Russia Treats Deaths In Odessa, Ukraine Like Nazi Murders During World War II

Whatever You Think of Putin, You Should Understand How Russia Thinks

Even if you think Putin is a tyrant with ambitions to build an imperial Russia, you can’t understand the war in Ukraine unless you understand how Russians think.

20 million Russians died fighting the Nazis in World War II.

Neo Nazis just killed at least 42 Russians when they firebombed a building in Odessa, Ukraine that the Russians had taken shelter in.

Agence France-Presse reports:

Russian official rhetoric has increasingly compared events in Ukraine to the darkest crimes of Nazi Germany, ahead of next week’s anniversary of Soviet victory in World War II.


The fire in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa that claimed at least 42 lives on Friday has been swiftly dubbed a new “reprisal raid” and even the “new Khatyn,” a reference to the Belarussian village where 149 residents were burned alive by the Nazis in 1943.


The Khatyn massacre went down in Russian history books as one of the Nazis’ most brutal “reprisal raids,” a term the Kremlin has now adopted to describe the offensive Kiev authorities have launched against pro-Moscow rebels in the flashpoint town of Slavyansk.


“What has happened, especially in the Trade Unions House, brings to mind the crimes of the Nazis during World War II,” pro-Kremlin lawmaker Leonid Slutsky told reporters in Moscow, referring to the Odessa fire.

“These are the new Khatyn and Auschwitz.”

A senior official in the pro-Kremlin government of Crimea, Ukraine’s peninsula taken over by Russia in March, chimed in.

“The last time people were burned alive in Ukraine was by the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War,” Rustam Temirgaliyev said on Facebook, referring to the Russian name for World War II.


Russia’s losses and sacrifice during World War II remain a hugely sensitive subject in the country ….

To the extent that the U.S. and Nato are backing the right-wing Ukrainians, we are creating conditions that the Russian leadership – rightly or wrongly – considers an existential threat.

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  • Vlad Lenins

    According to Solzhenitsyn over 65 million Christians were murdered by Bolshies who heartwrenchingly agonize over the memory of the meaness of Germans.
    Philosophers at Russia Today and assorted local Bolshie sleepers are now trying to convince us that the psychopaths have miraculously become gentle Christian proponents of traditional values. Hogwash. The bastards are trying to finish the work their grandparents were stopped from finishing.
    For some “To Serve Man” will always be a cookbook.

    • Arnold Lockshin

      This man is sick.

      Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

      • berger friedrich-wolfgang

        Poor TOOL of BAKSTERS , Creatin the “ILLUSION of ‘Leftists & Rightists’ Separat INDEPENDET Democratic WINGS , of Every Political SYSTEM” !!!

  • Arnold Lockshin

    ATTACK !!

    Drone-Killer CIA Chief John Brennan came to Kiev and ordered, “Attack!»

    Then Mean Veep Joe Biden came to Kiev and ordered, “Attack!»

    Then the banksters’ IMF ordered Kiev, “You want the money? Then, attack!”

    The rump US-NATO puppet regime in Kiev attacked.

    And continues attacking.

    Then Barak “Change you’re a fool to believe in” Obama said, “Great, They’re attacking!”

    Then the fascists burned people alive..”Attack!” they cried.


    Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

    • Fred Slantley

      Lockshin, you have posted identical post on many sites today. Your profile also says you exiled yourself to the USSR in 1985 and that the USA hasn’t paid your pension in 10 years.

      Sounds like you still haven’t gotten over the disintegration of the USSR and miss the good old Bolshie days of blood, guts and brains spurting everywhere.

      • Arnold Lockshin

        Indeed, on several sites I posted my eulogy to the victims of fascist terror in Odessa.

        As limited as the opportunities are for an honest person to publicize his/her opinion on the internet – or elsewhere, I do what appears to be possible.

        The US and western mass media widely slandered me and grossly distorted the facts, when I was forced to leave the US and find political asylum in the Soviet Union. I was given next to no chance to reply. Our book “Silent Terror – One family’s history of political persecution in the US” is effectively banned in the US. (Some on-line book dealers claim to have copies available, but at an elevated price.)

