Fukushima Didn’t Just Suffer 3 Meltdowns … It Also Suffered Melt-THROUGHS and Melt-OUTS

The Nuclear Core Has Finally Been Found … Scattered All Over Japan

We reported in May 2011 that authorities knew – within days or weeks – that all 3 active Fukushima nuclear reactors had melted down, but covered up that fact for months.

The next month, we reported that Fukushima’s reactors had actually suffered something much worse: nuclear melt-throughs, where the nuclear fuel melted through the containment vessels and into the ground. At the time, this was described as:

The worst possibility in a nuclear accident.

But now, it turns out that some of the Fukushima reactors have suffered even a more extreme type of damage: melt-OUTS.

By way of background, we’ve noted periodically that scientists have no idea where the cores of the nuclear reactors are.

And that highly radioactive black “dirt” has been found all over Japan.

It turns out that the highly radioactive black substances are likely remnants of the core.

The Journals Environmental Science & Technology and Journal of Environmental Radioactivity both found (hat tip EneNews) that the highly radioactive black substances match fuel from the core of the Fukushima reactors.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission agrees.

Indeed, “hot particles” with extremely high levels of radiation – 7 billion, 40 billion , and even 40 billion billion Bq/kg – have been found all over the Fukushima region, and hundreds of miles away … in Tokyo.

Let’s put this in perspective. The Atlantic notes:

Japanese regulations required nuclear waste with 100 or more bq/kg of Cesium to be monitored and disposed of in specialized containers.


The new government limit for material headed for landfills is 8000 bq/kg, 80 times the pre-Fukushima limit.

So the hottest hot particle found so far is 5 million billion times greater than the current government limits of what can be put in a landfill.

In other words, the core of at least one of the Fukushima reactors has finally been found … scattered all over Japan.

How did material from the cores get dispersed so far? Remember, there was a huge explosion at reactor number 1 , and an even bigger explosion at reactor number 3.

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  • This is still not only polluting Fukushima and Japan proper, but leaking into the oceans already hitting the west coast of the US and many pacific islands as well. Their radiation levels are tested to be well over the safe limits. It’s time to avoid seafood from the Pacific and get a zeolite filter to get the radiation particles out of your drinking water! Radiation causes cancer and DNA damage. http://thehealingfrequency.com/nuclear-radiation-and-water-purification-tablet-adya-clarity-minerals/

    • Brian Willian

      We have not only the worst nuclear accident but a infinite nightmare aka CHINA SYNDROME with tons of contaminated water running free to the pacific ocean with NO END IN SIGHT.

      The black substance as stated here, is scattered all over japan with
      an ‘unprecedented’ radiation level…


      It’s impossible to fix.

  • Hot-Jan

    This is so sexy. The new iPad comes out soon, what colour do you think I should get?

    • librtee_dot_com

      The hot new color Apple is introducing for the 2014 cycle, ‘Black Dirt.’

    • wunsacon

      Ask your dealer for Fukushima AfterGlow — a new finish.

  • trig400

    I always knew that governments lie to keep their population pacified and in line, but the level of suppression about Fuku radiation hitting our west coast and contaminating our seafood of the US is remarkable.

    • esperanza

      mainstream news in the west don’t even cover this. I watched some info from radtvuk youtube channel with Katherine Hamnett, the famous fashion designer who is an anti nuclear campaigner. Thanks for the links to the filtered water, Zeolite, its important we don’t make people feel powerless and inform them of what they can do. We don’t need nuclear or oil or fracking, which all pollute and destroy. We need more solar and wind energy.

  • hvaiallverden

    The melt thrue happened within 48 min, and it breatched the container element, and from then on sipped into the cround flor of the next compartment, the bottom of this was probably breatched within 4-6 h after an meltthure ocured in atleast two, exept obviously the reac. 3 witch detonated.
    (what happened at F. Daiini, japan)
    So. where are we to day, I asked why isnt we seeing any credible data prodjected into the public, like ground penertrating radar miages, IR/UV images from geostationary wether satelits witch is packed ouround our planet.
    Dont tell me fairytales about they dont know where it is and how bad it really is, they f….. knows it, I can ONLY specualte “conspiracy nutts” you know the drill.

