2014 Worldwide Wave of Action: Arrest Dr. King’s killers: US government, media ‘leaders’ (8 of ?)

“We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.” – Coretta Scott King, married to Martin for 15 years, worked to communicate the facts of his assassination by the US government for 31 years: King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999.

Today’s US government and media “leaders” are criminally complicit among Martin’s killers because they ongoingly cover-up the assassination year-after-year with known lies.

The following summary of documentation from the King Family 1999 civil trial’s verdict of US government guilt for Martin’s execution prove that ongoing lies from government and corporate media “leaders” were obviously required and planned in their conspiracy to assassinate Martin. Without ongoing cover-up, the damning facts the King family brought to trial would expose US government and corporate media oligarchs conspired to murder one of the most powerful, loving, and virtuous Americans in history.

Justice requires Americans to demand arrests of today’s leaders as not merely accessories after-the-fact, but ongoing principal actors required to assassinate Dr. King by lying about the evidence, and also directly involved today for the reason to assassinate Martin in 1968: to stop the occupation of Washington DC until the unlawful Wars of Aggression of his day were ended, and full resources committed to economic prosperity and ending poverty.

Martin’s speech to end a US unlawful War of Aggression, the Vietnam War, speaks to us today with our inclusion of the legal argument that these US wars are not even close to lawful, based on lies known to be false as they were told, and with criminal conspiracy of corporate media to both lie and hide these fundamental facts from US military and public.

Martin would be thrilled to know of economic answers to fully fund economic prosperity in America and around our beautiful but dominated planet: monetary reform, public banking and credit, and CAFR reform.

Today’s leaders’ lies extend to psychopathically “praising” Martin on the national holiday created after killing him. In these presidents’ hypocrisy, we can find truths to empower the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action (in fairness to Reagan, I conclude he was largely unaware how he was being used):

  • “During his lifelong struggle for justice and equality, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions, offered a redemptive path for oppressed and oppressors alike, and led a Nation to the mountaintop. Behind the bars of a Birmingham jail cell, he reminded us that ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’… I encourage all Americans to… appropriate civic, community, and service projects in honor of Dr. King.” – Obama (2014)
  • “Those who advocate a course that I have called ‘cutting and running’ have not studied the wisdom of the Rev. King. Peace, he understood, cannot come as the fruit of cowardice or the failure of will.” – Bush (2007)
  • “… we are still far from achieving the world for which Dr. King struggled, toiled, and bled. He did not live and die to create a world in which people kill each other with reckless abandon… If we are to be faithful to Dr. King’s vision, we must each seize responsibility for realizing the goals he worked so tirelessly to fulfill.” – Clinton (1995)
  • “In his words and deeds, Martin Luther King, Jr., reminded all Americans of the stern admonition issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1858, when he warned the people of Edwardsville, Illinois, of the tragic consequences that continued tolerance of slavery could hold for the United States. President Lincoln, like great Americans of all generations, knew that our Nation’s strength lies in the conviction that every human being is of inestimable worth and that the only legitimate end of government is to protect the God-given rights of each individual. ‘Destroy this spirit,’ Lincoln warned, ‘and you have planted the seeds of despotism at your own doors. Familiarize yourselves with the chains of bondage and you prepare your own limbs to wear them. Accustomed to trample on the rights of others, you have lost the genius of your own independence and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises among you.’ – Bush Senior (1990)
  • “Let all Americans continue to carry forward the banner that 18 years ago fell from Dr. King’s hands… Today we honor him with speeches and monuments. But let us do more. Let all Americans of every race and creed and color work together to build in this blessed land a shining city of brotherhood, justice, and harmony. This is the monument Dr. King would have wanted most of all.  – Reagan (1986)

The 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action (and here) begins on the April 4 anniversary of Martin King’s assassination by the US government (civil court trial verdict), with this operation completing ~July 4 (Martin’ 2-minute plea to you).

