America Backed Fascists In Ukraine 70 Years Ago

American Government Backed Ukrainian Nazis … Same Group Supported By the Leader of the Protests which Toppled the Ukrainian Government In February

Oliver Stone’s documentary Untold History notes:

Truman approved the creation of a guerrilla army code-named “Nightingale” in Ukraine. Originally setup by the Nazis in 1941, it was made up of ultra-nationalists. They would, as Stone describes, wreak havoc on the “famine-wrecked region where Soviet control was loose, carrying out the murder of thousands of Jews, Soviets and Pols, who opposed a separate Ukrainian state.” The CIA would parachute “infiltrators” into the country as well to further “dislodge Soviet control.”

Sounds nuts, right?

But American historian and former Under Secretary of the Air Force  Townsend Hoopes and Rice University history professor Douglas Brinkely confirm:

One group that particularly attracted CIA attention and support was the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), a political-military underground movement that had long fought for Ukrainian independence—first against the Poles in the 1920s when Poland controlled the Ukraine and after 1939 against the Soviets. ‘Though violently anti-Russian, the OUN was itself totalitarian and Fascist in character. as well as anti-Semitic. The Nazis poured money into the OUN after the German invasion of Russia and pretended to support the goal of Ukrainian national independence. In return, a large OUN militia, code-named Nachtigall, or Nightingale, provided local administrators, informers, and killers for the German invaders. Nazi-sponsored OUN police and militia formations were involved in “thousands of instances of mass murders of Jews and of families suspected of aiding Red Army partisans.”


When the Germans were driven out of the Ukraine, many OUN members who had served the Nazis’ police formations and execution squads fled with them, but several thousand retreated into the Carpathian Mountains to fight another day against the hated Soviet government. It was this remaining Nightingale group that fascinated the CIA and was recruited essentially en bloc. To bring its leaders to the United States for training and indoctrination required special bureaucratic exertions, as well as an immigration law permitting the admission of one hundred such immigrants per year, provided the Director of the CIA, the Attorney General, and the Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service all personally stated that the action was vital to national security.” As one army intelligence officer noted sardonically, one wing of the CIA was hunting Ukrainian Nazis to bring them to trial at Nuremberg, while another wing was recruiting them.


After training in the United States, the Nightingale leaders were parachuted into the Ukraine to link up with their compatriots and to carry out measures of subversion, agitation, and sabotage, including assassination.


[United States Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal] vigorously supported the program and presumably participated in the approval of the basic NSC charters as a member of the National Security Council.

The leader of the Nightingale group was Stepan Bandera. And see this.

The leader of the “protests” in February 2014 which ousted the president of Ukraine is a neo Nazi and follower of Stepan Bandera.

In other words, 70 years ago, the U.S. supported the types of fascists who are now in control of Ukraine.

Postscript: Another little known historical fact is that – in 1997 – a former U.S. national security advisor and high-level Obama policy advisor called for the U.S. to take Ukraine away from Russia.

And almost a month before the Ukrainian president was ousted in February, a high-level State Department official – Assistant US Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland, wife of arch Neocon Robert Kagan – announced plans to promote a “new government” in Ukraine.

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  • GEvans2

    Their target was not only “Jews,” their target was Protestants and Orthodox Christians, part of a 1,0000 year old Inquisition that carries on to this day, with a taste for burning people alive. Nothing has changed, same MO.

  • Deb915

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    • solerso

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  • Aljosa

    It can sound strange, maybe, but here’s my point of view on “current” situation:

    Sovereign Freeman: Notice Of Bankruptcy Of The Republic Of Croatia

  • Arnold Lockshin

    ATTACK !!

    Drone-Killer CIA Chief John Brennan came to Kiev and ordered, “Attack!»

    Then Mean Veep Joe Biden came to Kiev and ordered, “Attack!»

    Then the banksters’ IMF ordered Kiev, “You want the money? Then, attack!”

    The rump US-NATO puppet regime in Kiev attacked.

    And continues attacking.

    Then Barak “Change you’re a fool to believe in” Obama said, “Great, They’re attacking!”

    Then the fascists burned people alive..”Attack!” they cried.


    Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

  • vin

    Vladimir Putin NEW letter to the American People!