    What is my consern is long term consequences, they are at sutch a scale and scope, that even “biblical” is dwarfed. This is the ONLY true danger huamanity facs this days, anything thing else is temorary, in geologicale timescales, but NOT FUKUSHIMA.
    WE are facing MILLIONS of years of devastating consequences if nothing is done.
    There is NO rabbit hole deep anouf, there is NO other place to hide, you may digg your self down in sofisticated bunkers, but, the ugly truth is we talk about MILLIONS of Years, in Halftime radiation, and then its still far above safety.
    WE have had this going on for 3 years, then imagine the consequencess of 30 years.
    Then what.




    • Joojoo

      Really? Learn to spell at least a couple words correctly if you expect people to read it.

      • librtee_dot_com

        English isn’t his first language, douchebag.

        Let me know when you can type two longish coherent paragraphs in Italian in order to spread your knowledge to people in Italy, then come back whining here.

      • kieferland

        bla ble blo

  • Err Amerika

    News from Fukushima has been eerily silent since the Japanese government issued it’s gag order on investigative reporting.

    Independent researchers, journalists, and ordinary citizens with Geiger counters should be loudly speaking out. Harvey Wasserman and a few others have, but the vast majority of experts seem to be in hiding.

    I have a rule: whenever I hear news about Fukushima, I consider it to be multiple times worse than what I am reading. By following this rule, I am never surprised by the next “update.”

    • Ferrofluid

      “but the vast majority of experts seem to be in hiding.”

      they have left Japan, anybody with a brain and the means to do so, should do so.

  • james

    Nothing reported in this article is new news – what is new is that the news is being confirmed 3 years later by prominent sources.

    This is how news suppression happens. At the time when people need to know what is going on, the news media was silent, then over time bits and pieces are filtered out quietly.

    What can be done? Very little, the die is cast. They’ve waited too long to act at Fukushima to accomplish anything of value in stopping the flow of radiation to the environment.

    Let me put the amount of radiation we are talking about in perspective. The Hiroshima bomb in 1945 released less than 50 pounds of nuclear material into the environment. Fukushima Daichi has thus far released at least 2,000,000 pounds and may have already released a portion of the 10,000,000+ additional on site.

    That means this single accident has already released more nuclear material to the environment than all the nuclear bombs ever exploded combined (approximately 400,000 – 800,000 pounds since the trinity test in 1945)

    The black substance not only contaminated Japan. It came from 2 explosions of the core material. One was highly publicized when the #3 reactor blew on March 14, 2011. They tried to say it was a “hydrogen explosion” but since they have recently removed the debris, it has become obvious it was a core breach. (although they are still trying to cover that up too).

    The second was some kind of explosion/fire at unit 4 a day later. Unit 4 had no fuel in the reactor as it had been removed for refitting of the reactor. Originally it was reported as an “equipment fire”. There have been no videos released, but subsequent photos had the entire building destroyed from some kind of explosive force, and something that looked like Corium oozing out the north end of the building. The origin of the explosion, from blast analysis was likely the equipment pool which must have been loaded with hot nuclear fuel ready to load back into the core. Some speculate that MOX fuel may have been stored in the equipment pools of reactor 4 (and possibly reactor 3). This explains that the claim of “equipment fire” was probably “equipment pool fire”. The #4 spent fuel pool, subject to tons of doomsday clamoring from ill-informed pundits, was stabilized shortly after the accident and has been kept cool and efforts were begun to remove the fuel from it.

    One of the more documented contamination events occurred just a couple hours after the #3 explosion when the USS Ronald Reagan and its battle group was steaming toward the site to help and passed through the explosion cloud. Apparently the radiation alarms tripped when an observation helicopter returned to the ship. Near panic apparently ensued. The ship abandoned its mission and turned and ran from the radiation cloud. This is the first instance I have ever heard of a US aircraft carrier battle group abandoning a critical mission. The Navy would probably characterize that they “revised the mission rapidly”.

