The Democratic Push to Bomb Iraq Again

People forget the extent to which Democrats, who controlled the U.S. Senate at the time, pushed for and supported the 2003 attack on Iraq.  Remember them or not, theeeeeeeeeey’re back!

The Center for American Progress, the head of whose “action fund,” former Democratic Congressman from Virginia’s Fifth District Tom Perriello, slipped through the revolving door into a State Department job in February, is now pushing for “principled” bombings of Iraq.

Principled or not, the Center for American Progress is funded by Lockheed Martin and other huge war profiteers. C.A.P. has just put out a report recommending that air strikes be considered.

For that to happen, many other things need to not be considered:

1. The views of the U.S. public, which opposes more wars and some of whom here in the fifth district of Virginia fantasized they’d elected an antiwar candidate in Periello several years back.

2. The views of the Iraqi public, who have been nonviolently and violently protesting an illegitimate government installed by the U.S.-led occupation.

3. The rule of law, which bans wars (under both the U.N. Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Pact) even in places where the U.S. has recently fought wars in blatant violation of the law without any legal consequences.

4. The U.S. Constitution, which required that wars be authorized by Congress even before Article VI came to encompass the aforementioned treaties.

5. The 100-year history of foreign military interference consistently making things worse in Iraq.

6. The 11-year history of foreign military interference making things dramatically worse in Iraq to the point where it is no exaggeration to say that the nation has been destroyed.

7. The record suicide rate among U.S. war veterans, many of whom are realizing the role they played in destroying Iraq.

9. The liberties we keep losing as long as the wars for “freedom” role on.

10. The environmental destruction of our largest consumer of petroleum and greatest poisoner of land masses, the U.S. military.

11. The financial cost of trillion-dollar wars when tens of billions in reparations and actual aid could make a world of difference.

12. The history of small numbers of “advisors” in Vietnam and many other wars mushrooming into devastating occupations and millions of murders.

13. The need people have to imagine that Democrats are fundamentally different from Republicans. Think of the damage being done to that already tenuous pretense.  Spare those tender souls any troubled thoughts if you can’t spare the lives of Iraqis for their own sake.

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  • jo6pac

    repugs and demodogs owned by corp. Amerika.

    They only agree on death on Main Streets in the world.

  • Possibly the only thing equal between the two parties of the election culture duopoly is their infection. The symptoms of a particular infection, from person to person and group to group, are not exactly the same, however, they are fundamentally the same.

  • oz

    As plan A (starting a regional war through Syria) failed now the western imperialist launched the plan B ( starting the war through dividing Iraq)..
    1. ISIL launched by CIA and logistically supported by Turkey..
    2. The Iraqi military fleed the cities without any major battle..The Iraqi generals who ordered the flee are trained by CIA and on their payroll..
    3. To divide Iraq, first the central goverment has to collapse.. Now Iraqis are forced to believe the regional warloards like Barzani to annouce their independence..
    4. The target is to capture the oil fields in Kirkuk and Mosul by Barzani. This was going on over 2 years between the central goverment and Barzani.
    5. Today Barzani captured Kirkuk..Most probably Mosoul will be captured by Barzani and he will be announced as a hero.. Openning the doors for an independence of northern Iraq 6. There are still over 200,000 Us military force in Iraq and yet AlQaida which never existed in Iraq before the invasion can capture the second biggest city of the country.. By the help of Magic powers or unseen hands…
    7. Dividing Iraq in to 3 smaller bits in order to swallow easier..Syria into two inwhich the northen side will eventually taken by Barzani as a corridor for pipelines required by Barzanis northern Iraq state..
    8. Turkey will also be divided into 3 smaller states. One will join Barzanis will become islamists and the one will eventually join the euro (western parts holding the acceess to the Blacksea.
    10. Final stage will be the division of Iran

  • Arizona

    THE LORD told his prophets,WHEN america attacks IRAQ for the second time ,THE RUSSIANS and CHINESE will respond with NUCLEAR WEAPONS and america will end in one day and one hour,THEIR LUST to murder the children of the world,will end with their captivity and their children being taken into slavery for the rest of their life,america you have signed your own death warrant…………