    • solerso

      Some drunk unemployed fat british idiot doing a “selfie” on youtube ???!!!? This is what you got me to waste 10 seconds of my life on ??!!!?? ?… You owe me money, a$$hole

  • Trevor Wright

    Please get your facts right.
    Bandera was arrested by the Germans 8 days after war began between Germany and USSR in June 1941 and imprisoned in German concentration camps until September 1944.
    Russians and the KGB assasinated him in 1959. The assassination was made to look like a heart attack but the assassin fearing for his life defected to the West. Wet deeds were and remain a Russian specialty. Putin is a KGB alumni.
    Bandera was a patriot.

    • solerso

      Bandera was imprisoned by the Nazis for his opportunistic double dealing with the Americans (the brief article above doesn’t mention that at all – its a short history of American malfeasance not Bandera). I noticed nothing at all wrong or off at all in the above…. Just because its not the loving hagiography of Bandera and his murderous followers that you would prefer , doesn’t make it inaccurate.

    • Octavian

      He was arrested and then started working with Nazis against his own people. Makes me a bit shocked to see how people, whose grandparents were murdered by Bandera and his followers, are now worshiping him because they were told to by their new Nazi govt and corrupt media. So pathetic. I really pity you.

      • O’Connell

        To say fringe elements supported nationalism in Ukraine does not justify calling the present Ukrainian government ‘Nazi’. That sounds a lot like Putin’s disinformation.

        There was a popular rising against the previous corrupt and authoritarian government in Ukraine. Government snipers fired on peaceful protesters in Kiev.

        Although I would not be so simplistic as to call Putin Nazi there would be more justification for it given his suppression of the media and opposition.

        The nationalism day he set up also became a voice for the extreme right in Russia.

  • solerso

    “In other words, 70 years ago, the U.S. supported the types of fascists who are now in control of Ukraine”
    In other, other words The US has always supported NAZIS’s in Ukraine. For over 70 years (since the 1920’s) the US has funded, trained ,armed and otherwise supported, a psychopathic murderous Fascist Nationalist army in Ukraine, only pausing briefly in the early 1940’s to sort out the US supported Fascists from German supported pro Hitler,Fascist, NAZI-party types. One might even infer from this that violent, murderous, Fascist/Nationalist formations are the bloodthirsty thug – “vanguard” of US Capitalist Globalist Imperialism. Some other guy who spent some time fighting against US funded psycho-Nazis in Ukraine has written extensively about that – bright Jewish fellow named Leon. I suggest reading his essays on the subject, and on many other subjects.

  • FVS

    Yeah? So what? We interfere with Russia neighbor and they interfere with ours. It’s been going on for a long time. So where is the “big expose” on the fact that BOTH the US media and FDR’s government we complicit in covering up the Russian communist’s DELIBERATELY starving nearly 5 million Ukrainian. to death. How is that any less criminal than what the Germans did a decade later? How many more millions suffered and died in the slave labor comps of the Gulag? The fact is the Russian communist killed exponentially more “innocents” than the Nazi ever did.

    • solerso

      What “neighbors” of the US is Russia “interfering ” with ? More false equivalency and ignorant historical half truths from the Liberal War lobby

      • FVS

        My how profoundly ignorant you are. Must be the product of our (non)educational system. No real historical perspective beyond your own arc of experience. I guess you never heard of the Cuban missile crisis or that particularly nasty piece of work known as Che Guevara. What “false equivalency”? Why don’t you find a Ukrainian American and tell them that the mass starvation of the 1930’s is a “half truth”. Just be prepared to get punched in the nose.

        Apparently you’re not very good at research either (I’m not surprised). If you had bothered to read any of my disqus log or my own blog you would know that I am anything but an Obama fan.

        You my dear solerso one can have a grasp of history and understand that the Ukrainians have legitimate grievances with their Russian neighbors and an honest desire to be free of Russian hegemony.

        Oh yeah and I’m ashamed that you actually think you know anything.

        • UkraineUnited

          I am an American Ukrainian and i can tell you that your full of shit, everyone in the 30’s starved in the USSR and many people where executed as well, there is nothing special about the way Ukrainians died under Stalin. The Ukrainians the western media chooses to represent are a small minority of neo-facist Benderavtsi, if you so big on research look him up fool. Bandera WAS a fascist.

