Worldwide Wave of Action

A series of videos from Wave of Action and Anonymous. What do you think … powerful or impotent? Genius or idiocy? Productive or counterproductive?

Warning: The following two videos contain graphic language:

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  • J_Bookly

    All they did was assault my senses and make me nostalgic for the videos of a few years ago where people from around the world sang “Stand By Me” in different languages. If this is the revolution, I’ll take an off-the-grid cabin, preferably on another Earth-like planet. Not inspiring. Not motivational.

  • Jefferson

    Anonymous fails even to be entertaining. The kleptocracy wants your dissent. One out of every three “Anonymous-ies” is either an FBI informant or undercover agent?
    Define your own reality, ignore noise.

  • Summud

    White middle class fantasy of a ” revolution”… Branding MLK… While the System Through Empire’s hitmen works to deflect “creative destruction” on the non euro-american centers. Using the same emotional marketing about “worldwide revolution” destroying and “liberating” nations and regions such as Syria, Libya, Ukraine etc.
    Resistance against imperialism, industrialism and more generally
    The globalized system requires and does carry much more revolutionnary potential than that. The true anonymous are hezbollah resistance fighters and supporters, venezuelian leaders and soldiers, Putin’s millions of supporters. Study Iranian revolution of 1979 fromage
    The perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran, learn its succes and limits. Or do the exercice with the bolivarian revolution, its ongoing decentralized process… And then try to Apply some lessons on your own euro-american, anglo-centric self-absorbed world, with your political references… Good luck

  • gozounlimited

    Be The Change! WARNING! But for the moment So Cal needs to get their fans out and blow East…. look….. Chemtrailing a block that will cause Santa Ana’s.

    • gozounlimited

      “Find your own voice and be proud of it,” she said. “And then, sing your butt off. Or work your butt off. Or whatever you do, do it until your butt comes off. “……Our Michelle Obama, Love You

  • georgia atheal

    Wave of action. I have o etc and interview cops against the cop violence. Families of the victims activists ofall konds( an idea i think would wake up the mainstream. How about members of every state take video intervimainstrews of celebs. Matt damon. Eminem etc talk about the adnin. Nw0. And whats happ. Also cops against the brutality military( even if their faces have to be covered. Victim. Im with anon warriors of the rainbow and enlighten our worldms and victims families of victims. Activists of all sorts(im with anon warriors of the rainbow and enlighten our world) mainstream people waking up to whats. Basically a collage from all states includin secessionists interview them all( for example i think rick perry gov of tx would talk to me. And willie nelson robert plant etc. Put them together in a collage. Ask michael moore to help. Edit etc put out his opinion. PUT ALL THIS TOGETHER INTO A DOECUMENTARY AND SHOW IT IN THEATAND OTHER MAINSTREAM VENUES GROUPS GROUP LEADERS LIKE ANON WAVE OF ACTIO PLUS MEMBERS PUT IT IN A PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTARY AND GET IT OUT THERE. I KNOW A LOT OF CELEBS AND OTHERS WOULD FUND IT. LETS NOT FORGET wolf pak Who has personal relationships with disgruntled politicians. And have a lot of political supporters of Article 5. And others and footage. Lets start with america or extend to whole world. If we recruited all the groups i think we could get this done in 3to4 months and i think it would be really hard hitting. What do you think. Im dead serious but cannot seem to find anyone who really wants to put their backbone into it plus i do not have exposure except on facebook but i know probably close to 1000 comrades in arms as do many others. Where are you michael moore? we could all send you our clips. Will wave of action help me spearhead this? please reply. Im a lousy typist but a good photographer and have been an activist all my life. Thanyou for taking me seriously and replyiing. Georgia atheal at or message me on fb at Natasha Fetisov. Ph 512 433 0988