Indications that the U.S. Is Planning a Nuclear Attack Against Russia

Preface by Washington’s Blog:  Daniel Estulin is saying the same thing.

By Eric Zuesse:

On Wednesday, June 11th, CNN headlined “U.S. Sends B-2 Stealth Bombers to Europe,” and reported that “they arrived in Europe this week for training.” Wikipedia notes that B-2s were “originally designed primarily as a nuclear bomber,” and that “The B-2 is the only aircraft that can carry large air-to-surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration.”

In other words, the primary advantage of the newer, “Stealth,” version of B-2, is its first-strike (or surprise-attack) nuclear capability. That’s the upgrade: the weapon’s ability to sneak upon the target-country and destroy it before it has a chance to fire off any of its own nuclear weapons in response to that “first-strike” attack. The advantage of Stealth is creating and stationing a nuclear arsenal for the purpose of winning a nuclear war, instead of for the goal of having continued peace via “Mutually Assured Destruction,” or MAD.

Some historical background is necessary here, so that a reader can understand why this is happening — the switch to an objective of actually winning a nuclear war (as opposed to deterring one). One cannot understand what’s happening now in Ukraine without knowing this bigger picture.

(This account is written under the assumption that the reader already knows some of the allegations it contains, but not all of them, and that the reader will click on the link wherever a given allegation requires documentation and support.)

I have previously reported about “How and Why the U.S. Has Re-Started the Cold War (The Backstory that Precipitated Ukraine’s Civil War),” and, “Do We Really Need to Re-Start the Cold War?” I pointed out there that we don’t really need to re-start the Cold War, at all, since communism (against which the Cold War was, at least allegedly, fought) clearly lost to capitalism (we actually won the Cold War, and peacefully) but that America’s aristocracy very much does need to re-start a war with Russia — and why it does. (It has to do with maintaining the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, something that benefits America’s aristocrats enormously.)

Consequently, for example, a recent CNN Poll has found that Americans’ fear of Russia has soared within just the past two years. Our news media present a type of news “reporting” that places Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, into a very bad light, even when it’s unjustified by the facts.

The situation now is thus rather similar to that right before World War I, when the aristocracy in America decided that a pretext had to be created for our going to war against Germany. That War had already started in Europe on 28 July 1914, and President Wilson wanted to keep the U.S. out of it, but we ultimately joined it on the side of J.P. Morgan and Company. This was documented in detail in an important 1985 book, Britain, America and the Sinews of War, 1914-1918, which was well summarized in Business History Review, by noting that: “J.P. Morgan & Co. served as Britain’s financial and purchasing agent, and the author makes especially good use of the Morgan Grenfell & Co. papers in London to probe that relationship. Expanding British demand for U.S. dollars to pay for North American imports made the politics of foreign exchange absolutely central to Anglo-American relations. How to manage those politics became the chief preoccupation of Her Majesty’s representatives in the United States,” and most especially of Britain’s financial and purchasing agent in the U.S.

In 1917, after almost two years of heavy anti-German propaganda in the U.S. press that built an overwhelming public support for our joining that war against Germany, Congress found that, in March 1915, “J.P. Morgan interests had bought 25 of America’s leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media” so that we’d join the war on England’s side. Whereas back then, it was Germany’s leader who was being goaded into providing a pretext for us to declare war against his country, this time it’s Russia’s leader (Putin) who is being demonized and goaded into providing such a pretext, though Putin (unlike Germany’s Kaiser) has thus far refrained from providing the pretext that Obama constantly warns us that he will (a Russian invasion of Ukraine). Consequently, Obama’s people are stepping up the pressure upon Putin by bombing the areas of neighboring Ukraine where Russian speakers live, who have family across the border inside Russia itself. Just a few more weeks of this, and Putin’s public support inside Russia could palpably erode if Putin simply lets the slaughter proceed without his sending troops in to defend them and to fight back against Kiev’s (Washington’s surrogate’s) bombing-campaign. This would provide the pretext that Obama has been warning about.

I also have reported on “Why Ukraine’s Civil War Is of Global Historical Importance.” The article argued that “This civil war is of massive historical importance, because it re-starts the global Cold War, this time no longer under the fig-leaf rationalization of an ideological battle between ‘capitalism’ versus ‘communism,’ but instead more raw, as a struggle between, on the one hand, the U.S. and West European aristocracies; and, on the other hand, the newly emerging aristocracies of Russia and of China.” The conflict’s origin, as recounted there, was told in its highest detail in an article in the scholarly journal Diplomatic History, about how U.S. President George H.W. Bush in 1990 fooled the Soviet Union’s leader Mikhail Gorbachev into Gorbachev’s allowing the Cold War to be ended without any assurance being given to the remaining rump country, his own Russia, that NATO and its missiles and bombers won’t expand right up to Russia’s doorstep and surround Russia with a first-strike ability to destroy Russia before Russia will even have a chance to get its own nuclear weapons into the air in order to destroy the U.S. right back in retaliation.

That old system — “Mutually Assured Destruction” or MAD, but actually very rational from the public’s perspective on both sides — is gone. The U.S. increasingly is getting nuclear primacy. Russia, surrounded by NATO nations and U.S. nuclear weapons, would be able to be wiped out before its rusty and comparatively puny military force could be mustered to respond. Whereas we are not surrounded by their weapons, they are surrounded by ours. Whereas they don’t have the ability to wipe us out before we can respond, we have the ability to wipe them out before they’ll be able to respond. This is the reason why America’s aristocracy argue that MAD is dead. An article, “Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War” was published in the December 2008 Physics Today, and it concluded that, “the indirect effects [‘nuclear winter’] would likely eliminate the majority of the human population.” (It would be even worse, and far faster, than the expected harms from global warming.) However, aristocrats separate themselves from the public, and so their perspective is not necessarily the same as the public’s. The perspective that J.P. Morgan and Co. had in 1915 wasn’t the perspective that the U.S. public had back then, and it also wasn’t the perspective that our President, Woodrow Wilson, did back then, when we were a democracy. But it’s even less clear today that we are a democracy than it was in 1915. In that regard, things have only gotten worse in America.

So, President Obama is now trying to persuade EU leaders to join with him to complete this plan to replace MAD with a first-strike nuclear capability that will eliminate Russia altogether from the world stage.

As I also documented, the IMF is thoroughly supportive of this plan to remove Russia, and announced on May 1st, just a day prior to our massacre of independence-supporters in the south Ukrainian city of Odessa on May 2nd, that unless all of the independence supporters in south and eastern Ukraine can be defeated and/or killed, the IMF will pull the plug on Ukraine and force it into receivership.

Obama clearly means business here, and so the government that we have installed in Kiev is bombing throughout southeastern Ukraine, in order to convince the residents there that resistance will be futile. Part of the short-term goal here is to get Russia to absorb the losses of all of Ukraine’s unpaid debts to Russia, so that far less of Ukraine’s unpaid debts to the IMF, U.S. and E.U., will remain unpaid. It’s basically an international bankruptcy proceeding, but without an international bankruptcy court, using instead military means. It’s like creditors going to a bankrupt for repayment, and the one with the most gunmen gets paid, while the others do not. This is the reason why the IMF ordered the leaders in Kiev to put down the rebellion in Ukraine’s southeast. What’s important to the IMF is not land, it’s the Kiev government’s continued control over the assets in the rebelling part of Ukraine — assets that will be worth something in a privatization or sell-off to repay that debt. However, for Obama, what is even more important than repaid debts is the continued dominance of the U.S. dollar. Wall Street needs that.

Among other indications that the U.S. is now preparing a nuclear attack against Russia is an article on May 23rd, “U.S. Tests Advanced Missile For NATO Interceptor System,” and also a June 10th report from a website with good sources in Russian intelligence, which alleges that Ukrainian President Petro “Poroshenko secretly met with … [an] American delegation headed by the Director of … the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, Frank Archibald, which also included former CIA chief in Ukraine Jeffrey Egan, the current – Raymond Mark Davidson, Mark Buggy (CIA, Istanbul), Andrzej Derlatka, a CIA agent in the Polish intelligence Agency, and member of CIA Kevin Duffin who is working as senior Vice President of the insurance company Brower. Poroshenko and Archibald signed a paper entitled an ‘Agreement on Military Cooperation between the U.S. and Ukraine’”

Furthermore, barely a month before the CIA and State Department overthrew the previous, the pro-Russian, President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, the government of Netherlands decided, after 18 years of “dithering,” to allow the U.S. to arm our F-35 bombers there with nuclear weapons. And this was already after Holland’s “Parliament in November signed off on a government plan to purchase 37 F-35As to replace the Dutch air force’s aging fleet of nuclear-capable F-16s. The Netherlands is widely understood to host about two dozen U.S. B-61 gravity bombs at the Volkel air base, as part of NATO’s policy of nuclear burden-sharing.”

Moreover, Obama isn’t only beefing up our first-strike nuclear capability, but is also building something new, called “Prompt Global Strike,” to supplement that nuclear force, by means of “a precision conventional weapon strike” that, if launched against Russia from next-door Ukraine, could wipe out Russia’s nuclear weapons within just a minute or so. That might be a fallback position, for Obama, in case the EU’s leaders (other than Netherlands and perhaps one or two others) might happen to decide that they won’t participate in our planned nuclear invasion of Russia.

As if it’s not already enough, that the U.S. has troops in many countries, which include the following nations where our soldiers are stationed (and this includes ones with missile bases located near Russia): Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

We also have some soldiers in other former parts of the U.S.S.R.: Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

We also have nearly 35,000 troops stationed in Japan, a nation near Russia and that claims ownership of four small Sakhalin Islands and two small Kuril Islands, from Russia.

Not to mention, of course, installations in places like Romania, Singapore, Turkey, Peru, Kenya, and Oman, totaling 185 countries around the world, and totaling at least 300 U.S. military bases in foreign countries.

The United States is, of course, not surrounded by any Russian soldiers at all — not in Mexico, nor in Canada, nor anywhere near this country, except Russia itself near Alaska.

Certainly, Obama means business here, but the big question is whether he’ll be able to get the leaders of other “democratic” nations to go along with his first-strike plan.

The two likeliest things that can stop him, at this stage, would be either NATO’s breaking up, or else Putin’s deciding to take a political beating among his own public for simply not responding to our increasing provocations. Perhaps Putin will decide that a temporary embarrassment for him at home (for being “wimpy”) will be better, even for just himself, than the annihilation of his entire country would be. And maybe, if Obama pushes his indubitable Superpower card too hard, he’ll be even more embarrassed by this conflict than Putin will be. After all, things like this and this aren’t going to burnish Obama’s reputation in the history books, if he cares about that. But maybe he’s satisfied to be considered to have been George W. Bush II, just a far better-spoken version: a more charming liar than the original. However, if things come to a nuclear invasion, even a U.S. “victory” won’t do much more for Obama’s reputation than Bush’s “victory” in Iraq did for his. In fact, perhaps Americans will then come to feel that George W. Bush wasn’t America’s worst President, after all. Maybe the second half of the Bush-Obama Presidency will be even worse than the first.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • GEvans2

    Just a point. Unreported in MSM and also hardly reported in Independent media, is that 9 out of 10 trading partners with Gazrom have agreed to pay them in Euros, Yuan or Rubels and NOT the dollar. This was announced in the Russian media on D Day. (read into that what you will) The countries were not listed, but we do know that Italy, German, France, UK are some of them. This is a very clear indication from Europe that they are not only moving away from the hegemony of the dollar, but it would follow that they are also moving away from US war mongering. I doubt very much if the Europeans, no matter what stance they might take on Ukraine, want another war in Europe or even on their doorstep in Russia. This would cut off their gas supplies and destroy a very healthy trade between Russia and Europe. Such destruction is not in their best interest.

    • cettel

      I have been expecting and hoping what you are saying, but I don’t have any evidence regarding it. Do you? If so, please provide the links here, to document everything that you have just alleged.

  • Franklin Beenz

    This has got to be one of the stupidest, most irresponsible pieces of nonsense ever written. There is ZERO chance that Obama would ever be involved in your insane conclusion. Absolutely ZERO.

    Nice attempt at fear-mongering, panic-mongering, mis-information, dis-information, lying, slander, malicious calumniation, so on and so forth.

    You must be on someones payroll, have some sick agenda or suffer from some pathological consciousness-based illness.

    This blog has gone from fact-based journalism to becoming a refuge for wacko crap, of which, in this day & age, there is no shortage.

    • cettel

      This is Eric Zuesse, responding:

      Franklin, do you have any other than those ad-hominem criticisms to make of this news report? Or is it simply news that you don’t want to believe?

      • Stuart Crantor

        Has someone been photographed in unflattering positions with barnyard animals by Russian spies.

      • Franklin Beenz

        You attempt to brush aside such age-old irresponsible irrational fear-mongering by raising ‘ad-hominem’ accusations.

        The fact is you are sipping too much tea of the likes of a Benjamin Fulford or a Stewart Swerdlow, et al, or any other truth searcher who has gotten lost in the labyrinth, in the matrix on their way to the truth.

        As with any of these and as with even the Old Testament, New Testament, the Koran, any other such documents, there are some truths hidden among the lies or wheat in the chaff.

        Like I said, your conclusion is absurd. Never gonna happen on Obama’s watch, even if he can’t control such dark forces who would push for what you suggest at the risk of his own life, a la the Kennedy’s, or even his family members lives. I would put money on that and so I’m willing to make you a wager. How about it Eric, will you be willing to put your hard-earned cash on the line for your conclusion or it’s much easier to irresponsibly write such nonsense?

  • Eol Awki

    Russia has made significant strides in their defence capabilities over the last decade. If I were the US Government, I would seriously consider re-thinking my position on this. It is a myth that Russia’s ICBM capability is outdated and ‘rusty’. The American military no doubt know this – and their government should take heed – as should you!

    Would YOU take the chance that there are not at least one Russian nuclear submarine off the coast of America loaded with their new subs equipped with 16 Bulava class missiles (more than enough of themselves to take out America), or mobile & fixed land-based TOPOL-Ms and the new RS-24 Yars which travels at 20+ mach and might well be able to defeat any defence thrown at it?

    You folks are crazy if you take that chance.

    • Nexusfast123

      I agree with your comments.It would be absolutely deranged to make such assumptions about what Russia can or cannot do. The US has a pitiful record of foreign military intervention. This silly article somehow ignores China and the fact that if Russia ‘goes’ China will be next. Does anyone think China would remain passive.

      Besides the stupidity even the ‘limited’ use of nukes would kill nearly all of us as it would inject millions of tons of soot into the atmosphere.

      • Eol Awki

        Absolutely – we don’t live in a vacuum. The list of environmental and economic consequences are simply too many to name from such an insane action.

        But then whoever said neocons were sane….

        • cettel

          that’s the point: they’re not “sane” — at least if by “sane” is meant concerned about the public’s welfare. However, perhaps they aren’t concerned about that? What if these aristocrats have their own interests and priorities, which ignore the welfare of the public? And so this is my response also to the comment by “Nexusfast123”: Why do you simply assume that the people in power care so much that “even the ‘limited’ use of nukes would kill nearly all of us as it would inject millions of tons of soot into the atmosphere”? You do (you care), and I do; but, perhaps, they don’t.
          Don’t assume. I don’t assume. I ask questions, and I challenge assumptions, especially when a President or other person in power has a record of lying about important matters, as Barack Obama does. Clearly, he was telling the truth to Wall Street’s CEOs on 27 March 2009 inside the White House in his secret meeting with them that leaked, when he said he’d protect them and “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” His contempt of the public (“pitchforks”) there is accepted by you; not by me. I question.

          • cettel

            PS: I urge readers to click on the links wherever a question about the credibility of an allegation here arises, and to click on the links in those cited sources whenever a question about their credibility arises. I do not start with assumptions but with questions; and I expect my readers to do the same, because the matters here are too important to be left to mere assumptions, and because so many of the standard assumptions have already been proven false.

          • William Peace

            I would not consider the CFR to be a reliable source, nor wikipedia……The Russians have focused their spending into technology specifically designed to defeat the US systems…. The spending difference is insignificant when a Russian sunburn cruise missile can take out a US aircraft carrier that costs thousands of times more. Or like the case of the Russian jamming tech that rendered the USS Donald Cook little more than a barge as Russian jets performed several close prox fly byes.

          • cettel

            CFR is not a reliable source in its allegations, but its journal FOREIGN POLICY is a reliable source for indicating elite opinion in the United States. Nothing that is outside the bounds of elite opinion in the U.S. is publishable there.

          • Chris Johnson

            I think the Stealth bomber as a first strike way to win a war is an absurd concept…How will it stop Russian nuclear submarines or all missile sites from launching? it will always be MAD..

          • Wade C

            William do you pull your news out of your rear?. These are not credible stories sir, the Cook incident is a lie.

          • WDE

            the difference is if the USA thought there was a risk the planes would have shot down before they could jam anything

          • Daves Justuson

            If you and these readers you talk about had any credibility, they would be engaged in asymetrical warfare against this cabal with the bankers at the head and the U.S. Government acting as the enforcement arm until it is totally erradicated. But we know that all you’re going to do is nothing, and that’s why things are in such a state.

        • Ken Sidley

          I’d agree with you, especially on the neocons thing. However, Barry isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to military strategy. There is someone or a group behind this, who knowhow to play. Something is up.

          • Sandra Jenkins

            I think you can see who was (is) behind it now…. 3 years later, Yes or No?

      • Robert Walther

        Billions of tons! But who’ll be counting?

      • Daves Justuson

        I used to think nuclear holocaust would be a negative factor, but seeing the two forms of humanity that have manifested this planet over time-the tyrannists and the tyranny-lovers(those who accept tyranny, lay down to it, wave it’s flag, fight and die for it’s causes, etc.), I’ve come to the conclusion that nuclear holocaust would be a rightful purging.

        • smb12321

          You are certifiable. A nuclear war would purge humanity. Nuclear war has no battle line, no battles, retreat, surrender, hidden bunkers or triumph. It is the end of human civilization. If your world consists of tyrannists or their lovers then you need to make some changes. Take a vacation, lay off the nutty conspiracy sites, connect with friends and family, talk to children, enjoy life. Everyone is not evil.