          • FVS

            Oh bull crap. If the death rate across the entire Soviet Union had matched the death rate in the Ukraine there wouldn’t have been any Soviet Union left.Stalin and his pals committed genocide against the Ukrainians for having dared to try and break away and form their own nation during the Russian civil war. For this came under attack by both the Reds and the Whites. During this period the concept of fascism was but a dream in Mussolini’s mind. I’m not saying there weren’t has conditions all over created by the forced collectivization. However it was only in the Ukraine where the Law of Spikelets were put In place that made it a DEATH PENELTY OFFENCE to glean food from fields that had already been harvested. The people could also be imprisioned for 10 years or even executed for possessing food that had not been distributed by the government. These were the “Laws of the Wheat Ears”. So go stuff you ass covering Kremlin propaganda where I he sun don’t shine. Were there and are there fascists in Ukraine? Yes and they were driven in to the arms of fascism by the depredations of the Holodomor. Unsophisticated and desperate people all to often fall into the trap of thinking “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

          • Seek Truth

            FVS, you are the example of what we call ‘Amorocans’. You are soo brainwashed, it clearly doesn’t matter what truth you stumble upon, you won’t recognize it. Keep waiving that flag, keep thinking that US won WW2.
            UkraineUnited, don’t waste your time. 95% of Americans would rather take a picture of their food and post and comment on such BS, in stead of educating themselves.

          • FVS

            Where do I begin except to say there here we have another classic example of the failed American education system wherein neither reading comprehension or critical thinking play a role. Someone who has been taught what to think not HOW to think, or you are simply an FSB/Kremlin plant. Did you even read what you wrote? You call me “brainwashed” and then advocate that I be banned from commenting. Congratulations!! That is exactly the position I (and many others) have come to expect from neo-imperialist apparatchiks be they Americans or Russians.

            Just where in any of my posts (or on my blog) have I ever endorsed the actions of the central banks, the corrupt CIA or the inept, ignorant and neo-con manipulated Obama State Department? Hummm…. oh that I haven’t. What I did say is that I recognized and understand the historically valid reasons for Ukraine’s desire for self-determination and to be free of Russian hegemony, be it in the form of Tsarists Communists or Putin and his Mafia tactics. Recognizing of the latter is not an endorsement of the former. See logic does work outside the narrow confines of Russian and/or American propaganda.

            And yes my dear RUSSIAN friend the US did win WW II. You quite naturally would have us forget that fully 1/3 of Soviet armor was American made Sherman tanks. Equally nearly a quarter of the Red Air Force were flying American and British made planes. All of the tires and rubber that kept you supply convoys rolling were made in American factories. Tell us if you can how many millions of tons of supplies, munitions and more importantly food did the American people supply to the Red Army? Without these critical supplies The Soviets could very well have lost at Kursk and Orel and the story on the Russian front could very well have been different. Oh and one more thing tell us please how much of these supplies did the Russians actually pay for? Here’s a hint for you; IT WAS LESS THAN 10%!!

            In short you too can take your Putin and putrid propaganda a stick it in your nether regions. So tuck your little tail between your legs and go away. Seems you have some wounds to lick.

          • Garibaldi

            I’m going to join the discussion.

            FVS, you said a lot of truth, but the way you try to turn the facts tells me how full of shit you are.

            I’m Ukrainian who’s an American citizen now; I still have family in Ukraine, Russia, and the US. Grandfathers fought in WW1, and WW2, parents have seen a lot.

            Again, FVS, trying to enforce your biased opinion enriched with half-truths, twisted facts and lies on people who actually THINK and READ rather than watch that piece of crap CNN or majority of other censored US media outlets is not going to be easy.

            There’s a reason why some people still publish articles like this one – not everybody is brainwashed in this great country run by certain idiot Democrats and all Republicans.

            I bid you good evening.

          • James O’Connell

            I would trust CNN over Pravda or the current Putin equivalent any day.

