Senator Wyden: “Every American Has The RIGHT To Know When Their Government Believes It Is Allowed To KILL Them!”

The Fact that a Senator Even Needs to SAY This Shows How Far We’ve Fallen

Senator Ron Wyden said yesterday:

Every American has the RIGHT to know when their government believes it is allowed to KILL them!

That’s a good point, given that:

The fact that a senator even needs to say that shows how far we’ve fallen.

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  • Palak Mishara

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  • Arnold Lockshin

    “Every American Has The RIGHT To Know When Their Government Believes It Is Allowed To KILL Them!”

    Nonsense! The Big Brother Bush-Obama administration knows best.

    And is not required to tell anyone.

    Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

  • What happened to due process? Even Israel sent agents to S. American to bring back Nazi criminals and gave them a trial. Now, Obama smiles when he says he can kill anyone he wants to kill.

    Impeach Obama or Revolution!

  • …and then Wyden voted to confirm Barron. As did Warren, Franken, Sanders and all the “liberal lions”.

    • Micah Chastain

      Guess he’s just another Obot – INCREDIBLE!!!

  • SupernaturalCat

    “Secret agencies are making life-and-death decisions in secret, using secret evidence and secret witnesses … and even the laws upon which the decisions are made are secret.”

    Unfortunately, I suspect we’re but one mass casualty false flag away from overt implementation of the now vast police state apparati, shifting the paradigm from America’s previous friendly fascism status toward more classic totalitarian/draconian characteristics and measures.

  • wayne

    Hi I am in Australia and I think they are blocking this video, because everytime I go to play it cuts out after the first few words. It won’t be long maybe when they start blocking lots of stuff.

  • vics_toew

    skull and bones….. “its a secret !”