World War O

Painting by Anthony Freda:


When George W. Bush unleashed unnecessary wars of aggression on Iraq and elsewhere, many writers dubbed it “World War W“.

Now, Obama is close to intentionally or unintentionally unleashing “World War O”.

Bush’s lying his way into an Iraq war and then using torture to try to justify it were war crimes.

But Iraq was a third-rate army … while Russia has nuclear weapons.   Even if such weapons of mass destruction are not unleashed, there could still be an unintentional nuclear catastrophe.

And China may not sit idly by while its close ally – and economic partner – is challenged.

World War O would be bad indeed.

Postscript: Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.    But the Neocons are back (they never actually left), and the powers-that-be are desperate for a war to distract the population.  And the American media is banging on the war drums as loudly as it can.

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  • Well said.

    War is our number one export.

  • Arnold Lockshin

    “But the Neocons are back (they never actually left), and the powers-that-be are desperate for a war to distract the population. And the American media is banging on the war drums as loudly as it can.”

    The Neocons never left the Bush-Obama administration. And the US mass media unfailingly bangs the war drums for the powers-that-be. That’s their job.

    Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

  • Henry James Garner

    these ‘wars’ have nothing do do with bush or obomber. They are actors for the Global Zionist Putsch, which started to get real nasty after the ‘crucial’ Coup 911

  • Henry James Garner

    EVERYTHING the West does is for the zionists. Forget the euphemisms ‘neocons’ , ‘banksters’ and the ‘one-percenters’

    This is their big push for the final Global Zionist putsch

  • Dee

    You do realize that China, who you are describing as Russia’s “economic partner” does about 9 times the trade with the EU and about 8 times the trade with the US as with Russia and makes almost 200 times the profit ( positive trade balance)
    If there is any merit to you concern about China coming to anybody’s aid due to trade ties .. they have about 20 times the reasons to back the west.

    • sufferingsuccatash

      The economic realities that you reveal are correct, however the Chinese are well aware that, like the Russians, they are also a target of the US and EU partnership. That is being made perfectly clear in the manner in which the US is undermining—covertly and overtly—Chinese trading relationships in Africa and with Iran and Pakistan. The present economic relationships between the west & China are only temporary. The long range plan is for the west to pick off both Russia and China. Read the People’s Daily and it becomes perfectly clear which side the Chinese are leaning towards and exactly why they will back Russia eventually albeit reluctantly.

      • Dee

        Okay, let me see if I got this right.. you think that despite the fact the both the US and the EU are 16+/- Trillion dollar GDP economies each and do about an order of magnitude of trade more than the 2 Trillion Dollar GDP economy of Russia with China, Russia’s GDP is smaller than Brazil’s and about the size of Italy’s GDP .. China is going to risk their 9 Trillion Dollar economy to help Russia .. I simple don’t find that credible by any metric.. China has a lot of folks they need to keep in jobs and fed .. Russia simply doesn’t have the food .. we do.. Russia doesn’t have the market, we do ..
        But I am sure you have your reasons for believing what you believe and I would just love to hear what you think Russia has that trumps trade, jobs, and food.

        • Isthmus B.

          @RolfMao My understanding is that the real issues are based on the (US military-enforced) use of the petrodollar and nations’ need for resources. This is not a belief – it has been widely documented. While you have an interesting point about the aggregate of both the EU’s and the US’s GDP (as priced in USD of course), that does not address the real issues, which are: unencumbered access to oil and resources. This is what makes China & Russia partners. China and other states have been itching to abandon the use of the petrodollar, and as you know have made deals directly with Iran et. al. for oil. So has Russia. So why should they have to use the USD? In the past, ONLY because of the US’s military might. But as we witnessed, there is no voter appetite for war (see Syria). Even if there were public sentiment and political will to wage war (against those who would have the gall to abandon the dollar as “reserve currency”) – against whom would the US declare war? Russia? China? Ha! Only a hell-bent-for-death ship of psychopathic fools would consider such a scenario.

          It’s not at all that China “is going to risk their 9 Trillion Dollar economy to help Russia”. I think that the East realizes this is a huge opportunity to break the monopoly of the petrodollar once and for all (witness the vast amounts of gold flowing East). Your world view seems to be colored in the green of US paper only, while the reality is that what makes the world turn is fossil fuels & resources (which includes food as you point out – but ultimately food ain’t goin’ NOWHERE, nor is any trade gonna happen – unless there’s enough oil to power the wheels of shipping, transpo, commerce, etc). In answer to your question about what Russia has that trumps trade: nukes. Lots of them.

          • sufferingsuccatash

            You are correct, Isthmus—–Dee’s view is predicated on dollar hegemony as the world’s reserve currency—-something that the BRIC’s are working at ending. It is the belief that the US economy is necessary for any and all global success and therefore the US can run a smash and grab foreign policy by which we support neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine, various radical militias throughout Africa to destabilize China’s interests, back radical Muslim militias in Syria, Libya, Lebanon,.. and so forth. All of which are machinations by which to control China’s economic growth. China, of course, realized this US policy goal since the Iraq War. Basically, what Dee is offering up is the Neo-Con justification of immoral foreign policy manuevering that has created the current chaos in the world and made the US into an international and unpredictable war monger.

