Taxes Around the World

Taxes Around the World

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  • David Horace

    Nice article, but in the first example, just looking at individual top marginal rates is not real helpful. You need know what income is exempt and what deductions and credits are allowed. You should also include a list of the zero tax places. Some are very desirable places to live.

    • wunsacon

      For the short list of reasons you cited, I’ll go ahead and say the article is harmful. It’s laughable for the authors to start off with “The best way…” The graphic trivializes the comparison of effective tax rates.

      As a saver, I’ve paid more in taxes via currency devaluation on my wealth the past four years than I’ve paid in income taxes. Money-printing is a tax.

      As a non-beneficiary of rent control, I pay thousands of dollars more per year for the same size apartment than beneficiaries of rent control. That’s a tax.

      What about sales taxes? How can we ignore 15% VAT taxes in some countries?

      Failing to attempt to normalize these rates is not even a “college try”.