Please Stop Me Before I Vote for a Bought-&-Paid-For Demopublican Again

If we only voted for unbuyable candidates, money would become poison in politics rather than mother’s milk.

The solution to money in politics is simple: stop voting for politicos who accept millions of dollars in bribes, ahem, campaign contributions and who court lobbyists. It’s really that easy: stop rewarding those who collect millions and start punishing them by refusing to vote for any politician who accepts more than $100 from any entity in any one election cycle.

As with so many other issues, we have been well-trained to expect a centralized authority to save us from ourselves: in effect, we’re asking the Supreme Court, Congress, etc. to please stop us before we vote for a bought-and-paid-for politico again.

Nobody forces us to vote for the candidate who raises the most money and blows it on media buys to persuade us that they’re not bought-and-paid-for. But think about it: the very fact this craven toady can afford to spend millions of dollars on advertisingproves he/she is well and truly bought-and-paid-for.

The only exception is multi-millionaires who spend their own millions attempting to persuade us that they’ll be more independent that the toadies begging for millions, but a cursory examination of the record of millionaires in office (gosh, the vast majority of craven toadies turn out to be millionaires) finds that once in power, these “I bought myself” millionaire politicos are no different than the bought-and-paid-for politicos.

Nothing will change until the candidates who raise and spend millions trying to persuade us they’re not bought-and-paid-for lose elections, not on their platform or party ideology but on the simple fact that they’re corrupt to the core.

Politics will change when the candidate who–

1. refuses donations above $100 from any entity–person, company, etc.

2. refuses anonymous donations or donations from slush funds that don’t publicly list who operates and funds the slush fund

3. publicly lists every donation and donor on a website

4. refuses to meet paid lobbyists in any circumstance

5. refuses all gifts from anyone, including constituents–every gift is donated

6. refuses to sign secret “loyalty oaths” to powerful lobbies such as the NRA, public unions, Sierra Club, etc.

–wins the election not on ideology or platform issues but on the integrity of his/her campaign.

You want to clean up politics? It’s easy: make sure every candidate who accepts millions of dollars for campaign advertising, welcomes gifts from paid lobbyists and makes secret promises to powerful national lobbies loses every election.

Alternatively, only vote for candidates who run a grassroots social-media campaign that costs next to nothing, who refuse all donations above $100, who leave footprints on the rear ends of lobbyists and who tell all the powerful lobbies to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine because they’re not pledging anything but not being for sale.

f we only voted for unbuyable candidates, money would become poison in politics rather than mother’s milk. We don’t need a centralized authority to save us, we can save ourselves if we throw out all the bought-and-paid-for politicos instead of rewarding them with our lemming-like approval of their corruption. 

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  • Dee

    Doesn’t their positions on the issues matter? Large groups of voters organize to insure the government does not overreach and exceed the authority that it has under the Constitution, I see that as a good thing. Some Politicians preach populism, not taking money except from small donors and promise to do things the Constitution says government is not allowed to do.. they pander to the mob.
    Some of the best intended and most progressive don’t seem to realize the real world is going to drive their agenda, not their vision of utopia or their misconception of how much power an office or the government actually has ..should we elect deluded fools that make unrealistic promises or are willing to exercise extra Constitutional powers to please the mob?
    Do principles still matter? Is it more important to please and pander to the mob than adhere to Constitutional Principles?

  • the_pop

    Have you heard of Lawrence Lessig’s anti-super PAC super PAC?

  • the problem is the people we’re trying to get out, have it rigged: CATCH-22

  • clarioncaller

    When a sizable chunk of the populace is getting their news from John Stewart, do you think America has the wherewithal to radically change campaign financing for the better? It ain’t gonna change within the “District of Corruption, so it needs to start in local politics where you have a fighting chance of holding people’s feet to the fire, then try to radiate outward.

  • Reverend Draco

    There is no significant difference between Demoblicans and Republicrats – they’re both members of the War Party, and they want your life and everything associated with it.

    It isn’t the Left vs the Right
    It isn’t the Dems vs the Repubs
    It isn’t Liberals vs Conservatives

    It is Duh Gutterment vs YOU!

    The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?