representatives to reconsider this – both with respect to the above – Iraq, spying, and also with respect to the US having approved the new law concerning absolutely unacceptable conditions of detainment of people accused of “terrorism”, which by the way is in discordance with the US constitution. I do not agree with being in the same military pact with such a country – this law changes the US into a de facto “military junta”.

    And the last but not least – both the State and the Corporate owned media report on Ukraine (plus Afghanistan, Iraq) in many countries – including mine – in an absolutely one-sided manner – it looks like copying US propaganda and presenting this to people as facts (I have noticed that Germany shows some objective discussions on some of their TV stations). Do we also have a Patriot Act effective in Europe? Where is the freedom of information? And even the EU representatives pretend that the Gatehouse report does not exist, or the beating of the Ukrainian TV director because of his
    trying to be objective has not happened – what is going on here? Where are OUR basic human rights of information? By the way, the Patriot Act does not apply here even for the US, as the truthful information about Ukraine has nothing to do with the US security. We broke our communist system also to be free from the permanent untrue and one-sided information being poured on us, and now we have much more lying than ever – even in comparison to those times! A few days ago we had a demonstration against NATO in Bratislava – the media have ignored it completely.

    So – if I do not see a clear separation of the position of EU representation (on all matters) from the interests of US military-industrial complex, or a major change in US aggressiveness – I will adjust my attitude to the EU in general (and of course EP elections) accordingly, and it is not just me. As I said at the beginning, I write this as the opinion of the majority of people with whom I regularly communicate,
    including those from other countries. This may push forward centrifugal forces within the EU considerably. There is not much time left. The momentum is changing, although in these elections it still served the present EU rulers, once it starts changing, it will be hard to turn back. And the feeling of
    having fallen back into having no influence on the politics of the EU (before it was just our country), and thus the need of another major change, is growing.

    Ivan Hečko, Slovakia

    • That is one of the more lucid comments on this issue that I have had the pleasure of reading. Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts down….

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  • Alistair Sullivan

    How much do you know about what is going on in

    For example, do you know that May 2, 2014 Ukrainian
    nationalists poisoned with chloroform and burnt alive almost 50 people (watch
    the video in the beginning – the links are below) (1)? Do you know that June 2
    gunship of the Ukrainian Air Force attacked with missiles the regional administration
    building in Lugansk (watch carefully to the end, don’t turn back!) (2), 7
    people killed, including 5 women? Do you know about the children dying
    (3) because of schools and hospitals shelling (4)? Have you seen
    this on CNN or BBC?

    Now you can see – these people are not separatists,
    they fight for their lives, not for political opinions. Those unable to
    struggle had to leave there homes. More then 10 000 refugees (5) with children, trying to save
    their lives, have already fled to Rostov, Belgorod and other regions of Russia.
    If you listen to the corrupted mass media and still doubt about Russia’s role
    in this situation, just answer yourself the following question. If Russia is an
    aggressor in this situation, then why the refugees flow to Russia, not closer
    to Kiev?

    Under the mask of the antiterrorist operation an
    elimination of the non-consent ones is carried out. Ukrainian army shells urban residential areas in Slavyansk with
    multi-rocket launchers “Grad” (6), bombes it with phosphorous bombs (7), prohibited all over the world. Here are some figures
    of the operation: more than 210 civilians (only!) killed, among them 5 and 6
    years old kids, 25 wounded people murdered by nationalist executioners (8),10 000 refugees.

    Not even a week passed since the Poroshenko’s inauguration
    and the Ukrainian authorities announced an intent “to filter and resettle”
    the whole population of the South-East of the country, the announcement been
    made at a time when concentration camps are being built. The same was in
    fascist Germany in late 1930s when al all the non-Aryans were
    “filtered”. Nothing strange regarding that the power was seized by
    the Nazi praising fascist leaders of the past.

    Meanwhile in Slavyansk through the efforts of the
    Ukrainian authorities a humanitarian disaster (9) outbreaks. Just imagine: you turn a tap on – there is no water, you go
    shopping – no food, you are sick – no medicines. There is no electricity for
    already several weeks. Peaceful town is decided to destroy only because its
    dwellers remember fascists’ atrocities and don’t want ethnic cleansings.

    We understand, you have little information about what
    is going on in Ukraine, that’s why we wrote this letter. It is deathful to
    report truth about military crimes of the Poroshenko’s government. June 17
    Russian TV crew filming refugees was deliberately shelled (10) – Igor Kornelyuk, a reporter, and Anton Voloshin,
    sound engineer, were killed. Both were at their 30-s, both had families. Several
    other reporters were captured and torched by the special service and the so
    called National guard (punitive forces). No matter whether they were Russians,
    Germans, Americans or whoever else – they were people, trying to show you the

    I don’t call you to love Ukraine or Russia, but
    peaceful people are dying under fire, people like you! Is it possible that you
    can be indifferent when children, women and helpless old people are
    slaughtered, when innocent civilians are murdered?!

    We don’t ask for any help. We just want as many people
    as possible to have true information about the crimes against humanity
    committed by the Ukrainian authorities and the USA and the EU supporting and
    encouraging them. Compare primary USA and European news channels like BBC, CNN
    or Fox News with some other sources and you’ll see the difference. You have
    right for an alternative point of view.

    After you have read it, think carefully – do you want
    your political elite to support military crimes? That’s all we ask for.

    Please, don’t remain indifferent!

    Any questions are welcomed!











  • Fred

    Maybe the problem is Russia is in the right and the US aggression in Ukraine is wrong.
    Maybe the public in the EU is slowly awakening to the fact that they have been lied to by the Western media (the master of real propaganda) all along about the U.S. State Department’s role in organizing the violent street protesters and the CIA’s role in hiring and assisting the right wing street gangs that carried out the armed coup.
    Whatever happened to the investigation of the downing of the Malaysian airliner? Could it be that the long silence is due to the fact that the only evidence shows the plane was brought down by a Ukrainian figher jet? Any other airline crash and we have radio and TV stations running audio of communication betweent the plane and air traffic control but in this case, and only this case, we haven’t heard one tape of the communication.
    Maybe the public is learning that the war in eastern Ukraine is really being fought by the right wing fascists who want to drive every Russian speaking citizen from Ukraine and that the aggressors are really the western Ukrainians, not those in the east.
    Seems to me all they are doing is trying to create a better propaganda machine to offset the real facts.