How Convenient for the Military-Industrial Complex … The Boogieman Is Back!

Graphic and all text by Anthony Freda

Al Qaeda and Bin Laden came on the global stage to play the part of boogieman at the exact time the Soviet “Evil Empire” fell.

Now the Russian enemy has been resurrected right on the heels of
the death of Bin Laden.

The Military Industrial Complex gets a new/old enemy to justify their trillion dollar a year monstrosity.

How Conveeeeeeeenient.

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  • LiberatedCit

    Al Qaeda didn’t disappear didn’t you hear they are our friends now so much so obama waived the terrorism rule and armed them in Syria.

    Obama Bypasses Terrorism Rule To Give Weapons To Syrian Rebels

  • mars

    Of course Al Qaeda didn’t disappear…because the CIA hasn’t been disbanded yet! Al Qaeda is the CIA….the boogieman they needed to destroy so many countries in the middle east so the Rothschilds could install their central banks in said countries! Why do you think people call it AL CIA DUH?

  • Gerald Han

    The US Cabal has announced and popularized (perhaps funded) another group in their project for African domination, Boko Haram. Perhaps Procol Harem would have been a better name, since the motivations for terrorism “are far away” from most people’s limited understanding of their purposes.
    Every corporate jihadist from Coca-Cola to Halliburton has there bloody claws all over the ripe and relatively unexploited Africa, so there’s always the need to advertise some evil barbarian that needs to be defeated, this speeds utlitarian arrangements for harvest and profit. Dead people don’t get in the way, ergo mercenaries are always in demand.

  • Carroll Price

    It’s even worse than you think. The first Cold War was a an obvious hoax just like the War On Terror and the new Cold War. The truth is that the MIC requires constant and never-ending wars to transfer wealth from the middle class to the oligarchs on Wall Street. So, short of a revolution by the people to put a stop to the robbery, it will continue indefinitely.

    • mirageseekr

      You are correct! Even worse we recruited and used Nazi war criminals on the CIA payroll to trump up the hysteria on Russia. I think one of the best things to make people understand what is happening in the world today is to teach them the true history. You can argue with people and not seem to get very far. However when you lead them to the literature and let them come to their own conclusion the effect is so much more profound.

      • Carroll Price

        It’s been my experience that you can show people all the proof you want, but they will simply refuse to read it or listen to it, because it disagrees with the comfortable version of history they have been taught from childhood. The old folk expression “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is one of the most accurate observations of human nature ever made.

  • How many times have we seen this playbook which is now going on in Nigeria:
    Phase I – kidnapping of peacekeepers/women/women abuse/hikers/reporters/peaceful religious people/(fill in the blank)
    Phase II – terrorists/extremists/insurgents/al qaeda/islamists/evil doers/(fill in the blank) open fire in marketplace/bomb marketplace/(fill in the blank)
    Phase III – U.S. to send humanitarian aid (TROOPS) to help quell the abuse of rights/women/(other fake reason) and stop marketplace shooting/bombings/(insert fake reason here)

  • wunsacon

    Holy дрисня, Batman! The USSR, then al Qaeda, and now Russia? What if they’re all working together?

    I think I speak for everyone here as I channel Commissioner Gordon: The sum of the angles of that rectangle is too monstrous to contemplate!

  • mirageseekr

    After the Syria wake up call and Russia’s skillful public handling of it the only people who are buying the lies seem to be the senior crowd that was raised on fear of and still gets their news from FOX. Well them and the Americans that you could say we need to bomb Tibet because of (Insert lies here) and they would go along with that too. It is becoming clear to many Americans that our politicians are war shopping and I say the more McShame and his sidekick Learch (AKA Kerry) speak the more clear it becomes to people.

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