President Carter: “The Rest of the World, Almost Unanimously, Looks At America As The No. 1 Warmonger. That We Revert To Armed Conflict Almost At The Drop Of A Hat — And Quite Often It’s Not Only Desired By The Leaders Of Our Country, But It’s Also Supported By The People Of America”

America the Bellicose

In a sad commentary on America’s war-like nature, President Carter points out:

The rest of the world, almost unanimously, looks at America as the No. 1 warmonger. That we revert to armed conflict almost at the drop of a hat — and quite often it’s not only desired by the leaders of our country, but it’s also supported by the people of America.

Indeed, continuous war is a feature – not a bug – of U.S. policy.  (As a patriotic American who was born in the U.S. and lived here my whole life, I am sad that so many Americans still fall for the myths of “American exceptionalism” and “world’s policeman”.)

Other hard-hitting Carter quotes from the last year:

  • Snowden’s revelations do not harm our national security, but are “useful”

It’s not just Carter. Conservative Justices Souter and O’Connor, intelligence agency heads and congressmen all warn that America is in real trouble.

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  • Eric Hodgdon

    Using Ex-Dictators as references to support certain views is unbecoming, I think.

    Nonviolent Action is a much better method of insuring Public Safety and Rule of Law.

    • Bev

      Working link:
      Gene Sharp: From Dictatorship to Democracy

      President Carter & Sandra Day O’Conner, restore Justice denied:

      IMPEACHMENT OF U.S. PRESIDENT ALBERT GORE, Jr._REF: U.S. Supreme Ct_Case No. 00-949
      Constitutional Grounds for the Impeachment and Fraud Upon the Supreme Court, et al…

      (Editor’s note: Only when America’s legally elected president, Al Gore, is returned to office and subjected to required impeachment proceedings, can constitutional authority in the United States be re-established. Toward that end, all actions of the Bush (43) presidency are to be declared “null and void,” all treaties abrogated, all executive actions declared unlawful and all actions including but not limited to the establishment of the United States as a criminal empire undone. The subsequent election of Barak Obama as president thus has no legal standing. Gordon Duff and Lee Wanta)

      Before the Supreme Court of the United States





      COMMENT of U.S. Supreme Court Reporter Jeffrey Toobin :

      ”To know Justice O’Connor as I am privileged to do is to know that the word ‘regret’ never passes her lips,” Toobin said. ” Did she regret her vote in Bush v. Gore? Did she regret the Bush presidency? You bet she did, and you bet she does.” 20apr13

      ”Maybe the court should have said, ‘we’re not going to take it, goodbye,”‘ O’Connor told the Chicago Tribune editorial board, in reference to the controversial Bush v. Gore decision resolving a dispute over the 2000 election in George W. Bush’s favor. “It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn’t done a real job there and kind of messed it up. And probably the Supreme Court
      added to the problem at the end of the day.”

      Above quote and idea from:


      Obama didn’t prosecute Bush/Cheney out of fear he’d end up like Paul Wellstone
      The White House Fears An Attempt On Obama’s Life If He Tries To Hold Bush-Era Criminals Accountable

      We have to regain and prove our Democracy:… By Brad Friedman

      Recommended #OWS Demand: Let ALL Citizens 18 and Older Vote, On Paper Ballots, Count Them in Public

      I offer the following simple “demand” for consideration by OWS, as this one likely underscores almost every other. Or, at least, without it, all other demands may ultimately be rendered moot. Every U.S. citizen 18 years of age or older who wishes to vote, gets to vote. Period. Those votes, on hand-marked paper ballots, will be counted publicly, by hand, on Election Night, at the precinct, in front of all observers and video cameras.

      Or, voters could try a public vote, like roll call in Congress:

      See: Lynn Landes

      The Case For Open Voting
      Democracy demands transparency, not trust -Sign up and be counted

      There is no transparency to our current voting system. Congress has legalized election fraud by allowing, if not mandating, non-transparent voting systems that prohibit direct access to a paper ballot and meaningful public oversight:

      ABSENTEE VOTING (1870’s)
      SECRET BALLOT (1880’s)
      VOTING MACHINES (1890’s)


      …America’s voting process became completely nontransparent and highly vulnerable to vote fraud by a relatively small group of people.