          • Daves Justuson

            Where’s ypur credentials to back up your name calling, or do you just do that on blogsites because no one listens to you in person, which is obvious. It’s obvious to anyone with an I.Q. above shoe-leather what the consequences of a nuclear war are and what I meant by the needed effects of one based on the lack of worth of humanity and it’s governments. Now, go back and watch cartoons.

          • Rocky Racoon

            so commit suicide and leave those who choose other ways out of it.

          • Rocky Racoon

            Not only humanity but much of biological life of the planet no doubt we need a good cleanse of so many carcinogenic in the environment but nukes are not the answer to making the planet livable again.

          • scion777

            Life would be in danger of ionizing radiation – “radiation sickness” – dying in a matter of days or weeks – cancer would be way down on the list of worries in a nuclear exchange.

          • WDE

            lol no it isn’t millions would survive, the initial blast is the worst part, after a short window of fall out, then recovery would begin you would just need to know weather reports to stay out of radio active rains….

      • Rocky Racoon

        China is now fully aligned with Russia and has joined in the plan to bring down the Petro-dollar. The Umbrella revolution cinched that one for sure.

      • David

        China is the Quiet Assassin of the USA, they would not stand by and watch Russia become a Radioactive Dust cloud floating westerly at 15knts – their way!

        • solerso

          There is no possible way Russia could become “a radioactive dust cloud” without the US and Europe taking at a minimum dozens, but most likely hundreds of hits with Russian mega tonnage. Russia has a fleet of ballistic missile submarines (hello!) And a large fleet of supersonic bombers (which would attack over the artic into North America) and apparently. superior aviation in general. ” MAD is dead” ??? don’t you believe it, and be quite sure that MADNESS rules our parasitic finance capitalist elitists and their low grade political servants and the fever is spreading among them.

          • WDE

            “superior aviation in general” bawhahaha lol retard

          • scion777

            Read above ^ about the minimal danger of the Russian navy. Their land-based forces are the true threat.

      • James from Dallas

        I would not be so sure of that. More powerful Megaton warheads will likely be neutron bombs, high radiation, low blast, and most importantly they will be aerial bursts reducing radioactive contamination with alpha and beta particles. Death will be mostly by gamma radiation. Notice I say low blast, not no blast. If the enemy remains alive at certain locations, even for hours to a few days to even a few weeks, that is still enough time for counterfire launches. Missiles may have warhead restrictions set by treaty. I read where U.S. Ohio Class nuclear submarines are restricted by treaty with Russia to 8 warheads each although each ballistic missile is designed with capability to hold 12 nuclear warheads each. From recollection, each missile warhead is around 850 to 900 KT. Hiroshima from what I read in the past was about 28 KT, with early civilian estimates of about putting the blast at about 15 KT. Even so, you can immediately get a picture of the difference in firepower, each warhead something on the order of 40 to 50 times the Hiroshima blast. I would estimate complete destruction (radius of vaporization, blast, heat and shock wave) to about a mile from ground zero. The Ohio might carry as many as 24 of this BMs. My guess is that Russia has something similar. Once the MIRVs open up into 8 warheads, I do not see how anything can stop them. This goes for both sides. A pre-emptive or first strike capability, might offer an advantage, but I am not sure that will avoid mutual assured destruction (MAD). Ballistic Missiles are deployed by land, sea, and air to guarantee delivery. BMs likely carry redundant navigation systems, GPS navigation and backup inertial navigation systems; these same missiles may also be ECM ready with flares, balloons, or chaff ( The Patriot missile system was design for attacks on aircraft, typically something like Russian strategic bombers. But, I am guessing that was for the gravity bomb days not cruise missile days. The upgrade is the THAAD ABM system. But, it has been known to fail, and the price tag is high. It is basically designed to hit a missile with a missile. This may be what Obama wants to put in Poland to originally counter Iran. But now, it may be design to defend against a Russian missile launch. I do not believe THAAD can or will shield against all incoming missiles. But, it might get some. Even if you survive a first wave launch, there will likely be serious global effects, radioactive fallout, nuclear winter, etc… Life may exist only for a short time. And, even if it is longer, I cannot believe the quality of life on Earth will be high. I am sure there are those saying ISIS is not the most formidable threat, but what if ISIS survives the battle between the superpowers. Life on Earth could still be chaotic is no one is left to challenge ISIS, which happens to be a common enemy to the USA and Russia. So, maybe ISIS does need to be handled with first by the east and west. Maybe, after that, Putin might change his policies.

        • jess

          I’m no expert st any mean but options R what they r
          But I am a Christian and I will say this it will happin to hive power
          And it will come down to one world the likely hood of this tapping
          Is good. The Government already has preparation to
          be able to survive for as long as they need to. N don’t care for the concerns of anybody lower then them
          It’s about pride power N money.

        • Sarastro92

          The bottom line is that building first strike capacity greatly enhances “first usage”… hence it hugely lowers the threshold for nuclear war… the Russian side in particular no longer has the luxury of confirming a strike signal and must get it’s fleet launched asap… even if the signal is malfunction of some sort.

          Congrats to Obama and his overlords for this magnificent accomplishment.

          • Pat

            Obama is probably the worst US president ever and unfortunately for US Black people one of the last time a black man is elected as a president.

          • scion777

            Obama’s an idiot. The “first strike” potential has been around since 1948 – and it has never happened. I wouldn’t worry too much about that point, if I were you.

      • The OGS

        Funny to read this months later, with Russia and China having achieved their strategic partnership.
        You seem like a prophet, heheh…

      • Gerard Pierce

        Millions of tons of soot may be our rulers answer to global warming.

        • Blacklist

          Whether you like it or not first strike works for all you so called military experts.. We have everything in check.. All your hearing is propaganda So you don’t know what anyone’s doing..misdirection at its far as subs they would never know until its to late..poor Russia is foolish enough to believe its leader.. I’m someone who holds the best interests for America.. Thank you for all your knowledge!!! 😉

      • scion777

        On the contrary, America has shown on the vast majority of any foreign military interventions to be both effective and admirable.

    • cettel

      The problem with your “If I were the US Government, I would seriously consider re-thinking my position on this” is your underlying assumption that “the US Government” represents the U.S. public; it does not; it represents the U.S. aristocracy. They don’t much care about us; they care about being Number One; they care about dominating not just us but the entire world. Domination is their chief motivation; they are not democrats — they are fascists.

      • problembarnet

        How would blow up the world help them dominating everything? How would blow up the world “maintain the dollar as the world’s reserve currency”?

        • Alife

          It does not help ,USA will have it’s dollar fall in less than a decade and it’s Government will go against civilians, this is demoside. And it will happen. Either China will ask for it’ s money or they will go against civilians. This is true. US will fall soon.

          • Daves Justuson

            It’s already ‘gone’ against civilians! Civilians did and are doing nothing about it!

          • MRAmerican

            They owe the United States just as much money. Everyone owes every one money that is how the world economy works my friend. The United States is forever evolving.

          • hyjyljyj

            “US will fall soon.”

            Alife…get a life.

            The trouble with trolls is they’re never around later to own up to the wrongness of the doucheflow they spew.

          • Børge Vagn Birkebæk Truelsen

            US will not fall. and onone WHO understand when will happen do not want it to fall

          • Børge Vagn Birkebæk Truelsen

            well it they did .. do you not think that the US just will say .. go fuck your self ?

        • smb12321

          LOL These people lead lives based on nutty conspiracies. They never notice the failure of their predictions. The dollar’s demise and US decline is at least 25 years old and the timetable resembles that for the second coming – any day now, real soon, next year, in 2017, when we least expect it, blah blah. The idea that the “elites” want a nuclear holocaust that can be “won” is insane. I’d wager all the tea in China the “source” is a troubled soul searching for their Inner Survivalist.

          • Daves Justuson

            They are looking for a preemptive first strike, effective enough to prevent retaliation. That is one of their goals if they can’t engineer the world the way they want it by the proxy wars and economic sanctions. We’re all setting around letting them do this on a world scale, being oppressed, impoverished, and murdered by it, and are doing nothing but being good little servants.

          • Theamerican


      • Washoda Ajnin

        Well put

      • Daves Justuson

        Anyone with an I.Q. above that of a retarded eartworm knows this, but the sheeple. The point is tbat the sheeple as well as every one else are setting around while totalitarianism is growing and oppressing, and impoverishing, and murdering, right in plain view, and are allowing it to happen. Getting on blogsites and quoting Thomas Jefferson and stating the obvious is the same as doing nothing. Marching, protesting, voting, in a totalitarian state accomplishes nothing either, but a waste of time, effort, and resources.

        • theamerica

          We do not live in a totalitarian state. the Russian do.

          • Daves Justuson

            I live in the U.S. that has the most dangerous and the most sophisticated corrupt, oppressive, impoverishing, murdering, oligarchial, totalitarian government in the history of the planet. I don’t know where you, ‘we’ live. No matter where you live, you’re heads been up you’re ass.

        • Rocky Racoon

          It’s a start it promotes solidarity and people get to experience it first hand it’s quite a good feeling actually. What is needed is the formation of a United Front with Labour Maybe 5 to 7 Demands that link the present to a potential future like Nationalize the Fed. Universal Access to Education. Housing and a Job for Everyone. Re-Build American Infrastructure and the have a General Strike all of these demands are doable today. All other issues to be dealt with after these are met this goes from gay to environment but these demands could be the premise for a whole new society.

          • Daves Justuson

            Once government has manifested itself to a certain point of evil, corruption, and totalitarianism, it’s way too late for trying to work within the system in a peaceful process to effect positive change. The government by this time is too powrrful, too corrupt, too centered on it’s own agendas, and has too many controls in place to stop, derail, coop, handle, any efforts to change it’s activities. At this point in time the only significant action, in order for mankind’s survival is the violent and forceful erradicaton of totalitarianism by guerilla type asymmetrical warfare.

          • hyjyljyj

            Spot on, DJ. Clearly you’re one of the few people who get it: Artificially fragmenting totalitarianism into various labels like socialism, communism, fascism, islamojihadism, etc., etc., and pitting one against the other, is just a clever tool invented to control the sheeple, pseudointellectuals and other fools, and the nitwits who listen to them. And it works flawlessly: For example, some still naively and laughably believe there’s a substantive difference worth discussing between Stalin and Hitler, the “communist left” Soviet Socialists and the “fascist right” Nazis (Nationalist Socialists). What a joke. The real enemy is authoritarianism–the being told where and how and with whom to live or die, what to do and when. The CONTROL. It doesn’t matter who is doing that to you or why, or what label they’ve suckered you (thought-controlled you) into putting on it.

            I don’t live in NH, but there is one State Motto without the truth of which the other 49 don’t EXIST, much less matter: Live Free or Die.

          • Daves Justuson

            You hit it right on the head-CONTROL. It’s about CONTROL. IT’s always been about that. For out of CONTROL the one’s in CONTROL, get everything that they want. To name a few, Concentration of wealth and Power in the hands of a few to the detriment of everybody else; CONTROL of Events; CONTROL of ‘Point-Of-View’-Propaganda, along with Socialization, Indoctrination, and Brainwashing-CONTROL of the Educational System, News, etc; POWER. AUTHORITARIANISM/TOTALITARIANIASM needs also, in order to exist and function, a citizenry composed of 85% or more-socialized, indoctrinated, brainwashed, self-deluded, worthless, apathetic, beat-down, clueless, tyranny-worshipping, patriotic, flag-waving morons.

          • Rocky Racoon

            I’m no weatherman but I think there is a difference between a hurricane and a tornado. You look at the effect and say what is the difference. Well there is a lot of difference like how you would design a building to stand up to a hurricane caused wind and one caused by a tornado. Stalinism does not equal fascism nor did it have the same outcome.

          • Tannenhouser

            Wrong. It was the same thing. Good day

          • Rocky Racoon

            That is just it these demands cannot be met within the system they are doable transitional demands that leads to a social and political revolution as people realize hey we want to do this but can’t and the only reason we can’t is because of this system so the system has to go…..transitional demands

          • Rocky Racoon

            Well a general strike would boil down to who rules the people or the state and then a confrontation would take place. The rubber hits the road at this point and we all find out what side of the barricades we are really on.

          • solerso

            There’s no way out within the present system. Sorry. Where is the present system ? Ruled by the banks, by finance capital. Will anyone seriously dispute that ?

            “Fascism is an open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic, the most imperialistic elements of the financial capital… Fascism is neither the government beyond classes nor the government of the petty bourgeois or the lumpen-proletariat over the financial capital. Fascism is the government of the financial capital itself. It is an organized massacre of the working class and the revolutionary slice of peasantry and intelligentsia. Fascism in its foreign policy is the most brutal kind of chauvinism, which cultivates zoological hatred against other peoples.”

            -Georgi Dimitrov-

          • Rocky Racoon

            Bravo, our real enemy is at home.

    • Jesse James

      Not just crazy but they are also evil just if they are even considering a nuclear first strike. There is nothing going on in the world today that warrants a first strike nuclear attack against anyone.

    • Bilwil

      I can assure you they know with in a foot, where every sub is at.

      • Robin Hood

        Subs have a tendency of moving. Fast if needed. In case of Russian ones, extremely deep and significantly stealthier than the US ones

      • John Sinclair

        I can assure you they don’t. The Russians on the other hand know where every Western sub is.

    • jafo

      The US military is at least 40 years ahead of Russia and everyone else. The US spends nearly a trillion dollars on defense yearly. Whereas, Russia spends about 60 billion yearly. In laymans terms: The US state of California has a bigger and better economy than Russia and California only accounts for 15% of total US GDP, lol. Russia and Texas are about the same size in terms of economic might and output.
      Back to US weapons: The USA has a top secret project called HARP and other top secret projects. Hence, what about that Space Plant in space? Yep, it’s been up in space now for about a year, lol.
      It is possible to win a nuclear war and the USA could win one. Everybody knows HARP will vaporize anything up in the atmosphere and it can also control weather.
      Oh yeah, those awesome Russian ICBMs you talk about? Well, Russia is 6 out of 11. Meaning 5 misslies failed to reach their target. Yet, the USA is at 100%. Russia also doesn’t maintain their nukes and most of them probably will not fire. Enjoy your dream World, kiddo. It’s obvious you live in a trailer park somewhere, commie.

      • Александр М

        Silly thoughts. Russia has the best weapons in the world. You can spend and 10 trillion per year. It does not mean anything. You can make a modern flare for $ 10 million, as does Russia. You can do the same rocket for $ 100 million, as does America. Enemies attacked Russia many times. No one has ever been able to defeat Russia. Learn the history.
        But in a nuclear war there are no winners. All die.
        Reassure your mad president. Russia peaceful country. She is not at war around the world. How America. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq was bombed by Russia? No. This makes America. What the American army has lost thousands of miles from home? The American government is trying to impose its democracy to other countries. And if they need this democracy? In America itself there is no freedom of speech.
        Now with Yutube removed any video of the events in Ukraine, if it is not profitable America. Fellow Americans. You must live in peace on the other side of a large puddle and do not interfere with the lives of others.
        You are the same as all. Mortals. No elected nations. Hitler believed the Germans chosen nation. What happened to him?

        BEM world!

        • 22

          Russia would fight every NATO country which all have their nuked aimed at Russia. It wouldn’t even be a fight. It would just be the whole class room throwing stones against the fat guy.

          • Александр М

            Russian nuclear missiles are aimed at all NATO countries. This shit from Russia will be enough for everyone. You are hurry to die? Those who remain alive will envy the dead.

          • 22

            US subs, all nato subs, all nukes off nato, all nukes of all countries in the world except a few allies of russia are aimed at you and your city. (lol) before you even launch one of those old crap malfunctioning nukes of yours russia will be a hole so big and dakr you can’t even see it. 15 minutes and your country is gone

          • Rocky Racoon

            So true to many kids raised on video games but in real world even drone operator’s cannot stomach in-human warfare knowing they are killing innocent civilians. They cannot train drone operators fast enough to keep up with attrition rates

          • Vladifyouprefer

            Amigo, I read you comments and coming to a conclusion you are f…ing retarded. I figured you read a few articles here and there but like Russian’s say “you heard the sound but you have no idea where it comes from”. In Europe there are only 2 powers that Russia looks at as somewhat a threat – UK and France – all others are pshh, nothing. Now, back to your deaf brain, all you really have to know as far as Russia concern are these four words – Topol-M, Yars, Brahmos, S-400. When one will fall on your head, you, in addition to your deaf brain, will be deaf, blind, hairless (I think you already bold, but ohh well), but perhaps more wise. Ohh, have I mentioned toothless? You know what word Bistro means (like fast food places)? In Europe they know this word very well. Hold your horses, don’t google it yet, I want you to learn it after WWIII.

        • Donald Lang

          Russia defeated Russia.

          • Александр М

            Now Russia is not at war. Nowhere. Patriots Donbasa coerced into the world of the Nazis.

          • John Sinclair

            I think you are thinking the right way but it was the USA that defeated the USA in 911 and the debacle that has followed, everything she touches turns to poo. De-dollarisation continues apace and the USA has fewer and fewer friends around the world but of course I guess you will say you don’t need them. The USA is exceptional after all ………

          • Donald Lang

            You’d be wrong, everyone needs friends. Our alienation of foreign democracies is the single greatest failing of foreign policy since the start of the cold war.

        • Russ

          Keep dreaming, you make bigger bombs, not better, you make faster aircraft, not better. The US is light years ahead of you in ever major military technology. And if you know your history, Russia would have fallen to Hitler if we had come and saved your ass, we gave you plane, trucks and most important food, otherwise you all would have starved. The US will never drop the first nuke, but we will drop the last.

          • Александр М

            You gave
            planes, trucks? The Soviet Union paid in gold for it all. America had nothing
            to anybody gives just so free. Your god – money. Such nations do not exist for
            a long time. They die. Now America needs global chaos. Otherwise it kirdyk. The
            whole world hates America. She brought so much trouble. But for now afraid of
            to say so.

