Let Ukraine Vote!

Are We For Democracy … Or Not?

I couldn’t care less whether Ukrainians vote to stay in Ukraine or join Russia.

The Western Ukrainians hate Russia, and all of the misery and death caused by Stalin (as well as Putin’s authoritarian leanings).

The Eastern and Southern (Crimean) Ukrainians love Russia, and are desperate to get away from the barbarian neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

The United Nations Charter gives people the right to self-determination.

So let ’em vote … and send in international observers to make sure the election is free and fair.

Who the bleep are we to dictate whose side these people are on?

Eastern Ukrainians are saying, “We Will Vote“. But Kiev says that the military campaigns will continue regardless of a vote.

Is the West on the side of democracy or not?

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  • Klaus Rosenkrauss

    Americans still believe in the paradigm that they are free, when the
    reality is the opposite and the US Constitution implicitly define them
    as subservients.

    Remember that this document is a summarized compendium of British Common Law,
    Admiralty Law and Canon Law (under the express guidelines and orders of
    the Vatican – read the communications between Pope Pius VI and Benjamin
    Franklin); the framers wanted to make sure that the ignorant masses
    living within the circumscribed territories called the United States of
    America remain under such condition – their ulterior and ultimate goal.

    Additionally the Act of 1871, made possible for the Vatican to manage more
    efficiently the Corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA –
    According to the Constitution, all individuals born within the
    territories in which this corporation exerts an effective jurisdiction
    are cataloged as less than human beings, they automatically lose their
    quality of natural persons by birth; instead, these people become
    financial instruments until the day they cease to exists. The lawful
    stockholders of this corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    are located at Buckingham Palace and St. Peter’s Basilica.

    In brief, ordinary Americans are indeed less than subjects of the British Crown
    and dependants of the wishes of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II;
    simultaneously, the Sancta Romana Catholica Ecclesia is their absolute
    Sovereign and dictates all aspects of their daily lives.

  • jadan

    There is no democracy in the west. The US is an oligarchy. The EU is a socialist dictatorship. The people of the west have no say in the execution of foreign policy. With some exceptions, such as Iceland, western people have been politically castrated. It doesn’t matter if the people of the west are on the side of democracy or not. They do not care enough to demand democratic governance in their own nations. They permit their leaders to lie to them and follow like sheep. We live inside a Big Lie, an enormous bubble created on 9/11, a self-replicating false narrative that has estranged us from ourselves. Our first concern should be our own political salvation. We need to create democracy in the USA.

    • Lanny Hudson

      The EU is not a socialist dictartorship. This kind of simplisitic idiocy has been championed by US conservatives driven to make more money with their businesses, who detest regulation. Naturally when they are usurped by Banksters (even more successful capitalists) they are besides themselves with fury and do the only thing they now how to do, shout “Socialism!” in outrage.

      • jadan

        Who elected the EU leaders? If the leaders are not elected, then you’ve got a dictatorship. I take my cue from Nigel Farage. If you think UKIP is “conservative”, you’re entitled to your idiocy, too. Do the people of European nation states have any choice about NATO policy, such as the attack on Libya, and the current aggression against Ukraine? Americans and Europeans are in the same boat, but the Europeans have given themselves social benefits Americans are too weak & befuddled to demand for themselves. There is no popular self-determination, nothing that could be called “democracy” or even “representative”. I am all in favor of promoting the general welfare by any means that works. People should be in control. But if you have socialism without democracy, you’re really screwed, as the Europeans are.

  • LiberatedCit

    F*$% ing hypocrites that’s what our politicians are. Obama’s one of if not the worse among them. Look at the donations from Chevron and his policies. This is his war for oil.

    “At the helm of the new energy diplomacy effort is Carlos Pascual, a former American ambassador to Ukraine, who leads the State Department’s Bureau of Energy Resources. The 85-person bureau was created in late 2011 by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the secretary of state at the time, for the purpose of channeling the domestic energy boom into a geopolitical tool to advance American interests around the world.”


    Chevron has no plans to end fracking agreement with Ukraine


    Obama’s ‘voluntary’ inaugural disclosure left out some big corporate checks


    Exxon, Chevron, BP Greased Obama’s Campaign