3 policy proposals after we win: Unfu*k the world, Employ existing solutions, Explore breakthroughs

Leaders, such as you paying attention to alternative media, act intelligently in the present, and plan for a brighter future. Earth’s successful future seems to demand inclusion of these three policy goals:

  1. Unfu*k the world.
  2. Employ existing solutions.
  3. Explore potential breakthroughs.

The present is dominated in tragic-comic chaos from an oligarchy immersed in “Big Lie” crimes centering in in warmoney, and media (also in ~100 other crucial areas). The public rises in the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action (and here) that began on the April 4 anniversary of Martin King’s assassination by the US government (civil court trial verdict, Martin’ 2-minute plea to you), and emerges unpredictably such as the Bundy land case.

Nobody I work with knows with any certainty how the endgame will play out. We assume the oligarchy has many factions on the public’s side. There seems to be three general outcomes:

  1. The oligarchy wins by controlling opposition and moving forward with their policy agenda. This may ensue from successful false-flag attack (such as shooting BLM agents at Bundy Ranch, blaming patriots, then mass arrests).
  2. The contest continues between the oligarchy spinning and scheming, and an awakening public without critical mass to affect policies.
  3. The public sufficiently awakens, cause oligarch surrender, and we have a clear playing field for truth, justice, and cooperation.

To be clear: the above links (among work of hundreds in alternative media) easily explain, document, and prove a “1%” criminal oligarchy engage in psychopathic crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. The battle seems to not be about what the facts are, but the art and science of causing communication for critical mass public recognition.

One area of important communication in this contest is the enormously brighter future we all have from truth, justice, and freedom. The following seem to be essential policy proposals:

1. Unfu*k the world: A first obvious step is to expose and end existing crimes of our current oligarchy centering in warmoney, and media (also in ~100 other crucial areas). This will be realized by causing surrender through arrests or Truth & Reconciliation of these psychopathic criminals who joke about killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions. When enough of the 99% demand surrender, US military and law enforcement will stop being the 1%’s minions, and end their power relatively quickly.

This goal also creates safety for thousands of whistle-blowers to reveal the truth of how badly Earth has been dominated. Stopping these “Big Lie” crimes is an obvious first goal.

2. Employ existing solutions: Among ~100 areas of tremendous value, here are three:

3. Explore potential breakthroughs: Healthfree energy, and even extraterrestrial disclosure are among these tantalizing possibilities. While it’s relatively easy for anyone with a small degree of intellectual integrity and moral courage to see the crimes, propaganda, and existing solutions of 2014 Earth, we would love to see what an unleashed planet is capable of creating.

This topic will be the most fun, exciting, and joyful of all.

What policy proposals do you most want to see realized? Your engagement in both the facts of oligarch crimes, and the brighter future we all want will help win this contest for literal Truth, Justice, and Freedom (superhero-esque, yes, but the most accurate I see to call it).


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  • Westcoastliberal

    I’m glad to see emerging posts like this putting forth solutions to our problems rather than just try to make the case that we’re in deep shit. Of course we are. And it doesn’t have to be this way. The only reason the Oligarchs have been successful thus far is due to the fact most Americans aren’t aware of truth or facts. The media has been captured and we must take it back. That’s the 1st step to solve the rest of our problems. And don’t re-elect anybody, they BROUGHT us these dire circumstances and most are on the gravy train. We need to derail it in a massive way.

    • Carl_Herman

      Thanks, Westcoastliberal. Yes, without their constant propaganda, the oligarchs would be exposed for the criminals they are.

  • That’s the 1st step to solve the rest of our problems. http://chungcuvp6linhdamcanban.blogspot.com/

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  • Rudy U Martinka

    You may be interested in King Solomon’s Advice on Foreign Aid as an added perspective to this article.


    Regards and good will blogging.

  • John

    I no longer think we should try to save all of humanity as expressed in your “solutions”. That would not “unf*ck the world” as proposed, but it would seriously f*ck things up even worse.

    It’s more then hyperbole to assume that money (“reform”) will solve anything either. You’ll just open up more opportunities for greed, graft and corruption while “pretending” to make a difference.

    Money caters to our greed, not our salvation (and never will).

    This is the solution: Fewer people. Demanding less. Then all of humanities “ills” become manageable again.

  • oscar ollie

    Why is there an advertisement for Prison Break from Amazon? That’s creepy.