22 Human Sacrifices a Day

Guest Post – and all images – by Anthony Freda.

Why are so many of our brave veterans killing themselves?

Is it because they are being forced to endure multiple, consecutive tours of combat, sometimes up to ten?

Is it because they are being prescribed dangerous psychotropic drugs that Increase the odds of them committing suicide, to ‘treat’ the psychological problems they are suffering from?


Is it because the realization that they are not fighting to spread freedom and democracy, but are being put in harm’s way to further a much darker agenda is a thought that is too painful to contemplate?

Is it because they woke up to the cold, hard fact that the government with the power to send them to die has lied to them about the pretexts for nearly every war in our history?

Is it because they now know the controlled media that they were taught to trust as a watchdog against corrupt government and corporations has actually worked to promote the lies designed to manipulate and cynically exploit their sense of duty and patriotism?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I do know that nothing will change till the criminals who lie us into wars are investigated and prosecuted. Are we supposed to believe that the same media and actors who lied us into Iraq and more have, in a moment of conscience, decided to never lie to the world again? If we are that naive, then we deserve the government we get.

A soldier lays it out elegantly here, illustrated with some of my images:

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.”

Herrman Goering

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  • Voice of Reason

    This, of course, is a genuine national security threat. As presently constituted, the government of
    United States has just about ZERO credibility. Simply from the
    workings of nemesis this country faces genuine threats to its future.
    By crying wolf a hundred too many times, the proponents of the United
    States as ‘the New Rome’ – the world’s exceptional, indispensable people
    – have squandered a resource more valuable than all those the country
    has squandered on all its gratuitous wars.

    From the trillions it
    has dispensed for gold-plated weapons systems to well-connected
    political constituents to the $150 million it refuses to spend to
    protect the country’s electrical grid, the country’s government has made
    a sick joke out of its foremost responsibility national defense. It
    goes way beyond a sick joke to most of those 22 a day veterans who,
    perhaps, can no longer live with the lies and deception used to overcome
    the innate revulsion to killing with which most of us are born.

    should be way beyond a sick joke for those of us willing to consign the
    many, many more than 22 a day we consign to a mental and spiritual hell
    ‘because they volunteered, didn’t they? they took the
    money?’ And
    then there is the ‘crackpot realism’ of a political culture that
    believes ‘war is good for business’, that their community needs its fix
    of blood money even when those charged with national defense decide the
    nation no longer needs the weapons it makes or the personnel trained to
    use them.

  • Jason

    Powerful words and images. May it go viral, as everyone would benefit from a viewing.