Top Economists Explains the Source of Our Economic Struggles

Must-Watch Documentary …

Top economists Joe Stiglitz, Simon Johnson, Michael Hudson, Herman Daly – and savvy folks such as Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, John Perkins, Jillian Tent and Max Keiser – provide one of the hardest-hitting pictures you’ll see anywhere in the documentary “Four Horseman”:

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  • Elton

    In case you’d rather read about it, here are the 27 Principles from the website-

    • mmckinl

      These are almost the exact principles of the Green Party … of which I am a member …

  • Carl_Herman

    I shared this film with ~2,000 Advanced Placement Economics teachers on our listserve last year. It’s hard to tell how many are awake to the broader picture of economics, and that said, it seems to be only our job to best be ourselves and allow others the freedom to respond as they will.

    The good news is that we have obvious solutions:

  • Ann Gates

    I agree. Who did this vid russia?? lol

  • Phil Anschlitz Coors

    No one is going to call this film “marxist or socialist”. Of course not, not when the gold buggery nonsense is rolled o really eat this stuff up. Income tax is another pet peeve, everybody hates ’em, plus what they are teaching in schools – those darn schools! Capitalism is the problem, period. Rebrand it all you like conservatives, bring in the left too, but “a system of minority rule in which a few people profit at the expense of others… will fail”

  • mmckinl

    This piece by Gail Tverberg has some bearing on the subject …

    “Oil Limits and Climate Change – How They Fit Together”

    “The Likely Effect of Oil Limits

    The likely effect of oil limits–one way or the other–is to bring down the economy, and because of this bring an end to pretty much all carbon emissions (not just oil) very quickly. There are several ways this could happen:”

  • Michael Deloatch

    “The workers” own the plants? Hmm… didn’t they try that nominally in the soyuz but there always seemed to be some elites who owned the workers anyway? Funny how that works.

    A lot of the points the film makes I can agree with. Certainly sound money and the odious nature of central banking.

    How about a debt jubilee? Failing that, why can’t the banks create enough money ex nihil for all of us to settle our respective debts, only with no interest — or even negative interest. Let them pay us to borrow! They can just create even more money to do that, right?

    Because the status quo has fangs, that’s why. Which I understand — I’d like to keep my own humble piece of the pie, even though it be crumbs.

  • jadan

    The “silver investor” doesn’t have a notion of what the facts are and I couldn’t watch further. The Roman republic was built on “fiat” coinage from the time of the 7 kings. It became an empire as its power spread. Romans used bronze money, the value determined by law. When the Republic collapsed into the totalitarian state of popular imagination under the Caesars, the original bronze Roman money of the Republic was replaced by the commodity money the silver investor thinks is the only legitimate money.

    Fiat money is not the cause of the failure of a nation’s currency. The failure to regulate, to be transparent, and to keep the system free of corruption is the cause. The Fed has systematically debased and devalued our money and created the mess we see today. It has failed in every respect to manage the nation’s monetary needs. Get rid of it. There’s no salvation in gold or silver….