    The Navy denies this was a significant radiation event, but their actions speak much louder than their carefully scrubbed press releases do, in that they asked all the sailors to sign health releases as they were discharged from the ship, put the Reagan into maintenance for over a year for refitting, and mysteriously misplaced some health data around radiation exposure. This far, radiation measurements from that event, which were surely taken, have not been released.

    Today there is a lawsuit between several of the sailors that were on Reagan and Tepco because a portion of them are suffering unusual health deteriorations for young healthy people. I began messaging that very day – March 14th, 2011 that the health effects for those on the Reagan, and battle group ships in the cloud, would be significant, only to get huge online “muzzling” for even discussing the possibility.

    Through all this the japanese government, the US government and the mainstream media have been aligned – the messaging has been, “no immediate health effects” and the situation is under control.

    However, the truth is that the situation was never under control, and the immediate time has passed, so health effects are starting to come on strong. I would suspect that health effects in Japan are starting to get really scary at this point, but Japan has oppressed any monitoring through laws and outright coercion.

    One of the challenges with nuclear is that the health effects cannot be tied directly to the event, so anyone willing to fudge the statistics would be able to make it seem much better than it really is, or much worse. An increase in the type of health effects radiation causes should be easy to confirm or deny – tying it back to the event is difficult.

    • Donald R Raab

      That is why this is a crime against humanity. Acts of God happen. news suppression and lies that exponentially make the problem worse are NOT acts of God. They are human caused. Way back when if we had accurate information the site could have been sealed. Now not so much. it may not be a deterrent for the future and business but executing the entire management of TEPCO yesterday will make sure at least these criminals will NOT get to repeat their actions. That at least should be a beginning.

      • Mark Anthony Taylor

        How to steal a nuclear explosion, with materials that can pump out tens or hundreds of megawatts when the reactor is shut down. And also consider that the reactor WAS sealed, by the huge concrete vessel it was built in. That fact is nothing can get near it without being fried.

    • Mark Anthony Taylor

      1000000 kilos is a thousand tonnes.Now a thousand tonnes may have been contaminated, but I find it unlikely that a thousand tonnes of U235 or PU239 were put into the environment. I think 50 tonnes of material is probably close the mark. And more likely around 5 tonnes of the worst materials, which are those responsible for the intense radiation. That is bad, probably a thousand times worse than Hiroshima, but not as bad as you are hyping.

      • james

        Sorry, my numbers are accurate.

        Each one of units 1, 2, and 3 had approximately 500 fuel assemblies in them. (unit 1 was a little less than 500, 2, 3, and 4 all hold 548 if my memory is correct. Unit 4 had been unloaded at the time of the accident)

        Each fuel assembly is a matrix of 12 foot long fuel rods, i think 10 x10 rods and weighs approximately a ton, about half being the heavy fuel encased in zirconium shells.

        So, somewhere around 750 tons (500 assemblies x 3 reactors x 1 ton x 1/2 nuke fuel) of fuel was lost to then environment when the cores of 1, 2, and 3 exploded or melted out.

        Probably another 250 tons was lost when whatever burned and exploded out of the #4 equipment pool. That get’s you to my 2,000,000+ pounds number.

        We also know that at least some of the fuel in the spent fuel pools has melted down – as underwater camera views have shown some burned assemblies in the #4 pool.

        We know nothing for sure about the #1, 2 or 3 spent fuel pool, which each contained over 1,000 assemblies, the common spent fuel pool which had 6,000 assemblies and of course units 5 and 6 which had core assemblies and spent fuel as well. It’s a pretty good bet that at least some of that has melted as well.

        Of course not all of the lost fuel has left the area, but all of it is open to the environment.

        • Mark Anthony Taylor

          Kind of makes sense then. I figured each reactor would have of the order of a few tonnes of fuel. 1000 cores seems quite mad. What were they thinking.

          • james

            You are not unusual. Most have no concept of the huge scale of this disaster. I still read “it’s not as bad as Chernobyl” in the media, and it makes me angry. Technically the sentence is correct. Well, it’s not “as bad” as Chernobyl, it’s actually 100 times as bad.

            They cannot let the public know the facts for a few reasons. One is that although Fukushima is a large nuclear facility, it is not unique in design or amount of core and spent fuel in each reactor. There are hundreds of reactors subject to the exact same risks around the world.