            Of course,
            you win all. Once come up with a gel of obesity for their soldiers. And the
            cure for cowardice. It seems to be now engaged in the Pentagon? When a Russian
            plane flies over the American cruiser, your soldiers are fleeing to the

            country – phony balloon, buyout burst at the first storm.

            You want a
            war? Read the story.

          • hyjyljyj

            Sorry,….”The whole world hates America”?

            And the whole world loves Russia, I suppose. Let’s ask some Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Azerbaijanis, Turkmen, Khazakhs, Uzbeks, Bulgarians, Moldovans, Romanians, Serbians, Croatians, Bosnians, Albanians,…oh wait. Every single one of them hates your squishy guts with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns, comrade. The entire world doesn’t trust your country because you like to take over other countries by force and rule them, like Hitler did (and would have taken your hellhole too, had we not stopped him for you. Pozhalujsta, putz.) We don’t do that. See the difference?

            But nobody loathes and despises Russia like the Ukrainians do–suppose you drop the lecturing attitude, get off the internet, and go read your OWN history, say about 1933 or so. Gavno v golove! Hey, I just made that one up, LOL. Here’s one I didn’t:

            Khuj tebe v rot, chtoby golova ot vetra ne kachalas’.

          • Александр М

            Ask a. Only
            need to ask is not the governments of these countries, and the common people.
            Russia started many wars? A America? Constantly, every year arranges the war,
            coups, revolutions around the world. Who gave you the right? Nobody except
            America has not committed such a terrible crime as a nuclear attack on a
            peaceful town. But justice will prevail. America do not love. America feared. But
            it is destiny cowards.

            By The Way.
            Perhaps without Russia would not exist a free and democratic America, what you
            think. Of course, if you know the history.

            А вообще, пошел на hyй укроп ебучiй. Иди скачи дальше dolboёб

          • Nikola Petrović

            I can guarantee that a large majority of Serbs are pro Russia, around 83 percent of us.

          • victoria

            Listen here you dumbass hitler is a fucking pussy he was afraid of russia because the soviet union destory their asses in the war and u.s. put their nosey asses in it which they had no business in that situation

          • stefan

            > you make faster aircraft, not better.

            There is a simple way to find out: attack Russia and we will see who has a better tech… God Bless America!!!

      • tellitlikeitis

        It would literally take an act of God for Russia to defeat the United States, end of story.

        • And what if God is pissed off at those, violating his covenant?

        • Dasa Jarosova

          exactly, that is why the USA will be defeated, if it attacks first. It would go the same way for Russia, but Russia won’t be the one to attack first.

      • T. Matson

        Thanks to Israel, both Russia and China have all of our Tech. And the money you are talking about is a slush fund–and since Israel now states they do not even need our military aid anymore–they most likely have infested the trillions of dollars that have gone missing over the years in the US defense budget……….and since China builds everything cheaply compared to the world–to think they won’t pose a serious threat very soon is naïve–especially since they would be working with Russia and several South and Central American nations against us if a war ever did come about……..Harper and the President of Mexico are both Vassal’s to the One Government Order–obviously if a fight broke out those two leaders would be decapitated by their own people who would be on our side….

        • Avram Cohen

          Israel has always been a traitor to it’s allies!

          • John Sinclair

            What allies?

          • justin

            Srry but we might not have a lot of allies but the ones we do are the cream of the crop we out weight in air an water usa will hold world oder u say russia will drop first but i don’t think so an nato is just another word for usa with a mask to lead the sheep from the bad an ugly we may fight but we don’t rap an beat children christens an. all that we do at war no perposly but if the worldd is a better place blood shall be sheed for a bbetter tommrrow

      • stefan

        >it can also control weather.

        Time to take pills sweety…

    • Bob

      yes i would nuke russia now, rid the world of this terrorist nation NOW!!!

      • Avram Cohen

        Wow, another bozo fucking quack!

      • Klaxxis IV

        Take a dyke spike in the ear, you porker.

      • Jean-Ian Simard


      • John E.

        There are quite a few terrorist nations out there. Ones that terrorise their own citizens to maintain control, and murder innocents to strike fear into other nations. Right now, the U.S. and Israel top that list.

      • victoria

        Good luck with that because the motherland will destroy your ass

        • Al

          You mother fuckers are surrounded. Russia will be smoked in 5 minutes. Few nukes hitting us from russian subs – you know we can take it.

          • victoria

            Вы чертовски тупица американцы не стоит недооценивать Россию !!

          • Nikolay

            Shalom, ”Victoria”!!!

          • Mike Tyson

            Вы, блин, российские пьяницы слишком заняты бить своих жен, геев и диссидентов даже беспокоиться о LMFAO Рейган доказал ваши бойцы стрельбы для нас LOL Принесите его, вы куски дерьма!

          • Mike Tyson

            я собираюсь трахать свою жену и мама тоже у нас будет большой большего пошел на хуй в проходе во время просмотра мне наслаждаться вашей дочери после того, как уже стукнуло ее! хахаха

          • Mike Tyson

            Цена на нефть настолько низок, вы будете использовать его вместо секса желе xaxaxa

          • Daves Justuson

            ‘We’? You can’t handle reality and the truth-you can’t take anything. ‘We’, I don’t know who that would be unless it’s the mouse in your pocket?

          • NO NUKES

            you must be crazy. what kind of awful perso you have to be to wish any nation a nuke attack…. do you even know what are concequences of nuke attacts? do you know that whole earth could be destroyed with all nukes it has? shut the fuck up, peace. NO NUKES IN THE WORLD

          • Rocky Racoon

            Nuclear Special Forces Only BRICS countries will survive

            9704 Views April 29, 2015 152 Comments Guest Posts The Saker

            Foreword by the Saker: Today I am posting an article with great reluctance but with a sense that what this article conveys must be made public in the West. I will tell you immediately that I am sickened by the idea that Russia might simply completely destroy the entire USA, be it by “regular” nuclear strikes, by blowing up the Yellowstone caldera or triggering a tsunami. In my years as a student in the USA (in Washington DC), I did a lot of nuclear exchange modeling as part of a nuclear force planning course. And in the back of my mind, I always thought that if I was the General Secretary of the CPSU (it was still the Cold War), I would *not* retaliate in kind to a US strike. Russia would perish, but that would be Russia’s last gift to mankind: life. Russia would chose to sacrifice herself and let herself be destroyed like Saints Boris and Gelb had done at the begging of the (old) Russian history, the Russian New Martyrs did at its end, without striking back, just like Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. But I kept my mouth shut as expressing such ideas was not exactly the point in a course of nuclear force planning…

            I shared my thoughts with Eugenia, who translated this article, and who replied “My thoughts exactly. But I guess the nuclear weapons no longer quite work as the deterrent, do they?” She is absolutely correct. Nuclear weapons apparently don’t scare enough. How crazy is that?! Still, apparently, the AngloZionists need to be scared some more, with some even more horrible consequences. Fair enough, I rather provide nightmares than let our civilization mindlessly slough into a nuclear war.

            The article below serves one main purpose: it should show those in the USA who seriously believe that can “defeat” Russia that Russia can simply wipe the entire USA off the planet, literally. Keep in mind that the plans outlined here are old, nothing new here. They were considered by the Soviet General Staff during the war and, as far as I know, rejected on grounds of being simply too horrible.

            What will Russia do in case of war? I don’t know. At heart, as you have already guessed it, I am a non-violent pacifist. It is the study of warfare which turned me into one. I don’t want Russia to ever retaliate in that manner. But since the goal of post today is to frighten you all, let me add this: I am not at all convinced that the folks in the Kremlin, General Staff and Strategic Rocket forces share my pacifism. In fact, they are not only selected because they don’t have that kind of ideas, they also practice them on a regular basis (the personnel is never told weather a nuclear alert is real of not, so they have already “turned the key” many times!).

            And now, enjoy your nightmare!

            The Saker

            Nuclear Special Forces Only BRICS countries will survive


            by Konstantin Sivkov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, D.Sci.

            translation by Eugenia

            Russia might have asymmetrical mega-weapon by 2010-2025. It will exclude any possibility of a large-scale war against Russia, even under conditions of absolute superiority of the adversary in traditional weapon systems.

            A new Cold War is being initiated against Russia. More precisely, it never stopped. The West is consolidating the success of the previous stages of the Cold War and has started to prepare for its conclusion.

            Asymmetrical solution

            The West again today, as in the mid-20th century, is building the “iron curtain” and conducting the same policy of military blocs by increasing the size of NATO forces and moving them closer to the Russian borders. However, for us the situation is much worse that half a century ago. The economic potential has been significantly reduced; dependence detrimental for the national safety has been developed on the main adversary as the source of high-end technologies; the moral compass in the form of the communist ideology has been lost; there is no longer a significant community of allies in Europe similar to the Warsaw pact; western-oriented oligarchs and connected with them liberal state officials are dominant in the industrial and financial sectors. Russia is simply in no position to compete with NATO and its allies in the sphere of the military technology.

            Thus, under the circumstances it is imperative to seek novel approaches to ensure military safety, specifically in the area of strategic containment. The key task in this regard is to maintain the high potential of the nuclear forces. However, there are drawbacks. In spite of their relatively (as compared to other types of military forces) small size, nuclear weapons require significant resources. Due to mounting economic problems associated with sanctions and crushed oil market, the country may simply lack the necessary resources to maintain its nuclear forces at the required level of readiness. The strategic nuclear forces (strategic rocket forces, nuclear submarines, strategic and distant bomber aviation) comprising more than one hundred thousand people are vulnerable to partial neutralization by the information war methods. The system of the fast global attack by the US could in near future be able to neutralize all or the main part of the Russian nuclear forces via a combination of “beheading” (at the command sites controlling the use of the strategic nuclear arms) and “disarming” (directly at the carriers of the strategic nuclear weapons) strikes. Finding asymmetrical ways of strategic containment is critical for our country. That is what the President was talking about when he said that we would not engage in the arm’s race but will take asymmetrical measures. Obviously, this implies completely new weapons based on ideas quite different from existing ones.

            Technical requirements for the mega-weapon

            Based on the analysis of the situation with the strategic containment forces, these new weapons should fulfill certain requirements. First of all, they should guarantee the defeat of the enemy. The system should be able to hit the enemy with hundred percent reliability, and the force of the attack should be sufficient to achieve complete containment. Furthermore, the system should possess the attack capabilities that would prevent its neutralization by any means, not only existing today but also by the most sophisticated counter-weapons yet to be developed.

            The most important feature is the assured ability to use the system when there is the will of the political leadership of the country to do so and when there are objective conditions requiring its use. This is particularly important considering that the positions of the pro-Western elements are still quite strong, particularly in the higher echelons of the governments including the military leadership. When massive informational and psychological pressure is applied, it becomes questionable whether they would follow the order to employ the strategic nuclear weapons. Furthermore, the number of people in the strategic nuclear forces is too high to be absolutely certain they will be deployed, particularly at times when the society is split.

            The requirement for the minimal number of people for the service and operation of the asymmetrical system of containment comes from these considerations. This number should be small enough, so the absolute or near guarantee could be achieved of the loyalty to the political leadership of the country and of the readiness to carry out the order to employ the system regardless of the situation in the society and personal emotions. This means that the personnel of the asymmetrical system cannot exceed several thousand people.

            Comparing the power that contemporary science is capable of delivering with the required damage we conclude that we cannot achieve the needed result without the use of the secondary destructive forces. First that come to mind are geophysical catastrophic events. Exceeding in power the mort powerful nuclear bombs by many orders of magnitude, geocatastrophes could be deliberately initiated via relatively weak forces. That is why the weapon of the asymmetric response is based on the use of the main destructive factors of the devastating geophysical processes.

            One more requirement is the asymmetry of the threat. Such system should damage the side using it incomparably less than the enemy. This is achievable considering the geographical features of Russia and the USA.

            Future without America

            Importantly, Russia is located on the Eurasian continent, with the main part of its territory housing most of the country’s population distant from the oceans and seas. Besides, the average elevation above the sea level practically guarantees protection against flooding even in cases of massive catastrophic events involving powerful tsunami (megatsunami).

            The picture in the USA is different. More than 80% of the population lives close to the ocean in areas with low elevations over the sea level. The main industry is also located in such territories. Even relatively weak tsunami with the height of several dozens meters could have catastrophic consequences for the US. The hurricane Kathrin in New-Orleans showed this quite clarely.


            New Orleans flooded as a result of the hurricane Kathrin feels the consequences of the cataclysm even today 10 years later.

            Another feature of Russia is that the main part of its territory in Siberia lies on a thick (several kilometers) layer of basalt. It is believed that these basalt platforms were formed as a result of an eruption of a super-volcano that happened about a quarter of a billion years ago. That is why the hits, even the most powerful ones, will not have catastrophic geophysical consequences.

            What about the US? First that draws our attention is the Yellowstone National park located in the caldera of the supervolcano of the same name. The supervolcano, according to the estimates of geologists, is approaching the period of activation, which happens every 600 thousand years. Its last eruption happened approximately that long ago. The power of this volcano is several orders of magnitude smaller than that of the Siberian one. That is why its eruption did not lead to the extinction of life on earth but it did, without doubts, have catastrophic consequences for the American continent. Geologists believe that Yellowstone volcano can erupt at any moment. There are clear signs of its increasing activity. Therefore, even a small push, for example, an explosion of a megaton-sized bomb, might be sufficient to initiate the eruption. The consequences for the US would be catastrophic – that country would simply cease to exist. The entire territory would be covered with a thick (several meters or even dozens of meters) layer of ash.

            San-Andreas is another vulnerable zone in the US from the geographical point of view. San-Andreas is a fault of 1300 kilometers in length between the pacific and northern American plates. It is stretched along the seashore in California in places over the land but partially underwater. The faults San-Gabriel and San-Jacinto are running in parallel. This is the area of geophysical instability producing earthquakes up to magnitude 8.5 on the Richter scale. An explosion of a powerful nuclear bomb could initiate catastrophic events leading to the creation of large tsunamis that would destroy the infrastructure of the US Pacific coast.

            Finally, we should not forget about the Atlantic and Pacific transform faults. Running parallel to the eastern and western US coast, respectively, they could be the source of large tsunamis that would cause massive damage at a significant distance from the shore.

            Detonator for a catastrophe

            Thus, the US is quite vulnerable a country from the geophysical standpoint. What remains to do is to determine how to initiate geophysical processes on such a scale. Let us take a look at the history. In 1961, the largest ever thermonuclear bomb was detonated at five thousand meters over the northern tip of New Land (Novaya Zemlya). According to known estimates, its power was 58 megatons. However, western experts came to the conclusion that the total energy was not utilized, since the bomb did not seem to have the coat of uranium-238, which is capable of increasing the power of the explosion at least 50 percent to two-fold, i.e. to more than 100 megatons. Ammunition was made in the shape and size of the 16-ton bomb and dropped from Tu-95 “Bear” airplane. Today ammunition of the same power, according to the opinions of scientists in the Russian nuclear center in Sarov and the authoritative Russian expert in the field doctor of science Igor Ostretsov, could be made within 5-7 ton. That is, it could be easily accommodated in terms of size and weight by heavy rockets (the weight that could be carried by “Satan” – about 8 tons). It is also could be carried by satellites sent to the orbit.

            Existing agreements about the parity of the nuclear arsenals do not impose any limitations on the power of separate ammunition units. They only control the number of such units. However, the mega-weapon will not require too many bombs.

            The day after tomorrow

            The best option for a guaranteed initiation of catastrophic geophysical processes would be a hit on the Yellowstone supervolcano. Even a single surface explosion of a 5-7-ton ammunition would initiate a powerful eruption. As a result, the US will cease to exist, although the consequences would be catastrophic for the rest of the world as well. Russia would suffer the least – because of the distance from the site of the explosion, the size of the territory and its location. Also, the damage to the countries located on the opposite to the US sides of the earth would also be limited. Nevertheless, let us stress that the explosion would be a disaster for the entire civilization. But that is the reason for the existence of such a weapon. The very possibility of its use should put an end to any thought of aggression against Russia.

            An alternative version of a megahit would be to initiate gigantic tsunamis. The idea belongs to Andrei Sakharov. Its essence is to detonate several bombs at defined points along the Atlantic and Pacific transform faults (approximately 3-4 for each) at the depth of 1.5-2 kilometers. This will, according to the calculations of Sakharov and other scientists, produce a waive that will reach 400-500 or more meters near the US shores. Crushing on the shores, the waive would wash away everything at the distance of more than 500 kilometers. If the explosions are made deeper closer to the bottom of the ocean where the earth crust near the plate joints is the thinnest, the crust could be destroyed, and the magma coming in contact with the ocean water would amplify manifold the intensity of the explosion. In such case, the height of the tsunami would exceed 1.5 kilometers, and the destruction zone would extend more than 1500 meters from the shore. This would be a very “clean” weapon – the nuclear winter would not come, since gigantic dust clouds would not form, and water vapors would pour over the land close to the point of their formation, i.e. on the US territory, as horrific radioactive rain showers. Such a hit would undoubtedly start tectonic activity in the entire region, including, very possibly, eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. The reverse waive would wash away Europe. In other words, the entire block NATO would be gone. The cataclysm would be horrendous. But this is the asymmetric threat of the last resort – some region of Russia will also be destroyed, but at the same time the entire Western civilization will be no more. Even detonation of a single powerful bomb near the faults of San-Andreas, San-Gabriel, or San-Jacinto would lead to devastating geophysical effects.

            Apocalypses – simple and cheap

            The scenarios discussed above demonstrate that the number of superbombs required for the asymmetrical weapon is quite limited – about ten. This creates advantageous conditions for their guaranteed use in accordance with the requirements for the asymmetrical weapon stated above.

            The delivery of the bombs to the destination could be accomplished in several ways. First of all – using several monoblock heavy ballistic missiles that, launched together with the supporting rockets, could overcome all systems of counter-missile defense, even those to be developed in the distant future. A limited number of special launch systems in shafts could be reliably protected via a system based on both protection by force and the regime of secrecy. Such missile could be developed for the strategic submarines “Typhoon” (project 941). Their rocket shafts are designed for the 96-ton P39, which would easily accommodate contemporary heavy rocket with the required payload. One such submarine would be sufficient for the asymmetric containment.