          • fredd

            1/3 of Soviet armor was American made Sherman tanks. Equally nearly a quarter of the Red Air Force were flying American and British made planes. All of the tires and rubber that kept you supply convoys
            rolling were made in American factories
            where did you get those assfacts.
            20.000.000 soviets died fighting the germans
            amerika lost 400.000 in europe and the pacific
            amerika joined after the soviets basically won the war

          • FVS

            You’re still a moron. Of the alleged 30 million dead Soviets not all of them were combat deaths. Additionally the Red army had a reputation for mass attacks where follow on troops were not even armed and were told to pick up the weapons of the dead. They also faced with GRU forces who manned machine guns at the jumping off line and ginned down any who dared retreat.

            The Japs attacked In the Pacific a mere 5 1/2 months after the Nazi Wehrmacht crossed the border, just as the Nazis surrounded Leningrad and reached the outskirts of Moscow. In the south the Red Army was still in headlong flight. Hardly the point of having “won the war”. The battle of Stalingrad was still over a year away. Try learning to read.

          • fredd

            Try learning to read.your self i said 20 not 30.
            The Japs attacked In the Pacific a mere 5 1/2 months after the Nazi Wehrmacht crossed the border, just as the Nazis surrounded Leningrad and reached the outskirts of Moscow. In the south the Red Army was still in headlong flight. Hardly the point of having “won the war”. The battle of Stalingrad was still over a year away
            and how many US soldiers were fighting in europe at that time?
            The Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943
            The Allied Invasion of Italy was the Allied landing on mainland Italy on 3 September 1943,
            long after the Battle of Stalingrad.
            same for this
            The Normandy landings (codenamed Operation Neptune) were the landing operations on 6 June 1944 (termed D-Day) of the Allied invasion of Normandy

            the red army faced 200 divisions the US 20.
            this is all the time i want to waste on you
            because i smell the stink of a slave labor troll in a for profit prison working for 1.30$ a day cheapest place for state departments trolls or a brainwashed dumbass

          • FVS

            Hey moron try looking at a map and estimating the lengths of the Western and Eastern fronts. Your ignorance is appalling and not worth any further reply. Non-the less the US contribution on a logistical basis is what won the war not the measure of who had the highest pile of dead bodies.

          • FVS

            So how is life being an FSB flack living in the basement at Lubyanka?

          • FVS

            Oh and who exactly is this we crap? You and your gaggle of FSB trolls in your cubicles at of Lubyanka? And as far as educating myself; I can’t speak for all Americans but I apparently have a better education when it comes the history of Russian imperialism than you do. I’d dare say that’s what produced such a visceral reaction and your complete failure to even attempt to refute an points raised. Big trouble with you Russians is your psyches are imbued with centuries of paranoia and a massive inferiority complex.

          • antievil

            FSH, you live in the past. Stalin is dead for 70 Years. Russia is not trying to suppress Ukraine. You are a Russophobe for sure. I am not Russian, both of my parents were Polish and were born in the U.S. But they did teach me decent morals. I have been to the Ukraine several times and know many, more than decent, people there that just want to be left alone by the corrupt and just plain nasty (evil) and vengeful people now in control in ukraine that are now killing thousands of civilians in the east. It is a shame that there are so many people like you that have such a belligerent attitude. The are all so committed to there cause, like fundamentalists of any religion, that they cannot see another side. I will not respond to you but follow the wisdom of Jesus who said “do not cast your pearls before swine” they will only trample them in the mud. It is a wast of time to argue with a closed mind.

          • FVS

            Why don’t you tell the millions of dead Cambodians how “dead” Stalin is. Tell the thousands of white South Africans who live in fear for their lives every day how “dead” Stalin is. You are a moron and apparently a walking Polish joke. The typical liberal idiot who lives in today and has now concept of the past or the future apparently. Do you think all those former Soviet states declared their independence after the collapse because the loved their Russian occupiers? Oh that’s right you don’t think.

          • AmounRah

            You do realize that attempting to define Russia and Russians via actions of a psycho like Stalin (who was not Russian) would be equivalent to attempting to define American mentality via the example of how the country was first settled. “See what you want, kill the people who own it and then take it”…(then again….perhaps the latter, as per previous examples in history, would indeed hold true for the United States gov’t ).

          • FVS

            So then you don’t want to address the horrendous numbers of dead. As I said the Gulags didn’t start with Stalin and they sure as hell didn’t end with him either. Now Putin is repeating the mass deportations of Stalin in the recently illegally annexed Crimea. Tartars are once again being rounded up.