      Voting is the linchpin of democracy. And democracy demands transparency, not trust. Yet, there is no real transparency to the way Americans vote today. While our politicians are required to vote publicly and openly, we citizens are held to a different standard – a lower standard. We vote remotely, privately and anonymously by machine, absentee, early, and secret ballot. It’s an invitation to massive and undetectable vote fraud. Things weren’t
      always this way.

      BEFORE the Civil War, voting was a completely transparent process. It was only AFTER the Civil War, as the right to vote expanded to African Americans, that the voting process itself began to recede from public view and meaningful oversight. It started with absentee voting in the 1870’s, secret ballots in the 1880’s, and voting machines in the 1890’s.Today in America, 50% of all voting is by absentee or early, 95% of all votes are machine-processed, and 100% of all ballots are secret and anonymous. For the sake of convenience and ‘alleged’ voter protection, Congress has destroyed the transparency, verifiability, and integrity of America’s voting process.Making matters worse, our public voting system has been privatized and outsourced to a handful of domestic, foreign, and multi-national corporations, most of whom have close ties to the right wing of the Republican Party. Just two companies, ES&S and Diebold, started by two brothers, Bob and Todd Urosevich, electronically process (using touchscreen machines or optical scanners), 80% of all votes. Their employees are in a perfect position to rig elections nation-wide. And evidence is mounting that elections in America have been computer programmed to prefer conservative candidates of both political parties.

      If all above fails:
      Gene Sharp’s online book: From Dictatorship to Democracy
      Check out large list of non-violent actions starting at page 87, APPENDIX ONE, THE METHODS OF NONVIOLENT ACTION

      Else wise more of the same:


      Richard Charnin (Truth Is All)
      Election Fraud (1968-2012) Quantitative Analysis and True Vote Models

      “The following states flipped from Gore in the exit poll to Bush in the recorded vote: AL AR AZ CO FL GA MO NC TN TX VA. Gore would have won the election if he captured just one of the states. Democracy died in this election.”

      This means Gore won those states, even Texas, Bush’s state. We must get rid of electronic voting, scanning machines owned by the fascists that remove or hide physical evidence.
      Vote counting company tied to Romney (and Bush)
      by Gerry Bello

      Again: Richard Charnin (Truth Is All)
      Election Fraud (1968-2012) Quantitative Analysis and True Vote Models

      In 2000, Al Gore won the 540,000 recorded votes (48.4-47.9%). But the unadjusted state exit polls (58,000 respondents) indicated he won by 50.8-44.4%, a 6 million vote margin. There were nearly 6 million uncounted votes.The True Vote Model had him winning by 51.5-44.7%. But the Supreme Court awarded the election to Bush (271-267 EV). In Florida,185,000 ballots were uncounted. The following states flipped from Gore in the exit poll to Bush in the recorded vote: AL AR AZ CO FL GA MO NC TN TX VA. Gore would have won the election if he captured just one of the states. Democracy died in this election.

      The bedrock of the evidence derives from this undisputed fact: Final national and state exit polls are always forced to match the recorded vote – even if doing so requires an impossible turnout of prior election voters and implausible vote shares. All demographic categories are adjusted to conform to the recorded vote. To use these forced final exit polls as the basis for election research is unscientific and irresponsible. The research is based on the bogus premise that the recorded vote is sacrosanct and represents how people actually voted. Nothing can be further from the truth.

      It is often stated that exit polls were very accurate in elections prior to 2004 but have deviated sharply from the recorded vote since. That is a misconception. The UNADJUSTED exit polls have ALWAYS been accurate and closely matched the True Vote in 1988-2008. A comparison of ADJUSTED, PUBLISHED exit polls in elections prior to 2004 and PRELIMINARY exit polls since then is like comparing apples to oranges. The adjusted, published exit polls have always exactly matched the fraudulent RECORDED vote because they have been forced to do so. That’s why they APPEAR to have been accurate. The RECORDED vote has deviated from the TRUE VOTE in EVERY election since 1968 –always favoring the Republicans.

