Attorney General Eric Holder Paid No Attention to Bank Fraud: “Wall Street Wasn’t Even On His Radar”

Holder: A Stooge for Wall Street

Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements that prosecuting Wall Street fraud would hurt the economy is exactly backwards: the experts say that failing to prosecute fraud is dooming our economy.

But prosecuting fraud was never on Holder’s radar.

Politico notes:

Ted Kaufman, a former Democratic Delaware senator who chaired Judiciary Committee hearings examining the dearth of prosecutions, says the lack of action on Wall Street corruption is likely to be “the single biggest thing” historians remember about Holder’s tenure. “The attorney general has done a lot of good things, don’t get me wrong. But this is certainly not his finest hour, not by a long shot,” Kaufman told me. “It just doesn’t pass the sniff test.”

In a scathing report released in March, the Justice Department’s own inspector general found that the criminal division’s efforts to hold Wall Street executives accountable were a low priority—in some cases, the lowest priority—despite Holder’s claim that it was at the top of his to-do list. “It was never his priority,” a former top Holder deputy told me. “He cared about national security and civil rights. … Wall Street wasn’t even on his radar.”

This is too charitable …

In reality, Holder laid the groundwork for the “too big to jail” approach in 1999.

And Holder and his head of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division were partners at a law firm which used to represent the big banks, Fannie and Freddie, and which wrote the legal opinion which allowed the creation of the cancerous MERS scam … which was at the heart of the foreclosure crisis.

Indeed,  Wall Street was Holder’s priority … specifically, protecting Wall Street criminals and prosecuting whistleblowers.

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  • not authorized


    “The continued existence of a free and democratic society depends upon recognition of the concept that justice is based upon the rule of law grounded in respect for the dignity of the individual and his capacity through reason for enlightened self-government. Law so grounded makes justice possible, for only through such law does the dignity of the individual attain respect and protection. Without it, individual rights become subject to unrestrained power, respect for law is destroyed, and rational self-government is impossible.” – Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition. Preamble and Preliminary Statement, Paragraph One.

  • abinico

    Of course not on his radar – he was being paid not to look.

  • Packard27

    Ahh…if only to be a member of Eric Holder’s “Washington DC/Wall Street Patriot” class. If only…

  • Defiant

    I love America. Or, at least, the memory of her. How on Earth, after SIX YEARS of committing crime after crime, is Holder NOT IN PRISON!? I mean, it’s staggering. He’s presided over the decline and corruption of EVERY Federal LE agency…

    Short of committing a murder…what WILL get Holder–and Obama, for that matter–in trouble with the law!?

  • apeman2502

    Eric ‘The Holder’ Holder just may be the dirtiest specimen of vermin ever to rub elbows with the depraved Bush criminal cabal. Sheeple voted in his boss. And like pigs, never notice or take responsibility for their own mess. Nor do they, like pigs, ever question their feeder.