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We’ve got a new recent comments feature on the right bar (courtesy of Disqus Recent Comments Widget).

Take a spin and see how you like it … Personally, I like it, as it helps me keep track of what you’re saying.

We’ve played around with the font and layout. But – given that we have the design sense of a brick wall – please tell us if it’s useful, easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing.

Also, we’re trying to build a more active and involved community … What would make lurkers more inclined to comment?

We love when readers make points which are as insightful – or more insightful – than the original post.   Together, we’re smarter than we are individually …

Note: If the “Comment Overload … Back Soon” message appears, it means that there’s temporarily too much traffic to handle Disqus’ API calls. That’s techie talk for the system is temporarily swamped.

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  • kimyo

    i just can’t understand why the community here is so quiet (as compared to zero hedge or naked capitalism, for instance). like those sites, washington’s blog presents a constant stream of highly relevant and information-rich posts.

    the type of people interested in the issues presented here probably don’t particularly care about the design or the font choices.

    perhaps a forum-style platform would get more people commenting (as opposed to the current blog entry followed by comments style).

  • Daisee

    I really like the new comments feature very much. You’re correct kimyo, not a lot of comments at this site, but very well read I believe. One of the better sites on the intertoobz.

  • wunsacon

    >> Also, we’re trying to build a more active and involved community …

    Why? To what end? Will it help grow your subscribers and ad revenue? (I hope “yes” and “yes”.) Will this pursuit cost some of your focus on writing/selecting great content? (I hope “no”.) 🙂

  • wunsacon

    WB community, have you been over to ? What do you think of kcoop’s forum software versus Disqus? I think I prefer kcoop’s feel.

    • Lamburt Stretcher Ford

      Disqus, like twitter. is another optimal system for state security, bulk commercial survelliance and so-called law enforcement. Routine censorship is typical and comments are extremely valuable. Come on lurkers, what do you think about the NSA, Gov’mint, guns and preparing for revelations/social breakdown? Philip Anshutz, is he hot?

  • Anonymous

    I find your content engaging and read but don’t comment, primarily because of time. I note that your postings on ZH have some of the highest reads and typically a lot of comments. Probably a reason that comments here are lower. All the best to you.

  • Why? To what end? Will it help develop your members and ad revenue? (I wish “yes” and “yes”.) Will this desire price some of your concentrate on writing/selecting excellent content? (I wish “no”.) 🙂