      • Bev

        Progressives are not having problems winning elections because people ARE voting to help their families, jobs and communities (and, are not neocon war mongers), the problem is assuming office after legitimately winning. We can no longer take chances.

        from Lynn Lanes: “And evidence is mounting that elections in America have been computer programmed to prefer conservative candidates of both political parties.”

        That is because right-wing owned voting machines select during Primaries also. During the 2008 Primaries, Dennis Kucinich was way ahead of Obama and Clinton in the polls. If we had hand-counted paper ballots, Kucinich would have already solved this deliberate economic crisis, and solved it for the benefit of all people across the political spectrum,not just for the criminal class of bankers. See: and . And, Kucinich would have applied the law equally.

        Maybe Al Gore and Dennis Kucinich ought to get together and openly talk about
        all this, and consider running together, but I prefer the above suggestion to SUE Al Gore to get him put back into his WON Presidency, because of how easily and often in Primaries and the General these elections are stolen. Why take a chance? How do we get this started?

        I like this idea because we could correct the illegal 2000 election, return all the public interest laws (Bill of Rights, Privacy rights, Human Rights against Torture, habius corpus, even the 500 year old Magna Carta) that Bush now even fearful Obama have overturned, finally try to turn around dangerous climate change, and get dangerous fukushima entombed as Al Gore’s science based realism would ensure. That would be so good for the common good, for many generations to come. I love it.

        Or, maybe Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader. Things are so messed up
        in so many ways, it would take all their common good talents to turn around.

        This could be very good versus a 2016 Presidential contest between very conservative right-wing Hillary Clinton vs outright Fascist Jeb Bush both protecting those right-wing voting machines and another Bush stolen election.

      • Bev

        Progressives are not having problems winning elections because people
        ARE voting to help their families, jobs and communities …the problem is assuming office after legitimately winning. The Second Problem is the danger of assassination by the RIGHT-WING, if Progressive Politicians do assume office. Support and Protect all Politicians who would work for regular people, because once in office, it becomes dangerous from the threat from the right-wing, war-mongering banker fascists.


        Obama didn’t prosecute Bush/Cheney out of fear he’d end up like Paul Wellstone
        The White House Fears An Attempt On Obama’s Life If He Tries To Hold Bush-Era Criminals Accountable

        And from:

        Also, Obama didn’t prosecute Bush/Cheney out of fear he’d end up like Martin Luther King, Jr.:

        NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers
        Posted on June 20, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

        Whistleblower Says Spy Agency Targeting Top American Leaders

        NSA whistleblower Russel Tice – a key source in the 2005 New York Times report that blew the lid off the Bush administration’s use of warrantless wiretapping – told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frogs Post (the website of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds) :

        Martin Luther King, Jr., also took great risks and met the same end. There is more than just surmise that this weighs heavily on Barack Obama’s mind. Last year, pressed by progressive donors at a dinner party to act more like the progressive they thought he was, Obama responded sharply, “Don’t you remember what happened to Dr. King?”


        Also posted at:

        John Lennon on MLK’s assassination

        MLK ASSASSINATED BY US GOVT: King Family civil trial verdict
        Posted on January 19, 2014 by Carl Herman

        Coretta Scott King: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.” – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999.


        Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and personal friend/attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther King. The 1999 trial, King Family versus Jowers and Other Unknown Co-Conspirators, is the only trial ever conducted on the assassination of Dr. King. The King Center fully documents the case, with full trial transcript.

        Complete Transcript of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Trial


        Wellstone and King did not have the power that Obama has. To be equivalent, he should have named President John F. Kennedy. And, then Obama should release Kennedy’s remaining documents for the world to know.

        Magic Bullet, My Ass!
        by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

        I once spent several hours with a famous witness to the murder of JFK—Rosemary Willis, often called the little girl in the red dress. She is easy to spot in the Zapruder films, running along the south side of Elm street just ahead of her father, Phil Willis. Phil Willis was taking 35mm slide films of the motorcade. Rosemary is seen running ahead and, suddenly, stopping! Rosemary showed me her father’s slides and a double-page center-spread from one of the Willis photos depicting the Grassy Knoll.

