America’s “Immaculate Conception” Theory of War Crimes

Ukrainian War Crimes Whitewashed by Western Press

After more than 30 people died in a fire in the Ukrainian seaside resort town of Odessa, most of the Western press pretended that no one knows what happened or whose fault it was. For example, see these stories from the Guardian and BBC.

But USA Today reports:

Witnesses and journalists reported that as the building burned with people inside, a crowd shouted, “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Death to enemies!” [These are neo-Nazi slogans.]


[T]he Associated Press reported that the Russian sympathizers took refuge in the trade union hall on Kulikovo Field Square after government supporters rousted their encampment outside and then burned their tents. Police said the building was set on fire with Molotov cocktails.

At 5 seconds into this 15-second video, you can see a Molotov cocktail being thrown at the building in which the Russian sympathizers:

Former Associated Press and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry adds details:

As the building was engulfed in flames, some people who tried to flee were chased and beaten, while those trapped inside heard the Ukrainian nationalists liken them to black-and-red-striped potato beetles called Colorados, because those colors are used in pro-Russian ribbons.

“Burn, Colorado, burn” went the chant.

As the fire worsened, those dying inside were serenaded with the taunting singing of the Ukrainian national anthem. The building also was spray-painted with Swastika-like symbols and graffiti reading “Galician SS,” a reference to the Ukrainian nationalist army that fought alongside the German Nazi SS in World War II, killing Russians on the eastern front.

Parry points out how bad New York Times coverage of the Odessa attack has been:

On Saturday, for instance, the dominant story from Ukraine was the killing of more than 30 ethnic Russian protesters by fire and smoke inhalation in Ukraine’s southern port city of Odessa. They had taken refuge in a union building after a clash with a pro-Kiev mob which reportedly included right-wing thugs.

Even the neocon-dominated Washington Post led its Saturday editions with the story of “Dozens killed in Ukraine fighting” and described the fatal incident this way: “Friday evening, a pro-Ukrainian mob attacked a camp where the pro-Russian supporters had pitched tents, forcing them to flee to a nearby government building, a witness said. The mob then threw gasoline bombs into the building. Police said 31 people were killed when they choked on smoke or jumped out of windows.

“Asked who had thrown the Molotov cocktails, pro-Ukrainian activist Diana Berg said, ‘Our people – but now they are helping them [the survivors] escape the building.’” [Here’s the Post story.]

By contrast, here is how the New York Times reported the event in its Saturday editions as part of a story by C.J. Chivers and Noah Sneider focused on the successes of the pro-coup armed forces in overrunning some eastern Ukrainian rebel positions.

“Violence also erupted Friday in the previously calmer port city of Odessa, on the Black Sea, where dozens of people died in a fire related to clashes that broke out between protesters holding a march for Ukrainian unity and pro-Russian activists. The fighting itself left four dead and 12 wounded, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said. Ukrainian and Russian news media showed images of buildings and debris burning, fire bombs being thrown and men armed with pistols.”

Note how the Times evades placing any responsibility on the pro-coup mob for trying to burn the “pro-Russian activists” out of a building, an act that resulted in the highest single-day death toll since the actual coup which left more than 80 people dead from Feb. 20-22. From reading the Times, you wouldn’t know who had died in the building and who had set the fire.

Billmon comments:

Not even “atrocities were commited,” just a fire “related” to clashes that “broke out.” Immaculate conception theory of war crimes.

Postscript: While the Western press tries to paint the percentage of neo Nazis within the new Ukrainian government as small, the leader of the “protests” which ousted the previous president of Ukraine is a neo Nazi and follower of WWII Nazi sympathizer Stepan Bandera, and neo Nazis are largely in control of the new government.

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  • Name

    There are about 1.4 million US active duty military. There are at least 700 US military bases. That works out to 2,000 soldiers per base. Not very impressive.

    There are the F-22 and the Osprey that seem better at killing their own pilots and crew than they are at killing the enemy. There’s the F-35 that is basically a flying brick that isn’t stealthy even by decades-old standards. There’e the Patriot anti-missile system that some claim has yet to destroy a single missile.

    The US has replaced tried and true weapons and materiel with gas-guzzling, gadget-laden crap that is more about fattening wallets than it is about winning battles and preserving soldiers’ lives. The army is trying to reduce the weight of the batteries that combat soldiers carry by 20 pounds!

    State-of-the-art combat ships rust out immediately because of unforeseen electrical problems.

    The upper ecehelon of the US’s nuclear command has been largely sacked in recent years. Nuclear cruise missiles were flown across the US without authorization and without a satisfactory explanation.

    If the response to 9/11 is any indication, the effective defense of the continental United States is nil.

    Congress and the Fed have conspired to devalue the dollar by almost 100%.

    Yet the US is supposed to be some kind of hyper-power that can challenge Russia on their own doorstep? I don’t get it.

  • GS

    Just for the record: the girl’s T-shirt (in the first picture) has a tryzub (trident) on it, i.e. the national, official emblem/coat of arms, not the “iea of nation” symbol used by the Svoboda party.

  • Ксения

    Kiev government tanks presses civilians were burnt alive in Odessa rosiyskih activists about 42 people! Those who tried to escape from a burning building rastrelivali. outgrowths of the snake named fascist amerika.amerika Pledges ukraine money if she finishes with Rusko in southeastern thereby once again provokes mass murder if you think that this will not affect you then you are sadly mistaken! remember the story in Germany and fascism in its infancy to what it led nebilo any country which has not been affected.

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  • the ghost of MIss Manners

    In a multi-cultural world, it’s important to learn the enemy’s language, to make trash talk understood.
    Could Canadian and American troops please do that before leaving the homeland defenseless?

  • Tone Grina

    The Stepan Bandera that was sent to a Nazi concentration camp? Fail.

    • GS

      Bandera co-operated with Nazis (Gestapo and Abwehr), received financing from them, and proclaimed Ukraine independence shortly after the Third Reich invaded the USSR, aiming at close collaboration of the new state with Nazi’s Germany, againt the Soviet state. He was imprisoned only after his ambitions proved to be incompatible with the plans that Nazi’s held for this part of Europe.

      He wasn’t alone in trying to use the Germany-USSR conflict to wrestle some independence from Moscow, wasn’t alone in providing soldiers for Nazi Germany, and wasn’t alone in failing to see any advantage to his country come from this collaboration. The whole “west USSR” area, probably with the exception of Belarus, was caught between the rock of the Soviets and the hard place of the Third Reich, and whatever desperate measures they were ready to adopt in order to escape this situation, they were bound to fail. There was hardly a scenario imaginable at that time that would include both the fall of Nazis and the independence of Ukraine, Lithuania, or Latvia (or Poland and Checho-Slovakia, for that matter).

      One can understand the ideology of those times (nationalism, chauvinism, racism was everywhere), and the tough choices that the people had to make sometimes. Still, Bandera is a figure that should be of interest to historians, and seeing his ideology revived and his new followers directly drawing from the Ukraine Nazi imagery is quite disconcerting, to say the least. Having Svoboda leaders in the government is the biggest mistake the new regime could do. But of course they had to be there, because that’s whom the USA has been investing in.