            Superbombs integrate with the promising hypersonic rockets launched form submarines of land-based launch sites. Also, the megabombs could be secretly positioned in advanced in the designated points at the required depth from the navy ships disguised as civil ships. At the appropriate moment, these bombs could be detonated on command transmitted to them via a complex connection system that would ensure guaranteed signal transmission. When the situation has stabilized the bombs are removed by special ships.

            The time required to design and manufacture the bombs of the required size would take, according to the experts, from 5-6 to 10-12 years. About the same time would be needed to develop and manufacture the required number of carriers. This means that Russia could possess the asymmetric weapon within the next 10 years. The emergence of such weapon will exclude any threat of the large scale wars against our country even in the condition of the enemy’s overwhelming superiority in traditional weapon systems.

            Konstantin Sivkov

      • Nikolay

        Bob, I would recommend you to obtain and read thoroughly ”The Controversy of ZION”, written by Douglas Reed, exhaustively documented book, which makes OBVIOUS where from terrorism comes.(with reservation—if one is not blind)

      • Anna Mikhailova

        Silly Bob! You will have to join the nuclear party too!

      • Novomoskovs

        U.S can nuke Mother Russia but gets ready to be w.i.p.e.d o.f.f the map by their b.u.l.a.v.a missiles and t.o.p.o.l-Ms.

      • Davu

        Dodo! Do you think that the US nuke missiles can reach Russia before it get
        shot down? Russia have anti missiles that can travel at speed of Mach 20. US
        wet their pants and scared shit when China produced Mach 10 anti-missiles
        that that could reached over 2000 km. America jets and satellites will be
        destroyed before their jet can come within range to drop the nuke on Russia.
        Why do you think it is going to be a nuclear war? Russia have been secretly
        producing biological weapons for many years, one bomb could wipe out the entire
        US populations.

        The US is only good at controlling third world countries that are under develops
        and are defenceless, they have no control over communist countries. The
        US is weeing their pants over cyber warfare attacks every day from
        communist countries because their electronic technology is hopeless and
        mainly Japanese based. e.g. space shuttles, planes, warships and even the
        famous Harley Davidson motor bike.

        Anyway dodo! Dropping the nuke on Russia’s soil will not only affect
        the Russians but it also will affect the populations of the 12 countries
        that surrounds Russia.

        You are a mad dog to suggested using nuke. You are not even half human, you
        don’t belongs to the human race and you don’t deserve to live on earth. I don’t
        know even the name dodo or mad dog will suit you. I am just going to call you a
        thingi! The i at the end is stand for idiot!!! If it does not make sense to
        you, try ithing which is idiot thing!!!

    • bob

      Russia threatens nuke attack on the U.S to often its time to take them out launch them all now USA!!!!!

      • Avram Cohen

        Your a fucking quack!

      • Barbara

        Get lost bob subhuman animal

    • 22

      It’s good to know that the WHOLE WORLD. EVERY NATO COUNTRY. EVERY ALLIED SUB. EVERY SINGLE DESTROYER AND STEALTH BOMBERS WILL UTTERLY ANNIHILATE RUSSIA. Not one Russian would live and that is a good thought. And hey… You really think America has no super space age weapons to be used against Russia? They probably are on mars already. Russia against the world fair enough I ques you guys want a first class ticket to hell.

      • Vladifyouprefer

        ***Amigo, I read you comments and coming to a conclusion you are f…ing retarded. I figured you read a few articles here and there but like Russian’s say “you heard the sound but you have no idea where it comes from”. In Europe there are only 2 powers that Russia looks at as somewhat a threat – UK and France – all others are pshh, nothing. Now, back to your deaf brain, all you really have to know as far as Russia concern are these four words – Topol-M, Yars, Brahmos, S-400. When one will fall on your head, you, in addition to your deaf brain, will be deaf, blind, hairless (I think you already bold, but ohh well), but perhaps more wise. Ohh, have I mentioned toothless? You know what word Bistro means (like fast food places)? In Europe they know this word very well. Hold your horses, don’t google it yet, I want you to learn it after WWIII.***

        • 22

          Russia doesn’t have one single aircraft carrier, not a blue water fleet, nor a good airforce. They only have nukes that can destroy the planet about 10000x … pretty smart i quess for Russians. Dumb morons.

          • stefan

            I guess it is quite representative sample of an average American…Indeed, God Help America!!!

      • John Sinclair

        Your comment shows which nation is the most likely to go and it isn’t Russia.

        • 22

          Why you think in the Cold War the Russians did not attack? Cause they’d be wiped out in 15 minutes. Same today. Russian’s wouldn’t even notice the large Tridents, Nukes it would all be over to quick to notice.

      • Barbara

        I think it is not russia or usa we need to worry about. It is dumb f. Ck. s like 22 and bob. We should eliminate animals like them. Imagine if 22 had access to the red button. God will be your judge one day and all the hatred you have 22

      • AmericaHomeOfTheFreeAndBrave

        right the u.s. been working on hidden things from our military and its people the u.s. has always been ahead of every country in weapons the u.s. has been hiding secret weapons from all of us and the rest of the world for a long time so if we went to war with Russia I think us Americans will defeat Russia. America also has better technology than Russia remember the Americans we always strike first and hard .! there is no country that can defeat America it will remain the most powerful country in the world the Americans been working on things to destroy every country at once if need to and the u.s. has been the top country for years America has been working on working on new weapons like the new improved cloaking tanks and airplanes and has been working on better guns and bombs than any country America has been working on new submarines and battleships for Russia. America always been ten more times ahead than any country including Russia in weapons and bombs or etc. America sits and wait until the times comes America s ready to go to war with Russia or any other country so America is ready Russia are you ?

        • Rocky Racoon

          American’s have been keeping a few corporations healthy for far to long and getting nothing but crap in return for their investment. Russia designs things that work and keeps building on success. Like the Kalashnikov for example-still the best gun on the market for the money works everywhere and every time. And that is just the most well known example.

    • mkfin

      I agree with your comments 100%, right now all were are dealing with is two parties in some country who cannot get along. Russia feels one side is being mistreated, as Ukraine bombs the heck of them. And Ukraine feels mistreated cause the people they are fighting sympathize with Russia. REALLY, we all need to slow down, take a breath, back off Russia. And start talking. Or something is going to go BOOOM, and instead of a few thousand lives, it could be millions. Don’t under estimate Russia, or Overestimate ourselves. We need to back off ASAP. And our leadership is playing a very dangerous game. They can’t even beat sheep herders in IRAQ with all their technology..

      • James from Dallas

        The USA got the Russians to stand down in the Cuban Missile crisis. The USA dealt with Russian influence in Vietnam. The USA gave Russia its own Vietnam with the war in Afghanistan. The USA ordered a DEFCON alert in the Yom-Kippur War in 1973; Russia backed down. Mr. Putin the tough guy just does not believe POTUS Obama has the nerve to challenge him and Russia. Putin knows Obama is an anti-war activist, a community organizer, and my no means a military tactician. Russian bomber flights are off the coast of the USA and Obama does not reciprocate.

        • Rocky Racoon

          No they did not Russia made them get their nukes out of Turkey only thing is they allowed the US to save face and not make it public.

    • Robert Walther

      Americans have always won when, in the crux, they assert their complete but defensible insanity.

      We now fight in ‘wars’ that have rules that only favor our adversaries. We ask permission to do what is necessary from ‘allies’, most of whom either hate us or could care less about believing in anything, much less ‘rules for war’.

      What is coming soon will be a decision to act, decisively act, by rational or delusional ‘leaders’. The change will be rapid and positive or instantaneous and devastating. The scariest part for ‘normal’ people is that exponential, technological advancement has rendered the desire and need for slaves to be unnecessary and inconvenient for the newer but inevitable class of oligarchs.

      • John Sinclair

        They can’t even get a vacuum cleaner to clean a carpet properly without human intervention. It isn’t people who are dispensible it is their “elites”.

    • I am so totally with you on this. But, I have a feeling no one will listen. No one will care, until it’s too late. Besides we have better things to do like watch the game.

    • Jean-Ian Simard

      see,russia brag about their nuclear capability all the time,they brag about the new tech they get andthey sure look like they think they are the only one that spend money on nuclear research and development!!!But,that`s their mistake…so,keep that thaught and keep dreaming.You must be right,american`s dont spend money on nukes…really we dont!!pfffff

    • (((@))) JOY


    • (((@))) JOY / BULLETIN


    • DasTroof

      Jer 50:1-3
      This is the word the Lord spoke through Jeremiah the prophet concerning Babylon and the land of the Babylonians:

      2 “Announce and proclaim among the nations,
      lift up a banner and proclaim it;
      keep nothing back, but say,
      ‘Babylon will be captured;
      Bel will be put to shame,
      Marduk filled with terror.
      Her images will be put to shame
      and her idols filled with terror.’
      3 A NATION FROM THE NORTH will attack her
      and lay waste her land. (NUCLEAR)
      No one will live in it;
      both people and animals will flee away.

      Jer 50:24″I set a trap for you, Babylon,
      and you were caught (FOUND OUT AND DESTROYED)
      before you knew it;
      because you opposed the Lord.

      All about to “Come to pass”!
      America LOSES this WAR!!!
      She got “To-Big-FOR-Her-Britch’s”

    • David

      Eol, Spot on.

    • jusmastuff

      do you really think the american public wants war. personally we are sick of war. i’m a single mom who has raised 4 kids by myself. i have only been reading all this war crap for the last couple of weeks. i have 2 boys that are 24 and 19. do you think i did all that work so they can get drafted to a war???

    • Sigh Westberry

      nice comment full of info. my take on it is…..
      These nations are not trying to win any war.
      Ever heard of the word globalization? Yes via the ‘G’ word… a web of utter dependency worldwide has been promoted with cheers and fancy advertising. For a tiny example…The world wide consumer domain is totally dependent upon China. And yet some genius in the USA elite decided that China would make an interesting nuclear target. Utter insanity. This is clear evidence that the USA has no interest in winning any war.They simply cannot win. In addition… what happens if even 2 or three US cities are destoyed. Lets take a tiny example… say…New York and Los Angeles, and Chicago. The very next morning, entire world will descend in Chaos. No international banking system. No freaking fuel shipments. Most flights would be grounded permanently. No wall street.
      If the USA had really wanted to win any war with Russia they would have taken action when Russia was incapable of defending itself. But the US never did. And the Russian leadership behave in the same manner. Russia rarely behaves like a true antagonist of the USA. Putin has guided Russia into the same mindless web of global dependency we see everywhere else…from Tokyo to Peru . How could Russian leadership so easily fall into the trap of globalization, a system everyone knows is controlled by its supposed enemy the USA? Its just not believable!

    • GodsExecutioner

      On the face of this idea, it seems very implausible, however you dont realize one critical thing. Like it or not, God has clearly been on the side of America and it’s allies. Just look, Russia hates God, terrorists follow the devil and to top it off, China hates Russia and has a hard on after reading this. More importantly, remember the Alamo!

      • Rocky Racoon

        Even Judas Iscariot had God on his all knowing side then didn’t he. Bob Dylan said so and he ought to know.

    • stefan

      It’s Putin’s propaganda; USA has the best brains and the best industry on the planet, Russia is totally impotent… Russians can not even make simple cars, all their rockets are bluff… Just read the free press to get an adequate information… God Bless America!!!

      • Rocky Racoon

        Look what companies sponsor your Sunday morning news shows and you know why America is being taken for a ride. War profiteering used to be a crime. It should be so again.

    • Rocky Racoon

      I would say at least 4 subs one on each coast one in the Gulf of Mexico one in the Arctic at least probably more.

    • Don

      Best case scenario, population reduction..wait a minute…

    • Wayne Hynek

      I think you are the crazy one if you don’t believe the U.S knows exactly where each and every Russian sub is! Do you really believe that NASA is just for exploring space?

    • scion777

      Not sure who “you folks” are, but you’ve made some comments that are not based on proper assumptions. The United States military takes the Russian nuclear threat very seriously. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a virtual Stalinist regime that brooks no freedom within and wants to regain what it lost when the USSR broke up is no laughing matter – and the Americans would hardly have spent the untold billions building and maintaining a counter-force if they didn’t!

      Secondly, a Russian SSBN can launch its nuclear weapons from port – they don’t have to be “off the American coast” – that merely reduces flight time by a few minutes. Once launched, unless some very fortunate circumstances are in play, an ICBM is almost unstoppable. There is certainly no reliable way to destroy a high-speed free-fall warhead dropping from space … the United States navy counters this by tagging at least two nuclear-powered attack subs to track and follow each and every single Russian SSBN that sorties from its port. They also will have a protection force of additional sub(s) for any Russian escort attack sub that sorties with them. Russia’s land-based mobile and static launchers would be extremely difficult to destroy before they fired their missles; their submarine force, however, would be virtually eliminated if they took on what appeared to be a ‘launch posture’ in the open ocean that was not part of an agreed-upon test. The Russian navy, simply stated, is absolutely no match for the U.S and/or NATO forces, nor do they have much capability for taking out British and U.S. ballistic missile submarines to any large percentage.. Stopping their strategic missile forces within the borders of the Russian Federation is another matter altogether.

      All of this is somewhat academic, as even a “light” nuclear exchange between Russia, the U.S. or China would mean wholesale catastrophic destruction on human civilization.

    • Joseph Conrad

      The U.S. is ruled by psychopaths & ‘ponalogists’ committed to suicide if they can’t dominate.
      We live with the over-armed mentally ill & we’re concerned with Russia hacking bad elections?

  • Guest

    I think

    • myopinion

      the person that wrote this didn’t think. this is journalistic BULLCRAP and a great way to cause unnecessary fear. You need to be more conscientious, responsible and reliable when speaking to the masses.Although, there are probably a few morons out there that would believe this bull. I do agree with one comment er that China would join in and with Russia’s plans.

      • Foreverwhalerfan

        I don’t think that there is anyone on this planet, or any other for that matter, stupid enough to start a nuclear war. It would be the end of the earth.

        I think the author of this article falls into the category of stupidity.

        • Staruser

          Billy Graham said 2days ago, America is just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah ever were. Our president has let the gays take over our country. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever the bible says. Get ready for judgment America, its coming soon !

  • pathman25

    Well, that would be the end of civilization.Maybe this is how it all ends. Probably not but it’s an interesting thought game.

  • vkr_bibin

    I love reading articles on this site, but this a bit of hyping up. I do agree Russia is surrounded by the NATO but you go for a Nuclear strike, then it’s a war to the end. Just because Russia don’t have bases near US doesn’t mean US is protected. With submarines chains deployed all across the world , it’s just a matter of time before Russia responds to a nuclear strike against US. Also one should not forget that Russia will take out the whole of Europe also with them.

    The very fact that Obama took his foot off the pedal once Russia annexed Crimea shows that American establishment is wary of engaging Russia directly. No one can predict how it will go. And history suggests that Russians have that mentality to keep on fighting. Remember WW2, which was actually won by USSR but the credits are always claimed by US , France and UK.

    • cettel

      Just click on the links, and you will know, but obviously you’d rather not.

    • jafo

      The US military is at least 40 years ahead of Russia and everyone else. The US spends nearly a trillion dollars on defense yearly. Whereas, Russia spends about 60 billion yearly. In laymans terms: The US state of California has a bigger and better economy than Russia and California only accounts for 15% of total US GDP, lol. Russia and Texas are about the same size in terms of economic might and output.
      Back to US weapons: The USA has a top secret project called HARP and other top secret projects. Hence, what about that Space Plant in space? Yep, it’s been up in space now for about a year, lol.
      It is possible to win a nuclear war and the USA could win one. Everybody knows HARP will vaporize anything up in the atmosphere and it can also control weather.
      Oh yeah, those awesome Russian ICBMs you talk about? Well, Russia is 6 out of 11. Meaning 5 misslies failed to reach their target. Yet, the USA is at 100%. Russia also doesn’t maintain their nukes and most of them probably will not fire. Enjoy your dream World, kiddo. It’s obvious you live in a trailer park somewhere, commie..

    • 22

      Why would NATO be afraid for Russia, they have 20 blue water fleets Russia has none. Even if they launch their nukes. Tens of millions of Russians would die in a matter of days if not hours. Fleets would be deployed and Russia would be turned into a hole.

      • Александр М

        Only an idiot would so argue. Try to contact a psychiatrist. Perish the whole world. Civilization will disappear. The survivors will envy the dead.

        • John

          We seem to have crazy people in control.

          The general public of all nations do not want a war. A nuclear war will kill us all, either fast or slowly.
          I am in Australia and at the moment we have an idiot Prime Minister accusing Putin of shooting down the Passenger Plane. No evidence at all.
          This Australian Prime Minister does not speak for the Australian people and many are very keen to throw him out.
          Let us hope we get him out very soon as he makes matters worse.

          He also is very much a puppet of the USA Government of his own choice but does not, I repeat, does not speak for the majority of Australians.

        • 22

          Who cares? At least all those stupid idiot russians will be gone along with that sick psycho poetin.

          • Andrea Bettino

            Actually internet gives the opportunity to see a lot of human cases, but so far you represent one of the worst morons I ever had the opportunity to read…

          • youlose

            who cares that your a troll and you and “bob” and “jafo” are probably the same 13 year old….thats so fucking sad

        • KundaliniHero

          How can mankind claim to be so evolved that we must resort to utter destruction to resolve our differences? There are good people in both Russia and America that don’t deserve to be martyred by the few greedy, power hungry lunatics who infest global society. According to TED, we have 10 pending global issues facing humanity which will usher in our extinction. Even if we get one right and miss the other nine we will ALL die. Six of these issues are directly linked with population and its effect upon the enviornment. None of these factor in Nuclear holocaust. I just cant fathom anyone with any grain of intellectual foresight thinking depopulation by nuclear means will solve any of our problems. They may hypothesize that twenty years in a bunker will save the earth but how can anyone accurately forecast the consequences of nuclear war? There is plenty of evidence to suggest that such an event would only further exacerbate mans extinction.

