Homeless and Unemployed America: Should We Build Mini-Homes For the Masses?

Mini-Homes for the Masses
Source: MPHOnline.org

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  • jimmydominic

    wtf? Is this a joke? No! We should force the big banks to give 0% interest loans and low prices to people to buy the large amount of homes that the banks have previously foreclosed on due to their endless criminal scams that have siphoned trillions from people around the world. It’d be small penance. I think they can afford it…

    • jadan

      Agree. If work at a living wage were available, people could provide for themselves. If low cost credit were available, ditto. The problem is the financial system and the people who control it. Solutions like this are a poor substitute for what needs to be done. Don’t need to give the fucking rich more opportunities for tax write-offs and that warm philanthropy buzz…don’t need more crumbs from their tables!

    • pabts around my campfire

      Im down with a homeless hut anythings better than the cold concrete parking ramp stairwell I’ve been sleeping in for the last 2 months.

  • Dee

    This all sounds well and good.. but.. and it is a big but.. I have worked with the homeless, many have some serious interpersonal and self care problems and being in a small space exacerbates interpersonal conflict. Multiple roomies in a small cabin.. all I am saying is you might want to get some folks with some street experience and perhaps some mental health credentials to help you fine tune your plan.
    One of the reasons they are homeless and often prefer not to be in shelters is the flexibility to get away from other people that annoy them or that they don’t trust. There are homeless that like shelters and those that don’t, those that can work with authority figures and those that can’t, those that can operate without self medication and those that can’t. And many have a hard time maintaining within a social structure for more than a few days.
    I think it is great people care about the needs of the homeless.. maybe just a little more emphasis on the homeless themselves and what they might want. Don’t get me wrong.. what ya’ll are proposing will work and be helpful for a significant fraction of the homeless if you can pull it off.

  • Arnold Lockshin

    How about mini-homes for the bosses of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman-Sucks?

    And let honest working people live decently!

    Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

  • Scott Neagle

    We don’t need to build more housing. There are more vacant housing units in this country than there are homeless people. https://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/more_vacant_homes_than_homeless_in_us_20111231

  • wunsacon

    The world needs a “1 child” policy yesterday. 7 billion people on the planet is more than enough and is the primary cause of many of our problems. Even while the top 20% on the planet enjoy better nutrition than the kings of yore, an ever-increasing number are eating “dirt alternatives”. Tilting the financial system away from “servicing the 1%” will yield more investment in food. But, it will not be enough. We’re exhausting our resources at faster rates. We must stop population growth.

  • Charlie Primero

    All the silly gyrations in the infographic above are not even necessary. It’s obvious whomever designed has never purchased a house in the real world.

    Simply remove two things and everyone could afford a house. Remove the $4,000 worth of government mandated fees required to purchase a house. Let the zombie banks die in the free market by terminating their taxpayer subsidy and their artificial inflation of house prices would end. Done.

  • Name

    It seems like a really inefficient use of land, not to mention an unnecessary multiplication of plumbing, wiring, HVAC, etc. It also seems like a way of keeping the homeless separate from the rest of society, which might not be a solution to the underlying problem.

    • Dee

      Yes that, and the homeless have their own infrastructure and locate themselves near things and places they need , often in nearly invisible camps. Some simply will not voluntarily relocate, nor voluntarily remain if relocated. Making a little subsubsuburbia for the homeless has to factor in all these inconvenient needs of the target demographic.

      like I mentioned above, these Hoover Utopia’s usually just turn out to be a way for the Goodly Godly to more efficiently exploit a powerless labor pool for their own profit and justify their junk shop charity scams.

  • Great because poor people want to live next to psychiatric patients and junkies.