          • Dee

            I have always thought of using nukes as bad for international trade..
            It is not just size of economy ( or armies), though both can be a factor .. it is more the stability of the currencies involved.
            The Original plan coming out of WW2 and set up at the Breton Woods Conference/ Treaty is that The US Dollar would be the worlds reserve currency. Our economy was intact, and our GDP was about half of the total worlds GDP, Our Gold Reserves were intact @~8000 tons and our Allies had paid us pretty much all of their gold reserves for war materials to arm themselves , another ~8000 tons .. We would back the dollar with gold and everybody else could hold dollars as a stable reserve of wealth and to back their currencies.
            We would use our wealth to rebuild the economies of the world thru the Marshall plan and extending credit and basically providing a market for the world to sell to, which would create economies that could then purchase our goods eventually, creating wealth that would result in dollars overseas that could de redeemed for gold, restoring international balance and trade. It hit a point in 1971 where the European Gold had about been all sold back to Europe and we were afraid further sale of gold would deplete our own reserves. So Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. Up to that point Gold had a fixed value of about $42 an ounce, When we closed the gold window, basically abrogating the Breton Woods treaty and putting gold on a free market evaluation , made gold legal as bullion for US citizens to own and gold started climbing hit ~$800 by 1980 before spiking and dropping back down into the $300’s per ounce. When we closed the gold window and broke the treaty the Dollar was no longer technically the worlds reserve currency.. folks were now free if they wanted, to use their own native currency to conduct international trade. Nobody did.. The US Dollar was the most stable currency in the world and everybody kept using it.. it gave us certain advantages, and it was advantageous to anybody doing international business to only have to worry about changes in the value of one currency, the native currency to the dollar. We basically did the same thing with China and all the developing nations.. we backed their money. The US Dollar is still the Official currency for the US and 4 other countries, 6 non US territories and the unofficial currency for 17 Nations in everyday use. And it still makes up most of the worlds foreign reserves and the dollar is still backed by the full faith and credit of the US ( basically the power to tax our citizens to pay our debts. The Euro is not backed by anything or any Nation, it is used by the whole EU, but no nation is obligated to redeem it or accept it, but it is in general seen as a strong currency ( not as strong as it was with the current economic problems in Europe) . The Chinese Renmindi’s value is tied to the dollar within a very narrow range ( that range was recently expanded by 1%) because they do not have the economy to back the Renmindi yet. But the Chinese are getting there and have now began to find trade partners that are willing to do business in native currency to native currency deals. That is not a bad thing, There are only a few “Hard Currencies” in the world, the US Dollar, The Euro, The Yen, The Swiss Franc and the British Pound. The Canadian and Australian Dollar are almost hard currencies now.. so it is not all about size of the Economy, the Stability of the economy behind the currency is a big factor. We have about 4 Trillion physical currency dollars in circulation outside the US , Not Treasuries and T-Bills but actual physical paper money. You have to be able to do that to have your currency used in international trade, All the other currencies in the world are not considered stable enough for trade outside of specially negotiated trade deals that set the exchange rate between the native currencies for the life of the contract on a contract by contract basis.
            The value of hard currencies is set by the world market, The value of the almost hard currencies is also set by the world market.. other currencies are not. the Chinese fix the price of their currency to the dollar, there is no free market discovery. You have a contract with Argentina or Venezuela in the local money and the government reduces the value of their money to preserve hard money reserves and you take the hit .. or if they have a history of setting prices and wages by law all bad for international business. The Ruble is very unstable 10% change in a month or a week based on commodity for export prices in not unheard of.. many nations complain about the Chinese setting the official value of the Renmindi too low to provide a trade advantage. the Venzuelian Currency has 3 exchange rates against the dollar a two tier official rate and the black market rate. the Dollar is just the Dollar and the Yen is a Yen and the going exchange rate is set on the world market. We have printed too many dollars and the value of the dollar is not what it once was, but any change on any given day is slow up or down a few hundredth’s of a cent.. not 10% in a month or a week. The Swiss have had to set a limit on the Franc against the Euro to stay competitive in the international market and not price their goods out of the European mainly, but world market. Back in 1933 we revalued the dollar against gold by about 30%and folks are still mad about that. Most countries do something like that to some degree every year, but now against the dollar. Any other country doing trade with them in the native currency gets burned , but not if they are in a dollar denominated contract.
            if you really want to understand this stuff you need to get into FOREX, trading international currencies, I don’t recommend you do it for real , but you can open a training account on many platforms for free and get $50,000 fictitious dollars to trade with on a real trading platform with real, real time, real world action on the screen and all sorts of training material and trading tips and learn what makes a currency move one way or the other. And see just how few of the world’s currencies are actually traded on the market and how it really isn’t so much about aircraft carriers and nukes and how it is more about which currency can you buy something in on one side of the planet , transport it to the other side of the planet and sell it, and not have one currency or the other fall apart on you and cost you 10% of your profit before you can get the good off the ship and to market. To say that The Chinese Renmindi is going to replace the dollar while it is fixed to the dollar by Chinese law and has no value outside of that fix on the international market is like saying quarters are going to replace dollars at a rate of 4 to 1. Someday when it disconnects from the dollar and stands on it’s own, perhaps someday