The America People Don’t Want U.S. Involvement in Ukraine … But Our Government Is Getting Involved Anyway

Americans Don’t Want War … But Warmongers Are Fighting Anyway

Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to military involvement in Ukraine.

But the American government has spent billions of dollars to influence events in Ukraine.

And the head of the CIA secretly visited Ukraine shortly before violence escalated and advised the Ukrainian government to violently suppress protesters.

And the CIA and FBI have sent in “advisers” to coordinate military strategy for the Ukrainian government.

In 1997, the former U.S. national security advisor – and high-level Obama policy advisor – called for the U.S. to take Ukraine away from Russia. He’s now calling for the U.S. to directly arm the Ukrainian government.

The American people may be against involvement in Ukraine, but the warmongers – as usual – will do it anyway.

Postscript: Putin might be a tyrant … but the U.S. is backing mass-murdering neo Nazis.  So it’s not like we’re on the side of angels.

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  • Jacob.Z

    Well if influencing the Ukraine is out the American citizens hands then what can we do to oppose the involvement in foreign affairs when the majority doesn’t want to get involved?

  • Gord Hicks

    Strange priorities here at washingtonblog. Lots of talk about atheists and Ukraine. But nothing on the Kent State Massacre and today is the anniversary of that ghastly event

    • Undecider

      Thanks for the reminder. It wasn’t on my US produced calendar.

  • Undecider

    That’s because this is not “our” government.

    • solerso

      True, we are occupied by our “own” overclass. They DO NOT represent us.

  • sixhonestservingmen

    Undecider’s comment, in saying that this is not “our” government is, of course, quite right.

    How an understanding can be reached of this bold assertion, can be found, part way down the source document linked, under the subtitled heading –




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  • wally

    its funny how politicians start wars but never fight them

  • Hope

    If you would like some information about what is happening in Ukraine, look at this pages:

    Stop USA government from killing this children like what happen in Odessa.

    The US residents are the only one that can stop this madness.