The 4 Deeper Truths about Benghazi and Libya

Democrats and Republicans Are Both Missing the Big Picture On Benghazi and Libya

Democrats and Republicans have very different views about Benghazi, Libya.

Republicans say the Obama administration is to blame for the death of Ambassador Stevens – and have created a special committee to investigate Benghazi – while Democrats by and large say that the is nothing but politics.

The truth is bigger than either side is admitting …

First, Pulitzer prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh – who broke the story of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam under Nixon and the torture scandal under Bush – says that Benghazi was really a CIA outpost for running weapons capture from Libya after Gaddaffi was overthrown into Syria … approved on a bipartisan basis by both Democrats and Republicans.

Second, it has been confirmed that the U.S. backed Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya so that they would overthrow Gaddaffi.

Third, as we noted right after Gaddaffi fell, the Obama administration’s stated reason for going into Libya makes no sense. Now, RAND Corporation political scientists theorize that Obama might have decided to bomb Libya – not for any reason having to do with Libya or Gaddaffi themselves – but rather “to keep the Arab Spring going“.

The U.S. ousted Gaddaffi and then left, and Libya has now descended into chaos.

The Washington Post argues that America fighting the Libyan war is a bigger scandal than Benghazi itself:

Republicans have a potentially strong case to make against the Obama administration’s handling of Libya, as the latest political developments there underline. On Sunday, a disputed vote in parliament led to the swearing-in of a new prime minister — the sixth since former dictator Moammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011 with the help of U.S. and NATO air forces. The new leader, an Islamist from the city of Misurata, replaced pro-Western prime minister Ali Zeidan, who was driven out of the country this year after his government proved unable to stop a militia from filling a tanker with stolen oil.

From the safety of Europe, Mr. Zeidan conceded what was obvious all along: Libya’s post-Gaddafi government has no army and no way of establishing its authority over the hundreds of militias that sprang up in the vacuum that followed the revolution. Libya has fragmented into fiefdoms, its oil industry is virtually paralyzed, massive traffic in illegal weapons is supplying militants around the region and extremist groups such as Ansar al-Sharia, which participated in the Sept. 11, 2012, assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, are unchecked.


The Obama administration and its NATO allies bear responsibility for this mess because, having intervened to help rebels overthrow Gaddafi, they then swiftly exited without making a serious effort to help Libyans establish security and build a new political order. Congress might usefully probe why the administration allowed a country in which it initiated military operations to slide into chaos.

Fourth, the Libya war – just like the Iraq war – was illegal, as noted in the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Washington Times, Guardian, Salon, and elsewhere.

Those are four the deeper stories about Benghazi and Libya which neither the Democrats or Republicans are talking about …

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  • wunsacon

    Don’t worry, WB. Trey Gowdy and Boner are all over this story!

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  • Hope

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  • Arnold Lockshin

    The US-NATO-hired terrorist war was another massive crime against humanity.

    There is no US ‘war against terror.” There are wars – one after another – to subjugate “non-compliant” governments. And the US mass media always is an enthusiastic cheerleader.

    Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

  • edwardrynearson

    injecting massive chaos into organized systems which might compete against it is the empire’s modus operandi > the empire is not “american”

  • gwh731

    Gaddaffi wanted to start trading oil in a gold-backed currency called the Dinar, thus threatening the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Libya was a “WAR FOR OIL,” pure and simple…

    From Wikipedia: …in the months running up to the UN resolution that allowed the US and
    its allies to send troops into Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi was openly
    advocating the creation of a new currency that would rival the dollar
    and the euro. In fact, he called upon African and Muslim nations to join
    an alliance that would make this new currency, the gold dinar, their
    primary form of money and foreign exchange. They would sell oil and
    other resources to the US and the rest of the world only for gold
    dinars.” Along with the uprising in Libya, international news channels
    on August/September 2011 brought several stories about Muammar Gaddafi’s introduction of golden dinar[6] within his “gold-for-oil plan” [7] to possibly trade Libya oil on international markets.[8]

  • Launching Change Media University! May 7, 2014 The mainstream media has failed us time and time again. Their appalling lack of integrity, tenacity, and spine continues on a daily basis, insulting anyone paying attention.

  • James

    It sounds to me to be treason at the highest level and should be dealt with in accordance of our laws !

  • Jon Slater

    I think this new footage diminishes the need for any more points on Benghazi