What American Soldiers Think of Ukraine

For similar pictures in connection with Syria, see this.

Via Facebook by way of Alan Grayson .

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  • Yuliya

    It is the right idea not to fight for the mr.Buiseness interests. To fight for what? Peace? Democracy? Demacracy is the governance of people, not terrorists and nazists. Answer, please, where is it good life where America has brought its democracy? Yugoslavia? Afganistan? Iraq? Libya? Syria? Ukraine? It is so cynical, and the moment of comeback will be.

    • Undecider

      Democracy = two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. I don’t think we that spread in our names.

    • Dee

      About the only way this will ever become our fight is if the Russian try to make it their fight.. One miscalculation and American public sentiment can change in a flash. Best that everybody Just let the Ukraine sort this out by themselves without outside influence, including Russian. I think the US should support fascists, not that all Ukrainian Nationalists are fascists , they aren’t … But I also think it is wrong for Russia to use the old Nazi tactic of invading to protect ethnic Germans, opps I meant Russians, The Nazis used that excuse about ethnic Germans.. walks like a duck quacks like a duck.. might be a duck.

      • Sudetenland

        But there was nothing wrong with the German demand to nullify the Versailles Treaty provisions that took lands away for 20 years that were mostly inhabited by Germans. There was nothing “Nazi” about this demand. Most Americans to this day will agree that the Versailles Treaty was wrong and unjust. The reason why Chamberlain should have denied the Sudetenland to Hitler was because everyone knew Hitler’s further ambitions presented in Mein Kampf that said that other races were subhuman and Germany needed to conquer their lands. It was only “appeasement” because it was the perfect opportunity to stop Hitler on the technicality that he was asking to violate the Versailles Treaty and the Allies would not allow that (even though the treaty was unjust). But if the Germans were defeated in a quick war based on that, they would not feel shame the way they did after they were later defeated for doing what was really evil. It would have been perceived by Germans (and many more historians) as an unjust war because the Versailles Treaty was unjust. Hitler didn’t do anything externally “Nazi” until a few months later when he took over the rest of Czechoslovakia.

        • Sudetenland

          In other words, if Hitler had only taken back the Saarland and Sudetenland and Danzig and then NOT invaded Prague and then Poland, there would have been no WW2 and historians would not be saying it was evil for the Nazis to have repatriated Germans and traditionally German lands. There would have been no war even if he stopped after taking over Czechoslovakia. Poland was the last straw. Modern day Putin is not going to attack Poland. He will only get western Ukraine if he engineers a coup in Kiev before the Americans are smart enough to agree to decentralization (that would forever stop Russia from controlling most of Ukraine but would give Russia Odessa and Donetsk and Lugansk and Kharkov).

          So it’s shocking for modern day people to imply there’s something wrong (or Nazi) about peacefuly repatriating recently lost lands and citizens with referendums.

  • pathman25

    Their job is to fight for the empire. It’s too bad many of these folks have no other option but to serve in the military. As an aside, I did my time in service of the empire when the enemy of the day was the Soviets. Good times, good times…..

  • mirageseekr

    Glad to see some of the military waking up and realizing that the government is just using them and does not care what happens to them once they are used. I hope they are educating their buddies to the corruption before they are ordered to fire on Americans.

  • jo6pac

    War is a Racket by the late Gen. Butler Smedley

  • Hope

    The truth will never be erased about the mass killings and the terror in Eastern Ukraine.

    Look at global reaserch article:

    Be careful there are horrific pictures of what happened in Odessa.

    Search also these pages:

    Facebook Berkut

    Facebook The truth about the situation in Ukraine.

  • Bangger

    So much for the Oath of Enlistment, doesn’t that say something about the Constitution which has been shredded by the NDAA in particular, by an otherwise rogue USSC? Apparently, It’s only certain un-constitutionality that upsets the Patriot, Bagger based pro-corporate libertarian brownshirts. A military filled with ultra-right nationalists is the 1%’s greatest conservative dream.

  • Hope

    I’m sorry, I forgot to refer to the article in Global Research: How Neo-Nazi thugs Supported by Kiev Regime Killed Odessa Inhabitants.

  • Hope

    May 6: Children of Slavyansk ask Kiev not to kill them (ENG subs)


  • Hope


    Please, stop the US war against Eastern Ukraine and Russia, You are responsible for what your government does.

    If you want some information about the situation in Ukraine, look at this pages.



  • This is John McCains bs.
    Sick of these war mongering LUNATICS