  • Charles Savoie

    There can be no doubt that the single organization that has been in control of American foreign policy since January 1903 was co-planner with its London correspondent branch of both World Wars. The failure of the UN to become a world government necessitates another World War. The repudiation of the dollar by major powers is another reason for The Pilgrims Society to jerk Obama’s strings. I have written abundantly about this organization and details are freely available. Its control over our foreign policy is hard to exaggerate. Members such as Paul Volcker, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Addison Baker III, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are all over the Obama White House telling him what to do next while members of subsidiary groups, especially the Council on Foreign Relations, continue to play their subordinate yet impactful roles. Yes Kerry is a Bonesman. More importantly, he’s a Pilgrims Society member and among the poorer ones with an attributed net worth of some $196 million. A likely member based in Dallas, Elliott Roosevelt Jr., recently seized $54 billion in West Texas petroleum resources. Of course no Pilgrims roster has surfaced in 34 years, as The Society is the last globalist group of financiers and warmongers in the world to remain largely in the shadows.

    • William Peace

      Mr Savoie, I appreciate your work, having read some of your articles.
      Do you believe Russia and China are operating independent and against the Pilgrims Society? Or are they more likely to be the Pilgrim’s “controlled opposition” to the west?

  • Randa

    My God, this article is so spot on in relation to what is really happening between Russia and USSA, I thank you for publishing this. Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening in Ukraine, or what has happened in Ukraine. First Stalin. Now Obama.

    They have been planning a nuclear attack on Russia for years and of course Obama just stands on his tippy toes and does what they tell him. Thing is, Russia has more nuclear warheads than all of the world combined (including USSA) so this is why Obama has to get into Ukraine and attempt to destroy them before his all-out attack against Russia. Putin’s patience has been amazing. I don’t think Russians call him wimpy for this. Honestly, the man was a gangster and look at him now. Eloquent, patient and incredibly courageous. And fairly honest from what I can tell.

    From an American perspective, I am in greater fear of Obama’s madness and obsessive lust to push the button, than anything Putin may direct at us. What if Obama chooses to have a nuclear false flag on American soil? He is not American. He doesn’t care who he murders, he just wants blood.

    • Hryhor Kovalenko

      “Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening in Ukraine, or what has happened in Ukraine. First Stalin. Now Obama.”

      The truth is: First the Czars. Next Stalin. Now Putin.

      “Randa” needs to google EMS Ukasz, Valuyev Circular, etc and learn how Russians made the use of Ukrainian in Ukraine a criminal offense. “Randa” also needs to explain Putin restrictions on the large Ukrainian speaking minority in Russia.

      • Randa

        You reckon Putin is responsible for what is currently happening in Ukraine?

        • cettel

          William Peace thinks it’s about Putin, whom he admires. Hryhor Kovalenko thinks it’s about Putin, whom he loathes. They’re both fools: It’s not about Putin.

          Those people are like the ones who think the Holocaust was about “the Jews”; it wasn’t; it was all about Hitler.

          • Christopher Monti

            The “holocaust” never happened.

          • Gabriele Lele

            holy true

    • GUEST 123

      What you are saying there is absolutely crazy and just not true at all. I am certain that it is in no ones interest to start any sort of nuclear war between whoever because everyone know that this would destroy human kind in general. If the US wanted to attack Russia, they would have done it from Turkey during the cold war.
      Also some of the facts in this article are just wrong! The US hasn’t directly bombed any places in the Ukraine. Whether the CIA is behind this Putch, I don’t know. It seems awfully similar to 1952 in Iran. But truth is, being a german I have some friends from the Ukrain and they want to become part of Europe. So that means that the seperatists, who are without a doubt, supported by russian media, and maybe even russian military, are a threat to the prevailing desire of the Ukrainian people to join the EU and the NATO.
      To come back to your point of Obama being a warmonger and of course your absolutley not fact based comparance with Stalin. Current US foreign politics are not, nor have they ever been, based on territorial gain, but solely on influence, economical, and political power( through means of military movements and actions(very oldfashioned way of imperialism)). What advantages would it hold for the US economy and their company owned state, to have economical influence on nuclear waste land?
      please before you write a comment like this, think about what you are actually saying!
      Also coming back to the article once more: I am absolutely not a supporter of US military Imperialism and the way the US has handled the middle east or other parts in latin america in the past. However, if I could chose between living in a US Influence Zone, or a Russian influence zone, I would always go for the one with at least a right of freedom of speech, freedom of sexuality and without a corrupt legal body such as Russia.

      • Gabriele Lele

        m8 6 month and europe collapse 😀 so way they wan join to a dead body ?

      • myself

        Freedom of speech and without a corrupt legal body such as US is what you means?
        You are misinformed or you are delusional. Do you know about the The National Defense Authorization Act? America is not longer a democracy. Anybody can be jailed without being charged indefinitely with not right to trial whatsoever. Washington DC is a black hole full of filthy rats
        The American constitution has been murdered. America is a police state. And you say you would choose this ????

      • Robin Hood

        Spoken as a true American who’s hardly ever been outside of US, never been to Russia and develops the perception of the world from cnn reports

      • Александр М

        Well, yes. Freedom fag! This is the main value. There is one problem. Ukraine fascists came to power. They overthrew the existing government by force. Now bombs and missiles kill civilians who do not want to live in one country with the Nazis. And all this is done by the hands of America, who dreamed of crept close to the borders of Russia. To establish there the missiles. How many countries had are destroyed by America? Iraq, Libya, Syria … There is now a happy life? Is no. There’s now a ruin and chaos.

        America brings misfortune for the world. All these years, America was living beyond its means. Has accumulated a huge public debt. America prints the dollars-wrappers that do not cost anything, they are not backed by gold. Now threatens America’s economic collapse. To avoid that America needs a big war that will weaken Rossiiyu and Europe. In any war is one dies and the other is enriched. As always, the bastards want to solve their problems at the expense of other people’s lives. They want to draw Russia into the war in the Ukraine. Dream that Russia introduced their troops. To do this all the time lie. Bring down a passenger plane, shelled civilians in cities. But Putin is wiser than all those bastards. Americans and Europeans get false information about the events in the Ukraine. Any true information is blocked on youtube. Your press is whole sale. Russia is 100 times more democratic country than America or Europe. Defective freaks. Look at the faces of your politicians. I puke hunting. Where they grow. This Judases. Any fair human court must judge them. For the crime against humanity. The strength of the truth. And the truth will prevail.

  • William Peace

    No…..the US will find itself more and more friendless. And they will likely be destroyed by the Russia/China axis whether they start the war or not. This article treats Putin as if he is being played here……totally ignoring the fact that he has been proving time and again to be at least several steps ahead of the western cartel.

    • cettel

      That allegation (that the article belittles Putin) is unwarranted. This article says and assumes nothing about Putin, everything about Obama. It’s all and only about Obama. Only a fool would misread it to be asserting anything at all about Putin. It does not. At its end, it tries to infer how Obama is gaming this; and I (like you) expect Obama to lose, and Obama’s hopes and expectations to be dashed in the outcome. I certainly hope that he will lose, because if he wins, then the entire world will lose; even the aristocracy that’s pushing this policy will probably lose more than they will gain by “winning” on this. But, in any case: it’s all about Obama.

  • Harold Smith

    This piece has some serious issues. First, this apparently approaching conflict obviously has nothing to do with “maintaining the dollar as the world’s reserve currency”, *per se*. That’s like saying that the war against Iraq was to protect the U.S. peasantry against Iraqi WMD. It doesn’t make sense. Let’s face it, if the USraeli Empire wasn’t squandering all its resources trying to take over the world, and wasn’t senselessly antagonizing Russia and China, the dollar wouldn’t be in nearly so much trouble in the first place, would it?

    Clearly, the conflict has to do with some “people” who seek global governance; i.e.,the madmen want to impose their Satanic “New World Order” on the whole world.

    Second, the author apparently has a completely fraudulent view of WW1. No, Woodrow Wilson didn’t “[want] to keep the U.S. out of it.” WIlson was a Jew puppet who faithfully took orders from his Masters, and that’s why the U.S. entered the war (google: Benjamin Freedman speech at the Willard Hotel).

    • Joe V

      Mr. Freedman was a courageous Jew who was willing to take the heat and tell the truth about how the US was drawn into WW1 and for what purpose. Several times I have contacted the National Holocaust Museum, The Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC and the Jewish Defense League and asked them to refute Mr. Freedman’s remarks. It’s been several years now and all of my inquiries have gone unanswered.

    • jafo

      You sound like a Pedophile. Please seek help.

      • trollfindergeneral

        you sound like a TROLL!! gtfo

    • enough said

      it has everything to do with control and maintaining the dollar is part of that control.

      • Harold Smith

        Did you bother to read the post you’re responding to?

  • Dmitry

    God will destroy America for it refuses to repent. Christians and Jews faithful of the Lord God should Flee America Now!!!

  • libertytribune

    Iam sorry but this article has many problem with it, it implies that the B2 are configured for or new ones have been built to accompany said weapons. Not the case, B2’s were created for one purpose and one purpose on, while it might be multiple by the means of what they can carry, they were made to carry nukes. However, they wont be stationed in Europe, they cant and from all that i know they dont have the facility that is environmentally controlled, the nearest base that does is Diego Garcia.

    Also, it would be INSANE to hit Russia with a nuclear weapon of any kind. This is utter suicide by a preemptive attack on Russia, yes they do have out dated rusty military equipment but they have nuclear weapons that can launch faster than our own. I know this, because i studied specifically the Cold War and national security. This will be a global war that will kill everyone and everything.

  • slobotnavich

    Oh, God, another utterly crackpot and vomititious conspiracy theory. Anybody who thinks this Marxist (picka) ninny in the White House would even remotely consider an attack on the former USSR, his beloved soul-mates, is a stark-raving loon. While it may indeed be true that the former USSR is beefing up its nuclear capabilities and hoping to reassert itself as major world power, the notion that Osama Amin Obama would oppose any such initiative by the Russians is utter fantasy.

  • Amanda

    What a load bovine excrement that article dumps on us. All Russia has to do is be just as mad as that mass killer and thug in the white house is, and put his nuclear forces on “respond at warning” that will ensure that not only the USA and Europe would be fried, but equally, that the world may be fried on a false warning. That is what the maniacal USA is forcing on Russia. However, let us assume that Russia is not insane enough to place their nuclear forces on that type of hair trigger readiness, what is NOT mentioned in the article, are the 100’s of thermonuclear warheads on some 60 nuclear submarines roaming the 7 seas, not to mention the nuclear weapons on their naval ships. Both of these will definitely escape a first strike by America and will respond in kind, destroying all life in the USA and eventually, the madness of the USA will destroy all life on our planet with this combined attack and retaliation……. Just who the hell gave those maniacs the right to do that? They all need to places under arrest and taken to rubber padded rooms awaiting their trials for treason and total madness.

    • mick

      I doubt it. usa doesn’t have the unlimited supply of army like china does and if you combine it with north korea iran Russia Lebanon Syria india we can guarantee America Israel nato Britain Germany and france will all be destroyed.

      • Alife

        Isreal will never be destroyed, it is God’s People and he will not let them be destroyed.

        • Donald Lang

          Funny, He didn’t stop Nero.

          • Lusius Quietus

            You mean Titus.

          • Donald Lang

            Titus finished his father’s work by subjugating Jerusalem, for sure, but prior to AD 68, Nero was busing his army eradicating northern Israel.

        • Avram Cohen

          Israel is a traitor to any of it’s allies!

          • god

            Israel is a traitor to humanity

        • John Sinclair

          God’s people are Christians. Do try to keep up. You are 2,000 years behind the times.

      • Andrew Patton

        China can conscript 200 million men, but actually using them offensively would be impossible. China lacks the blue-water navy needed to project power. A single Seawolf Class SSN can sink 50 troop transports in a single day, and without a blue-water navy, they would have no means of stopping those submarines.

        • Robin Hood

          Sorry but your point is idiotic. Not only Russia’s navy is fully capable of sinking the seawolf, there would also be not a single reason for Russia not to assist China with troops deployment directly in us.

      • FYI

        All of this conventional weaponry discussions are void and null. The U.S is not too interested in any country’s conventional weaponry offense or defense systems. The U.S has spent billions of it’s currency on BLACK PROJECT Technology. There are sea to shining sea U.S defense systems in place NOW, that could and would turn it’s subject matter into it’s smallest molecular size. We are the only country that has perfected and harnessed this technology. NASA / J.P. L are not just about the stars. These sinister group of World wide elites do have a back up plan. And when they pull that trigger…….they’ll be far deep inside our hollow planet. Hint : Mars? Why so much BLACK PROJECT monies spent on how to colonize this specific planet, and others. These elites spend more money & know more about this planet and space than one realizes. In their minds, the general public are extendible.

        • Taylor

          I agree with you 100%, there is huge sinister plan behind all of this, it’s very systematic and been in place many years. Who gave them the right? I would say the real rulers of this planet did, the leaders we actually see are only their puppets. If you look at America’s actions thru Bush and Obama, and way before that even, you can see each piece of the plan has been carried out and still it being carried out. The population of the world does not matter to them at all, in fact all of their de-population talk just shows that they WANT to take us all out. This would do it, and they would be safe in their underground bunkers. American media has been systematically destroyed as part of this plan too, so that no American (except a few of us, who are just a bunch of conspiracy theorists) have even a tiny bit of a clue that any of this is going on. A lot of Americans dislike Obama now, since he starting full on destroying our constitution and suddenly became Bush II, but crazily Obama still has tons of American’s support. If they only knew, Obama would get taken out by an angry mob. So what’s up with Congress? Are they stupid, blind, corrupt, part of the plan? Does it really go that deep? Part of me wishes to be an ignorant, oblivious American again, would make life a whole lot easier than watching Obama lie thru his teeth daily. Is this really happening, how? This planet is fucked.

  • challengeauthority

    Governments are Monopolies on Force with the philosophy of aggression and violence to solve problems that they themselves created. When all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. The US is the biggest bully to ever exist on planet earth. The US Empire has put all other empires to shame. The US Empire will only fall when humans around the planet realize that they have nothing to fear from each other, only those humans who seek power through fear. They keep you in chains with fear, the feed their bank accounts with fear. They need you to be afraid. So stop being afraid. I don’t fear terrorists, I don’t fear Russia, I don’t fear cancer, I don’t fear the left or the right. I know what the end game is. The power hungry elite miscalculate the human need for peace and voluntary action. Nationalism can’t and won’t continue to blind the people forever. Time is on our side. I may never see a free world, nor my children; but some day, in the future, mankind will stand against tyranny forever and and proudly say “Freeeeeeeeedom!” or not, More likely we’ll all blow each other to smithereens, what the hell do I know, I’m just a guy on a computer pontificating about things that are well beyond my control.

    • hyjyljyj

      “I’m just a guy on a computer pontificating about things that are well beyond my control.”

      And with this one succinct, insightful, iconic quote, all further posting of replies on web sites is rendered moot and pointless. Well done sir. You have just saved humanity untold trillions of hours of wasted time and mental energy. I nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Man on the street

    I don’t see why we should be hostile to Putin or Russia?
    1- Putin informed the CIA of the Chechen Muslim Boston Bombers, we said that they are against Russia not us who support these terrorist as freedom fighters.
    2- when Snowden was seeking refuge in Moscow airport, Putin said that he must stop damaging OUR American friends.
    3- when we placed missiles on his door steps in Poland, he did not threaten retaliation or wars.
    4- when we invaded Iraq, and Libya against his wishes, he did not provide covert support to the rebel or freedom fighters as we typically do.

  • Gabriele Lele

    us stealth plane are fake… a good radar operator can trak all them

    • don quijotte
      • tyler

        Really…….so then the atomic bomb of WWII didn’t happen….because nukes are the offspring of the atomic bomb…..

        • Grace

          Yahh trick yahh

        • don quijotte

          Indeed I’m convinced the atomic bomb of WWII didn;t happen.

          • AmericaAtItsBest

            the u.s. been working on hidden things from our military and its people the u.s. has always been ahead of every country in weapons the u.s. has been hiding secret weapons from all of us and the rest of the world for a long time so if we went to war with Russia I think us Americans will defeat Russia. America also has better technology than Russia remember the Americans we always strike first and hard .! there is no country that can defeat America it will remain the most powerful country in the world the Americans been working on things to destroy every country at once if need to and the u.s. has been the top country for years America has been working on working on new weapons like the new improved cloaking tanks and airplanes and has been working on better guns and bombs than any country America has been working on new submarines and battleships for Russia. America always been ten more times ahead than any country including Russia in weapons and bombs or etc. America sits and wait until the times comes America s ready to go to war with Russia or any other country so America is ready Russia are you ?

          • don quijotte

            The only thing your government has hidden for his people are the huge black NASA and Manhattan Project budgets. Keep on dreaming The US has no change at all at this moment against Russia. Try to get that brainwash undone. Further I have no hard feelings against the normal American people. You were born in that brainwash factory.

          • americatheking

            actually the U.S. has been working on secret weapons and technology just to take out the Russian military and china military.. the U.S. actually has secret weapons that no other country has right now we been building on special things just for Russia and actually the U.S. does have a chance the U.S. has the best navy and air force in the world we can just have our air force and navy just take out Russia we have the best fighting and deadliest men ever on this planet we have the best snipers and we have the best self air defense system in the world we put our military through harder training than any country we have a team of 15 guys that can take out most of your army they self we have the fastest fighter jets the U.S. been building up and up on its weapons and technology than any country the U.S. knew this war would happen soon so they have been working on secret projects and weapons and technology for ww3. the U.S. has been ready for this war unlike Russia is just now getting ready we have better guns and fighting jets and attack helicopter than Russia so America is ready for Russia so we actually do have a chance against russia

          • americasGreatest

            we have an e-bomb . and a e-bomb is a bomb that can knock out electronic systems and it releases a high power microwave energy and they will send that bomb before the Russians can get the chance to fire there nukes.. and the u.s. now have the technology to turn around a nuke and send it back to its own country we have a laser in space that can either make the missile explode or to send it back and use it against its country our subs are now 10x more better than any other sub in the world and our ships is more equipped with better and fast striking missiles and better mini guns if a missile gets to close I don’t think that Russia wants to go to war with us

          • americababy

            we have the fastest and the deadliest fighting jet in the world

          • americababy

            we have the worlds deadliest tanks

          • americababy

            we have the worlds deadliest bomber

          • Topamericans

            I AGREE WITH YOU AMERICA CAN DEFEAT RUSSIA I SEEN AMERICAS POWER AGAINST RUSSIA AND AMERICA IS NOT EVEN SHOWING ITS FULL STRENGTH WHILE RUSSIA BEEN FLEXING ITS MUSCLE THE U.S.A is not really worried about Russia America has been ahead of every country in military power the U.S. has been ready and waiting for this war to happen for years America has been making and building technology and weapons and bombs just to take out the 2 next powerful countries combined the U.S. has been planning and waiting for ww3 to come do Russia really think its ready for war with America ?