            Another is that the very expensive and carefully designed and constructed “containment” didn’t contain the reactors from melting out. The knock on Chernobyl was that the russians didn’t bother to build the multiple layers of containment that everyone else does, thus Chernobyl was an unsafe design and “destined to blow up”. In reality not building containment at Chernobyl was smarter financially. They didn’t waste Billions on containment systems that can’t contain anything but a minor accident.

            The third reason they can’t let you know is that nuclear accidents are tremendously devastating and costly. They take down entire countries, economically and socially. Even though most nuke plants are run relatively safely almost all the time, that one time they are not is devastating. It’s like carefully carrying around a glass vial of ebola virus. You can be careful every day, the one day you are not, you die. That is why your insurance company excludes damages from nuclear accidents.

          • Mark Anthony Taylor

            I suppose that’s why the powers that be have a house in several countries. Then they can move to whichever they have mucked up least.

  • Voice of Reason

    Is Scientific American in on the bullshit game?
    “Traces of radiation from Japan’s earth-quake-damaged
    Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are showing up in the muscles of
    bluefin tuna off California. Although this sounds like bad news, the
    levels are too low to harm humans or fish but just high enough to help
    conservation scientists track and protect the overfished species.”

    Is that “too low to harm humans or fish” because the cesium 137 radiation is counted as a one-time event instead of a gift that will keep on giving?

    Tailing Tuna. By: Fessenden, Marissa, Scientific American, 00368733, May2013, Vol. 308, Issue 5

  • Joffan

    This is total fucking nonsense. I really wish that WB would put a slightly more critical eye on the doom stories that it’s pushing here.

    Melt-through is fuel going from reactor vessel to primary containment. This probably happened in reactor 1 and maybe happened in reactors 2 and 3. The fuel stayed in primary containment apart from volatile and soluble fission products- basically iodine and cesium.

    It is absolutely NOT TRUE that scientists have “no idea” where the cores are. They have a very well bounded idea of the possibilities, which range from “still inside the reactor vessel” to “some corium on the primary containment floor”. Misreporting the remaining uncertainty as “no idea” is simply fiction.

    There has been no “highly radioactive black dirt” found across Japan. The statistics are dead against you here. There have been a few isolated examples claimed of extremely small specks of low-radioactivity dust particles that may carry higher than expected amounts of plutonium or other unexpected material. But NOTHING that has actual high radioactivity. Only when a false extrapolation is made to kg of the same unusual dust particle can any fear and panic be whipped up.

    Until you find a kg of these particles, you cannot claim that there is any multiplier on the regulatory limits. And no-one has found even a milligram so far. The reported effects are in the nanogram range.

    Enenews is not a reputable source. Please rediscover your self-respect on source materials.

    • linda

      Since you are refuting this article please give your sources to back up what you are saying. I would really like to see them. Thanks

      • Joffan

        What statement(s) would you like a source for?

    • HS

      Numerous nuclear engineers believe that primary containment has been compromised in at least two reactors.

      • Joffan

        Name three.

        • TEPCO admitted it. Duh. Stop pimping nuke, it sucks

    • jadan

      Denial is your game. It is beyond imagining why anyone would defend this technology. You are insane.

      • Ya, the Joff Puppet is really a piece of work….works the whole internet to promote radiation. How sick is that.

        • Anita Railing

          I’m in Japan. Joffan is correct. If he were not id be gone. A lot of people smarter than I and closer to Fukushima have remained too. I’m not pro nuke whatsoever, very anti in fact, always was. But the cores are not all over the place. It is criminal how all of this was handled. GW puts out some real genius and some real crap as well.

    • Hi Joffy, now you are here pimping out for death and disease? You sure swallowed the blue pill deeply.
      We hate radiation, and those that profit from it, and we would like to bitch slap any pro nuker lying to cause harm to the innocents.

    • organicslant

      watch the video of the plant EXPLODING…it doesn’t take an expert to see that there’s BIG TROUBLE in Fukushima…

    • Donald R Raab

      And YOU are the onsite health physicist expert? Not likely. A paid nuclear shill is probably more correct.