        All this has the purpose of hiding the malicious and massive operations of the US secret political police – including within the USA itself.

        Insofar as I am concerned, the pro-US forces in Russia prevent me from responding to less widespread but nonetheless injurious comments about me in the Russian mass media. US influence in Russia (and not only in Russia!) has waned considerably in the past period, but pro-US forces here still retain a powerful clout.

        Your allusions to the history of the Soviet Union are the typically wild distortions. found In the US mass media, culture and “intellectualism,” Alternative, objective points of view are essentially excluded.

        Arnold Lockshin, political exile forced out of the US by the US secret political police.

  • jadan

    The “great game” they call it. The psychopaths. That creep Brzezinski, doddering old pollack, rallying the people for war & death, figurehead for the invisible creeps drawing fat salaries, playing with human lives like poker chips. Human trash making this nation’s foreign policy. Publish their names and their faces so the people will know who they are! A rogue’s gallery, beginning with Obama. Label them “killers” and “war mongers”, and above all, “liars”.

  • fritz

    This “anonymus short-story” , also part of Zion’s “great game” . — KHATYN : 40.000 polish Army – Offizers murdered by “Bolshewijks” througj “loving shot in the neck”.! Just , to not forget it .

  • edwardrynearson

    Grand Chessboard

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang


  • Robert Boyko

    Russia’s current and former vassal states don’t want Moscow’s yoke. Moscow has murdered tens of millions in the 20th century alone.
    It is in Moscows interest to undermine current and former vassal states.
    Anyone who does not factor this into recent developments is at best naive.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      SHALON TROLL !!!

  • fritz

    Well – formulated Psychology – based “Propaganda – Smear” , “permanently mixing up” the “Zio – Bolshewistic , Atheistic SOVIET – UNION” ; with nowadays “again” “Orthodox – Christian RUSSIA” ! — “Talmud – Experts” love this “Technique of DEMONIZATION” , preparing the “armed MOB” , for the “obligatory bestialic Crimes” against “HUMANITY” ! >>> (( “ODESSA” ! )) >>> BIG APPLAUSE from “BLOOD – MONGERS” – “Mr Ilja EHRENBURG & Mr Henry MORGENTHAU” !!! ……..

  • Karl Messerschmitt

    The core issue here is that the American populace doesn’t give a crap of what’s happening in Ukraine. People in the US are more concerned with the latest developments on iPhone, the most recent scandal of Justin Bieber, how to get access to more public benefits while working less, and eating lots.

    Americans perfectly fit in Leo Strauss’ categorization of society as the “Vulgar Many”:
    The Vulgar Many, are lovers of wealth and pleasure. They are selfish,
    slothful, and indolent. They can be inspired to rise above their brutish
    existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe.

    This postulate worked precisely as described right after 09/11/2001 and will work again as soon as Russia effectively invades Ukraine and destroys whatever sort of resistance they encounter including NATO.

    However, this time Americans won’t have the chance to display their jingoistic and laughable patriotism, simply because a thermonuclear power like the Russian Federation won’t hesitate to use nuclear force on continental US if necessary…in a few words, say good-bye to the American dream.

  • Rehmat

    Not Nazis but Stalin’s Jews who killed seven million Ukrainian Christians.

  • Deb915

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  • Yuliya

    There was the mass murder of civilians. In the West it “turnes out to be” the chance fire, but from lots of videos we can see, that theese nazists casted carcasses(bottles with inflammable) into windows. Then they beaten those who had got out the fire. Next the nazists went into the buildind, and they killed those who had been alive yet. Because corpses were with fractures, they had been beaten by baseball bats. I don’t know, can you see theese videos, because the information in the West is filtered thourougly now. But you have to know – in Ukraine it is FASCISM, their mottos and slogans as “Death to Moscals(Russians),” and their terrorist actions are awesome! In Slaviansk Ukrainian army with NazGuard(includes nazists from “Right Sector”) kill people using aviation and heavy metal. Obama, Merkel, Nuland, Ashton – you are the main killers. Americans, how can you live in a great Lie?