            It’s not me but the Russians that are taking that definition upon themselves. The recent celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe was replete with posters picturing Stalin prominently. There is also going to be a referendum on the ballot in Moscow to return the statue of Dzerzhinsky to the square in front of Lubyanka prison. The Russians are actively choosing to identify with the worst of their past.

          • AmounRah

            Tatars are being deported from Ukraine? O__o First time I hear about it…but I will google.
            I do know what Stalins deportation of Muslims. Back then, 1990s I believe, or just before that, the Soviet court dubbed the deportations by Stalin as an illegal move and allowed Tatars to return.

            I also do know of document which Kiev present that supposedly banned the entrance of the Tatar King (? was it king? Don’t 100% recall) to Crimea and claimed Russia did it….but then that was debunked as fake. In fact, recent surveys (done by American and German companies, months apart starts from annexation) have concluded that some 85% of the Crimeans are happy with the annexation, with only 1-2% saying no.
            As for Stalin pictures during the celebration…I can not comment on that as I was not there but I do think that it is silly to see it that way. Russians are celebrating the history, not the leader. At least in my opinion. In fact, Putin thanked all the countries that participated in the victory (as did others) the only country that did not thank others….was..*drum roll* the United States. Who only thanked their fallen soldiers. But let’s be realistic. Chances that we will know the raw-underlying-factors that drove what is happening right now are minuscule…at best. I go with my instinct and what history has shown. So far, everything is by the book from Washington, literally, step by step. Does Russia have interests in Ukraine? Obviously. But to say that Russia is on the offensive is silly.

          • James O’Connell

            ‘Killing people int he East”? Oh do you mean Putin and his stooges? Maybe you were thinking of the airliner shot down by Russian rockets? Putin has stirred up and encouraged separatists and created the war in Eastern Ukraine, as well as his taking over of Crimea in defiance of international protocols. The Russian media is so contolled by Putin that the Russian people do not know what is going on.

          • Seek truth

            And here’s more proof. You need to be banned from ever making any comments fvs

          • FVS

            “You need to be banned from ever making any comments”, just the response from a fascist moron. Seil heil!!

        • fredd

          the Cuban crisis The USSR placed missiles in Cuba was a reaction to US missiles in Turkey.
          stop spouting your patriotic Bulshit and flaunting your ignorance

          • FVS

            US medium range missles had been in Turkey and West Germany for years and were in fact already considered obsolete. Additionally the George Washington class of SSBM sub’s were being commissioned and made the Turkish systems redundant and obsolete. So are you moron or a liar or both?

        • Bob

          I’m also a Ukrainian American and also will tell you that you are full of crap. You never set your foot outside your country and I won’t be surprised if you never left your tow. Most likely you can’t even find Ukraine on the map. You historical bs nothing but anti Soviet propaganda. Cuba was a response to missiles in Turkey. That’s just one thing for you to research. Damn so tiered of couch strategist who can’t get past cable tv and stupid propaganda high school books.

          • FVS

            And you would be wrong, one each and every account you claim. But then if you were really a Ukrainian you could explain just why they have such a deep resentment for Russians. I mean the Holodomor was just so much fun and games right? Same for the Great Terror huh? Just a laugh a minute comedy show. And I bet you could tell us how the Ukrainian Kulaks just loved being deported on mass to Siberia to die like dogs in the slave labor camps and how many of the desendents of those who had the audacity to survive their exile are still prohibited from returning or claiming the property stolen from them. Tell us what was the name of Donesk before it was changed? I’d bet that you’re really a Russian pretending to be Ukrainian. Anti-Soviet propaganda??? Yeah must be, seeing as they were such great guys who slaughtered millions for fun and profit before Hitler came to power and kept right on slaughtering their own people even after Hitler was long gone. Oh perhaps you can tell us just which alliance it was that facilitated the fourth partition of Poland, the illegal annexation of the Baltic States and the seizure of Bessarabia from Romania? And on top of it all you Russians are so ashamed of the butchery of the Soviets that they still keep Lenin’s rotten corpse on display, his henchmen hurried in the Kremlin wall and his chief executioner, Felix Dzerzhinsky’s name is still used for the square in front of Lubyanka prison. Even the hapless French razed the hated Bastille. You Russians just changed the name over the door and keep on keeping on. When it comes to human slaughter you communists and their apologists make Hitler look like an amateur. No go kiss your statue of Stalin and be gone.