  • Farmgal Val

    ELE in very slow motion, I feel for the little kids and the unborn most of all and the parent’s expecting to birth perfect babies with 10 fingers and 10 toes. 🙁

  • Izzatizzatnaev

    Just questions that seem pertinent:
    Since the most profound effects of high doses of radiation are suffered by embryos, is there a marked increase in the number and kind of genetic mutations in Japan since the meltthroughs?

    Are there markedly higher rates of cancers?
    Are the wealthiest Japaness leaving the Island?
    Is capital moving out of the nation?
    The wealthiest would seem likely to know more than the middle class if there were a coverup…

    • jadan

      You will need to task the CIA to discover the answers to your questions because the PM Abe and his crew aren’t telling. You might get some data from “Fukushima Diary”. This is a guy out in the world looking for refuge for Japanese people.

    • Your base assumption is incorrect. the wealthy benefit from the staus quo

  • Nuke pro has some excellent material, original stuff, original data and thinking and calculation.

    Nuke Pro IS NOT pro nuke


  • Donald R Raab

    Sad cultural change in Japan. before the deep bow to recognize someone. NOW. Spread them.

  • The melt ‘throughs’ are what happen in a total meltdown – every time. There is no structure that will stop a full reactor of corium. There currently is no machinery that can withstand the massive radiation. Humans are far more resilient than machines to radiation, which is why they had to be used at Chernobyl. As for the black dust, the most likely scenario is bacteria accumulating radiation. http://enenews.com/reports-radioactive-black-cyanobacteria-spreading-tokyo-photos

    All old news to people that read my stuff… FUKUshIMA: Seven Waves, Away… Abandon Ship http://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/fukushima-seven-waves-away/

  • David B

    If you read the referenced Environmental Science & Technology abstract you will find: “The quantities of U and 239+240Pu emitted to the atmosphere were estimated as 3.9 × 106 Bq (150 g) and 2.3 × 109 Bq (580 mg), respectively.” By weight that’s a tiny amount of total core material emitted from the triple melt down (note the grams).

  • David B

    This post says, “So the hottest hot particle found so far is 5 million billion times greater than the current government limits of what can be put in a landfill.” This is a completely FALSE and MISLEADING statement.

    If you watch the video for the hottest particle referenced by the 40 billion billion Bq/Kg link, the actual measured radioactivity for the particle was 310 Bq/Kg, which is about 26 times less than the 8000 Bq/Kg landfill limit.

    If you take this one dust spec that can only be seen with a powerful electron microscope and multiply its weight times a big enough number to equal a Kg, your going to get a really really big number, but even this does not make sense. If the vacuum cleaner bag instead of having this one “hot particle” contained a entire Kg of Cs134, based on the specific activity of Cs134 which is 48 TBq/g, the measured radiation would be 48 PBq, which is still a thousand times less than the 4 followed by 19 zeros number mentioned in the video.

  • Michael Faust

    Fukushima 3 was a nuclear type explosion, the nuke cartel will go to any length to cover this up since it will be the death of nuclear power when the general public understands they can blow up in a nuclear runaway criticality. Proof is here


  • Frank Energy

    Stop killing our Krill.

    Radiation bio-magnifies up to 2,000,000 time in Chitin. Chitin
    forms the exoskeleton of Krill and Bees. What animals are being
    pounded into near extinction? All the ones that use Chitin (pronouced
    Kai-ten) in their bodies or that consume critters that use Chitin are
    being decimated.

    This needs to become common knowledge, so we can stop killing our
    bio-sphere with radioactive toxins. The scientific proof is here,
    spread the word. IT IS NOT OVERFISHING!


  • Frank Energy

    Sociopaths! Stop killing our Krill.

    Radiation bio-magnifies up to 2,000,000 time in Chitin. Chitin
    forms the exoskeleton of Krill and Bees. What animals are being
    pounded into near extinction? All the ones that use Chitin (pronouced
    Kai-ten) in their bodies or that consume critters that use Chitin are
    being decimated.

    This needs to become common knowledge, so we can stop killing our
    bio-sphere with radioactive toxins. The scientific proof is here,
    spread the word. IT IS NOT OVERFISHING!