Americans Are More Afraid of Being Tortured By Our Government than British, Australians, Canadians – Or Even Chinese – Are Afraid of Torture By Their Governments

And Most People – Including Most Americans – Know that Torture Is NEVER Necessary Or Acceptable “To Gain Information That May Protect The Public”

Amnesty International conducted a global survey to find out how afraid people were of being tortured by their own governments if they are taken into custody.

The survey shows that the British, Australian, Canadian – and even Chinese people – are less afraid of being tortured than Americans.

Specifically, Amnesty asked whether people agreed with the following statement:

If I were taken into custody by the authorities in my country, I am confident that I would be safe from torture

Here are some of the results:

Also stunning, Amnesty found that most Americans believe that torture is never justified.

Specifically, Amnesty asked whether people agreed with the following statement:

Torture is sometimes necessary and acceptable to gain information that may protect the public

53% of Americans disagreed with that statement, and only 45% agreed:Indeed, majorities in all but 5 countries say torture is never acceptable:

Given that it is universally known by top interrogation experts that torture interferes with the ability to extract actionable intelligence from the detainee and decreases national security, it is good that people are starting to wake up to the reality that torture is never acceptable.

Postscript: Multiple polls show that Americans are more afraid of our own government than of terrorists.  Given that the American government has gone somewhat rogue, and that Americans are afraid that they may be tortured if taken into custody, trust in the government will likely only continue to decrease.

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    There are numerous documented cases of police torturing people in the united states. That explains the results of this survey. Police break the law every day in order to frame people and obtain false convictions. Click on this link and you’ll see what I mean:

  • Arizona

    AMERICANS love TORTURE,they send homeless people to FEMA DEATH CAMPS,knowing their children will be tortured, RAPED and murdered,And not one news story about the childrens fate,THEY have GETMO ,in cuba and they know water boarding goes on and the prisoners family will be TORTURED to death ,to force them to sign a confession,HUNDREDS of women and children have been killed at getmo by the US MILITARY,and not one american voice complained,YET you say americans are afraid of torture,MAYBE its because americans ARE THE MOST PREVERTED,SICK,SCUMBAGS ON THE PLANET…….But not much longer,THE CHINESE will teach america what the word TORTURE really means,IN THE VERY fema death camps americans built TO MURDER and RAPE,and TORTURE, homeless children in…………What goes around ,comes around………………

    • Rich H


  • SupernaturalCat

    And rightfully so. Demented, post-constitutional USA controlled via shadow ‘corporate/state’ govt.
    Look at all these fascists have gotten away with directly in plain sight(!!!) since the PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor,” and then consider all of the black ops/totalitarianism machinations they’re advancing behind the scenes and under the radar.

  • joev

    It should have been higher, solitary confinement is considered torture by the rest of the world and most psychologists. We ADMIT to using that.


    if u want to see just how bad the police abuse is in america and the coldblooded murder buy these thugs with badges come and check out this face book page i started to cover this abuse buy police.

  • David McElroy

    It has already been declared that the president can have anybody killed upon his order, with absolutely no due process, no notice or recourse for the next of kin. American officers beat, torture, and kill Americans every day, if you read the news. You could easily disappear to never be heard from again, perhaps just for sharing a comment like this one. God help us to help ourselves!

  • ClubToTheHead

    Ladies: Don’t resist when the law puts your tits in twist because the American people will find you guilty of a felony if you react spontaneously, even when the police are disguised as ordinary citizens.

  • American Patriot

    Any police agency or individual cop that uses torture will be found, taken to a vacant lot and immediately HANGED!
    A sign will be hung around his neck indicating his crime and WHY he was hanged, this will be posted on the internet for ALL to SEE and HEED!
    Torture by ANYBODY will NOT be allowed nor accepted as a means of acquiring information.

    The PENALTY for torture is DEATH to the person acting as the villain for his or her own gains or for government.

  • John

    I’ve been tortured in America all my life. It’s genocide. Right now certain people with specific genes are being targeted by America through our food sources. I’ve been poisoned with food for the last 4+ years. I am not a criminal, I don’t do drugs, I am not mentally ill. I am a perfectly decent person. I think it has something to do with some kind of haterism. I may have rare genes but I know that all they have to do is create some kind of support system for people like me instead of flat out harrassing and poisoning us to death. We are perfectly capable of working and taking part in society like everyone else but were forced to be isolated, poisoned and harassed by our communities for no particular reason.