Purpose of this operation:

Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and personal friend/attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther King. The 1999 trial, King Family versus Jowers and Other Unknown Co-Conspirators, is the only trial ever conducted on the assassination of Dr. King. The King Center fully documents the case, with full trial transcript.

The King family’s attempts for a criminal trial were denied, as suspect James Ray’s recant of a guilty plea were denied. Mr. Ray said that his government-appointed attorney told him to sign a guilty plea to prevent the death penalty for his part in delivering the murder weapon for Dr. King’s assassination, and to prevent arrests of his father and brother as probable co-conspirators. Mr. Ray produced a letter from his attorney stating the promise that Mr. Ray would receive a trial. When Mr. Ray discovered that he was solely blamed for Dr. King’s assassination and would never receive a trial, the King family’s and Mr. Ray’s subsequent requests for a trial were denied.

The US government also denied the King family’s requests for independent investigation of the assassination.

Therefore, and importantly, the US government has never presented any evidence subject to challenge that substantiates their claim that Mr. Ray assassinated Dr. King.

US corporate media did not cover the trial, interview the King family, and textbooks omit this information. Journalist and author, James Douglass:

“I can hardly believe the fact that, apart from the courtroom participants, only Memphis TV reporter Wendell Stacy and I attended from beginning to end this historic three-and-one-half week trial. Because of journalistic neglect scarcely anyone else in this land of ours even knows what went on in it. After critical testimony was given in the trial’s second week before an almost empty gallery, Barbara Reis, U.S. correspondent for the Lisbon daily Publico who was there several days, turned to me and said, “Everything in the U.S. is the trial of the century. O.J. Simpson’s trial was the trial of the century. Clinton’s trial was the trial of the century. But this is the trial of the century, and who’s here?” ”

For comparison, please consider the media coverage of O.J. Simpson’s trials:

“Media coverage of the Simpson trial, which began in January 1995, was unlike any other. Over two thousand reporters covered the trial, and 80 miles of cable was required to allow nineteen television stations to cover the trial live to 91 percent of the American viewing audience. When the verdict was finally read on October 3, 1995, some 142 million people listened or watched. It seemed the nation stood still, divided along racial lines as to the defendant’s guilt or innocence. During and after the trial, over eighty books were published about the event by most everyone involved in the Simpson case.”

The overwhelming evidence of government complicity introduced and agreed as comprehensively valid by the jury includes:

  • US 111th Military Intelligence Group were at Dr. King’s location during the assassination.
  • 20th Special Forces Group had an 8-man sniper team at the assassination location on that day.
  • Usual Memphis Police special body guards were advised they “weren’t needed” on the day of the assassination.
  • Regular and constant police protection for Dr. King was removed from protecting Dr. King an hour before the assassination.
  • Military Intelligence set-up photographers on a roof of a fire station with a clear view to Dr. King’s balcony.
  • Dr. King’s room was changed from a secure 1st-floor room to an exposed balcony room.
  • Memphis police ordered the scene where multiple witnesses reported as the source of shooting cut down of their bushes that would have hid a sniper.
  • Along with sanitizing a crime scene, police abandoned investigative procedure to interview witnesses who lived by the scene of the shooting.
  • The rifle Mr. Ray delivered was not matched to the bullet that killed Dr. King, and was not sighted to accurately shoot

The King family believes the government’s motivation to murder Dr. King was to prevent his imminent camp-in/Occupy at Washington, D.C. until the Vietnam War was ended and those resources directed to end poverty and invest in US hard and soft infrastructure. 

This conclusion is consistent with US history, past and recent, for US “leaders” to lie and kill for wars of choice. These lies are then “covered” by corporate media in news and history texts.

Please watch this six-minute video of the evidence from the trial, and this eight-minute video on the FBI’s disclosures of covert operations against Dr. King, including confirmation from his closest friends and advisors.