  • photographer

    I can’t understand if you are so uneducated person or REALLY don’t have enough information because of the Abama’s “info blocade”? I’ll try to explane to you as you’re a toddler: Russians live in Russia, Ukranians live in the Ukraine, and poor UKRANIAN citizens were burned. Plz, start thinking about lives, not about the chance to punch Russian president! Murders won’t stop! Because we’re speaking not about civilized people but about Nazi, about criminal drug addicts, about real unprincipled murderers.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      “Ashke-naz”i , Not “NATIONAL – SOCIALISTS” !!!

  • Constantine

    It is CIA operation

  • Constantine

    It is CIA operation

    Why to us have allowed to learn truth about Odessa?

    Who and why has allowed us to learn, moreover with such exhaustive evidences, truth about the Odessa slaughter-house?

    Why atrocities майдаунов in Kiev with such transactions were made public, case майдановых snipers so is carefully tapped off till now on brakes, and here to all of us so квалифицированно have told and have demonstrated.

    WHY? A pin-hole of the American interventionists and them косоруких handyman with полонын?

    By no means!

    The ultimate analysis of that transcendental cruelty from which one slayed people in the Dwelling of Labor unions, uniquely says that no flown into a rage young children there existing. Unless any standard, unprepared civil can create the such? Yes it will wrench since the maiden sec! No, свидомый a plankton have involved as blind, as useful idiots.

    Cut, the real professionals basiled under similar retaliatory processes, the squadrons of death brought on such slaughter-houses forced!

    What for? And then! To whom the conflict escalation in the former Ukraine is necessary? To Americans! Only it and to anybody more!

    That who shouts that it is necessary to settle with Russian the Second Vietnam who is interested in the blood rivers here seriously and for a long time!

    Therefore events in Odessa it is classic instigating under the Yugoslavian prescription, and the cook all the same – CIA. When it is consecutive, for each side crimes farly behind an edge of animal cruelty are made. Necessarily with irrefutable evidences that it was made by the contradictory side. Odessa it not the slaughter which incidentally has transferred in overkill. It not instigating that Putin has injected troops. Here all on orders is more severe. It is ideal method to shred the quarrelled parts of the people, and forever to cast them into a bloody abyss of irreconcilable enmity on ten tens breeds.

    In Odessa all is made, that the blood has furiously boiled, and the brain at each standard person, still nonpredatory was blasted out yesterday, and today ready to cut, shoot and hang. The stock is perfectly prepared, is extreme obvious задокументирована, with mass of evidences that it have made западенцы, and against руссофилов. Why till now there is nobody there was no problem, whence this video and qualitative photos and why them so in large quantities run in. It not bravado of the juvenile morons who have been made dizzy by overkills. It is cold account and “pure” operation of the true archfoes. Now, in couple of days there will be similar events, a type the flown into a rage Cossacks have raped and have ripped up bellies свидомым to young ladies, a photo, names and which one addresses so it is persevering репостят. Also the bloody curl will be started turning, it is more terrible than past civil “class” war. So, on always rupture the uniform people there is no time. We are already familiar with foremans of such businesses on the Yugoslavian slaughter-house, and behind what ocean they live, we too know. They have accurately invented how to cause people to fly into a rage, tear each other, still yesterday nonpredatory and believing in God, though and on a miscellaneous. If all goes, as they have conceived, Lvov and Ternopol will be never more narrow Russian, and Kiev will burn down as brushwood in this hearth of irreconcilable enmity of parts there is no time the uniform Russian people. It is more terrible to gain perspectives for Russia second «галицийский» «афганистан» if she risks to inject troops.

    To spread on an Internet these Odessa horrors without the applicable persevering explanations, a crime not the smaller!