        Her father’s photos had appeared in Look Magazine. One of the photos became a double-page spread. Rosemary and I placed the spread on a light table beside the original photo which had only recently been released by the FBI. Interestingly, those photos were seized AFTER Look had published.

        “Do you notice anything unusual’, she asked me.

        I looked again! It hit me like a brick! In the original slide there was NO train visible between the columns of the pergola.

        But the train was CLEARLY visible in the Look magazine spread. Why? Rosemary explained that AFTER Look had published its piece the FBI came calling. They SEIZED all of Willis’ original photos. When she showed those photos to me, they had only recently been released, having been in FBI possession for years. The FBI –playing the role of ‘Big Bro’ –did not want people to verify that there had, indeed, been a train on the tracks at the very time that the fatal bullets were being fired.

        But why?

        Then I recalled the ‘tramps’ who had been rousted earlier while hanging out in box cars behind the Grassy Knoll. Those tramps, as you recall, included Frank Sturgis and, the man whom I believe lead a team of assassins –E. Howard Hunt. As a result of my time spent discussing this with Rosemary, I became increasingly convinced that a team of shooters had targeted JFK; the box cars, the area behind the picket fence became a secured staging area.


        Incidentally, just prior to the shooting George H.W. Bush was photographed with his hands in his pocket ‘hanging around’ the front entrance of the TSBD.

        AA Exposes Bush’s ‘Big Lie’: Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on 911!
        by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

        American Airlines is the source for information that AA Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) did not fly on 911. If neither flew on 911, the Bush ‘theory’ is a lie. If the Bush ‘theory’ is a lie, there remains only one explanation and that is: 911 was an inside job given a green-light by Bush himself.

        These flights are critical to the the government’s crumbling cover up! Conan Doyle, the brilliant creator of the character Sherlock Holmes, said: “When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however implausible must be the truth!” Bush’s official conspiracy theory of 911 is not only impossible, it’s absurd and insulting to intelligent people!

        The Bush Conspiracy Theory is impossible! And it’s a Lie.


        The fascist right is a danger to us all. We can no longer take chances. SUPPORT AND PROTECT ALL POLITICIANS WHO WOULD WORK TO HELP REGULAR PEOPLE.

  • Arnold Lockshin

    The war-mongering Bush-Obama administration. But the American people do not necessarily follow suit.

    Arnold Lockshin, political exile forced out of the US

  • dcb

    You should have supported this article with the gallup pole results that say the same thing.

  • Carl_Herman

    This Carter “admission” in 2014 is helpful for its “limited hangout” truth, AND seems like desperate damage control to contain public outrage of UNLAWFUL US Wars of Aggression (what Carter didn’t say that’s a bit more important than referencing hats dropping) by placing the blame numerically at millions to one onto the US public.

    Carter also fails to mention that US corporate media and political “leadership” never give Americans the facts to rationally support or not support US military action, and never the simple facts of war law the US led to create after two world wars. War law facts expose the war-mongers as War Criminals, and require all US military to reject war orders as unlawful, and officers to arrest those who issue them.


  • cettel

    Does this article’s avoidance of saying “the Democratic President Jimmy Carter,” and choosing instead to avoid mentioning his Party, add or detract to (or from) it?

    If you want to have Presidents who (like the retired President Carter, the would-be President Al Gore, and other unpopular former leading politicians) might even possibly go public with such “unpatriotic” assertions, are you as likely to get that by voting for a Republican Presidential candidate as you are by voting for his (it must be a “he” in that Party) Democratic opponent?

    The only way that it’s even possible for America to reverse its hyper-nationalistic Reagan-Republicanism, which has dominated in this country since 1980, is by electing enough Democratic office-holders so that Congress will be solidly under Democratic control, and by voting in Democratic Presidential primaries so that the Democratic Presidential nominee will be someone like Ted Kennedy, George McGovern, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, or some other progressive, instead of like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

    It’s not going to happen by voting for a Ralph Nader or any Republican.

