Our People in Ukraine Vandalize a Russian Bank


Eric Zuesse


On Monday, June 22nd, a video was posted to youtube showing (starting at 3:00) a Russian bank being vandalized in Ukraine by a mob of “Right Sektor” thugs, which is the same organization who were used by Obama’s team (led by our State Department’s Victoria Nuland) to bring down the former — the Russia-friendly — Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and who were also used by us to firebomb Odessa’s Trade Unions Building on May 2nd in order to massacre the hundreds of people inside seeking shelter from the mob that our regime had organized for this massacre. Yanukovych was the last freely elected President of Ukraine, the last one who was elected by all parts of the country. The new regime is now carrying out an ethnic cleansing operation in the southeastern provinces where Yanukovych had won the most votes, so as to get rid of the people who had voted for Yanukovych. During the Odessa massacre the victims inside the Trade Unions Building had been people who didn’t like the new Ukrainian regime that we had imposed upon Ukraine, by means of this “Right Sektor” organization, and another, called “Svoboda,” whose original name had been the “Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine,” a copycat Ukrainian version of Hitler’s National Socialist Party of Germany (for short the “Nazi” Party).


Here is a frame from this new video, showing our people’s vandalization of that Russian bank:


(This video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYkjJMCf9v8.)


The event’s description, which is provided in the video’s accompanying “About,” says that “Several hundred people with ‘Right Sector’ [or ‘PS,’ for Pravy Sektor’] and carrying Ukrainian flags, blocked in Kiev a group of religious activists from the town of Lavra who were supporting a measure in Parliament against the military action in the Donbas region. … Police gave assurances to representatives of the PS, whose SS column then moved on, … shouting slogans [Ukrainian Nazi ones, praising Ukraine, and damning Russia and Russians].” Then they went on to a “branch of Sberbank of Russia.” But actually, the police weren’t cooperative with the thugs. A friend who lives in Ukraine made the video’s meaning clearer for me by saying of it simply: “Pravy Sektor wanted to beat refugees from south east but could not find them. They beat police and broke up Sber bank instead,” simply because it happened to be “Russian.”


Ukraine’s own largest bank is Privat Bank, which is owned by the Governor that Obama’s people appointed to run the Dnipropetrovsk region, Ihor Kolomoysky, who had been the mastermind behind our May 2nd massacre in Odessa. So, our thugs here in this new video are actually helping to eliminate in Kiev one of Kolomoysky’s competitors. In fact, Sberbank is the largest bank not only in Russia, but in all of Eastern Europe, and it is the third-largest bank in all of Europe. So, within Ukraine, it was Kolomoysky’s own stiffest competitor. Eliminating it would block our opponents in Ukraine from being able to patronize a Russian bank instead of Kolomoysky’s or another of our allied fascists’ banks, and that’s what these fascists were, in effect, doing.


Forbes rates Kolomoysky’s fortune at $6.3 billion. Kolomoysky is famous in Ukraine for using his private armed gang to help him to take over Ukrainian corporations. His bank’s name, “Privat,” is thus especially appropriate. Kolomoysky, moreover, had “earned” his fortune during the Harvard-led privatizations of the formerly communist-government properties, which had occurred in all of the former Soviet states. He’s a very “anti-big-government” person, very “pro-free-market,” against regulations, etc.


Kolomoysky’s main residence is in Geneva, but his friend Yulia Tymoshenko, the rabid anti-Russian whom Obama had wanted to become Ukraine’s President, got word to Victoria Nuland that Kolomoysky would be the best person to appoint to become the new Governor of Dnipropetrovsk; and so he was selected for that post, and he now lives in Dnipropetrovsk.


Kolomoysky has turned out to be an extremely effective agent for Obama throughout Ukraine, and a major asset for the present Ukrainian Government. As a businessman, he can’t be beat, because he is the one who does the beatings (or at least commissions them). He is clearly a master at getting a job done. In fact, that’s how he became Ukraine’s third-wealthiest person. Of course, the results for his (and our) victims aren’t good at all. But Obama obviously doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t care about them.


Kolomoysky recently hired Joe Biden’s Son, the lawyer Hunter Biden.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.





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  • Dee

    Chances are a lot of Ukrainians are vehemently anti Russian because of the Holodomor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor and the treatment of the Ukrainians by Russian Communist while the Ukraine was occupied. When it comes to atrocities in the Ukraine the Nazi’s have to take a back seat to the Russians. As far as Nazi’s go, compared to how Russia treated the Jews , the Nazi’s are again in second place. And don’t forget the Rodina, Russia’s own little Nazi party.
    So you have Russian tanks on the Border, the Crimea occupied by Russians, and Russian backed thugs beating people in the streets and shooting folks .. and you think the Ukrainians fight back only because Obama leads them. And that they are “our” fighters.
    Don’t quite think you are telling the whole truth. Compared to the real historical reasons the Ukrainians have to hate the Russians , there is no Historical reason for them to love the US.. maybe they just want to hold on to their own country and see the Russians as cruel occupiers. Well , maybe they love us just a little.. we took in about 1.5 million Jews from that general area.. maybe they write to each other.

    • cettel

      You’ve not said anything that’s relevant to this article, but I know everything that you’ve said, and all of it is true. It’s just not relevant. The Ukrainian Nazis you see in those videos aren’t what and who they are and in power in Ukraine because of Holodomor etc., nor because they hate the Rodina. They are in power because Obama wanted them to be, and because he selected a crackerjack team (Nuland, etc.) to get them there. You aren’t contradicting anything I’ve been saying; you’ve instead been ignoring it.

      • Dee

        And knowing all that.. you think this is only happening at the behest of Obama? What do you think the Ukrainians are ? stupid? Thy are tearing their country and their lives apart and are willing to die in the streets .. and you don’t think it is a 1000 years of History and a little bit of wanting independence, but rather because they are playing a part in some grand Obamaplan and are controlled by us. And you say I am disregarding causative factors and motivations? Seriously? and you are not? Have you any evidence that any contact with the west is anything other than the official story? You discount all of that history to the point that lacking any other comprehensible explanation you have to spin up a conspiracy and are down to the level of posting photos with no context explaining nothing , only showing the results as self explanatory prima fascia proof working from an a priori Obama and the CIA did it and control everything in the world? Am I getting this right? And you think I am ignoring evidence simply because you present it and call it evidence? And that it’s qualitative value is nearly nil in the broader arch of history doesn’t factor in to my considering your evidence some what lacking? Seriously?

        • cettel

          Just click on the links, read there, and click on the links there at any allegation of which you’re skeptical — and you will see that your comment here is prejudiced.

          • Dee

            Had to cut the DO YOU THINK Ukrainians are Stupid? quote short to twist it , and used quotation marks.. that should tell the world all they need to know about your journalistic ethics … You can’t play it straight to save you life, can you.