            Actually I like this statue of Stalin better.

    • Learn some more history

      “We interfere with Russia neighbor and they interfere with ours. It’s been going on for a long time.” – what “long time”? What are you talking about? S. c. “Ukraine” always in the past was purely geographical term. “State of Ukraine” exists only since 1991. Twenty(!) years of entire “Ukrainian history”.

      Formerly Ukraine was nothing more than just a borderland for both Poland and Russia (to all english-speaking readers: yes, the term “ukraine” means in both old-polish and old-russian exactly “borderland”! You can check it!).
      You couldn’t “interfere with Russia neighbour” – being NOT any “neighbour” to Russia, but nothing more than part of it (and earlier part of Poland).

      • FVS

        Your ignorance is appalling. You are either the product of a very poor education system or an FSB flack. If you can’t recognize Putin and company as a fascist tyrant in 21st century garb I pity you. Do you think all those former Soviet and Imperial Russian occupied nations all declared their independence because they loved their oppressors? One word for you Holodomor. Look it up nit wit.

    • AmounRah

      I am a year late to the party but came upon this article and post doing research and have to correct you (or share information, rather) :
      I assume you are talking about Holomodor…
      I am not exactly sure where you got the information that “Russian communists” (I am not sure why you refer to them as that as during the USSR existance, there was a ridiculous mix of nations…so I certain hope this post was not anti-Russian as it gives a negative setting to the post right off the bat).
      During the 1930s, USSR was going through a recession which was caused by the United States as it stopped trading gold with Russia and then got Europe to do the same. As USSRs economy was stagnating, US then stopped and got Europe to stop trading natural resources with Russia to squeeze it further economically. The whole union was starving and everyone, yes even in Russia, everyone was on food rations. Millions have died.
      So to call this a “Russian communists attempt at a genocide against Ukranians” is ridiculous.

      • FVS

        Sorry bit I’m calling BS on your reply. You need to read into Ukrainian history a bit deeper. The Ukrainians had been seeking their independence since long before the Russian civil war. This had made them the target of both the Reds and the Whites.

        After the Reds prevailed and Stalin came to power he and his régime made them a special target during the collectivization. The Kulacks were either slaughtered or sent to the Gulags never to return. Very specific laws were created prohibiting the Ukrainians from gleening fields that had been harvested and prohibiting the possession of any food that had not been distributed by the government. Both were considered death penalty offences.

        Ad in the victims of the Great Terror and the number of dead in Ukraine approaches nearly 8 million. If the number of dead across the rest of the Soviet Union came any where close to the percentages in Ukraine the entire system would have collapsed.

        Stalin wasn’t the first to use deportations to Siberia. The Czars had been doing for centuries. The communists raised it to monstrous levels. They slaughtered an estimated over 20 million, a third of whom were Ukrainians.

        • AmounRah

          Comparing Russia/Russsians to communists and using them as the the basis of the core values of the people would be identical to calling every single German and every move made by Germany and it’s government as Nazi driven. I am not sure where exactly the B S comment comes from as I did not make this up….

          Although I do understand what you are saying I do disagree, respectfully of course. My approach is typically a “Cui Bono” one. I know that it is in the very American doctrine not to let Russia gain any steam in any area..Cold war, space race, economy, you name it. Who are we to say that the trade seizure could not have been timed with what was a horrible idea by the Stalin (who, as I am sure you know, was not even Russian) gov’t to submit Russia? Cui bono? I would 100% agree with the idea if Ukraine was starving while the rest of USSR had their stomachs full….everyone suffered. Cui bono? Definitely not the people…so is it the government to blame? Then which one? What if the trades were not seized? What I am trying to say, is that I do not view this as an attack by Russia onto Ukraine…it simply does not make sense. If Russia were to attack Ukraine it loses a buffer…gains an enemy and an p**d off neighbor AND looks psycho on the world stage. On the other hand, we have American interests in the region….whose doctrine is to undermine Russia, with billions invested in a “western friendly” gov’t with Nightingale in the 40s…literally a squad, by Washington in Ukraine to undermine Russia (aka: something similar to what is taking place right now).

          I don’t know. I am not taking Russia side or defending them but what we are being sold simply does not make sense.