    • Tyler Schultz

      You dumbass…..explain to me how the coalition forces in the Persian gulf were able to not only destroy airfields but also…destroy SCUD missile sites and do it under the cover of stealth….the F-117 nighthawk was the leader, the father and the original stealth fighter…u really need to do more air force history and stop listening to who ever u listen to.

  • Alex

    Putin should read this article and press the Red button immediately

  • Atheist Society

    The article is so dumb & poorly written, I had to stop reading. Neither the States nor Russia would attack the other. The reason is simple; each nation has a retaliatory strike ability no matter if it were attacked by steal surprise or not & attacking Russia or the States in full steal is impossible anyway but if it were possible, each nation has the ability after it has been totally destroyed above ground to carry out a full scale attack which would totally destroy the opposing nation. There are subs deep in the Seas that alone could destroy every nation on earth. There are ICBMs that can withstand a first strike then retaliate. In fact, that’s exactly what they are designed for. If Russia were to attack the States, the States would attack both Russia & China thus destroying both nations to be safe. If the States attacked Russia, just like the other way around, nothing in the States would be left standing 20 minutes later.

    There will never be a nuclear world war. There might be a few suicidal people around but no one person on either side can conduct a missile launch against the other! This means that as insane as Putin is, he cannot launch an attack on his own. Those around him who know full well there is no such thing as a god or an afterlife would not want to die. They know they are not going to a Heave with prostitutes! The same is true of the States. Those in power know full well there is no such thing as a god or afterlife. They simply pretend to believe there is to get votes, please & control the barbaric masses that need a crutch in life. Most people do not want to die. Even most religious don’t want to die & an attack on Russia, China or the States by a nuclear nation would mean the death of those in said nation! This is just a well known fact which makes this article out to be insane!

    That said, there very well could be a limited nuclear war between India & Pakistan for example or a terrorist group might one day get their hands on a nuke & use it but that would not be the end of a nation.

    Time to grow up & think about reality such as ways to get rid of religions, improve the economy, get people careers, good pay & a great life since there is but one life & it should be lived to the fullest.

    • Andrew Patton

      Atheists can’t consistently use the word “should.” Without God, without Judgment, there is no such thing as “should” do anything.

  • George Frayer

    As of the past few days, War with Russia may be unavoidable. I am sure most others on here fallow the NEWS as closely as I do (If not even closer), weather you are a Pub or Dem, there really isn’t any argument to this point, America is now stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place.

  • Mark

    The actual facts are the States is TEN TIMES more powerful than Russia so people underestimate strides the States continues to make but the States keeps that low key while Russia loves to brag. America often acts as if it is always in need of funding for new tech etc when in fact is not.

    Between States and other NATO nations Russia, China, North Korean, Iran & the rest would be destroyed in a conventional four year terrible war. Each nation knows it cannot use nukes. The war is estimated to last four years if it happened with 50 million US casualties so it would be a real war but it would be the end of the Russian military & the States would prevail, go into a strong boom post war as the world’s single superpower. That would be at a terribly high cost. Russia cannot be invaded. They are very strong willed people who do not go hysterical in a war like people in the States would if we were getting hit each day. We are only using 1975 drone tech that is in the sky all the time, 80s tech in wars but they would bring out area 51 advanced tech for a world war which is said to be anti gravity so Russia would be done.

    • Observer


  • Mark

    There will be no real war with Russia but I suspect there will soon be a proxy war because Obama is not going to leave Iran with nukes as Bush did North Korea so once the attack starts non invasion style like Gulf War one, Russia is likely to arm Iran. Iraq had no military after the first war. Each time they tried to build something, Bush Sr then later Clinton would destroy it so that war was wrong. It’s part of the reason we landed in a great recession. Iraq had zero to do with 911. Saddam was terrified of the States. Bush should have done a massive attack on North Korea instead. The war in Afghanistan was justified since the government would not hand Ladin over & the entire world supported us with NATO declaring war too. Bush attacked Iraq because he believed Saddam tried to assassinate his parents in the 90s so he attacked at a high cost to lives. He created a holocaust in Iraq anti abortion man forced women into abortions, lost limbs and or death by bombs. That being said, I supported our troops & always do because they follow orders, put their lives on the line & are underpaid no matter which party is in well as treated poorly by the public when many disagree with a war so that is not fair at all. I know this because in my family, they have served going back to 1812 & before when England burned the White House down in the last time the homeland of the States was attacked by another nation. Not since then has the States been attacked by another nation. Not in WW2 or 911.

  • Eugene

    i think your President is a little creasy, we have a many nuclear weapon too, and we have a ” dead hand”, nuclear war is a death for all people in the world, we need to stop it together! Rassians don`t want this war. Stop it please, it is very dangerous for human race.

  • Basle

    It’s hard to believe that Putin will ever agree to be ‘wimpy’. Chances are, if push comes to shove, when it is clear that everything is lost for Russia, meaning a nuclear war is within days or hours Putin will go hara-kiri launching whatever nuclear missiles he may to destroy as much of the US as he can hours or minutes before Russia been destroyed.

  • Siddharth Khadak

    MH17 Chameleon: Operation Rapid Trident II

    The announcement of U.S. BREEZE and RAPID TRIDENT II military maneuvers came on May 21, 2014 by Vice President Joe Biden’s office. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian-Israeli mafia oligarch, who is known as the «Chameleon». Kolomoisky has raised his own mercenary army, complete with the BUK missiles allegedly used in the shootdown of MH-17. Kolomoisky, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in eastern Ukraine, has threatened terrorist attacks against Russian-speaking officials in eastern Ukraine, including assassinations.

  • Belarus Goose

    Obama is dangerous and the people must do something to stop this fool from starting World War III.

  • Bluestocking

    I wish Americans would stop perpetuating this myth that the United States “won” the Cold War when it’s probably more accurate to say that that the Soviet Union defeated itself. Melvin Goodman — who would probably be in a position to know, given that he was a senior analyst and division chief of the Office of Soviet Affairs at the CIA for ten years in the 80’s — has stated that at least in his opinion, the Soviet Union rotted from within. They were engaged in an ongoing war in Afghanistan which they weren’t winning, the infrastructure was in a state of disrepair (the most obvious example being Chernobyl, the cleanup for which proved to be extremely costly), the economy was stagnating, and the Politburo was losing the faith and loyalty of the Russian people who were no longer willing to tolerate a system that was failing them on so many levels.

    What’s troubling is that when you look at a lot of these factors — an ongoing and seemingly unwinnable war, a failing infrastructure, a stagnant economy, a ruling body which no longer has the confidence and respect of its people, and growing discontent — anyone who’s not in denial has to admit that all of them apply to the United States to one extent or another at this point in time.

  • don quijotte

    Nukes are FAKE!! They’re invented in Hollywood just to keep you in a state of fear.

  • cnnfoxmsnbcthetruthisinbetween

    Eric Zuesse is just another example what happens when surrounded by those who share and confirm your point of view, no matter how extreme. Like so many in the media (and Washington) he, and his “mentally cloned pals”, love any statement that suits their bias. This is an unfortunate as the best view points are obtained by surrounding yourself with a network of varying view points, and having relationships where opposing view points are encouraged. Like the boss surrounded by “yes men”, people like Eric are not interested in learning all sides and then formulating a knowledgeable opinion. As an example, he even finds a way to work a slam in on President Bush at the end of this ridiculous article. How did we get to the point that it is more important to be close minded and disagree with the opposing political party, then to to develop the substance needed to lead America to the best solutions? It does not show intelligence or leadership to disagree on everything. It use to be that our journalists, and political leaders, agreed on 70% of the issues and fought it out over the gray areas that truly matter. Now, they can’t even agree on the color of the sky! We continue to reward ignorant bias from journalists, the media as a whole, and of course our politicians. They are more concerned with spreading their extreme views then taking the time up front to learn from all sides. The American citizens deserve better. It is time to stop blindly following biased politicians and their equally biased supporters in the media. Remember the truth is somewhere in the middle so educate yourselves with an open mind and allow exposure to all points of view. Our goal should be to develop well rounded knowledge of the issues, formulate a educated opinion, and find the best solutions for the American People, not any single political party!

  • JasonKaler

    Nuclear bombs aren’t the only payload the B2 carries.
    In Iraq, B2s were responsible for more than 90% of all bombs dropped by weight.
    This is a big jump to conclusions.


    Americans scared of Russia? What kind of joke is that supposed to be? America isn’t scared of anybody, nor should we be. If things do end in war, then we will prevail as we always have, some corrupt communist regime doesn’t hold a candle to the greatest country on earth.

  • Robin Hood

    Agree with the logic, the drawn conclusions and most of the comments. It does however appear that one of the facets of this conundrum is missing. It would be foolish to think that Russians have not considered all these options long and hard. And one thing that is entirely not in the Russian character is to be lead to slaughter as a cow. Which by itself presents two options: (1) Soft power: sabotage American supremacy economically and politically. Provoking instability on America’s borders as well as internally while dumping Eurasia’s dependency on US dollar. A complicated task but achievable one. (2) Hard power: preemptive nuclear strike against NATO bases in Western Europe thus achieving 2 goals – destruction of ballistic missiles defense and first strike offensive weapons as well as putting things back into MAD perspective with US for denied the ability of a swift massive strike from Europe, US government will have to face the dilemma of retaliation by the means of ballistic missiles from US main land and remote bases and suffer a nuclear strike against US mainland. That would indeed make Russia’s leadership a monster but preserve Russia’s integrity as a country. Even combined, EU military capabilities are no match to Russia’s and US forces are over committed around the globe and any attempt of assembling them in a sufficient force would be a sufficient pretext for Russia to deliver a nuclear strike against us, this placing such scenario in MAD perspective as well

  • Jake


  • Ashara Shadai

    Your guide will simply furious at his own stupidity
    1 and the biggest cause of rabies in the fact that America wanted to put his fleet in the Crimea, and for this purpose has been launched a revolution in ukroine. but Russia beat all their own way.

    This pedstavte yourself how it feels to your president, who paid 5 million for that Crimea was Russian …. probably all the hair on the ass ripped or

  • Ashara Shadai

    Your prizident just furious at his own stupidity
    and the biggest cause of rabies in the fact that America wanted to put his fleet in the Crimea, and for this purpose has been launched a revolution in ukroine. but Russia beat all their own way.

    This pedstavte yourself how it feels to your president, who paid for this 5 milliard Crimea was Russian ..


    Heaven help us all.

  • Libertarian

    Eol Awki-

    We will find out, wont we?

  • Phobospyros

    Has anyone really looked at the Russian republics military strength. Just at a glane look at a US SOCOM operator beside a Russian Alpha group “Special” operator. The difference visually is only the SOPMOD they are holding and the pattern on their BDUs. Both sides training is intense and thorough. Serving in the Canadian forces, I have worked along side both. US Delta operators and generically Russian Spetznas. Whether on the ground or scaled up to battlefield tactical TNWs. Russia is not backwards and “rusty”. To saý any sane individual thinks we can just take Russia out ricky tick with a precision 1st strike, is well………………madness. As a Canadian active(though stood down) Operator, this article frankly first makes me angry and secondly makes me grateful the people that send me downrange aren’t so far removed and insane. I can tell you, its obvious you have never shouldered a weapon in any real conflict. If you had, you would have a better grasp on Gleopolitics and the capabilites of Nation States the World round.

  • Да вы охуели?

  • disqus60

    How ridiculous. Can you dream up some other BS to pipe to your idiots?

  • Kevin

    The States is not going to attack Russia for no reason. This was really just a warning to Russia to not dare try to invade a “NATO” nation. If Russia were to do that then Russia would be destroyed quickly. Russia is not capable of destroying the States as everyone seems to think. Neither is China. Russia might get one or two nukes in on us but Russia would be gone so they won’t be messing with a NATO protected nation.

    • Gregory Anbreit

      How about all those subs around US coast? Every sub have enough missiles to destroy several cities anywhere in the US

  • 武田信玄

    We should obliterate Russia now, as soon as possible. War is upon us whether we like it or not. We should root out the cancer as soon as possible and accept the chemo therapy right away. The world cannot afford to give Putin the same leeway we gave Hitler. Russians forces have already been arming for some time, given more time he will only grow stronger and bolder.
    Best take direct action NOW and kill it while it is still weak. And kill it good, the risk is simply far too great to consider morals. We would have to wage a total war and aim to exterminate E V E RY single russian; every man, woman and child. Utter obliteration.

  • Arkansas

    I would be more worried with a war with Canada or Mexico rather than with Russia. Russia is not a national power and their attempts at intimidating the rest of the world by running their mouth has played out, they are a drop in oil prices away from being a 3rd world country with a jackass for a leader!

  • yoyo yolo

    You guys are all silly and need to go get some sun. If America wanted to take over the world we would of after WW2 when the USA was the only one who could make nukes. Dont cha think it would of been way easier then? OF course not right because it just sounds so much sexier to believe the other.

  • Hosea McAdoo

    The most dangerous President in history and may be the last President one way or another.

    Nobel Peace Prize: Bah humbug!

  • charles

    Anyone that entertains the thought of nuclear exchange are mad men. And need to be seen by a doctor. This is not to amuse,Or to belittle anyone. However the seriousness of the situation is more than I could
    Put into words,,my brother, as the world slips completely into darkness

  • Lusius Quietus

    I see a lot of insane guys here. Russia can blow all her nukes on her own territory and the whole world will die. the difference. Russians will die quickly and the rest slowly. When I was a boy I watched videos of nuclear and thermonuclear tests by Soviet Army. Many people who post here nonsense about nuking Russia are very ignorant. They truly do not want to go there….

  • particle

    Some good points are made here but underlying all of this is the fact that there is no way to guarantee Russian destruction without an end to all life on earth. I do not think it should be a goal either but that’s my opinion. There is no way to neutralise this prospect even with a fully operational haarp platform. The Russians in addition to submarine launched missiles also will have many cells within nato countries. Their spies and intelligence services were often ahead of the wests during the cold war let’s not forget this. It would be reasonable to assume that some of this new tech has been infiltrated by them or by cybercrime not to mention direct guerilla ops involving dirty bombs and nuclear suitcases. During the cold war the west never knew that the soviets had filled a large ship with nuclear material in a northern port. It was a doomsday weapon. No launch required. Simply a detonation required to wipe out all life as a last resort. I live in Europe and personally feel the propaganda we are being fed needs to be reigned in. This is serious and the repercussions could be fatal. When will we all wake up and realise we are being exploited and brutalised by our own governments? One day the revolution will come and we can talk seriously about the utopian society we all deserve and are entitled to. Regrettably governments are the enemy and we won’t get it without a fight. Freedom has moved beyond ‘democracy ‘ but governments will not listen to their people.

  • bill

    Notice how all your major wars are white men killing white men or white men dying for israeli interest for the sake of zionist banksters..Like Ariel Sharon said, “we the jewish people control America and the Americans know it”. Where is israels army when we get in all these wars, they are supposed to be our ally, however I havn’t seen them do shit.. The Mossad claims” by deception they make war”, and they are doing it. Wake the fuck up Americans. These wars that we have been in, in the last 100 years are not and have not been in the best interest of our country. It will be our demise!!! And please do not give me that holocaust shit, I will have to refer you to Benjamin Freedmans’ speech and you might not like it…

  • ZuzlikMuzlik

    holy shit …. so many lunatics …

  • over it

    All this fighting against each other and we wonder why we are where we are regarding the relationships we have between our countries. Russia against America, who has the biggest missiles, (I mean toys.) Are we all back in Kindergarten? Grow up people. We can all agree to disagree, but fighting and bickering solves nothing except more fighting and bickering. Stop puffing your chests out and beating yourselves as gorillas do when they are challenging each other and grow up. It doesn’t matter who has the biggest and baddest nukes. It doesn’t matter who blows who up first. What matters is that there’s going to be an enormous amount of innocent lives lost if these nukes are fired; lives that have absolutely nothing to do with the conflicts regarding these countries…and it’s sad. It’s sad that we are all so hell bent on destroying each other over stupid shit that really means nothing! We should be worried about our families and our friends right now, not who has the best military crap!!! Rather than fighting, maybe we, the civilian people of both countries, should be forming an alliance. Maybe we should all join hands and stand in front of both governmental powers shouting at the top of our lungs for PEACE!!! Maybe we should forgive each other and move forward and stop acting like children fighting over their toys in the playpen. You remind me of the military leaders right now. It’s no wonder they are getting ready for war, because if you were in power you’d be doing the same thing. You’re doing it right now, right here in the comments below! None of you are any better than the other, so stop ACTING like it!

  • Greg Post

    What’s made Obama’s presidency “bad” are the Republicans who chose to make their job trying to make him look him bad. With all the problems President Obama and the nation faced when he arrived in office you’d think, for the greater good, the GOP would put politics aside and get some work done. No, No and NO. They refused to have it. If the Republicans are good at anything it’s making people look bad. They are like an insecure high school bully.

  • Marx

    the post nuclear wasteland like Fallout 3 ???
    facinating. I’m signing up to be accepted in one of Vault-Tec’s many fine shelters.