    In order for progressive policies to be put into place, progressive Democrats first need to be elected, because there is no realistic alternative way for the nation to move forward, instead of backward.

    This doesn’t mean that anyone is perfect; no one is 100% progressive; but, everything is relative, and what’s needed is to elect leadership that is more progressive than what we’ve had since 1980; or, indeed, than anyone after LBJ, who was the father of the passage into law of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Civil Rights laws — all of which the Republican Party fought and voted against.

    So: I think that the author of the above article is blinded by his non-judgmental “nonpartisanship.”

    To be nonpartisan, when the contending sides are basically good versus evil, isn’t good — it’s psychopathic. It’s not admirable, at all. It’s also no violation of one’s objectivity. To the contrary: conservatism (as that is found to be in the extensive empirical literatures on it in the social sciences, and in polling-data) is objectively harmful to the public, and progressivism is objectively better not only in economic policies (as my book “They’re Not Even Close” documents extensively from the historical record in the U.S.), but in the results of studies of “happiness” or of “well-being” around the world.

    Psychopathy is not objectivity.

    • Carl_Herman

      Then, Eric Zuesse, you’re in agreement that President Carter’s statement is a good start to how he should finish by also saying the wars are illegal, Bush and Obama with their parties’ “leaderships”are lying War Criminals, and regarding democracy that the elections are rigged with unaccountable voting machines and lying criminally-complicit corporate media?

      Carter opened his mouth, but he’s not leading anyone by omitting the above facts; wouldn’t you agree, Eric?

      And finally, anyone supporting Carter’s party that refuses to prosecute War Criminals, refuses to end illegal Wars of Aggression, and continues lying to the American public, well, isn’t that kind of “support” closer to psychopathy: a veneer of virtue covering acts of vicious harm that fails to say when wars are illegal, fails to say when elections are stolen, and fails to say when corporate media is fascist propaganda?

      • Carl_Herman

        Sorry, I forgot an important point: Carter ends by blaming the lied-to American public for these wars rather than the political liars of both parties and corporate media.

        I try to limit my points and questions to three, but: isn’t blaming intentionally propagandized Americans for their misunderstanding a perfect example of psychopathy???

      • cettel

        Obama entered politics in 1995 as a “Democrat” only because, as a young Black who aspired to rise to the Presidency, he knew that no black person after Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” stood a chance of winning Republican Presidential primaries and thus had a chance at the Republican nomination and thus the White House. He favors the Republican Party, and kept Democrat Don Siegelman locked up after Rove’s Leura Canary framed Siegelman and dozens of state attorneys general petitioned for his case to be retried or for him to be released immediately. Holder ignored the petitions. The aristocracy pour money onto the most conservative “Democrats,” but those are a minority of the Democratic Party. You’re like someone who thinks that all Germans are like Adolf Hitler. They’re not, and only a minority of them were even in his heyday.

        • Carl_Herman

          Gee, you avoid answering really simple and apparently important questions by saying that I, just a person asking, am “like someone who thinks that all Germans are like Adolf Hitler.”

          Btw: I’m a German-American. My mother is an active supporter of the Democratic Party. But to the point of your response: so are you saying that President Carter is like Obama for not pointing-out the wars are illegal, elections are stolen, corporate media lies, and then does something anti-leader to blame average Americans??? Where is Carter to demand Obama be impeached, at the very least? Where is the rest of Democratic “leadership” demanding impeachment and ending unlawful Wars of Aggression?

          I have three questions above, and now these three. If these were given to me, I could answer them faster than I wrote this response.

          Eric, if you decline to answer those questions, please be honest to save my time in responding, and readers’ time to think you might tackle challenging questions when you will avoid, obfuscate, and finally refuse to answer.