Coretta Scott King, Dr. King’s wife, is certain of the evidence after 30 years of consideration from the 1968 assassination to the 1999 trial:

“For a quarter of a century, Bill Pepper conducted an independent investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He opened his files to our family, encouraged us to speak with the witnesses, and represented our family in the civil trial against the conspirators. The jury affirmed his findings, providing our family with a long-sought sense of closure and peace, which had been denied by official disinformation and cover-ups. Now the findings of his exhaustive investigation and additional revelations from the trial are presented in the pages of this important book. We recommend it highly to everyone who seeks the truth about Dr. King’s assassination.” — Coretta Scott King.

The US Department of Justice issued a report in 2000 that explains their investigation into their own possible guilt in the assassination found no evidence to warrant further investigation. Dr. King’s son issued the following statement rebuking a “self-study” rather than the independent investigation the King family assert the evidence demands:

“We learned only hours before the Justice Department press conference that they were releasing the report of their results of their “limited investigation,” which covered only two areas of new evidence concerning the assassination of Dr. King. We had requested that we be given a copy of the report a few days in advance so that we might have had the opportunity to review it in detail. Since that courtesy was not extended to us, we are only able at this time to state the following:

1. We initially requested that a comprehensive investigation be conducted by a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, independent of the government, because we do not believe that, in such a politically-sensitive matter, the government is capable of investigating itself.

2. The type of independent investigation we sought was denied by the federal government. But in our view, it was carried out, in a Memphis courtroom, during a month-long trial by a jury of 12 American citizens who had no interest other than ascertaining the truth. (Kings v. Jowers)

3. After hearing and reviewing the extensive testimony and evidence, which had never before been tested under oath in a court of law, it took the Memphis jury only one (1) hour to find that a conspiracy to kill Dr. King did exist. Most significantly, this conspiracy involved agents of the governments of the City of Memphis, the state of Tennessee and the United States of America. The overwhelming weight of the evidence also indicated that James Earl Ray was not the triggerman and, in fact, was an unknowing patsy.

4. We stand by that verdict and have no doubt that the truth about this terrible event has finally been revealed.

5. We urge all interested Americans to read the transcript of the trial on the King Center website and consider the evidence, so they can form their own unbiased conclusions.

Although we cooperated fully with this limited investigation, we never really expected that the government report would be any more objective than that which has resulted from any previous official investigation.”

Let’s summarize: Under US Civil Law, covert US government agencies were found guilty of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was the leading figure of the Civil Rights Movement, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest speakers for what it means to be human. The family’s conclusion as to motive was to prevent Dr. King from ending the Vietnam War because the government wanted to continue its ongoing covert and overt military operations to control foreign governments and their resources.

It is therefore a factual statement that under US Civil Law, the US government assassinated Dr. King.

People of sufficient intellectual integrity and moral courage to apply critical thinking skills will embrace the trial evidence and testimony, jury conclusion, and King family analysis as appropriate and helpful information in seeking the facts.

People who at least temporarily reject challenging information out of fear might say something like, “The government killed Dr. King? That’s a crazy conspiracy theory!”

Let’s consider that statement.

When someone says that a body of evidence is “crazy,” or a “conspiracy theory” (meaning an irrational claim easily refuted by the evidence) that’s a claim. With a claim comes a burden of proof. In this case, the person would have to demonstrate command of the facts to explain and prove why the evidence from the civil trial is somehow “crazy” and refute the evidence.

If the person can do this, it would be tremendously helpful in understanding the facts. However, we know from our experience that such statements almost always have zero factual support, and that the person making such a claim literally doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

We also know from our experience, a person making such a statement is really voicing an emotional reaction something closer to the spirit of, “The government killed Dr. King? Ok, I read and understood the paragraphs about the trial and evidence. I read Mrs. King’s and her son’s statement. I haven’t invested the time to verify how valid that information is. I’m not stupid, but because the implications of what that means is so disturbing, I’m going to deny anything about it could possibly be true as my first response. If I’m going to continue being in denial and refuse to discuss the evidence, I’ll attack the messenger.”