          • FVS

            The problem is not with the Russian people per se. The problem is with the governments that they get. It does not matter whether it was Czars, commissars or the current batch of neo-fascist lunatics. Whatever governments they have ever had, the needs of the people were the least of the government’s concerns.

            For the communists attacking Ukraine made perfect sense. Its capacity to produce large amounts of food was a resource that could be traded to Germany

            If you think that the current government does not long for Russian imperialism you are sadly mistaken. There is going to be a referendum on the ballot in Moscow to return Dzerzhinsky’s statue to the square outside the infamous Lubyanka prison. (Even the French had the good sence to raze the Bastille.) The Local government in St. Petersburgh is preparing a law to prohibit dropping Soviet era names. Putin’s government is activly slashing funding for teaching indigenous languages in the schools, just like the Czars did. Much of the internal history of the Soviet era was comprised of suppressing internal decent of non Russian peoples. The “March of the Sovereigns” in the 1990s didn’t come about because they all so loved their Russian oppressors. It still goes on today. Ask the Karelians, ask the Tuvans.

          • AmounRah

            Perhaps. But then…..can we not say the same of, literally, every single government?
            What leader would not want to see his country as an empire?
            The things that you point out, while definitely and 100% true, can be said of every single country, anywhere. The only reason why we have the headlines in a way that we do is because the state, does not like competition, hence, it does not like Russian…..hence the press, or rather “state-owned-public-opinion-shaping”, prints as much anti-Putin headlines as they can. I mean, Putin was coming up in popularity in the states…then all of a sudden he is the devil. Russia is never in the news…then all of a sudden its a pariah state…I mean even that is interesting in it self.
            If you take other countries, like the Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, etc, etc, all very very close allies of the united states. In one country, people get beheaded just for looking at someone wrong (let alone being a gay, etc), in another foreigners are second class, in China there is preference over what sex the child has and even was a scandals where girls are killed as boys were preferred….in the United States racism is still rampant (hell, just about the same in a lot of the world) etc, etc, etc. Am I saying that this is normal and should be accepted? Definitely not, but why the focus on Russia all of a sudden where are FAAAR worse atrocities that are being committed. Why do we not hear of the butchering that takes place in Africa for example? Because that does not promote the agenda of our government and if we are focusing on the governments, and not the people…………….cue bono? How do we stand to benefit from Russia’s failures? Like I said, there are issues throughout, and Russia is no exception….but neither is anyone else. Do you really believe that Russia is out to engulf the world? I highly doubt it. The world has become globalized beyond recognition and the only borders, are the imaginary ones. What is happening is not Russia out for world domination, but suppression of Russia by the united states because it poses a threat as a super power and I am really not ok with lying or manufactured news. I know the track-record of the American gov’t, the tactics and wants, the false flags and aspirations. Once one understands why things are happening, it becomes extremely clear.

          • FVS

            And there we have it, that oldest of liberal canards, moral relativism. “Everybody does it do why shouldn’t the Russians.” Difference is most other countries have pit such behaviour behind them. The Russians haven’t. They still repress their non Russian populations and Putin openly talks about how Russia “voluntarily gave up its territory” when the Soviet Union collapsed. Sorry Putiy boy it wasn’t Russia’s territory in the first place. All those former Czarist and Soviet occupied nations weren’t granted their freedom by the Russisns. They took back their sovereignty, in some cases by force. There was nothing voluntarily about it. There is a very specific and definitive term for Putin’s kind of BS: revanchism. The only country to exceed the Russian’s penchant for mass slaughter and slavery is their fellow communists in China.

          • AmounRah

            Let’s not get condescending.
            I think you have missed my point. I was not not trying to employ any sort of relativity and that is not what I am talking about. The point…question rather, that I was trying to present is WHY Russia is getting targeted. As I said before, I am not defending Russia nor advocating for it, but my question and point was missed.

          • FVS

            Russia targeted? Oh please. Better question would be why is Russia re-targeting all of its, formerly occupied, neighbors? or maybe ask why does Putin and Russia share the attitude with the Islamists that once they occupy a region those people no longer have the right to throw off their repression?
            This has been a Russian tactic for centuries, make like they are so put upon by the rest of the world while they are the largest nation on earth, repressing their non-Russian populations and actively seeking to gobble up more.
            Putin is a tyrant, a sophisticated 21st century one but a tyrant none the less. He looks in the mirror, sees Stalin in the reflection and likes what he sees.