          • Charge NSA with treason

            Yup,majority of Germans were peaceful,irelivant,russians peaceful,irelivant,Cambodians peaceful irelivant,chinese peaceful ireluvant,japs peaceful irelivant,so can someone explain to me how a majority of peaceful Muslims will stop there murderious raping virgin lusting pig headed extremists from doing what they tell us? 20%are extremists that’s 400million ppl,that’s a large countries population! Sorry it’s a plague and it needs to be blockaded as such. Political correctness throw it out! To much is at stake! Spying on the American ppl. Is one of there strategies,they are taking down our society our values and freedom from within! NSA needs to be brought up to charges! wtf America why are we not marching our fat asses to the capital and surrounding the NSAs headquarters and arresting the entire building? Let’s go! Jefferson Washington will be with us! We have nothing to be fearful of! There violence us proof that they did much worse and don’t want us to find out! History will vilify Bush,Obama and all who sit there!

        • Snowden modern enFant

          Yeah just like Johnson was a republican and infiltrated the democratic Kennedy cabinet to gain power and go to war in Vietnam to make the war mongering right money on war manufacturing. So true but one must wake up to this face, the majority of Germans were peaceful,irelivant,majority of Russians were peaceful,irevilant, Spanish were peaceful,irelivant,majority Africans peaceful,irelivant,majority Muslims irelivant,and 20% of them are extremists that’s 350million people that’s the population of large country so,moderate and peaceful majority has never changed a murderious minority,throw political correctness out the window! They are infiltrating from within! Have a fox in the White House,he wrote the presidents speech in Egypt! Wake up! America is fucked unless we take back our country,pull out of every country,secure our boarders, stop Muslim immigration,invest in infistructure, tax all imports for corperations to sell to the people,don’t tax home made product,tax outsourced everything,to keep our ppl. Employed and stop building other country’s economies, invest and change to rentable energy so we don’t need to get extra oil we can’t produce ourselves from country’s that hate us,de militarize the home police,body cam them,make them get insurance like doctors do they have the ability to do harm so they need to be insured for there possible human errors,have all police psych evaluated every 6 months and view all department results to see if there is a gang mentality there. Screw the world! Save ourselves,then we can try and save others.

    • 2partysystemis1,wake up!

      How can’t you see that you fell for the devide and Conqure strategy the 2party system has a hold on sleeping ppl. Like you? He’s not a democrat,he’s a x president and is absolutely independant because these two parties are one,using the 2dominant personalities and issues devising the masses,the republican side,religion,there Christian religion is dominant in there ” issues” and the democrats use the liberty loving protest ready side to seperate us as a nation when the right can see there religious issues are not part of anything they can wake up to the devide and Conqure fake 2party system and vote for the true Americans on the ballot that protest the evil unconstitutional fake 2party no choice system! Stop thinking about what ppl want to do in there private lives and ficus in our country!

  • Cirze

    Hey, you stole my headline.

    Glad you got it up!

    Someone needed to quote Jimmy and quickly..


    Welcome to Pottersville2

  • Corporatocracy: How the Corporate Welfare State Divides and Conquers

    U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines March 26, 2014

  • Russell Miller Jr.

    This man is considered one of the worst presidents of all time!!! Why would anyone consider what he says?

    • The stopped clock is right two times a day, this was one of them.

    • Rep.suffering Stockholmsyndrom

      Actually the worst president of all time was G.W.Bush,then Obama because he couldn’t figure out a way to fix everything that Bush did without raising the debt ceiling and destabilizing a unstable region. Everything obama has done sucks but the root of everything was Bush and Obama wasn’t quick or smart enough to fix his massive fuck up without spending a shirt on of money. Everything is Bushes fault! He got a country with a 68billion dollar surplus,after he was done funneling money to his favorite campaign contributors deficits the worst the U.S. Ever had,so before Obama existed he had our country in 600 billion dollars in the hole. Explain to me who was the worst president of all time,I think you ment the one that invented the patriot act that. Ripped the US constitution into pieces,so when someone says this idiot president obama ignores the constitution,they better think twice he’s just following Bush’s lead. Why are rightwingers severe stockholm sufferers, y’all just REELECTED 10 men that have felony theft charges comming,wtf is wrong with you,do y’all vote just on a,R next to a name? Tall are retarded!