We also need to consider the lack of coverage by US corporate media of this compelling evidence, trial verdict, and King family testimony from over 30 years’ analysis of the facts. Recall the evidence of US corporate media reporting being infiltrated by CIA agents to propagandize Americans’ access to information. This included the Director of the CIA’s admission to Congress that they have over 400 agents working in corporate media to make the US public believe what the CIA wants them to believe.

In 2006, George Washington University used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the US military’s “Information Operations Roadmap.” This formerly secret and approved document details present US government strategies to generate propaganda, and then attack Internet alternative media that provides dangerous facts and discussion. The military promoted the term, “Fight the net.”

Although I won’t enter the burden of proof here, you may know that there are similar and related bodies of evidence that the US government assassinated other American leaders. The 1975 Senate Church Committee disclosed that the US government initiated and helped assassination attempts on multiple foreign heads of state.

If we were discussing how the population of some other nation could employ critical thinking skills to understand current events from anytime in history, we would certainly understand the importance to anticipate disinformation from government, danger of controlled media, and assassination as a political weapon.

Failure to do so would appropriately elicit the label attributed to the first dictator of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin. Such people who believe what their government tells them when the history and present have overwhelming objective evidence to explain, document, and prove that the government is typical of so many other historical self-serving oligarchies are:

“Useful idiots.”

To the extent the United States today is any different from all other nations and all other times is up to your exercise of critical thinking skills. And that said, think and choose carefully: choices have consequences, especially our most important ones.

Consider the power of your choices during the April 4 to July 4 initial window of the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action.

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  • dave john

    Thanks Carl. After reading related previous post of yours I’ve been discussing MLK’s life, work and assassination with various English people. Sadly most know little or nothing about these crucial events, although black friends generally tend to be be less trusting of official lines and more readily accept national governments lie, cheat and murder through forced poverty and wars.
    Please continue to inform and educate so your readers can further disseminate these ideas to the wider world.

    • Carl_Herman

      You’re welcome, dave john. I’ll keep moving forward.

  • Charlie Primero

    Beg the government to arrest itself. Brilliant plan.

    • Carl_Herman

      Charlie: summarize how the American Revolution happened in light of causing public knowledge of the gap between rights promised to citizens versus the reality of what they received from corrupt oligarchs (literal “lords” in England who also dominated their “Congress”). That is, compare the American Revolution to the public standing to “arrest” (etymology includes to “stop”) their criminal leaders using Americans as work animals.

      Then, if you would, please assess the importance of communicating the facts of Dr. King’s assassination by US oligarchs to the public, such as my attempt.

      Finally, make a connection of how information, such as this article communicates about the extent of US oligarchy crimes, can empower Americans to stop our oligarchs through a legal “revolution” today.

      You’re a smart guy, Charlie. You already know that I’m working to create a wedge to separate those who want liberty from the minions who will cling to their fascist masters. I think you’d also bet we’d win that game if we’re effective in creating the clear choice. True?

      • Charlie Primero

        I will indeed summarize how the bloody violence of armed insurrection to arrest government officials was justified in the American revolt if you own and maintain more assault rifles than me. I have four, far FEWER than Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King owned.
        How many do you have?

        • Charlie Primero

          Carl, my point is that arresting government officials is SERIOUS business that usually results (if you are lucky) in a life-term inside a Federal Super-max facility, or an FBI incendiary grenade through the window of your residence.

          Peaceful education is the way, not violence. Please, please, please stop tossing this “Arrest Officials” meme around so casually or people might begin to suspect you are one of Occupy’s government-run honey pots.

          • Carl_Herman

            Agreed that facing the criminal oligarchs is SERIOUS, Charlie. Some of us will be killed, like Martin King; some locked-up, others dealt with in other ways to silence.