          • AmounRah

            I am not sure how to approach this, to be honest. I would like some examples, something tangible to go on.

          • FVS

            I could explain the arc of Russian history, cite chapter and verse of numerous biographies and texts but I’m not going to. What ever I do explain, I can’t understand it for you. I’ve spent thousands oh hours over the course of s lifetime reading and studying history. All that can’t be condensed into a comment or two. Start with “The Shadow of the Winter Palace” and “Khrushev Remembers” and go from there.

        • Octavian

          Why do you call bullshit on history written by many other countries? Why do you want someone to read your false, made-up ukranian history? It won’t prove your points because it only has excuses and zero facts. There was even no ukraine before 1918. What the fuck are you talking about. What ukranian history, you braindead fuck?

          • FVS

            Lord but you are one ignorant piece of crap. Tell us what is the logical outcome of the Moscow government seizing virtually of the agricultural output other than mass starvation? Why would Stalin and his pals make it illegal and punishable by death for starving peasants to even gleen the fields or to even possess any food that was not distributed by the government? I’ll tell you why you sick fuck, it was because the Ukrainians wanted their freedom from Mosciws control and oppression and had fought against both the Reds and the Whites during the Russian civil war.

          • James O’Connell

            It is good to see someone here who knows his history. When the Ukrainian artificial famine was enforced a lot of people in the West did not want to believe it even when a Western journalist exposed what was happening. By then Hitler was the enemy and Stalin’s true nature was over-looked. Also, Western socialists idealised Soviet communism.Of course Russia has left Stalin behind but there is some romanticism about him just like there became romanticism about Mao. Both were mass killers unrivalled in the 20th century.

          • FVS

            Thanks. The level of US education is pathetic. What’s worse is the lack of desire for people to do their own research. If it’s not on Wikipedia it doesn’t exist.

          • James O’Connell

            It surprises me that anyone would seriously deny the facts about the Ukrainian famine that the communists deliberately engineered it to destroy the more wealthy peasants and individual farmers rights to their land. As a result people were so desperately hungry that some even resorted to cannibalism.The same thing happened in China – artificial famine to crush anything contrary to the dogma of collectivisation. Unfortunately there were a lack of saviours from the horror of Soviet rule in Ukraine which is why some were prepared to follow anyone opposed to Stalin.

          • FVS

            If Bush 41 had held the communist and communism to account for their 70+ years of crimes against humanity today might be different and the full horrors of communism might have been exposed.

            As it stands the butcher Dzerzhinsky’s statue still stands before Lubyanka prison and the only change has been the initials above the door from KGB to FSB.

            Even the French had the good sense to raze the Bastille. No such wisdom in Russia. The word revanchism was created to define the likes of Putin.

          • imbroglio

            Tell your bullshit to someone who is not a Ukrainian . Ukrainians know well who brought famine to Ukraine and Russia too and it was NOT communists but bolsheviks of jewish origine . After revolution of 1917, 85% of government were jews. Same famine ,as it was created in Syria and many other M.East countries by Israel.

    • Octavian

      No one starved ukranians DELIBERATELY, you lying pice of shit. Russians were starving just as much.

      • FVS

        You must be a Bernie Sanders supporter. What an ignorant piece of shit you are. Next thing you’re going to tell us there was no Gulag Archipelago and no mass deportations either. Eat shit and ie please.

    • imbroglio

      Ukraine Crisis – What You’re Not Being Told —

  • Inna Rolien
  • Silenceisdeafening

    The most fascinating part to all of the NAZI talk is incredibly deafening, Israel says NOTHING NADA ZIP !
    Why ???????????

    • Bakester

      Israelis vs Jews

  • James O’Connell

    Whilst many things happened in context of the Cold War that involved a choice of ‘lesser evils’ i.e. supporting groups to undermine the ‘red fascist’ Soviets even if those groups were not democratic poster boys the article lost me at the end when it painted the Ukrainian government and its supporters as Nazi. Then I began to wonder if this article is an example of Putin’s projection of disinformation and ‘soft power’ through the Internet.