Mastermind of Odessa Massacre Embarrasses Ukraine’s Jews

Tapped phone conversation: “Bennie [his nickname]’s affairs are Bennie’s affairs. He can do whatever he wants to do, even if he believes himself to be the Second Coming of Hitler … [but] we need to distance ourselves from that, immediately and publicly.”

By Eric Zuesse

tapped phone conversation between two Jews in Ukraine deals with a third Jew’s having masterminded the massacre of anti-Kiev demonstrators via incineration inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building on May 2nd in Odessa. [Note by Washington’s Blog:  Mr. Zuesse has written an entire book on the Holocaust, and is obviously not anti-Semitic.  In addition, his account is largely confirmed by this piece in Forbes (scroll down to point number 5).]

One official in this conversation, “Noginsky,” is a lobbyist for Ukrainian exports to Russia; the other, “Epshtein,” is Ian Epstein, the Israeli Consul in that region of Ukraine. The Jew who had masterminded the massacre is “Bennie,” the nickname for Ihor Kolomoiskyi, a Ukrainian gas-magnate, who was chosen by the Ukrainian Presidential contender and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (another gas-magnate) to be the regional governor in the Odessa area. (Tymoshenko’s ally, the far-right economist Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whom the Obama Administration had selected to run the interim Ukrainian government while Tymoshenko campaigns for the Presidency, did the actual appointing of Kolomoiskyi, on Tymoshenko’s behalf.) Ihor “Benny” Kolomoiskyi also had offered a bounty of $5,000 for each corpse produced from the Trade Unions Building. He was very active behind the scenes in that massacre.

Here is the key excerpt from an English-language transcript of this tapped phone conversation (which also transcribes yet another, in which Kolomoiskyi warned an enemy, “Tsarov,” that a million-dollar bounty had been placed on his head):


Noginsky: [Boris] Filatov [a deputy of Kolomoiskyi] was also going on [complaining] about [Kolomoiskyi’s] paying a bounty for [corpses of] Moskali [pro-Moscow Ukrainians]. I just think that … Jan Borisovich [the first two names of Epstein], the fact is that Bennie’s affairs are Bennie’s affairs. He can do whatever he wants to do, even if he believes himself to be the Second Coming of Hitler. Well. And we’re going to end up with, I guess, a second Nazi Germany on the territory of a small chunk of Ukraine. Bennie is a multi-millionaire, and is the master of that domain. And whatever happens to other Jews around the world … I just think that somehow or another we need to distance ourselves from that, immediately and publicly.

Epshtein: Distance ourselves from what?

Noginsky: From Kolomoisky. From Bennie.

Epshtein: And how are we gonna do that?


They come to no conclusion.

Here is yet a different translation of that phone-conversation.

Kolomoiskyi is a huge donor to far-right Israeli causes, and a supporter of Netanyahu. Consequently, Epstein would not reasonably be expected to support what Noginsky was urging.

Kolomoiskyi recently hired Joe Biden’s youngest son.

Yulia Tymoshenko, who really made Kolomoyskyi the governor, said (see 1:23 of this recorded conversation) of Russians, “I will use all of my connections and the whole world will rise against Russia and bomb them into oblivion.” She then is asked (1:48) “What are we going to do with 8 million of Russians left in Ukraine, they are outcasts?” and she answers simply (1:57), “Kill them with a nuclear weapon.” There is no hint of humor in her voice. She sounds grim. These people are like Nazis; they are fascists.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • RapidRay01 .

    Why should anyone be surprised ? Check the History of the Holocaust of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution , where 40 to 50 million Christians were murdered by the Bolsheviks !

  • Saul

    You shouldn`t be reporting this it will lead to more antisemitism and you know it.One jew is worth 1000 ukranians.

    • cettel

      Sure, keep Kolomoyskyi’s fascism secret, be cause he’s a Jew. Keep Obama’s fascism secret, because he’s a Black and a Democrat. And keep Hitler’s secret because — what a line of vicious bull!

    • goingnowherefast

      “One jew is worth a thousand Ukrainians”. What an asinine thing to say.

    • Sepp6

      Should truth not be more important than being anti-whatever?

  • Guest

    I checked out your book. You’re a liar and you know it, I can’t possibly bring myself to believe someone could deliberately engage in the kind of deliberate ignorance as you have. You’re book is another pro-genocide books that will be used by militant atheists to justify the wholesale slaughter of anyone deemed “religious” whatever the hell that is suppose to mean (like “Jewish” the category only really exists in the minds of dangerous idiots).

    • cettel

      WHY the Holocaust Happened is anything but anti-Semitic. The fact is: Hitler until 1937 was a literal believer in “the Bible — Monumental History of Mankind” as he called it in only his private notes. He constructed his theory behind the Holocaust on the basis of Matthew 23:33-39, John 8:44, and other such passages (more than a hundred of them, upon which he constructed his theory); and this is why Hitler actually believed it when he told some followers, on 18 December 1926: “The teachings of Christ have laid the foundations for the battle against Jews as the enemy of Mankind; the work that Christ began, I shall finish.” My book Christ’s Ventriloquists then proves that Jesus never said anything of the sort, but was a devout Jew to the end, who had been crucified for sedition against Roman authority. What you say is based on ignorance, just as the Holocaust itself was. Hiding lies doesn’t make them any the less dangerous; it merely extends the dangerousness. The Bible lies; my books do not.

  • farang

    A “Holocaust” means to BURN PEOPLE ALIVE. Genocide, a term coined to describe the Jewish-led “Young Turks” in Turkey, allied closely with the Jewish-led Bolsheviks in Russia, murdering over 1 MILLION Armenians.

    This Jew, Ihor Kolomoiski, paid $5000 per victim to BURN PEOPLE ALIVE.

    In fact, ancient history and the O.T./Torah describe Jews BURNING CITIES DOWN AND PEOPLE ALIVE. Celebrating it, rejoicing in it. REVELING IN IT.


    272,000 victims died of disease and starvation (mostly after the Allies cut supply lines to Germans), and @ 50% of those were Jews.

    A CENSUS taken by a JEWISH ORGANIZATION in 1939 DOCUMENTED @ 41 Million Jews in Europe: 1939. In 1946, same org documented @ 41 million Jews in Europe…..minus @ 200,000.


    As a grandson of an Armenian that watched his family murdered (men beheaded, women raped, children raped), I do not feel any hesitation pointing the fingers at the GUILTY PARTIES and wish FERVENTLY that Putin swoops down and talkes this Jew into custody, and tries him in a TELEVISED COURTROOM for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…this POS ally of NETENYAHU.

    Then I FERVENTLY HOPE Putin issues same arrest warrants for Victoria Nuland and John Kerry-Cohen. And does his level-best to seize them for PUBLIC TELEVISED TRIAL for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

    You can see it in their OWN WORDS: GENOCIDE IS GREAT!!!!….. as long as JEWS ARE CONDUCTING IT.