  • Bhatt

    Better to nuke China for world peace.

  • michael borg acosta

    this wont happen america wont be the first to attack. America no matter how corrupt it has become and greedy it is far from stupid from attacking Russia the second nation with equal nuclear capabilities. If any nation starts a nuclear war it will be a disaster for the whole world.Sure nuclear war should be taken seriously however conflicts are progressive they start out with political conflict and finally political isolation meaning they will have little to no political discussions and when they do it will be demanding for the other nation to back down or comply with whatever the demands are. After political policies and diplomacy fails conflict might start outright or small battles will ensue leading to an escalation of power and force in the battle field. Nuclear weapons are a last resort since they have a collateral damage of 100% that will last for generations to come. Yes America did used nuclear weapons on japan however the war didnt look like it had an end to it, and japan would not surrender and the human lost was great. Japan was one of the nations that grew rapidly and i mean rapidly becoming a full power in just a few decades however it retained its old ideologies of honor and thus surrender for them was a dishonor so much that they would take their own lives if they were about to be captured. They were so relentless that they forced america to decide either continue slaughtering each other which had no end in site or go all out not only putting fear in the enemy but destroying thousands of lives in mere seconds. This was the only option because japan even though it was a power to be reckoned with had a smaller population than america so eventually it would result in genocide maybe not a complete annihilation of the Japanese people but it would destroy most of their population and who wants to be the one to blame for wiping out a whole nation. That is the only reason nuclear weapons are used is when no nation wants to surrender and the end of the war cant be estimated and the human casualties have reached an extravagant number that continuation of battle is meaningless,so they try to end it in one strike. However nuclear weapons dont just kill at the point of impact they last for generations and kill people who are close enough to the radiation and affect births as well with genetic mutations and other health problems so even though its a last resort and one that would certainly end a war it will cause way too much collateral damage to be taken lightly

  • Billy Jizzcakes

    Oh Noe! A Nuclear War!? I’d better go panic buy and hide in my cosy little bunker – thanks for the tipoff WashingtonsBlog!

  • bob s

    What an idiot. The Russian submarines would devastate the USA. No win for any side. Fear monger

  • David Hill

    Who cares with the world in a grave ?

  • Marina Arane

    You need a doctor. ASAP

  • T-Rav

    This is all just so stupid. Why can’t people just be mature and get along. Who cares who can kill who? Why do we need to kill each other in the first place. Why do we need to compare cock size to determine who is more powerful? We are all people. At the end of the day we are all the same. We have families and friends, and that’s what really matters. Why do we want to put those we love in jeopardy by getting involved in everyone else’s business. I have no issues with Russians, or Chinese but I fear my own US government my just put the lives of my children at more risk. I do love my country and the soldiers that fight to protect my freedoms. But I do not like when our government has to get involved in so many issues that really don’t matter to us. US does not have to try to impose their will onto everyone, that’s what bullies do. What’s right for some is not always right for others.

    World Peace, people loving people, that’s what really matters. At the end of your life, it’s not money, jobs, how many toys, or how many bullets you have, it’s about the people you connect with. The relationships you create in your lifetime define who you are when you’re gone.

    I’m sure I will get a bunch of crap about how I don’t love my country, and some other garbage, but that is wrong. I do love this country, and I am proud to be an American. I just have a different opinion about how we should act on the global playground.

  • Weson Ribig

    Well well….what’s up guys !!! What is so important about going to war with Russia ? The US is having battallion the sky dreadnought in space. What if they use them to attack Russia ? This is not good people. Got to pray hard for the world peace.

  • Weson Ribig

    I am not backing up the US at all bro, but i do know , that the US has the most secrets technologies and weapons on earth. If they were to use those most secrets anti gravity space craft fighter plane, having such powers, wow…. I do believes the US will use it at will like the , TR3Bs and dozens of other anti gravity space craft.

  • Dennis Richardson

    Does anything ever change? Since 1690 the English war mongers in the House of Lord’s, other owners of the bank of London, the British East India company has pushed this war mongering agenda. Similar to the rationalizations of from 1140 to 1440 where English Kings and the wars fought against France for no real and legitimate reason. This evil exists to create control, money and power of an Oligarchy for world government. The continuing evil of Kings knows no boundaries just as the Hebrew God directed Judge and prophet Samuel to write in First Samuel 8. Can the Hebrew God predict the future?

  • Vijay

    what a naive article ! must be written by some 5th grader.
    Even if US wiped out all Russian military power(which by itself is just impossible), DEAD HAND installed by Russian military is enough to wipe US back. US have no success in containing the stone age fighters of Talibans and ISIS , it is planning to wipe out one of the most sophisticated military installation in a second without Russian knowing a bit ? Even someone with 2lb of pot will talk more sensible that this BS

    • americawins

      America ha been ….always will be….the greatest country when it comes to military strength. just think back to the late 70s….America designed and created the A-10 mainly for those Russian T-72 tanks….that was over 40 years ago….now we have the most destructive bombing force in the world

  • Matthew Lipscomb

    This is simply one of the most thoughtful and well written ariticles I’ve ever read. Thank you.

  • David

    If oil continues to slide and we continue to squeeze Putin with more sanctions, he’ll have to create external straw men and saber rattling! He’s impotent but trying hard to be relevant. Another picture without a shirt on a horse killing a lion maybe?

  • jason

    I’m no military strategist but I am an American and I seriously doubt any American with any sense would condone a first strike. I promise if our government drops a nuclear weapon on any country without proper cause and very very explicit and undeniable proof there was no other option our government will awnser for it to us. The government serves us, eventually if crap keeps going the way it is I wouldn’t be surprised if something comes out of American population soon. I, we, and most Americans will not sit back and let our government kill millions of people while causing irreparable damage to our planet.

  • jason

    Yeah as far our militaries go the US is way beyond anything Russia has…ur little navigation systems u use on ur phones is the same as they were using in US gps guided missles…most of the technology we use is US military tech first

    • AmericaTheFreeAndTheBrave

      yeah you right remember the U.S. Is Always ahead of any country in military power The us has the power to destroy all the Russians nuke before they are even launched our military has the ability to get in side Russia if we wanted to we have enough bombs missiles and bombs to take out Russia its self we don’t need to send any troops to there country. cant no country never ever invade the U.S. even if all countries teamed up they still will not invade us. the U.S. tech and weapons will always be ahead and more powerful than there we have the most and best trained men in the world only a group of snipes can take out a lot of Russia army the U.S. trains it military better than any country in the world the U.S. has an aircraft than can take your missiles out before they can even locate the aircraft even china can not beat us we are always 20x ahead of every country put together

  • yeet

    you guessed it ……whooo you was right

  • Christopher C

    What an idiot.The American people would storm the capital and hang every single mother fucker in the building and then hit the pentagon.

  • George Frayer

    Wow I am glad we are not planning to nuke Russia. Traitors like the author of this blog would Jeopordize the whole thing costing lives of the Globe.

  • Gearmoe

    It is naive to not prepare. No one wants (I hope no one) war. That said, nuclear is not the dirty messy item it used to be. It can be small or large or in-between. This ultimate of current war power keeps us all safe every day, like it or not. There truly are power hungry crazy people which can access the big red button, this is reality. You can not wish away threats or potential. Even Pakistan can attack with nuclear power. No one should lie to themselves nor stick ones head in the sand. Even a terrorist may be able to use a weapon as such. Can’t you see delivery by a jet airliner? How about the back of a truck? If you have the ability to arm and ignite, you have the power. And there are more people which have this power than we want to know. Get real.

  • Guest

    Hillarious this is all Russians commenting lol

  • Guest

    hahaha Russia and its PUNY military…no wonder they made fun of Obama with a banana theyre nobody now

  • Guest

    oh and hey Vladifyouprefer, “Amigo” isnt an american term hahahaha

  • akrafinski

    I think it’d be too counter productive to nuke them. If we do, then we won’t have access to their resources, and kill innocent people.

  • blacktechengineer

    First of all, any war with two huge superpower countries will not end in peace, dont put your faith in anything that holds secrets from you, doesn’t matter american or russian. The fact that russia has 60+ subs scattered and america has 95+ subs scattered globally,both sides atleast armed enough to wipe minimum half the earth instantly, both sides WILL NOT GIVE UP!,another thing with the american gov,we only account for 250billion usd out of the trillion yearly spent! You have got to be out of your mind to think that 750 billion USD is lost as research,trial and development. I am saying this because im warning society of both sides that they do not care about global interest, a trillion a year on defense that doesnt even add up to 1/4 on paper, yet we see secret technology used at barking sands pacific missle test base and are told it was nothing,we see high speed sats with big sodium diodes and also told,it is nothing,we see ultra high current guns shoot projectiles that yoiu cant see with your eyes,that one took 10 years to come out. They are hiding something dangerous,as an American,i will do what is right. If the white house ever push that button first,they probably wont even survive the riot that will surely knock those doors down by the american society. Same goes for russia,i have faith in humanity,i believe they will do what is right,i believe they will blame the gov and not the civilians. Civilians do not want a nuclrar war with only govt interest.

    • Andrew Patton

      Only a small fraction of those submarines are carrying nuclear weapons, though. The rest are attack subs, armed with torpedoes, conventional missiles, and/or sea mines.

  • Daves Justuson

    All Russia has to do, and I wish they would, is to lob a few Thermonuclear devices onto major cities on the U.S. seaboard with ‘state-of-the-art-nuclear-submarines,’ lying 20 miles off the coasts, not rust-buckets by any means, and a blade of grass won’t grow on this continent in 2000 years, a just and righteous action for this world’s benefit!

  • Daves Justuson

    This whole globalist system will eventually kill itself off down to one banker or one banking family left, after all the consolidations, eliminating of competition, eliminating of competing govrrnments and their armies, etc., etc.

  • smb12321

    No one with an IQ > 1 thinks Obama is planning a nuclear exchange with Russia. This is yet another talking point from the conspiracy crowd frustrated that its other “predictions” never occurred – the US did not descend into chaos, the dollar did not collapse, Bush did not declare marshall law, Iran was not invaded, Israel did not use nukes, folks can still say what they want on the internet without worry, etc

    Who in the hell wants a planet where travel and mobility is impossible, lifespans dramatically shortened, food supplies expended, the environment ruined and money worthless? Unless one’s values religious martyrdom (suicide bombing) such an idea is beyond ludicrous.

  • Rocky Racoon

    Russias’ missile defence can spot the stealth bombers and they have nuclear armed subs that we can barely detect off of our coast…No we do not have first strike capability. That is a mad mans wet dream but we do not have it by far. And Putin has stated that he will NOT allow the Donbas to be ethnically cleansed so expect some fireworks in the very near future.

  • Rocky Racoon

    I see the trolls have discovered one of our better information sites. They don’t seem to be able to handle the news very well.

  • hyjyljyj

    “The U.S. increasingly is getting nuclear primacy. Russia, surrounded by NATO nations and U.S. nuclear weapons, would be able to be wiped out before its rusty and comparatively puny military force could be mustered to respond. Whereas we are not surrounded by their weapons, they are surrounded by ours. Whereas they don’t have the ability to wipe us out before we can respond, we have the ability to wipe them out before they’ll be able to respond.”

    You say this like it’s a BAD thing. Conversely, to everyone with their sanity intact, it’s decidedly the opposite.

    Liberals and other statists are so funny–unable to perceive irony at any level, even here where we’re making it real easy: Russia being able to wipe us out in an instant would mean wiping out the libs too, and they’d do it in a heartbeat if they only could. On the other hand, we actually could wipe them out, but we choose not to, since we’re the good guys.

    BTW Putin DID invade Ukraine, just as you predicted here that he wouldn’t. Of course to libs that’s our fault, as everything bad in the world is our doing and nothing good is our doing. *yawn* Next….

  • Pereztroiko

    Russian are surrounded with missile all across Europe USA people we are not dam as you think we are, for wherever happens we are safe and secure none of you knows how powerful this country is; as American there i am i assure you half of the soviet are with the West, welcome to the jungle mister Putin

  • David

    MAD is dead – no you are lacking information on the Russian Federations Nuclear Arsenal and its delivery capability! RF has 1,800 Nuclear missiles, many are multiple warhead, and they have multiple forms of delivery systems, ICBM, Sub Based Cruise Missiles, Air launched and Hypersonic systems. As the USA has a considerable and substantial superiority in conventional forces, RF in order to balance this has further developed its tactical theatre nuclear weapons to counter balance t the USA/NATO Conventional forces. What US/NATO has in conventional form could be wiped out in seconds. I worked in the area of Nuclear delivery systems and training, and can vouch for the statement. As for RF being wiped out before it could respond, that is bullshit, as Eol Awki says below, and I quote him. “Would YOU take the chance that there are not at least one Russian
    nuclear submarine off the coast of America loaded with their new subs
    equipped with 16 Bulava class missiles (more than enough of themselves
    to take out America), or mobile & fixed land-based TOPOL-Ms and the
    new RS-24 Yars which travels at 20+ mach and might well be able to
    defeat any defence thrown at it?” AND the RF has new subs coming online NOW. And I will tell you all, if you do not already know, Nuclear warheads are NOT Hiroshima or Nagasaki sized, talk 50 or 100 times or MORE the size of those, and some RF missiles carry Multiple Warheads. Mutually Assured Destruction, I trained for it, if it happens it is unlikely me or my family would live, and I am English. OH, and all you US Testosterone Jocks, dont think for one second the BULLSHIT your Government feeds you about wiping out an attack with Laser Systems is on the cards (any schoolboy doing science will tell you, their range is soooo limited) and against the RS24 Yars at mach 20… … Laugh!!!! I nearly paid the BBC License Fee! Watch this very watered down version of R E A L I T Y…

  • pdullea

    Economic chaos as is taking place in Russia right now is a clear indicator that something is on going and in progress. None of this is by accident. The dogs of war are not asleep…

  • Wolfman

    As soon as the terrorist’s get nuclear weapons it is all over for all of us and God will sort us all out

  • frenchman

    The level of stupidity I witness here on this subject is staggering. Are you idiots really convinced you will survive a nuclear holocaust ?

  • James Freeman

    If the US federal government were to actually create a preemptive nuclear first strike on any other country on Earth, they would feel the fearful, awesome rath of the American people!

  • Simplemans Nature

    I know this blog is dated somewhat, but in current light of sanctions and falling oil prices, and the collapsing Russian economy, perhaps the B2’s were simply placed in Europe as a deterrence?

  • pete

    The funny thing is..or not so funny…is that governments are so petty in arguments and threats, besides nucular destruction there is a futile destruction going on all around us our planets weather is changing and I don’t know if its a sign of worse things to come, I do know that some of our government and gouvernments are worrying about getting richer.for example the water companies where I live is saying we are running out of water and they don’t want to use sea water the want to use fracking which causes damage not to mention methane in our drinking water this is what is really happening governments don’t want to destroy themselves with nucleor war, everyone would die, they would suffer from that ie fallout ash blocking out the sun temperatures dropping way below freezing because of this. No I think they don’t care if our children die from mistakes they are making just as long as they aren’t going to die it is OK whatever they do. That’s their justification .however I think that the way everyone on this planet uses the natural resorces sooner or later our planets engine is not going to have the lubricants to keep it going..the crazy thing is we won’t be able to see when the destruction is coming it will most likely hit gouvernments sideways …just think angine – oil = boom its not rocket science, even though gouvernments try to make it look like rocket science… Lol

  • Indrid Cold

    This thread has gone a bit cold, so allow me to warm it up. The idea that a nuclear war would be the end of civilization (let alone all of humanity) is utterly preposterous. During the nuclear test era, hundreds of megatons of atmospheric tests were made. Far more than would be necessary to defeat the Russian nation. Indeed, the addative power of multiple low yield warheads could utterly destroy most Russian cities with no more than one hundred 20kiloton nuclear weapons. That’s a total of two megatons of explosive yield. I have researched the little known additive effect of multiple simultaneous weapons detonations, and was astonished by how little actual explosive yield could efficiently destroy most major cities and kill the vast majority of their population. FIVE 20-kiloton nuclear weapons would, if simultaneously detonated, utterly destroy the city of Moscow. A simple “star patern lay down of warheads with their effects radii just touching would end Moscow as a habitable city. It makes the old 20 megaton monsters truly laughable as weapons once thought necessary to take out a major city (unless your objective is total vaporization as opposed to practical destruction).

    • kimyo

      utterly preposterous: Government Agency Warns If 9 Substations Are Destroyed, The Power Grid Could Be Down For 18 Months

      “Destroy nine interconnection substations and a transformer manufacturer and the
      entire United States grid would be down for at least 18 months, probably longer.”

      if we’re about to be dragged into ww3, it pays to focus on our actual vulnerabilities, rather than some pretend war game scenario thought up by highly overcompensated sociopaths.

      vulnerabilities like 4 or 5 nuclear plants with fully loaded spent fuel pools sitting downstream of a leaky dam. or another half dozen, situated right by rail lines carrying chemical tankers.

      this war isn’t going to be fought by armies. the enemy isn’t going to play by your rules. if the enemy is russia, they can turn off our power at will, with or without nukes.

      as far as the typical american is concerned – no power = no civilization.

      an obvious solution: kill nuclear and decentralize the grid asap.

  • Tatiana de Vries

    To dispel myths about Russian people, require more than one year. These myths mostly created your media, and they were created for many decades. I mean, Russian – good, intelligent, educated people. Peaceful people. Of course, there are exceptions in EVERY nation. Russian does not need war. Almost all my adult life I have lived in Russia. So I’m concerned. I am Polish by birth, my husband is Dutch, but my childhood was spent in the Donetsk region, Ukraine. There live a peaceful, kind and cheerful people, my friends, my relatives. They curse the Ukrainian government that every day sends bombs on their heads. I hurt for them now. It seems that the US will never be satisfied with the blood of innocent civilians. United States, the greatest aggressor recent decades, almost every year try to kindle new military conflict in the world. And now they are close to the Russian border. When the bloodthirsty shark so close, the swimmer should be careful. It would be foolish to ignore the predator. Russia must be ready for attack of this shark, another choice does not exist.