  • Constantine

    Dear managers, many publications it has been already made about the dwelling of labour unions in Odessa…. The flock of a video has been lined… But behind denunciations of whom that all of us miss the main thing… That call, the last message that was abandoned to us by the unknown Inhabitant of Odessa on a wall of 3 levels of the “burnt” dwelling. “Orthodox, rise!” Fathom, was completely not relevant Petja or Vasja has slayed this or that person… All of them are guilty of a mass genocide of the people. The fellow citizens! Rise, orthodox! Rise or perish.”

  • Allen Victor Cox

    Feel The world needs to awake to the atrocities that these Psychopaths committed in this Trade Union Building Law and Order needs be re-installed this has been one large cover up a great many were Murdered! women Raped one a Pregnant lady Putting Flowers in an Office was Strangled, PEOPLE WHO DİD MANAGE TO JUMP WERE THEN BEATEN TO DEATH? What of the Police who have failed to do their Job? The perpetrators of these Heinous crimes need to face Justice.there is enough evidence to show who they were?
    Time Russia came in and stopped the Violence once and for all , How many more need to be slaughtered by these Fascist Scum before the whole world speak out?
    As for Obamination and his Liars Kerry and Nuland McCain and Biden they should all face a full on inquiry into what they have participated and Supported here in Ukraine in 100,s who have been slaughtered in this Building not 47? as is being Banded around by the Prestitutes!

  • Alice

    Karl… I believe you may be confusing Washington, D.C. and “Americans”. The fact you know who Leo Strauss is, and presumably what he taught, should lead you to a better understanding of the reality on the ground in the U.S. The People in the U.S. don’t KNOW what’s happening in Ukraine. They don’t know what is actually happening anywhere in the world; not even within their own country. Why do you think they are subjected to the most staggering corporate “news/all media” propaganda 24/7? Washington and the global central banking cabal FEAR the people will figure out what is happening; although I believe this is very unlikely. Why do you think the oligarchs FEAR the people? Because clearly, IF THEY KNEW, they would act against the powers that be. Obviously the State wants the people to be dumbed down, dependent and clueless and constructs systems to encourage this. If you consider carefully I believe you will discover humanity is essentially the same as it has always been; everywhere in the world the human condition is what it is. Throughout history there have always been those who wish to rule and that desire itself is generally a form of malignant narcissism. Meanwhile most people simply want to lead their lives; love, marry, raise children and work hard to build a life. They have little time or interest in ruling others and, in fact, often depend upon others to organize things. Unfortunately those who are bent upon “organizing” are, more often than not, very dangerous people. If you must blame someone I think you might find the greater responsibility lies with the ‘leadership’. Or, you could recognize the human condition and have sympathy for us all as we have all suffered, and will continue to do so, at the hands of our murderous and genocidal rulers’. You might look at the Rockefeller roots of Nazism: see “Horrifying American roots of Nazi Eugenics” then connect the dots to Planned Parenthood and the weaponization of the Zaire strain of ebola secured from a reluctant Germany by the chemical weapons lab at Fort Detrick. Connect this with the engineered hysteria of an ebola epidemic in the U.S. along with its ‘wink of an eye’ disappearance: see, “America’s Weaponization of Ebola” [think Washington’s weaponization of ebola as the American people have no clue.] Once you have researched this material you can look up idiots like Ted Turner, Bill Gates Jr. and their genocidal ilk and hear them say they believe the world’s population should be reduced by 95% and vaccines, if done correctly, should reduce the population by 15-20% respectively. Clearly they intend to accomplish this goal by any means necessary. They have poisoned the water [fluoride/chlorine], the food supply [GMO and other food like substances, glysophate, agent orange et al] and ‘weaponized’ the medical industry [“vaccines” and more]. I believe the Germans threatened Washington, D.C. with exposure if they unleashed the ebola in the U.S…. which is why all references to it disappeared overnight. Rest assured however, these genocidal eugenicists have a plan B. Current methodology; war, famine, poison et al is moving much too slowly for them. They intend a pandemic of some kind as they seek not only massive death but chaos, fear and confusion to cover their crimes and distract the people from economic and currency collapse. I would not waste too much anger on the American public; they are to be pitied and many are undoubtedly soon to be dead.