            And that said, peaceful education leads somewhere. The good news is that history shows us a pattern of revolution where education produces a critical mass whereby the minions abandon their masters (most want to).

            Charlie: where else could peaceful education lead other than something like the Worldwide Wave, like Martin’s planned occupation of DC, or like real patriot leaders simply calling for arrests of obvious criminals?

          • Charlie Primero

            Peaceful education leads to changes in societal attitudes. Behavior like gay-bashing, owning slaves, and beating children becomes unacceptable, and withers away.

            Violent Revolutions are run by bankers.

          • Carl_Herman

            Fair enough; thank you, Charlie.

            The general public’s attitudes improve, agreed, despite the fear and hate-mongering of corporate media. And that said, our “leaders” engage in the worst behaviors under their own legal protection, with best evidence supporting they wickedly abuse children: http://www.wanttoknow.info/060501conspiracyofsilence

            Peaceful education will penetrate those of us in military, law enforcement, and other key positions whereby the strategy to expose oligarchs’ crimes and act for their lawful, peaceful arrests (peaceful from our side) is an obvious response for those of us with experience in those fields. I promise you that factions have been working in this area that include the intended outcome of public safety.

            Also, the US public who are educated will also come to that conclusion as they become educated with thoughts/talk of impeachment first, then arrests, and then eventually to our position of pondering what to do in face of tragic-comic magnitude of those crimes 🙂

            Americans are among the best in the world when it comes to respecting rules for the general good and fair play (compare how people respect lines in other parts of the world). I feel strongly that this point of crime-arrests can be an “emperor has no clothes” point that could quickly cause events to move for our victory.

            Thank you for your engagement with these ideas, Charlie. I also find we’re all better off when we encourage each other’s best ideas.

          • I will beg to differ – violent revolutions are, at times, co-opted by bankers, foreign governments and psychopaths (As in Germany of the 1920’s, France of the early 19th century) but then we have the Kurds of Syria NOW continuing to throw out the oppressors until they get it right ..It is a messy business that often fails due to complacency (as in the US).
            Complacency is what must never be allowed in any revolutionary concept and true revolution takes decades, if not centuries to perfect. Revolution has brought us this far in a nanosecond (yes, 5000 yrs is a nanosecond).
            Yes education is important but a suggestion that is all it takes is Plato-esque and naive. One cannot impart knowledge – true knowing is not learned from books but from action, involvement and, yes, revolt.
            By the by – revolution is always violent but not always bloody – revolution of thought, act, being can be earth-shattering – scary as fuck and shake the universe in it’s very existence..but that quake is awareness and action united in change. The idea that one must have a rifle or weapon to maim and murder is reptilian “might equals right:” regression to willful ignorance and immature running to complacency – IT is NOT revolutionary.
            Like any fruit fly, humans gauge everything in their lifespan – the entirety of the universe is less than a day – anything outside that limitation is deemed irrelevant.
            To truly gauge revolution, one must dare to see beyond their limited self absorbed narcissism and “if I can’t have it now, what’s the point” attitude. The life of the species is threatened and well it should be.

            I might even say your complacency is showing

          • Carl_Herman

            Wow; well said, Cosmic_Surfer. Thank you.

          • Namaste

      • Red Jonz

        I need more knowledge all of this is blowing me away

  • TheTruth

    A good article, but me being the pessimistic type,

    The MLK assassination is one of those examples in history of a perfect crime with people in place do it that will never be held accountable for what they did. The same with JFK, RFK, or any other extrajudicial assassinations. A true conspiracy or coup de tat is when it is most successful where the true perpetrators are never known to the public at large and any level of complicity by agency or government complicity is buried away “top secret” or burned.

    As such, no true justice will be served.

    • Carl_Herman

      Hence, we arrest those who cover-it up today as accomplices since the planning stage. We also arrest government and media “leadership” for the Wars of Aggression that Martin was murdered to prevent him from making clear to the public.