  • ohdearwhatastateofaffairs

    Its clear that the US government (not the people) & its ISIS/Nazi terrorist armies are the biggest threat to other Countries. The other western countries need to grow a bear of balls and stand up to them and say no – Obama can’t bomb everyone. The US needs to be isolated and then its people and the rest of the world can sleep easy at night.
    This Washington administration is on a par with Hitler and Nazi Germany in the 40s but a lot worse because nuclear weapons are now involved.
    Message to the masses – please wake up and quick!

  • Alex Titor

    The same dog and pony show with Jews controlling both sides squeezing against the middle for gamesmanship and profit. A big bad enemy is created so that wars and terrorist attacks can be waged. The Jews created the ism’s, communism, capitalism, Marxism, etc. and pit one against the other to eventually form that Jew World Order they have been planning since the early1900s. The Jews still control Russia and are the handlers of the Jew, Putin and OBama.

  • elJefe

    Dude everything you saying here is nonsense, don’t say anymore if you are going to talk Putin Style ….

  • Minimum and negligible resistance or retaliation to U.S. invasions since the occupation of Philippines is creating grandiose delusions. My friends, Russia is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Keeping the fact in mind that we cannot even beat resistance in those countries, Russia is a much tougher cookie. There is and cannot be a sudden wipe out of any nation. The nuclear weapons and neutron bombs are traveling, floating and flying all over the globe, all the time. Plus, U.S.A and Russia are not the only nuclear powers in the world and all the other nuclear powers are not necessarily on our side. Any nuclear war, doesn’t matter who starts it. andwith how much rapidity and force, will essentially be the end of life on this planet. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is simply insane or stupid.

  • Fins

    I’ve read this whole article, and it’s dead wrong (pun… sorta intended) in its cornerstone statement: MAD – is not dead. MAD is more alive than ever if you consider russian part of that “A”. Because there is the “dead hand” (a.k.a. “perimeter”), and it is fully operational now. Last few years, Russia was not only maintaining, but even improving it further. The system is able to launch most ICBMs Russia has, including mobile ones deep in Siberia which are still very far from any US/Nato first strike assets, as well as ones aboard Russia’s submarines.

    It is very well assured that any nuclear attack against Russia will cause indeed assured destruction in return as long as perimeter system functions – and it’s built in such a way that this system would be the last system to stop functioning in Russia. Do not forget, this system was made by USSR, the power which sent first artificial satellite and then first human into space, created largest-ever-detonated thermonuclear device, state-of-the-art rocket engines, exceptionally effective – to the point of being legendary, – secret service (KGB) and many other things noone else was able to make (or make before them).

    Now, what i deem to be really serious possibility – is that western elite (US/Nato in particular) actually _want_ MAD to happen. I.e., perhaps, they want to hit Russia not because they believe it won’t hit back – but because they _know_ Russia will hit back. Perhaps they want US soil to be engulfed in atomic fire. And not for the reason of US dollar (which is beyond saving anyways, check US debt clock, you know?), but for much more serious and ultimate reason: modern civilization is killing Earth’s biosphere, and there is no sign it could be stopped by anything short of large-scale nuclear exchange. If modern industrial / corporative world would be allowed to go on “business as usual”, then it may well lead to human _species_ extinction (and most other species’ extinction with it). Personally, i can’t imagine myself or anyone i know taking such a role of “surgeons of the world”, who’d “amputate” harmful industrial features of modern civilization with atomic “scalpels”. But then, i am not elite. Just an observer who can fathom some things most people can’t, i am. If what i suspect is true, then do not have any illusion: nukes will rain everywhere. Not only on Russian soil and US soil – but also in many other “developed” countries as well. Extra focus on industrial centers… British movie “Threads” is on youtube, and it’s a good start for anyone who do not really know how the aftermath of nuclear exchange looks like. Still, i can’t really blame them if they’ll do push red buttons one day – i know enough to realize that if they got solid enough proof, then it might well indeed be the “least evil” solution to modern human enterprise. Even despite how huge immediate harm large nuclear exchange may bring.

  • flags6262

    American troops will be in Moscow within six months following the start of WW3. We are the strongest military the world has ever known. Putin better start stocking his underground bunker.

    • The OGS

      Russians have a tactic they use on invaders. They fall back.
      And back, and back… (how many time-zones do they straddle, eight?)
      So it’ll be the invading Americans who’ll be needing underground bunkers, heheh…
      Especially after China takes out their supply lines.

  • Robert

    Marxism in any and all forms must be stamped out,obliterated.It is our duty to destroy the Russians or any who threaten the continuation of our Federal Republic.when you are king of the hill,you must crush all who set foot on the hill and threaten your hedgemony.

  • Robert

    …and by the way.some of you seem to think Russia could survive in a war with us.We would spare nothing to destroy them in the end.Wether it is now or years from know we will see Russia broken.

  • John

    What’s astonishing is that the world has actually been pretty lucky considering.
    THINK ABOUT IT. If some of the completely irrational thinkers I read online ever rose to power. We’d all be dead. Until the Internet, I had no idea how many weirdos, with no concept of logical thought, no realistic grasp on the actual World, with demented assumptions that a 3rd grader could dismiss, were out there. People…………..gather round…….., your stupid. Its called Insight into Self, look it up. Yes the worlds geopolitical landscape is ever complex, but this is a prosac festival of clown shoe proportions. A US First strike is as likely as you ever kissing a real girl. It’s up there with baboons in space with lasers. Please stop typing. Forever

  • inyourmindseye

    “a recent CNN Poll has found that Americans’ fear of Russia has soared within just the past two years.”
    ^^A perfect example of how Americans will give up everything and seek help from total strangers like (you guessed it) CNN!

    If People like CNN didn’t constantly run “Propaganda Polls about: Russia and the Ukrainian Civil War out-breaking into the revitalization of the Cold War…. Then Humans wouldn’t fear anything about Russia. Durp Durp you U!

    In the same perspective: If people would fear who the real crazy humanoids are…they might include CNN.


    I implore you Madam Homeland Security: To bring your Homeland Pistol. Bring only one Patriot Act Round. Load that Homeland Pistol and put a Patriot Act bullet right between my eyes. Do you know why I say this? Because, the same thing that CNN is forgetting all the time: WHEN YOU KILL ME…I WILL BE FREE!
    Then the yolk is on you.

    CNN? what you dont get is: my ATTENTION YOU FRAUDULENT FOOLS! The fact that CNN has to simulate rabbit hole borrowing is the same crap that got CNN……Never-mind….It’s better you don’t know.
    Now what wabbit hole are you, uncontrollably, falling into?
    my advice to you> Google, CNN and Homeland Defense is this: Start being nice. Or pay the consequences of: Having your ass handed to you by dead people. Once you fall into the wabbit hole. You cant”t come out…
    The only time wabbit holes realease you is when: You go down it on your own accord.
    Don’t make me hash mark every word here. I know Google’s secret to the search engine algorithm.
    It doesn’t search for relevant info. on your search. It is slowly steering you to Googles unfortunate ending. By helping folks like: CNN and Homeland Defense Fall into unintentional Wabbit holes.
    On your way home one night you will think about this..and it will scare the hell out of you. Or: It will make complete sense. Hopefully the Wabbit that dug my hole is me. If not……0o
    It could just be ramblings of a crazy man…

  • inyourmindseye

    “a recent CNN Poll has found that Americans’ fear of Russia has soared within just the past two years.”
    ^^A perfect example of how Americans will give up everything and seek help from total strangers like (you guessed it) CNN!

    If People like CNN didn’t constantly run “Propaganda Polls about: Russia and the Ukrainian Civil War out-breaking into the revitalization of the Cold War…. Then Humans wouldn’t fear anything about Russia. Durp Durp you U!

    In the same perspective: If people would fear who the real crazy humanoids are…they might include CNN.


    I implore you Madam Homeland Security: To bring your Homeland Pistol. Bring only one Patriot Act Round. Load that Homeland Pistol and put a Patriot Act bullet right between my eyes. Do you know why I say this? Because, the same thing that CNN is forgetting all the time: WHEN YOU KILL ME…I WILL BE FREE!
    Then the yolk is on you.

    CNN? what you dont get is: my ATTENTION YOU FRAUDULENT FOOLS! The fact that CNN has to simulate rabbit hole borrowing is the same crap that got CNN……Never-mind….It’s better you don’t know.
    Now what wabbit hole are you, uncontrollably, falling into?
    my advice to you> Google, CNN and Homeland Defense is this: Start being nice. Or pay the consequences of: Having your ass handed to you by dead people. Once you fall into the wabbit hole. You cant”t come out…
    The only time wabbit holes realease you is when: You go down it on your own accord.
    Don’t make me hash mark every word here. I know Google’s secret to the search engine algorithm.
    It doesn’t search for relevant info. on your search. It is slowly steering you to Googles unfortunate ending. By helping folks like: CNN and Homeland Defense Fall into unintentional Wabbit holes.
    On your way home one night you will think about this..and it will scare the hell out of you. Or: It will make complete sense. Hopefully the Wabbit that dug my hole is me. If not……0o
    It could just be ramblings of a crazy man…

  • inyourmindseye

    “a recent CNN Poll has found that Americans’ fear of Russia has soared within just the past two years.”
    ^^A perfect example of how Americans will give up everything and seek help from total strangers like (you guessed it) CNN!

    If People like CNN didn’t constantly run “Propaganda Polls about: Russia and the Ukrainian Civil War out-breaking into the revitalization of the Cold War…. Then Humans wouldn’t fear anything about Russia. Durp Durp you U!

    In the same perspective: If people would fear who the real crazy humanoids are…they might include CNN.


    I implore you Madam Homeland Security: To bring your Homeland Pistol. Bring only one Patriot Act Round. Load that Homeland Pistol and put a Patriot Act bullet right between my eyes. Do you know why I say this? Because, the same thing that CNN is forgetting all the time: WHEN YOU KILL ME…I WILL BE FREE!
    Then the yolk is on you.

    CNN? what you dont get is: my ATTENTION YOU FRAUDULENT FOOLS! The fact that CNN has to simulate rabbit hole borrowing is the same crap that got CNN……Never-mind….It’s better you don’t know.
    Now what wabbit hole are you, uncontrollably, falling into?
    my advice to you> Google, CNN and Homeland Defense is this: Start being nice. Or pay the consequences of: Having your ass handed to you by dead people. Once you fall into the wabbit hole. You cant”t come out…
    The only time wabbit holes realease you is when: You go down it on your own accord.
    Don’t make me hash mark every word here. I know Google’s secret to the search engine algorithm.
    It doesn’t search for relevant info. on your search. It is slowly steering you to Googles unfortunate ending. By helping folks like: CNN and Homeland Defense Fall into unintentional Wabbit holes.
    On your way home one night you will think about this..and it will scare the hell out of you. Or: It will make complete sense. Hopefully the Wabbit that dug my hole is me. If not……0o
    It could just be ramblings of a crazy man…

  • Jim

    Eric, ummm lets see, yea your nuts. The U.S. is not going to even think about a nuclear strike against Russia. Are you trying to be a Tom Clancy writer? Geez

  • Sam Seller

    Who doesn’t seriously prefer Putin to the Zionists, I mean who knows what they are talking about? The best that the American citizen can hope for is that Putin and Xingping can oust our horrible Jewish dictatorship and replace it with a more humane and equitable system. For the typical American citizen, the game has become fighting for the right to choose which aliens will rule over us. I, for one, do not prefer the Zionists.

  • Sam Seller

    Wow, well it didn’t take long for the Zionist regime to censor that small bit of truth…

    Russia has at least one ally in the West, which is the American citizen who knows what he or she is talking about.

  • Anna Mikhailova

    I’m surprised and shocked at the same time how naive and short-sighted people can be. Surprise first strike or not suprise first strike with the ‘dead hand’ coming after that, those who will ever survive after that nuclear madness will envy those who won’t. How lightly those crazy heads take the nuclear after-effects for the ‘winners’ enjoying the nuclear winter lasting for decades! Will they ever need the superiority of the dollar then, will they ever think of money at all then when their own lives will be at deadly threat of starvation, incurable diseases and eternal agony? The biblical prophecies are growing more and more tangible, people. The U.S. greed and bloodthirst are rising to a new level where life doesn’t matter.

  • Anna Mikhailova

    I’m surprised and shocked at the same time how naive and short-sighted people can be. Surprise first strike or not suprise first strike with the ‘dead hand’ coming after that, those who will ever survive after that nuclear madness will envy those who won’t. How lightly those crazy heads take the nuclear after-effects for the ‘winners’ enjoying the nuclear winter lasting for decades! Will they ever need the superiority of the dollar then, will they ever think of money at all then when their own lives will be at deadly threat of starvation, incurable diseases and eternal agony? The biblical prophecies are growing more and more tangible, people. The U.S. greed and bloodthirst are rising to a new level where life doesn’t matter.

  • Cedrik Thibert

    I always laugh about that, if at least you knew…the order was already given, the US commander refused to comply.

  • Ludvig

    And what about Russian nuclear submarines.
    Is the author of this article not aware that even if all of Russia ‘ s land based intercontinental nukes were destroyed they would still have enough nuclear weapons on the high seas to eradicate all life on earth.
    Only a religious zealot with a distorted view of the world write such dribble.

  • I suspect that the United States of America are mad enough to do it, but so are the Russian butchers. Sadly, in too many personally unpardonable ways the USA have already done it, and damaged too much for a peaceful solution to be possible logically. Both, the Yankees as well as the Russkies are brutal brainless useless butchers who shouldn’t be here on my beautiful planet Earth for some time already, they have both outstayed their welcome. Goodbye.

  • joey libero

    wow, such a brilliant analysis… hopefully the usa would get your “insight” and launch 999 bombs into russia and should make it 111% alive… ding dong wake up baby or someone will stomp on your toys

  • Yanni Sorolov

    After police state of America finished with Russia, Europe Assets is next on the list.

  • Nofearorfavor

    Eric, although this excellent article of yours is years old (I’d saved and lost it and then found it again), there is one ginormous issue, you did not address above and that is the Bolshevik Revolution which brought Communism to Russia from the US in 1917. Please research this terrible revolution to the nth degree, so that the truth of how it’s tied to the Zionist ideology of today, becomes clear, not to be confused with Orthodox Judaism, but a wicked ideology, hiding behind the skirts of Judaism. As Joe Biden said something to the effect, that one doesn’t have to be a Jew, to be a Zionist.

    Very few ordinary Americans know about the ungodly terror the Bolsheviks foisted on Russia and the influence it brought to bear on especially WWII, although it was many decades later. Russia continues to be blamed for everything, when the hidden hand behind it all engineered it all.

    I feel this part of Russia’s terrible history is integral to the ongoing propaganda of lies that the US/Britain had waged on Russia, since almost forever by the same cabal, which to this day, is determined to foist their Satanic ideology of global domination on an unsuspecting world, which does not only threaten US citizens, but ordinary people from most countries throughout the world.

  • Dennis Savage

    Its quite funny to see headlines about nuclear strikes as nuclear weapons dont exist all NWO hype to terrorise the populace.


    “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

  • Larry G

    The US would never nuke another country unprovoked. How would a US president explain that to their citizens and the world? Unless they use nuclear weapons against us we wouldn’t use them against them.

  • Dennis Savage

    No one is attacking any nation with nuclear weapons as they don’t work possible don’t exist. Air strikes and troops on the ground only nothing else. We live in a world full of lies, moon landing, earth turning, evolution, God particle at CERN, and nukes, all crocks of poo, satanic lies will be found out by Gods believers.

  • Poruchik Rzhevskiy

    If you were a US Government, the only smart think you should do is to stop making an enemy out of Russia. Or anyone in the world to that effect. The purpose of the modern military is to protect its own land not to go around the globe bombing and spilling blood. Russia is not a threat to US or Americans. Not because it’s can’t wipe US out but because it has no reason and would rather live in peace. But keep barking at and treating Russia – then you never know. Someone very much alike US political Hawks might come to power in Russia and then we all won’t like the consequences. So, back to your point. Forget about myth of “superpower”, it’s irrelevant in modern times. Withdraw. The times of colonial conquest are long over, so stop being a dinosaur and a retarded Rambo, if anything – you just hurt your own image with attitude like that. Spend those trillions improving your education system and medical services, give your women 3 years of subsidized maternity leave as Russia does. Give your people that great country that your politicians say you are, but you are far from it. And finally, if Americans attack Russia the war will come to your country. You’ll see it with your own eyes not just on TV. Millions will die on both sides and both countries, in the end, there won’t be enough people left to care who actually won. As a Russian, I don’t want anyone to die for a political ambition of senile politicians, even if I knew that somehow Russia would remain completely unscathed. Do you want that as an American?

  • David Gray

    This story is state department BS , remember when it was said that Russian jests couldnt fly many sorties in Syria because they were not reliable , turns out they use them around the clock . I thought the main threat in our modern world wasnt Russia or regime change in an obscure country but terrorism, neurosis
    it seems trumps sanity every time, first strike for a knockout winning blow ,wasnt that discarded in the mid sixties by the washington hawks as it was seen to be suicidal .

  • Kevin

    Honestly if The American CIA was smart they would send in undercover agents aka sleeper cell agents to locate these nuclear plants and the locations of these nuclear missiles so they could counter any plans Made by Russia to attack the united States

  • Dennis Savage

    This has no credence as nukes don’t work, only conventional weapons.

  • John Fritz

    I always am shocked by a key factor that is always left out of these types of articles. The fact that both the US and Russia and actually shoot down ICBMs with impunity. There is a VERY big technology that both sides hold that changes literally everything geo-political strategy to the most basic tactics of land, sea and air warfare. It is ‘what came after stealth’, as people like to wonder. The technology is the ability to fully understand and then manipulate gravity. Almost all true military aerospace buffs agree this is indeed the case. The editor of Janes Defense Weekly is one of the most vocal proponents of the idea, and even wrote a book on the subject (The Hunt for Zero Point: The Classified World of Anti-Gravity). I STRONGLY recommend anyone interested in following the unfolding world situation to read this and other books and articles on the subject.