Nuclear Roundup: Japan and USA

Here’s What’s Happening …

The following updates are courtesy EneNews.


Here’s the news out of Fukushima


Here are the latest updates regarding the accident at the WIPP nuclear storage facility in Carlsbad, New Mexico:


The Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington State may be causing severe health defects:

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  • jadan

    Thought I’d wear my old anti-nuke t-shirt the other day. Got it in ’86. No one noticed, except one guy who tried to make a mockery of it. The public is oblivious and can’t be bothered. Spoke to a woman just back from Santa Cruz, California, visiting her daughter and son in law. They’re building a new home in sight of the ocean and never heard of Fukushima. The son in law is a well driller. Business is booming. He’s never had so much money. Life is good.